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  • Thank you,its has given me some insight as to why things are so up and down, hearing from him then nothing at all, so my next question is if you have time to answer as I see you are so busy answering all of us curious of our love lives, if I was to want to meet someone, what would be the best match for me??

  • Thank you Captain 🙂

  • Coolkharma, your best matches were born -


    • Aries (week of April 3 - April 10: mostly sexual)

    ** Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24: good for love and marriage)

    • Taurus (weeks of May 3 - May 18)

    • Virgo (week of September 11 - September 18)

    • Libra (week of October 11 - October 18)

    • Scorpio (week of October 26 - November 2)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 3 - December 10)

    • Capricorn (week of December 26 - January 2)


    • Aries (week of March 25 - April 2, and also April 11 - April 18)

    ** Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24: good for love and marriage)

    • Gemini (week of May 25 - June 2)

    • Cancer/Leo (week of July 19 - July 25)

    • Virgo (week of August 26 - September 2)

    • Libra (week of October 3 - October 10)

    • Libra/Scorpio (week of October 19 - October 25)

    • Scorpio (week of November 3 - November 11)

    • Aquarius (weeks of January 31 - February 15

    • Pisces (weeks of March 3 - March 18)

  • Thanks very much Captain...your insight is much appreciated and it was interesting to get your take on the relationship. I would love to see what would happen if we could actually get together 🙂

    I wondered if it is not too much to ask if I could inquire about the compatibility of another. He is someone I have recently been dating and things have been somewhat unclear to me. Again, I think I should probably avoid this one too, but I feel like I am quite jaded and pessimistic lately with regard to men and I have a tendency to run in the opposite direction at the first sign of even a possible red flag.

    My DOB is 4 August 1977

    His DOB is 7 July 1977

    Thank you,


  • Blauleo, the strengths of this relationship are its variety, excitement, and challenge. But the down side is its upsetting, unsettling, and distracting nature. The relationship has two distinct sides and its energies oscillate between them - between light and dark, outer and inner, intuition and emotion. Little attempt is made to tone down contrasts or to arrive at compromise or synthesis. Understanding the wide mood swings imposed by this combination's pendulumlike nature - and learning to go with their flow - will go far toward creating peace here. Your partner will have an easier time of it - unconventional by nature, he may even enjoy the relationship's variety. You on the other hand have a strong need for balance. You will tense up in this relationship, resisting its natural viability, and creating the potential for conflict.

    Your love affair can be romantic, involving deep emotional interaction and exciting and often risky activities, whether in career areas or 'out in the wild'. Your partner feels most stable at home, but he yearns for projects that will sweep him off his feet or whisk him away on a magic carpet. You may be just the opposite, spending your time breaking down barriers and reaching new heights of achievement, but all the while dreaming of a warm fire and a comfortable bed. An ideal arrangment for the two of you would be to spend long periods first at home and then elsewhere, perhaps passing one part of the year in your own city or country and another part away or abroad. The more activities you can share, the better - both a love affair and/or marriage will tend to be most successful when the two of you are also engaged in a shared career or social endeavour. Mind you, as lovers who also work together, you may not then consider marriage a necessary step. Where you might clash is with your partner's traditional ideas of 'a-woman's-place-being-in-the-home'. Or he might even avoid marriage and family like the plague, fearing a relationship might keep him from his life's ambition and swapping a personal life for career success and recognition. He can be a bit obsessed with being somebody on his own, quite apart from his family. Yet family life is what will balance and stabilize him.

