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  • Captain, you gave me a great analysis around March 8. (me: 5-15-71, him 10-24-71)

    Since then, me and Mr. Libra-Scorp have been spending more time together. Back then I said there wasn't a major spark but that had shifted and not only is there spark, there is fire. We have become very close though I both said we are going to take things slow, no pressures, date others, ect. I have broke off another date because I have no desire to date anyone else and I found out he has also turned down chances to go on dates with another women.

    I never expected such intensity from him, from us. It scares the crap out of me. I got out of a very insane relationship with a Gemini in Nov and this Gemini lied to me. Now my ability to fully trust is shaken and I keep finding myself doubting the man i am seeing now. I trust fully in my intuition but I can't sense if this doubt is intuition telling me something or all this self doubt left over from Gemini. I have brought this up with Libra-Scorp and he is completely understanding BUT says this is something I have to work out on my own, he can only be himself and he is being honest. Of course Gemini claimed he was being honest and that was not true. Sigh.

    Do you see this man as an honest man in general? If I can't get a grip on this, i am going to have to pull away from him till i can. And to be honest, i don't want to lose him. i really feel he is special and that we have a good thing here.

  • Sweetgem29, I agree with your intuition that all is not right with this guy. I feel he has another agenda for his relationship with you - he wants to dominate, stand over, and oppress you becasue that is what makes him feel better about himself and more superior. He is behaving himself (showing his Libran side) and not showing this nasty Scorpion side until you are fully in deep with him - ie living together permanently. Don't let him get his hooks into you. The astrology reading I gave you was just in general. Looking at your situation in particular on a psychic level shows me what his real intentions are. I think I may have to give away astrology altogether and just give readings based on my gut.

  • Holy.... Captain, I didn't expect that. I can't even begin to see where that came from. He shows NO signs of being dominating at this point.

    Woozaa. i am speechless. if you can elaborate or something, Please do!

  • Sweetgem29, no of course he doesn't show any signs of it while you are dating. He is careful to show his Libran charming side but if you ask his former partners, they will no doubt tell you that once the relationship gets serious (as in engagement or marriage), he comes over all possessive and jealous and oppressive. Cusp signs are probably the hardest people to live with because of their dual nature.

  • I see. He has only been married once, hasn't lived with anyone since the marriage ended. So unfortunately the ex wife is the only one that can speak about that. Something to think about for sure. Thank you for your insight Captain. I will tread very lightly. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no way we will live together anytime soon. I own my own home, so does he. I have no interest at all in living together and even less interest in marriage.

  • Hello Captain, could you please do a compatibility analysis for me and my mister. Thank you 🙂

    Me - 24 September 1987

    Him - 16 November 1991

  • Captain can you please do a relationship compatibility

    Me - April 23, 1986

    Him - June 27, 1980 (not completely sure of the year).

  • ReinaKong, the hunger for beauty in all its forms that you two share is transmuted by the chemistry of your relationship into a bid for all the material and immaterial rewards that money and influence can bring. This is an extremely dangerous combination, since your combined will to power is potentially strong enough to demand that you sacrifice affection, love, kindness - practically all the fundamental human values - to your ambition. Your relative positions in the relationship are usually fixed, and you are not particularly susceptible to internal power struggles - the overriding focus here is on outside conquest.

    A love affair or friendship here is likely to manifest strong competitive urges, which can best be kept positive if sublimated into healthy physical interactions or game-playing. Should such impulses trun negative however, they may cause untold harm, not only to the two of you yourselves but to the social and family units of which you are a part.

    Marriage here is often defined by a desire for upward social mobility. If this impetus can be controlled and better directed, however, this relationship has an excellent chance for success in the sphere of personal development. So make sure you both find a healthy balance between work and play - know when to quit. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Share with others outside your group. You ReinaKong want to experience happiness, harmony, fairness and support with one partner whom you love. Your 'mister' on the other hand is not looking for a particular person but a place of safety, a haven where he can feel protected, cared for and secure enough to really relax and be himself. He must beware of a growing dependence on anyone who can provide him with his goal, especially as he has hopes they will 'mother' him. You must make sure you do not control your partner but seek an equal relationship.

  • ConfusingCancer, this is a difficult relationship for love. In the most favorable scenario, the relationship will involve a rebellion against domination, a process that can stimulate personal growth. You for example can be rather overpowering for your more sensitive friend who will accept such an attitude for a while and then will revolt, perhaps slowly gaining momentum in his struggle and then emerging as a full-fledged and independent personality. Thus, a negative beginning can produce a positive result here.

