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  • Arieslost, this is a bad combination for love. The differences between you are such that the two of you may spend the whole of the relationship just trying to understand each other - an effort that may not receive much reward. The two of you have completely different approaches to life, with you Arieslost, acting on your intuition and impulses, while your friend tends to be more controlling, nervous, and critical. Faced with an upcoming event or challenge, he will try to plan things out to the last detail while you tend to fly by the seat of your pants. In an intimate setting, your energies will clash. Both love and marriage (not that you would likely reach that stage) can be undermined by your friend's emotional problems and by your inability to deal with them. When he sinks into a depression - perhaps caused by his feeling rejected, unloved, or ignored), there may be little that either of you can constructively do. His nervous instability can unsettle your more positive attitude (though not much more - you are not really a typical freewheeling, carefree Aries), leaving you both a bit unsteady and lacking the confidence to cope with any crisis that may arise. Friendship here too is likely to demand an emotional investment that neither of you may be prepared to make. The relationship usually lacks either sexual, emotional, or financial reward.

    Your friend has an insatiable obsession with being adored, and having just one partner might not be enough for him. He can scare people and opportunities away because they don't satisfy him. You Arieslost are afraid of being abandoned which is just what this guy will do to you - over and over. He actually represents your worst fears in love - a controlling selfish man who is more concerned about himself than with you. The problem is we all tend to attract what we fear. You need to find someone much more stable, grounded, and trustworthy who will stick by you and not desert you whenever he feels like it. What you really want more than a partner is a place where you can feel safe, an environment where you are loved, secure, doted on, and where you can feel safe enough to truly be yourself. Find a man who can provide that for you and you will know true happiness. Or just find it yourself...because you can become a bit too dependent on other people to look after you emotionally.

  • Hi there

    I would love if you would share with me what you see for my friend (27 April 1970) and I (18 November 1972). Thanks so much!

  • Raindeerdoe, a love affair here for the most part is likely to be magnetic, physical, and sensuous, reaching new heights of torrid sexuality, much to the enjoyment of both of you. Very occasionally, it may also be volcanic, unleashing hostility along with desire and passion. The slogan of this matchup could well be "No Hassles, please!". You two usually make well-defined demands but your relationship, especially in a marriage, is remarkable for keeping your requirements of each other to a minimum, and for settling for what IS rather than for what COULD be. Your friend enjoys being able to walk through the door of his home and relax after a tough day; you like being appreciated for what you have to give. The relationship can satisfy important needs, then, and also encourages the easy give-and-take that makes living worthwhile.

    In marriage, the home can become a reliable and comfortable haven from the world's pressures. Fighting can be kept to a minimum if you both understand and accept that you are complete opposites in your actions, feelings, and attitudes - then peaceful days and passionate nights can unfold. But the relationship's emotional intelligence is high and there is an understanding here of the value of compromise, and a realization that impatience and constant anger are counterproductive and undesirable.

  • Hi, my birthday is 14 November and my friend's birthday is on 29 July, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • Heartfeltsincerity, there is often a feeling of rightness about this relationship, a sense that it has achieved a certain balance and appropriateness. The two of you generally have a feeling for the right time for action - you seldom have to strain to achieve your goals but can ride the wave of inevitability and fate. There is an easy balance here between the ethereal and physical poles of existence.

    The relationship often fosters a need for justice and for righting wrongs. It will justify its own existence by working to bring everyone it encounters their just rewards or desserts, including the two of you yourselves. One result of this is that the relationship can be seen as giving with one hand and chastising with the other, particularly when it is a marriage. If tendencies to be judgmental and to claim infallibility are not kept under control, the relationship may end up dispelling the atmosphere of fairness it sets out to create. if you two are mad on don't like each other, you will usually make no bones about it, even in the presence of others.

    Yet for the most part this relationship can work well for love, provided you both watch for weaknesses like vagueness, indecision, or miscommunication. Try to be more open and forgiving with each other and don't try to play god or get into power struggles. Foster kindness.

  • Hi Captain

    That was all pretty spot-on, but 2 questions if I may... the bit about settling for what IS rather than what COULD be... Do you mean that that is what we have been doing, or that that is what is advisable for us? Also, you see all the magnetism etc between us, but can you see, is the love, appreciation and respect mutual?

    Thanks again a million.

  • Raindeerdoe, I meant that you both tend to settle for what is and not have too many false expectations or overly unrealistic hopes of each other.