  • Thank you Captain 🙂

  • Hello , TheCaptain

    I was wondering if you could do my report on two different men

    Me -11/21/1984

    Him- 05/08/1984

    and the other guy -04/24/1983

    thanks in advance!!!! 🙂

  • PassionateScorp

    You and 05/08/1984: acceptance is the focus of this relationship and the key to success in emotional, physical, and spiritual matters as well as intellectual ones. The two of you may come from different social or religious backgrounds and if you realize how rich in diversity - and therefore how valuable - such a relationship can be, you will work hard to protect those differences rather than insisting on meaningless uniformity. Your friend will generally believe in the value of teaching, whether in an institution or one-on-one, while you are more often a graduate of the school of hard knocks and believe that life experience is the true teacher. Formed by such different sources, this relationship can gather knowledge from the broadest spectrum of wisdom as long as it can make space for the acceptance of differences. Love here is likely to be direct, intense, and unpredictable. Both your more unstable sides will often meld in a wildly romantic affair, which sweeps everything before it. Carnally, each of you will meet your match in the other, but you will both need to rein in your combative instincts. Your 'memory lapses', PS, may be a problem, since your friend is unlikely to be patient either with any indiscretions and infidelities or with lying about them. Marriage will likely dull the flame of romance, which feeds so richly here on uncertainty and secrecy. Yet your stability together may be enhanced by commitment so that domestic matters benefit in a more permanent relationship. Your friend may be strong enough to hold onto you, since you combine a drive towards infidelity with an equal, but more hidden, need to be loyal. Family life may come to agree with you both, sublimating your wildness to the steady energy needed for a whole spectrum of activities, from domestic projects to a family business to travel.

    You and 04/24/1983: this works best of all for friendship. This relationship can be a paradigm for easy and accepting attitudes. The two of you are among the few combinations in the zodiac where you can be both friends and lovers before, during, and after your love affair. There is a deep understanding and loyalty here, and a mutual respect, especially on the mental plane. Yet as well as you two get along, it may not be in the cards for you to marry or even live together, since ease does not necessarily entail either emotional depth or the ability to commit. Even if the two of you met when either or both is involved with another steady partner or spouse, the addictive pull of a love affair between you will usually be so great that neither can resist. The results might be tragic however, especially for the third parties, but the maturity and control of which your relationship is capable will have a strong tempering effect. So unshakable is the relationship's faith in itself in fact that it can show consideration for the feelings of others to a most unusual degree. Controlling selfish desires may be this relationship's biggest need and its best strength.

  • thank you captain you hit every aspect of my relationship with these men...I also uploaded a picture of both the guys in the picture blog take a look and tell me what you think... first pic is the 4/24 and the second pic is the 5/8..thanks! your awesome!!!!

  • hey captain, you have been so busy since i last dropped into this thread, so i meet a fella who could potentially become more, unfortunatly its started out rocky to the point where all contact has stopped, hmmmm i dont like this but anyway here are our birthdates

    me 7th sept 1976

    him 9th oct 1977

    thank you again

  • Coolkharma, this can be an easy-going relationship in which the two of you learn from each other and benefit from your respective strengths. It is like a window between two people, one looking out (you) and the other (your partner) looking in. What you both see appears through the window as an object of great beauty: for example, you, the one with the more private life, admires your partner's social world, and vice versa. The relationship rarely melds these contrasting views but does allow the preservation of both your individualities.Your polarity poses no threat to your unity.

    Admiration and affection may lead to love between you. You two have the ability to express true tenderness for each other, even when empathy isn't really an option. Your differences in temperament will often create an atmosphere of romantic fascination and awaken strong protective feelings. As spouses, you will be extremely porud of each other, and happy to be living with someone so different from yourself. The window effect between you separates you but allows a transparency, so that hiding secrets from each other will be difficult or impossible, and sharing will be encouraged. Having children is definitely recommended here, since your polarity is essentially healthy, and will give your offspring a clear choice when they are in need of consultation or advice. However the harmony and balance between you may limit the striving and aggression that is necessary to achieve your goals and projects, so you will both need to find the will, the decisiveness, and the push to succeed. When you see something you want, you must go for it. Usually however, the two of you will act as peacemakers with family, colleagues, or friends, not through coercion but by example.

    What you want in life are your creature comforts and enough money to buy the things you want, Coolkharma, (though you can chase many financial rainbows to the point where you become reluctant to be creative or productive) while your partner can be a little selfish at times (though he takes pain to appear selfless), needing and wanting to be the centre of attention and to experience many and various life situations. He can be obsessed with self-reliance and be very indecisive about whether he wants a relationship or not. He has trust issues and a lack of confidence, as in the past he has trusted people who didn't deserve it. In relationships, he will tend to withdraw to avoid any conflict or unpleasantness as he has trouble dealing with either.