    In a love relationship or marriage however, he is far too sensitive and fearful to stand up to your dominance. Initially in fact, it may even be very difficult for him to even know how to approach you, let alone actually do so. If you set your romantic sights on him, on the other hand, even only temporarily, he will bask in the warmth of your attention and affection, never allowing himself to face the possibility that the next step may be the exit. As spouses, you two often make a bad combination, since you CC can grow impatient with your partner's moods and what you see as his ineffectual or misguided actions, while he may eventually either resent or become too dependent on your presence and support. You need an emotionally and mentally strong partner who can cope with your power. This poor Cancer guy is just too vulnerable to handle you.

  • Thank you Captain 🙂

    One thing that is stood out to me is you talked about the competitive urges. That is so far a big problem for us although you said that we are 'not particularly susceptible to internal power struggles'. I feel like for the most part that is all we do and it an either be cute and fun or turn down right nasty and it does have a major impact on the people around us because we have the same circle of friends and when one of our competitive moments turn bad we tend to put our friends in the middle.

    Another thing you mention is he is looking for security and comfort/ a place where he can be himself and boy is that so correct. And it amazes me since we are both so young that he always acts like he is carrying the world on his shoulders and is just looking for someone to love him, something or someone to find peace in. He is always so stressed. But the thing about mothering him throws me because more than anything he fathers me. He always wants to be in control, at least he says and acts so. It's so confusing

  • Yes Reina, he plays the father (or his version of one) hoping you will play 'mother'.

  • Thanks Captain...I really do like this guy. Like more then I've ever liked anyone. I feel Safe with him, and i'm willing to help him with the mood swings because of our connection.

    Are you saying this is a bad match in general, or just one thats going to take a lot of work?

  • It seems like we have a lot of chemistry, and he is VERY attentive. I do however see what you mean about his mood swings and me second guessing his actions. He came on so strong in the begging and the courtship was moving along very well. He introduced me to his family, and friends and everything was going well and then BAMM almost overnight he got scared...scared enough to say he just wants "friendship" at this time but not scared enough to stop pursing me. It is very confusing to me. I find myself trying to give him space so that he might be able to get to know me a little bit better on the friend side so it can ease whatever tention he might have so we can get back to the romantic's.

    I guess I just want to know if you see a spark of something, because like I said I really like this guy, and I have a ton of patience, and I have no intention on running because he's a great guy. I can deal with the mood swings just as long as we learn to communicate, but I do think we are really early in our Friendship/relationship. Do you have any advice on what I should do? Maybe back off a bit or should I just throw in the towel?

  • Dear Captain, his DOB is September 6, 1971 and mine is July 20, 1971. We were so in love and got married. 3 years later, we walked away from each other like we never existed. Infidelity by him is what ended things. I do not know what to think but an analysis will be great. Thanks.

  • Hello Captain,

    I am hoping to get a compatibility analysis. I have been reading your responses for several months and have been very impressed by your insights and responses.

    My DOB is 4 August 1977

    HIs DOB is 23 April 1972

    I have had two psychics and several tarot readings tell me that this man is my soulmate and maybe I am just fighting it. I keep wanting them to tell me he's not. I guess I am secretly hoping you will :-). At this point in time I think he might be toxic for me but I am having a hard time letting go because I feel more pulled toward and drawn to him than I have ever felt with anyone else in my life.

    Any insight is much appreciated and I love your blunt and straightforward answers so I hope you won't hold back!

    Thank you very much.

  • hey Captain, my dob is 7th sept 1976 his is 3rd sept 1976, looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

  • ConfusingCancer, you cannot and shouldn't change who and what you are, but it is doubtful that this Cancer guy will be able to handle your powerful nature. He is very sensitive to vibes and yours are overwhelming for him. It's like a matchup of a tiger with a lamb - the attraction of opposites but with an everpresent danger of one being too intense for the other. Neither can change their nature for the other, no matter how much they want to. You have to be true to who you are.

  • RosietheCrab, here was a fiery relationship, full of the passion and excitement that make life a romantic adventure. The great need here was for one of you (or even the relationship itself) to provide a firm direction that would have taken you both to a higher level. Either of you could have assumed this role, but as in many cases with this combination, the role is usually filled by the social, career or religious orientation of the relationship as a whole. Ambition is strong in this matchup. The two of you may very likely sacrificed your personal needs to it, and indeed it may have threatened the relationship itself.

