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  • Sweetgem29, your partner is actually on the cusp of Libra-Scorpio which means he has many qualities of the milder Libran which can tone down his intense Scorpionness.

  • My birthdate:

    June 05, 1982

    My ex:

    October 16, 1987

    Is there any chance of us reconciling now that we have broken up? We have been through a lot of drama, but even when things were good, he'd often disappear. Typical of Libras, from what I hear.

  • GeminiChick, a very demanding relationship is likely to have developed here between you and your ex. The crucial factor in whether it will revive/endure is your ability to accept each other, including all of your little imperfections and unpleasantries, once your initial interest in each other has faded. Resembling sometimes a football field, sometimes a battlefield, this relationship is tempting, alluring, maddening, and unreasonable - kaleidoscopic in nature. Your energy will attract your partner, who doesn't usually go out of his way to appear interested. His coolness and objectivity will in turn appeal to you and will often provoke your deeper feelings. Neither of you is looking for trouble or problems in this relationship, but this is no guarantee of their absence.

    A love affair here will be particularly unstable. The emphasis here is on youthful energies and spontaneous displays of feeling. Sex tends to be unplanned and exciting, but there is the possibility that it will bring out some undesirable characteristics in both of you. Provocative or inflammatory scenes and downright meanness are likely to occur here. You GC may at times feel dominated by your powerful partner, but this can have its allure. If he gets caught up in your frenetic energies, he may find such loss of control uncomfortable.

    Marriage or a living together arrangement may not be recommended or even possible in this tumultuous relationship. Nor is it often possible for a cooled-down or failed love affair to result in a 'makeup' or even a friendship. On the other hand, should you and your ex have met first as friends, you are quite likely to be able to establish an easy give-and-take. Again the relationship's solidity and depth will depend on the degree of acceptance.

  • Thanks for that info Captain. One more question, if I want to learn more about this man, as far as astrology goes, is there a website you can recommend (or a place here) where I can enter his birthday and get a reading? I have some good books but they only mention cusps briefly.

  • Sweetgem29, just type "Libra-Scorpio cusp" into your search engine and it should bring up plenty of results.Or just "free birthchart reading".

  • Hi Captain!

    I would be very grateful for a compatibility reading too.. to see if there's any romantic potential?

    My dob is 03 March 1990,

    His dob is 26 Dec 1978

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Natalie90, sorry no, I don't see much romantic compatibility here. There can be harmony between you because you both seek a peaceful orientation and a balanced state. You would shine as co-workers, as long as your more extreme feelings are kept under control. You both like to keep your environment running efficiently, one in which everything is kept in its place. In most areas of life, you would appreciate this man's orderliness and management skills. He meanwhile would prize your sensitivity and consideration, but can become short-tempered with your occasional blasé vagueness about important matters. His outbursts can send you scurrying for cover.

    In a love affair or marriage, you would have to step out and assume a role equal to that of your partner if you wanted the relationship to be harmonious. There is nothing inherently wrong with letting your partner be the boss, as long as your own views can be aired and respected by him. You have a warm and loving side (as long as you are not unhappy or depressed) that you would have to use a lot to help your partner open up and express his affection more easily, something he has a problem doing. But when you get really upset, you will find that he is unable to help you, and he will stand aside. He will be unsympathetic to your moods and may even find your deeper emotions unbearable. You would have to toughen up a great deal to survive this relationship, something you might not be inclined to do since the rewards may not be readily or adequately bestowed. This man could squash your spirit if you let him.

  • Hi Captain! 🙂 I would appreciate a romantic/love compatibility analysis to find out how compatible my boyfriend and I are and to understand our relationship better. My birthday is February 19th, 1994 and his is March 17th, 1993.

  • Piscesgirl4life, this can be a mysterious relationship - not a lot of people will know much about it. But it reaches deep emotional levels, and at its core it offers ever more complexity and challenge for the two of you to penetrate. It is a relationship in which adventure, danger and risk are conceived not in external but in internal terms. You two realize that the great adventures in life are to be found within, and that the enormous risks and rewards in the inner search are not to be taken lightly. After all, you reason, a person can get lost, even die, in a wilderness but to get permanently lost in the maze of one's own mind can become a more horrible living death. Nonetheless, the two of you accept the challenge gladly, and take the first steps into the 'underworld' with confidence together.

    A love affair here can occasionally be frightening because of the 'monsters' revealed to each of you in the mirror of each other's eyes. You two see yourselves for what you are, stripped of any role-playing or pretense. Facing up to the more unpleasant aspects of your own personality is daunting indeed, but it is necessary if you two are to attempt further personal or spiritual development. It is not the pleasure or satisfaction offered by this relationship that will prove so valuable to you both (though they will indeed be present), but rather the opportunity to take the first steps towards self-actualization.