    Love, appreciation and mutual respect can develop here over time here if you can accept each other's very different natures and attitudes to life. But until that acceptance and non-judgment happens, irritations, frustrations, and disappointments can arise.

  • Hi Captain...I would like for you to give me some additional insight into my long time love affair with a man born Jan 9,1981. I was born April 27, 1979. I am wanting to know more about how he feels for me and how you see us being in the future, not neccesarily wholy together. I do not have high expectations for that. Thank you so much!!

  • Wickedmoon, this relationship will not be easily understood by outsiders who may see your goals together as downright bizarre and your methods rather peculiar. The relationship will need a lot of structure to build a successful partnership between you, something tailored to suit both your personal needs, and particularly able to tie its interests to those of your family, community or social group.

    As a team, the two of you can be hard-driving and dynamic - or at least you will try your very best to keep up with your highly ambitious partner, though you may soon weary of the fast pace. The problem is he may be more interested in his own advancement or benefit that in that of the relationship and he can 'jump ship' at a crucial moment, often without warning. He deeply almost insatiably desires to receive love but he can be so self-reliant and fears losing control that he will push away anyone he wants to comfort or support him when times get tough. He will always want to be the boss in this relationship which to a certain extent will be fine with you, since you make such a supportive partner. But if it comes to ending the relationship, you will find it hardest to do, being steady and devoted (though having something of a victim consciousness), much more than your partner will.

    You desire peace and happiness in life, but you may not find it here in this relationship. A love affair between you will usually be tough, sexually oriented, and confrontational. You may become disturbed by your partner's super-aggressive, ruthless and even amoral attitudes, while he in turn may see you as a bit lazy or overly moral. Neither of you will be especially prepared to give of yourselves, but will tend to size each other up in terms of the profit or benefits you might gain from being together. Marriage can be quite an ambitious affair, seeking social status in the community or social circle. You both highly prize money, prestige and power, considering them well worth whatever efforts are needed to attain them. Yet a certain insensitivity and lack of emphasis on sympathy, kindness, sharing, and affection may put the relationship in danger of becoming hard and unfeeling.

  • my bday is November 5th 1988 and my friend is march 4th 1991

  • TWF56, this is a highly seductive combination, and not just physically. Attraction and desire play a large role here, but the relationship's magnetism works not only between the two of you yourselves, but between you as a couple and a goal you covet, whether it be social, financial, or family-oriented. The relationship brings out both your most determined sides, enabling you to achieve together what you may not achieve alone. Usually, though, this benefits your friend more than yourself. Astrology suggests an easy, sensuous orientation here and the relationship can be very tightly knit. In some ways in fact, the relationship can be indissoluble, since your twin watery natures are already so fluid. Yet there is another side here as well, an earthy one, which is intensely practical and responsible. At times, conflicts can arise between these two sides, with one pulling towards relaxation and procrastination, the other towards action and effort.

    A love affair here can be highly secretive. Family members abd friends may think they know what goes on in private between you, but they would probably be wrong. Much of the relationship's psychological import is often even hidden from the two of you yourselves, and you may not be terribly interested in self-analysis anyway. Marriage will likely be more successful than a love affair, since it would satisfy your shared need to take on responsibilities. Strong business or career ties could be the cement holding the whole thing together.

    Your friend is looking for a safe place where he can feel secure enough to be himself and be loved and doted on. He has a tendency to become dependent on or over-attached to anyone who can provide this sort of environment for him - basically he is looking for a substitute parent. You on the other hand just want to be right all the time, but you will have to watch that your compulsive need for order doesn't see you become too controlling of your dependent friend.

  • Hello Captain...hope you doing well.

    Will you check the following birth dates for compatibility, please?

    My DOB is June 4, 1976

    1. Person - DOB June 18, 1974

    2. Person - DOB December 26, 1983

    Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

  • C0rmack

    You and number 1: a love affair here is likely to be exciting, lively and original, but somewhat unstable. Sexual energy runs high, but romantic feelings alone are usually not enough to hold this relatonship together. You have to develop a true rapport, since the two of you can be pretty cool customers who know what you want. Sharing activities of all kinds, but especially those involving communication, are essential if the affair is to proceed further. Should the two of you make it to marriage, you will probably have precise plans for your home, children (if any), neighbourhood, careers, vacations, etc. But the differences between you don't bode well for longevity. This relationship can suffer from a split in attitude - you enjoy talking about things while your partner prefers doing them. As a result, you may find him a bit rash, uncontrolled and insufficiently thoughtful, and in return he might think of you as all talk, no action. If th relationship's feeling for adventure and excitementis not counterbalanced by a focus on security and dependability, your best-laid plans might disappear into thin air. This relationship is more favoured for working than living together.