    Your love affair may have begun with powerfully romantic feelings, but this doesn't easily penetrate to your deeper emotions. As a result, the fuel that would feed the fire was in limited supply, and the relationship may have quickly burnt out. Your partner has a very deep streak of romanticism that makes him vulnerable to fantasy and to being easily seduced, distracted, and led astray. Dreams of finding the great love of his life and being adored by her forever are his undoing (you also have this same dream but you are less idealistic and more self-doubting) and he can be led astray by any sweet-talking salesgirl or pretty woman who bats her eyelids at him. Dangerous escapist dependencies are his downfall and can lead him into a never-ending search for the perfect partner. Sadly no human being can be perfect.

    Marriage should have given the relationship more direction but again someone's career ambition or romantic fantasies may have gotten in the way of happiness. This relationship needed a much deeper spiritual foundation and emotional connection to succeed.

  • Blauleo, this relationship can flourish through a variety of challenging endeavours, especially in marriage or work here. Its keynote is the search for opportunity and growth, and then the use of them, in the most enterprising way. As a unit, the two of you can prove successful in any area that interests you. This combination is faithful and hard-working, and it avoids failure. But there is a downside to this, since an unwillingness to admit defeat can make the relationship go on longer that it sometimes should.

    The two of you are a match for each other in strength of character. You are both measured individuals who can go far in establishing a successful partnership. However in a love affair and romance, ego conflicts and rivalry can be expected. Yet marriage can be much more stable - if you can make it to the altar, that is. Each person has the ability to stick with it through difficult times and the relationship itself provides enough variety, and enough concern for family, to make it all worthwhile. You would both make reassuring parents and your children would feel protected and cared for. As adolescents however, these children may provide firestorms if either of you proves unresponsive to their needs and wants.

    You Blauleo are usually more private in your relationships while this man is more social but, if you demand more time away from crowds and mutual friends, he is likely to go along with that. You two can make fast and faithful, tender and caring mates, provided you aren't distracted by competitiveness, as in a job, sport, or other area of counterproductive rivalry, and also that you can satisfy the relationship's need for exploration and adventure. This man really wants a home and family, even though he may not stay there for long periods as he returns to the world frequently. He tries hard to put up a good front of solidness and confidence but deep down he can get all clingy and needy for other people's approval when he feels unloved or uncared for. Reconciling his professional self and his personal needs is quite a task for him. He does want to be in love, to be adored, and gain the attention of someone who returns his passion. You on the other hand have differing goals and may fight to be your own person and to have interesting and assorted life experiences. I don't feel this is a romantic soulmate situation or that this guy is toxic for you either, but you both seem to have different goals in life - yet there may be a lot here you can teach and learn from each other.

  • Coolkharma, the two of you will find it extremely hard to share on a personal level. How lucky then that your need to share may not be so great to begin with - but you can still make life extraordinarily difficult for each other if that's what you want to do. You both react poorly when a lot of demands are made on you but you are also quite demanding with each other. However you can have a great time together, particularly since you both love to laugh, but even here you must curb your tendency to make fun of each other, which can send both your self-esteems into a nose dive. Paradoxical and hard to figure though you two complex individuals can be, you may not be half as difficult to fathom as your relationship with each other is.

    This is actually a rare combination for a love relationship. The two of you will usually be found in the same field, the same job, the same company, the same social group etc. but you are rarely found living under the same roof. It's not so much that you are incapable of doing do so as that, given the choice, you prefer not to do so. In some ways, though, you two are well suited to each other since you both maintain rigorous standards that few but yourselves will be able to live up to. You are also likely to share a high level of intellectual interaction and in anything requiring a lot of expertise. Yet you both have a way of being misunderstood that defies analysis.

    There is something so enigmatic in your relationship that even in the simplest, most common daily tasks, a kind of mystery clouds your motives, actions, and goals. You both specialize in giving mixed signals and taking yourselves too seriously. Ultimately it is doubtful whether you will be able to view each other or your relationship objectively. You would do best when focusing on anything standing concretely outside your relationship. Try to enjoy it rather than analyse it to death. There is the attraction and safety of being similar types here, yet it's doubtful that this can keep you together for long.

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