    Marriage or a long-term commitment here can either bring out both your more practical sides or else reveal its lack, in which case the relationship will founder and ultimately fall apart. This relationship is a test, then, that is either passed or failed. Don't be afraid to dig deeper into your psyches - you will be protected. Don't slay 'monsters - make friends with them. You don't have to hide from each other here and that is a very big thing. Even if the relationship itself doesn't last forever, the valuable lessons learned here about yourselves will endure for a lifetime.

  • Thank you so much for my analysis Captain! Apparently it's more accurate than I could even imagine! wow. speechless. thanks again!:)

  • Hey Captain. Just wanted to check in for me and my little 2 year old brother-

    May 6th 1992 9:28pm (Me) and January 23rd 2010 (my little brother)

    As well is my familys chaotic home causing any major burden on him because it seems so?

  • Asia118X, didn't I already do this reading for you? The basic qualitites of the relationship don't change with time, though it can improve if you know its weaknesses or issues. And yes he is feeling unbalanced by the chaos at home. All children need stability in their homes to develop and grow properly.

  • I believe you did the reading for my other two brothers, I really dont remember this one for my 2 year old brother, sorry. May you please do one compatibility reading again for me and him?

  • Hi Captain,

    could you do one for me?

    Me -25 January 1993

    Him -7 November 1953

    Radical age difference I know but he's a special friend of mine

    Thank you!

  • Asia118X

    You and your little brother can have a beautiful combination here. You are the brilliant teacher and he is the gifted student. However, students can often become maladjusted and teachers frustrated, and your personal interactions can be an emotional disaster. There can be a lack of emotional feeling and passion in this relationship. When the two of you get together, your high ideals can fall away and you will tend to find yourselves focusing on the most literal or mundane details - and staking a position on them, engaging in wars of nit-picking and criticism. Yet you two can make a go of it because you will find you share interests in aesthetic beauty and creativity in art, music and literature. Besides enjoying the arts, you two may also be drawn to physical and sensuous beauty in people or nature.

    Your relationship will be taken up with more tangible realities like money, food, gifts, the outdoors, travel etc. There will be a mutual appreciation of entertainment, special family get-togethers, and the joys of play - either sports or games. If you can keep emotional and mental encounters to a minimum and focus on sharing the more physical aspects of life, you and your little brother can get on quite well. If you try to relate to each other through feelings or thought, you should expect conflict and misunderstanding. Teach him by setting a good example instead.

  • AquarianSara, when you two combine your energies, the results can be nothing short of miraculous. The chemistry here is somewhat unfathomable, and both of you yourselves will have difficulty figuring out how two such completely different approaches can yield such wonderful results. Sara, you don't always understand your friend all that well, seeing him as a person who always tends to do things the hard way. Meanwhile, he is often amazed when you do something in half the time it would have taken him, but he will remain a little suspicious of your methods. The two of you should not delve too deeply into such mysteries, since things often work best when their underlying mechanisms remain hidden.

    Your friend will be the one who is solidly in control of this relationship but, since he finds you so captivating and charming, he can easily be manipulated, and thus his dominance is not usually oppressive. Yet if things grow more serious, your friend may increasingly find you too flighty and fun-loving, and unable to share his own more sober approach to things. Yet you are more capable of taking his mind off his career or life worries than most people. In fact, he could become very depressed if you tire of his heaviness and seek excitement elsewhere. So you have to be careful here how involved the two of you become as your friend would take a breakup much worse than you would and may harbour a revengeful grudge forever. You two can also be divided by ideological differences. Thought and caution are indeed indicated here. Keeping your opinions to yourselves may be a prerequisite for harmony between you in a closer relationship.

  • Captain,

    Wow that was fantastic! That really makes a lot of sense to me., and opened my eyes to a few things as well. Thank you so much!


  • Dear Captain

    Can you look look at our love reading for us?

    him:16 february 1983

    me: 10 july 1985 ( I have leo rising)

    thanks a lot



  • Chocolatebox, the two of you may approach your relationship a bit like two lost souls who have had some disappointing experiences on the road of life, or just haven't yet met the right person. Your matchup is truly grounding, and the miracle of its manifestation may come as a tremendous relief and a source of joy to both of you. Crucial here is the element of trust, for the past may have taught both of you that other people should be kept at least at arm's length and not allowed inside your guard. Just being able to lower your defenses a bit, and to be relaxed with another person, can be a tremendous reward and relief.

    Once established, a love affair, marriage or friendship here will usually grow steadily deeper and more dependable. Dangers of course exist - first, that the relationship will close itself off, making little if any contact with other people; and second, that if one of you leaves or passes away, the other will be left isolated in despair. As to the first point, you both must look on your meeting as a stepping stone to establishing trust with others, both individually and as a pair. Second, if one partner is lost, the other will have wonderful memories and, after a period of grieving, will ideally begin again. So open your heart here - the benefits will be well worth it. Give-and-take matters but stick up for yourself too.

  • Captain,

    These are what we are actually facing right now..

    thank you for your reading.

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