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  • C0rmack, a lively and original relationship can spring up here. Your thinking begins with a love for details but steadily develops to encompass the bigger picture. You may engage in expansive entrepreneurial or social enterprises together, ambitiously plumbing unchartered waters. But if the relationship's feeling for adventure and excitement is not counterbalanced by a focus on security and dependability, your best-laid plans may dissolve into thin air.

    Your relationship may experience a split in attitude - you c0rmack enjoy talking about things while your partner prefers doing them. As a result, you may see him as a bit rash and insufficiently thoughtful, and in return may find he thinks of you as all talk, no action. Maybe you can each help the other to experience more of what you do best?

    A love affair here is likely to be exciting but somewhat unstable. Sexual energy runs high - but romantic feelings alone are usually not enough to hold the relationship together, for you two can be pretty cool customers who know what they want. Sharing activities of all sorts. but especially those involving communication, are essential if your affair is to proceed further. Should you marry, you will probably have precise plans for your home, children (if any), neighbourhood, career, vacations, and so on. Try not to be too judgmental of each other. Not everything has to be under control - let things take their course sometimes. As well as talking, you both need to really LISTEN to each other.

    Your partner has problems believing he is a lovable, worthy human being. He has an enormous need to be romantic and in love, and this has caused him to rush into relationships with all the wrong people in the past. He either over-idealizes someone or is horribly disappointed in them. The perfect love object to him has become someone who will hurt him, unfortunately. Maybe you can help show him that abuse is not love and that mistreatment is not good, even though it is a form of 'attention'.

  • Me: April 15, 1986

    Him: August 5, 1985

  • Hi Captain!

    Hve not taled with you in a while. Hope you are doing well, or maybe just great!

    I do have another compatability question regarding one I had asked about ages ago. My birthday is 9/14/60 and his is 1/12/62. We have have still stayed in touch with each other but I cannot help but feel that he has a hold back and I am not sure why. To me this relationship I thought had good potential but not sure where it wnet wrong . I am not wringing my hands but do feel some disappointment in that I really thought it had some potential and and actually think it may still do. I am not a stalker so I do not pursue him other than to say hello from time to time I just can;t help but feel he has a different or wrong impression of me and I do not know how to change that or if I should even try. I do still like him very much and wish him well, I have no bad feelings, just feelings of curiosity of how how he feels and thinks of us. If anything. Thank yo so much for your insight, always appreciated!


    Much Love and Light to you Captain!

  • Captain,

    You can answer me her or on Faith and Love. If you answer me on Faith and Love I may have some more personal questions. Whatever you decide is fine with me.

    Love to you, RedPetals

  • Thank you Captain for the insights.

    We have not spoken in a few days. The last few times that we talked, it was me who initiated the conversation. The last time i saw him was Wednesday and he was very loving and affectionate but he did not say anything about seeing each other again. I believe that he has someone else, not sure how serious that relationship is, but sounds to me that he wants me on the side...just occasional intimate encounters and that is it!

    i am looking for a serious relationship and thought he was too...we have a good chemistry, connection. He is kind of controlling (as you mentioned on your post) he checks on me, what time i arrive from work, where am I going...what i am doing, etc. He even calls my mother to find out about me. On valentine's day he only sent me a virtual card stating "Here are the first roses!"

    and then later on that day, he asked me if i was opening presents from other guys. Not quite sure where he is getting that from. He might be just playing his cards to see what i will say. He is forgetting i am a gemini too....Lol

    Should I even bother with this guy?

    I appreciate any thoughts you may have...

  • C0rmack, be very wary of this guy - it's weird that he has become so possessive that he even calls your mother to check on you. Yet he treats you rather casually and offhandedly in person. With his insecuritites about himself, it would not be at all surprising that he has other partners, just in case one or two of them reject him. This one could be too much trouble to be worth your time and energy.

  • RedPetals, I will answer you at F and L in case you have other questions.

  • AriesMama, the central theme in a love affair here will usually be love versus power. This relationship is often intensely confrontational and its struggles can assume gigantic proportions. Neither of you will show much inclination to back down. Marriage is not particularly recommended here then, but may sometimes work out if a ceasefire and a suitable division of labour can be agreed upon, or if the two of you unite together in a common cause or in a fight for something outside the relationship. The level of the relationship's combativeness will often be directly related to its level of passion. Peace can come if both of you are willing to give up your struggles and commit yourselves to unconditional love, but this often won't be possible, and the affair may bring great pain before it inevitably ends. Both of you are very physical types so that bodily harm - which in more extreme cases may even be fulfilled - cannot be ruled out. The two of you are also capable of a great deal of emotional detachment, and neither should expect a great deal of sympathy from the other, especially after the first glow of romance has worn off. Still, love can be stronger than power and if you can see conflict coming, it is possible to 'head it off at the pass' if you both try hard enough. Make sure you two strive to bring out the best in this relationship - its stimulating qualities, its groundedness, and faithfulness - and not its inherent weaknesses of a lack of sympathy, intimidation, or violence. Keep antagonisms under control.

  • Wow, That doesn't look hopeful at all! And a bit scary, haha.

  • Thank you Captain and yes i will be careful but he does not have my

    I do want to ask you about another compatibility, if is not too much trouble.

