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  • yes ty ur the best....jan. 22nd 1982-me may 28th 1968-him

  • Betterkry, this can be a wild and wacky combination and it does best as a working relationship. A thirst for excitement characterizes the relationship, but so does a longing to achieve something of lasting value. There is an affirmation and celebration of creativity here, whether through fine art, literature, music or film etc - in short, a cherishing of any great work that transcends its time. This love of the classics suggests that the relationship puts a high value on perfection. The perfect artwork could be an apt symbol for what the relationship holds most dear, but it also values people, living situations and of course relationships, which it subjects to the same high standards of scrutiny with which it treats art. Unfortunately this means that your relationship itself is likely to fall victim to its own big demands.

    In a love affair here, both of you may find it hard to live up to the demands of perfection and continuity. You both have an impulsive and freedom-loving side that detests being bound to set routines or expectations. You may find each other endlessly challenging and changing, however, and in your encounters may discover a kind of lasting, albeit kaleidoscopic, ideal. A marriage can also be fascinating, for as long as it lasts. Should children enter the picture, they may be forced to fit the perfection model. Prestige and social pressures are less of a problem than in a love affair, since the marriage would have its own strong value system, but friends and family may be needed as watchdogs to see that the oppressive and stultifying influences of this combination don't get out of hand.

    A friendship will capitalize on this relationship's high energy level and occasionally bizarre tastes. Interesting and even absorbing in the extreme, you two as a pair will attract others both socially and financially., promoting your own interests without a great deal of effort. If the relationship is to work, you would both need to relax your standards of expectation a bit, while at the same time intensifying your efforts to make it a success. Frenetic energies here must be calmed. Recognise the beauty in ordinary things and understand that perfection can be both a tyranny and an impossible fantasy. At its best, this relationship can be exciting, appreciative, and idealistic but at its worst, demanding, crippling, and self-victimizing.

  • Captain ,

    Insights please , him january 23, 1968, me August 3, 1968. Thank you for your time!!

  • LEO1968, experience is the best teacher, at least according to this relationship. It is not uncommon for the two of you to team up on a project, even when neither of you has had any formal training or experience related to it. Although this is a potentially inflammable combination, it can also exude a great deal of practicality and common sense. Through a judicious mixture of your natural talents and life experience, the two of you can put together results that are persuasive and almost immediately understandable.

    It is a fact of life that some people can learn from each other and others cannot. In your case, it is the relationship that is the true teacher, for it gives the two of you the space, the impetus, and above all the opportunity to innovate and experiment. In both a love affair and marriage, the two of you will proceed by trial and error, gaining in depth and understanding as you go forward. Together you tend to learn a great deal about each other and about yourselves, though it may not always be in a positive way. Through experience, you will find out how to treat each other and how to get the most out of your time together. Although impatience, frustration, volatility, and anger may often surface between you, good sense usually prevails if your personal differences and shared issues can be overcome. Extremes of authority and rebellion will not work here. At times a dangerous edginess can be sensed in this relationship, so compromise - not combat - will be the better action. A friendship here may concentrate on leisure and entertainment and may never reach deeper emotional levels. Having fun and relaxing together rather than raising consciousness is what the two of you usually have in mind. As long as the two of you keep on learning and growing, and try to go deeper spiritually, you will keep your more volatile emotions under control and the relationship will thrive. Make sure you exercise a lot of patience with each other.

  • Ive been looking for something like this so I can know weather to lay it down, or fight. My birthday is 14 May 1982 and his birthday is 20 Dec. 1981. Thanks a bunch!

  • LittleLizzie, according to astrology, secrets, problems, fantasies, and all things unseen can dominate this relationship. Yet the two of you may have no ability to get your hands on them or define them, much less deal with them. There is a kind of shroud hovering in the background, through which certain things can never be seen. This will obviously be a source of confusion, doubt, and upset. If the two of you can simply accept the mystery however, without trying to analyse it, the relationship can be fairly fulfilling, though in no way completely satisfying.

    Your companion's more mysterious side is activated by this relationship and can threaten to overwhelm it. You Lizzie are often drawn to unusual individuals so you are strongly attracted to your companion's passionate nature behind the inscrutable mask he wears - you may be easily seduced by him, even away from a primary relationship with someone else, without realizing what you are getting into. Finally, trapped in a complex maze of emotions, you may find yourself at the mercy of your partner's powerful will.

    This scenario is in no way inevitable in a love affair. Yet you may indeed be at a loss to cope with your companion's emotions, particularly when they manifest in moods of stubbornness, frustration, and depression. Your normally positive approach does not work with such a person, and he must be left to work out his feelings without being prodded or pushed. The deepest desires are often stirred by this relationship, but you can be rather idealistic and must accept that its result won't necessarily be positive. The two of you won't always understand each other so it's definitely not a love-soulmate connection. Unless objectivity can be maintained and feelings and possessiveness kept under control, a love affair here will have no future.

    A friendship here will be easier and can centre around appreciating and exploring nature together. Gardening, domestic animals, and pets may be a shared interest.

  • Oh my god.. I have found the most amazing man!! We seem to click sooooooo well.... discovering new similarities every minute!!! Me(August 5th, 1990) him (Jan 6th, 1989). I read somewhere that Jan 6ths Cappies are much different than most Cappies.

  • I'm amazed at how our paths have lead us to each other...... this is insane.

  • Hello Captain,

    would you be so kind, DOB, Nov 8, 63 & July 30, 64.

    Light & Love,


  • LeoBethany, you and your new friend make a forceful and piercingly direct pair. Your strength of purpose together is unmatched and your relationship promises you an exhilarating ride of facing challenges and then conquering them. Not only is this combination physically strong - it has fine-honed taste and a perceptive eye. There will be some instability though in your matchup but between you, instability can translate into excitement and impulsive spontaneity.