    You and number 2: this relationship often focuses on physical beauty. You may be extremely attracted to each other's looks or may share a love of or interest in beautiful art, music, crafts, design etc. Your partner's earthiness is felt here but also your discerning eye, and the coalescence of these qualities can produce a relationship at once sensuous and filled with desire. Your shared critical tendencies are invariably prominent here, but your relaitonship usually applies them to aesthetic matters and makes them secondary to personal qualities. Your love affair can be thrilling and fulfilling, particularly sexually. You C0rmack can be a devoted lover and your partner will appreciate your ardour. However there is also instability here which may well lend excitement but may not augur well for permanence. The set of emotions this affair will unlock may resemble the story of Pandora's Box: once opened, it may be difficult to shut. Marriage would tend to be more successful than an affair. Your partner is pragmatic in outlook and you may learn a great deal about practicality from him. He in turn will learn about social grace and joie de vivre from you. But communication difficulties and workaholic tendencies on his part can mar the relationship. You may feel your partner only pretends to understand you and actually doesn't get you at all. He meanwhile may grow frustrated or even end the relationship if you continually miss appointments or arrive late to activities.

    There seems to be a pattern here of you being attracted to exciting partners, but with whom your relationship is unstable and possibly impermanent.

  • hey captain...can you tell me the compatibility between me(sep 15 ,1990)and 1.(feb 4,1986) and 2.(feb 6,1986)...

    thanx a lot

  • Larajj90, did you want a romantic compatiblity or just a friendship analysis with these people?

  • both actually,lol but a romantic one would suffice too...thank you,captain

  • Larajj90

    You realize that these two people will be very alike since their birthdates are so close? It's interesting that you are attracted to two such similar individuals. Both these people have a very natural connection with you, a matchup that may seem to be made in heaven. Yet all three of you are fiercely independent types and it's a wonder you ever came together in the first place. It's not really that you are any more independent than anyone else - it's just that your relationship tends to bring it out in abundance. Thus, your relationship with these two people can go either way at times - you may team up closely or rarely see one another, adopt the same ideology or battle out opposing viewpoints, be scarily on the same wavelength or totally incommunicado. You will not bind each other to strict rules or established patterns. Your relationship with both these two persons is the kind where you might not see them for years and then take up exactly where you left off, virtually in mid-sentence.

    These two people both want the same thing in life - to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment in a total, committed relationship. They want a partner they can count on to satisfy all their material needs while they satisfy their partner's emotional needs - or vice versa. Yet they don't want a conventional predictable settled lifestyle, either. You yourself really want to be in love: to be adored and share 'centre stage' with someone who returns your passion. Yet the Aquarian pair seek their self-worth through others (they may exhibit naughty or shock behaviour just to get noticed) and you have a need for other people's approval, which can result in a hopelessly needy relationship between you or a rivalry for other people's attention.

    A personal relationship between you and these Aquarians, whether it be friendship or a romantic involvement, won't be particularly oriented towards emotional expression. The emphasis here is more on thought, wit, intelligence, and speech rather than on love and feelings. You can be mental soulmates, but it is doubtful you would be romantic ones. It's unlikely either of these two people will ever settle for an ordinary relationship or lifestyle, which they would find extremely repressive. Yet you like your security and normality, so your differences would cause conflict. Past lives or karma together is suggested here by your meeting, and maybe even feelings of déjà vu have emerged.

  • i feel a lot of attraction towards the one born on feb 4 but the second one,i can only think of him as a friend...yes,they are very alike but different in some ways as well...yes,i like security but i like security in the knowledge that the person i am with can be trusted and is faithful...yes again,i want to be in love too but honestly,i hate the idea of a conventional,boringly normal relationship myself,even the idea kind of frightens me..that is why i find myself attracted to people who are four dimensional and have a slightly unpredictable personality ,you think that a romantic relationship with these men wont work out well .....thank you for the insight and i will keep that in mind.

  • Hi Captain:

    A month ago I met this lovely Gemini (May 30 1956) and it's clicking, it seems magical, yet our first date is a few weeks away because of distance. My birthdate (March 26, 1957) Thank you for sharing your insight.

  • Larjj90, what is different and unconventional to you is nowhere near what it is to these men.

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