  • Thanks captain, it's kinda funny, what you discribe him as is me and vice versa weirdly weird 🙂

  • hey:) I found you thank Eiai (amaing person really). I am not English native so I sorry for my mistakes..I want ask about me and one man..I'm 17.08.1993) he is (1989..I dont know full him date)..could you say me we have change else or I I spoiled everything?

  • Lolitka1234, I need your friend's full birthdate to do a comparison for compatibility.

  • hello captain, can i have a romantic compatibility analysis, please?

    my DOB is August 18, 1987

    his DOB is August 6, 1972.

    thanks a lot!

  • how pity! i dont know full date him ..ok nvm:)

  • Cylll, this relationship is likely to be easygoing, with each person enjoying the ability to bask in the steady radiance of the other's strength. You two proud people are generally well suited, being relaxed and accepting with each other. The lack of open combat between you is surely a good thing, and even mandatory for the relationship's continuance, considering the alternative: you two have an enormous capacity to inflict mutual hurt. As it is though, any threat against one of you, whether overt or insidious, will be considered an attack on the other, and each partner will come to the other's defense. This trait is so pronounced that it can almost be too protective, preventing the individual from handling their difficulties on their own.

    Both a friendship and a love affair here can be warm and romantic. Sexual relations need not be as torrid as one might think between two Lions - you two lean more to gentleness and tenderness, which are the rule rather than the exception. Your shared preference for sensuous rather than highly sexual or erotic passion tends to emphasize passive rather than active attitudes, mentally as well as physically. Marriage here will share an aggressiveness and a will to succeed, blunted only by your easygoing self-confidence. This latter trait however can cause problems if the two of you overlook present difficulties and refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of recurring problems until it is too late. Long before you two spot the warning signs, your children or family and friends may see danger ahead, but may have been taught by experience to stay quiet for fear of being accused of alarmism. Later on however, the two of you may blame them for failing to report a warning, so that they are in trouble either way. So don't just shrug off problems - do something about them. And listen to other people's opinions.

    Cylll, you need to have someone to talk to, to prevent you being alone so that your fear of abandonment does not overtake you. You may be desperate to have a normal family life so you may have difficulty with your partner's need to get away from it all at times - unless he runs home to you, of course. But he may run away from everyone like a child. He may even shirk the success the world is offering him in return for an escape from it all. His need for privacy and intimacy and a place where he can feel cared for and safe enough to be himself is an escape from the pressures of grown-up responsibility and business. But be careful he doesn't become too dependent on you providing that place for him as he can easily slip back into behaving like a child looking to a parent to be taken care of. You tend to like being able to do your 'thing' without people leaning on you too much, even though you like to have them around. You want to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. But you need to be your own partner first so that you can then develop a healthy partnership wherein two individuals share equally with each other without feeling debilitated. Make sure this relationship with this man is an equal fair and adult one.

  • dear thecaptain, thank you for your time and kindness.

    it was very interesting and unbelievably accurate! it's really amazing to see how much our birthdates determine our characters.

  • HI Captain

    Birth-dates 16,4,72 6,5,65

  • Scully21, the basis of this relationship can be an intesne interest in social equality, supported by firm idelas and high ethical standards. Both of you have strong feelings of responsibility to your fellow human beings, and are fair and responsive in your daily relations with others. Both of you dislike discrimination in any form. Your relationship then may assume a role as protector of the weak and poor. Philanthropic or socially concerned organizations will benefit from your combined efforts so your relationship can prove to be an excellent matchup for heading up a business or social group.

    Friendship will also work well here, with relatively few problems. But it doesn't necessarily follow that romantic or sexual feelings will develop into a love affair. Both of you tend to be drawn to people who are different from yourselves - particularly people who are disadvantaged, unusual or exotic, or from widely divergent racial, social or national backgrounds. A matchup here would only work if you both felt you weren't compromising your ideals or beliefs. A close relationship between you will need to be built on trust and good character if it is to last. Dependency or hero-worship can be one of the problematic factors here.

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