    Strongly sexual feelings may come to dominate a love affair here. Unless deeper feelings of understanding, kindness, acceptance, and sharing are reached, the relationship is liable to burn out, especially if your friend's fear of commitment to one person has not been resolved. Yet, although you are both tough realists, romantic feelings can add something special to the relationship, ultimately leading to the expression of more sympathy. Conscious efforts to expand the scope of the relationship beyond the physical will usually bring it longer life. The match will definitely benefit from a deliberate emphasis on kindness, respect, and consideration. Instabilities can be lessened considerably by finding lighter activities to share and enjoy outside the relationship's principal interest or endeavour. Don't get so engrossed that you forget to have fun!

  • TheTransformed, this relationship is like a phoenix rising from the ashes and the flames that consumed it. Metamorphosis - both of yourselves and of the relationship itself - is characteristic here. This is especially true during those fateful periods in your lives when you reach a crossroads or dead end. At this point the magic of rebirth emerges, propelling the two of you and your relationship to a higher level. A spiritual or developmental transformation at the individual or personal level is implied here, but the rejuvenation of a company or family may also occur.

    Your friend's fire can really bring your 'water' to the boil in a love affair here. The steam that results is blistering in its heat and can exert an irresistible pressure on both of you. Your already strong sexual drives are amplified by the relationship's synergy, raising your lovemaking to new heights. Still, unless you two work to let the relationship grow and change, it may get old and stale, and you may both tire of its predictability. TheTransformed, you will have the greater tendency to hang in there. Without periodic renewal, however, the relationship will not be what either person really needs. In the emotional sphere, you two must act wisely and keep your love alive. Keep violent impulses under control, but remember to blow off steam occasionally too. Marriage can last a lifetime here if you keep the growth, change, and passion going.

  • Hello Captain, if you would please do yet another compatibility analysis 🙂

    romantic compatibility, my dob is Sept 28, 1987 and his is June 5, 1987.

    Thank you kindly

  • LibraLady87, this is not a good relationship for love. It is however a true meeting of the minds and your strong mental connection can make the sharing of ideas and concepts primary to your relationship. The relationship can be extremely easygoing and in fact may have to be - dealing with painful or disturbing subjects may not really be possible here. Outsiders may see this matchup as near perfect, but of course they don't know what's going on at its heart. It is a relationship that emphasizes humour, intelligence, and ease of interaction more than intensity or passion.

    Frustrations will emerge here in a love affair or marriage, if you venture that far. Your friend may be anxious to make contact with you at a deeper emotional level and can feel defeated when such sharing is refused. You on the other hand may want him to be less flaky and more organized - he will probably always be late for your meetings. Actually in both areas (emotional and practical), the relationship will often demand and get the best of which you two are capable. Yet a love affair here can be pervaded by unrealistic and undermining attitudes, which can more or less disappear, however, once the marital knot is tied. Expectation often plays too strong a role in marriage though, setting the two of you up for disappointment, but enough satisfaction is often gained to keep the relationship intact for several years before dissolution. Any selfish or flighty attitudes will definitely lead to separation.

    A friendship here will be comfortable and stimulating and can even achieve true closeness. Unconditional giving is more likely in a friendship than a love relationship, and expectations are not as high, which is why it is more likely to endure. Care would have to be taken that you two don't bring each other down regarding your work or careers as you both can have a tendency to be self-defeating.

  • Captain...can I get a reading I don't know his exact date... mine is 6-6-80, his is April 83.

    First time I met, even before meeting him I felt a connection with him. Only thing is...he's attached but I sense he is not happy. We both are very up front with each other, I have never been so blunt in my life to a guy before and one of the things I told him is, I rather keep you in my life as a friend then not have you at all...I respect him that much. He is coming forth more and more each day. I'm recently divorced which is that was a very unstable and bad situation. I have a feeling my ex will be in my life, or trying to stay in it. His bday is 8-2-88.

    Thank you.

  • I need the exact birthdate, Slubear.

  • its 8 April 83

  • Slubear, this is a relationship that can teach its partners a lot. Divisive problems are sure to emerge, but seeing them as challenges to be worked on and solved, and as opportunities for growth, will offer a chance to achieve harmony and wholeness. You two will often want to share with others what you have learned from your relationship with each other - you will also want to periodically to distance yourselves from the outside world in order to digest the lessons gleaned.

    You two will be initially quite attracted to each other. Your friend will appreciate your vivacity, finding you witty and entertaining, and you will likely be attracted to his brighter side, admiring his robust approach to both work and play. Especially on the physical level, this relationship can go like a house on fire - at first. Unfortunately though, it can burn out just as quickly. Your friend has a shadow side that he often has a great deal of trouble getting to know and express - you may well trigger this side of him, yet can make it more available to be explored and healed. You will face some difficult periods with him and will need to be caring and attentive with his emotional problems and depressions. He can also get irritated by your flakier aspects while you may eventually get fed up with his excessive nature. But it may not be possible for him to scale back his habits and activities, and if your impatience and his dissatisfactions are not dealt with actively, the relationship could disintegrate fast. Only time will tell if you have the endurance, understanding, and energy to cope with this complicated man. Coming after a bad divorce, you may not want to weather another emotional 'storm'.

  • Dear Captain,

    I believe I may have asked something similar to this in a different thread a long time ago, but wondering if you would be willing as I don't seem to be able to remember where or what it was. 🙂 His d.o.b. is June 21st, 1982 and mine is April, 11th, 1980. 🙂

    Thank you and smiles and hugs to you,

    Laci 🙂

  • Thank you Captain!

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