    Man 1: DOB Jan 25, 1975 (birth time 6:20 AM) -

    Man 2: DOB Feb 7, 1986 (birth time unknown) - this guy came back into my life recently, never have been comfortable with the age difference, though.

    Man 3: DOB Nov 1, 1967 (birth time unknown) - always heard Scorpios do not match Geminis but with this guy the connection/chemistry was too strong.

    Man 4: DOB Sept 21, 1971 (birth time unknown) - was told Libra-Virgos are great match for me, wondering if is true.

  • C0rmack

    Short and sweet -

    You and man 1: good for friendship, bad for love. It's unlikely this relationship would have much emotional depth, though it is strong socially. But it tends to be a fair-weather match - good for the good times but unstable and unsupportive during bad times. The biggest challenge here is to be as interested in the relationship itself and grappling with any problems as you are in entertaining and interacting with others.

    You and man 2: good for work, bad for love. There will be struggle here and many issues - you both need to be needed, which is not a balanced combo. Dependencies and addictions can emerge here. Objectivity and non-possessiveness are imperative here for success but are not usually forthcoming.

    You and man 3: more like a parent-child relationship than a partnership of equals. Not much chance of friendship, either. Sensitivities run high, for better and for worse. There's an excitability but also instability. You will get on each other's nerves if you see each other daily. A love affair would be intense but fleeting. Extreme temperamental differences would soon drive you apart.

    You and man 4: this can work well for the long term, provided there is some attempt at grounding. The two of you can be very creative together. A love affair, friendship or marriage here can be based on a shared love of films and TV, listening to music, reading books or magazines, cruising the internet, or visiting the library or art gallery, etc. The relationship is very communicative, sharing and educational. But if you two get carried away by your dreams and fantasies, it might not pan out as well. You both need to stay anchored to reality - together you can develop strong bonds and a healthy outlook on life. Finances could be a problem if you two are not careful about expenditure.

  • If you don't mind...

    Me: October 15, 1985

    Him: December 20, 1988

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Kaymrial, this relationship is united by a bond of energy, steady in its intensity, unfailing in its production. Like a turbine running on a river's dammed up power, it can be counted on to deliver without letup. The chemistry here is interesting - this relationship often forms when your friend picks out his most reliable ally, formidable adversary, or apt student as the target of his formidable laserlike powers of concentration. When you Kaymrial catch fire, the entire relationship ignites, taking off for its destination like a rocket ship. Certain things are clear from the outset - first of all, the direction and depth of the relationship must be agreed on right at the start. Second, the relationship must be tough enough to stand the kinds of stress it will encounter, especially at the outset.

    A love affair between you is most stressful at the beginning and at the end (it there is one). During the relationship's life, you will not need much to keep it going effortlessly. Your friend will like the fact that once the relationship is 'launched', it will only need low-maintenance energy to keep it going. You too will be happy not having to make decisions, solve problems, or alleviate emergencies. In this way, a marriage here can enjoy many pleasant years, though it may have a stormy beginning before its pattern is established. The fear of the relationship's ending however can be considerable, and the actual rumblings of breakup can be terrifying. At such points, the two of you will tend to hang on, refusing to believe the journey is over. Friendship will follow a similar route. So, though this relationship may take time or effort (or passing through some rocky patches) in order to establish its footing, once it does, it can be good for both of you.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain. I appreciate the information, because I think it will help me in my interactions with him. What you said about how this forms when he picks out an ally, adversary or student was interesting to me because he's a couple of levels higher than I am in management, so he's trained me in a lot of things (sometimes we'd spend whole shifts together for a week or so at a time).

    This is some information I'm definitely keep in mind. I'm a pretty patient person, so knowing that it might not be easy at first, until we establish a rhythm, will help.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  • Hello Captain

    I was wondering what can you tell me about me and a friend of mine.

    My dob is July 12 1961 his is February 25 1961

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Blackladydiver, this relationship is often mainly concerned with the transmission of ideas, whether in financial, social or spiritual areas or as entertainment. The spotlight can be on the relationship itself or on what it is trying to say. Although the two of you are water signs, this relationship is more earthy, implying a thoroughly practical sensibility. Your friend is not known for his materialistic side, but in a relationship with you, he can learn a great deal about the world and how it works, financially, politically and socially. He is less interested in money for its own sake and more in what can be done with it to improve the quality of life.

    Your love affair can be highly sensuous but also sensitive and understanding. The two of you will usually take the time to get to know each other, using your quiet time together to reach new levels of peace and contentment. But your relationship also has an outrageous and uninhibited side that it puts on for show. Humour can play a key role here, particularly when of the ironic and sarcastic sort. Marriage is not particularly reccommended unless you both are willing to undergo serious adjustments to each other's needs, and to be willing to compromise, and be flexible and accepting.

    Your friend can get stuck in self-pity, depression, feeling like a victim, or disillusion at times and you can be moody too so if you are both down-in-the-dumps at once, things can get pretty grim. Yet it also means you can understand each other better and, if one is down while the other is up, then one partner can help the other become more positive in their outlook.

  • Wow that was great. Thank you so much Captain for taking the time and energy to do the readings.

    Take care always... 🙂

  • I was hoping to get some insight on a man I am currently dating. 🙂

    ME: May 15, 1971

    Him: Oct. 24, 1971

    Thanks a ton.

  • Sweetgem29, the two of you relate well to each other's youthful and wild side. In your relationship, neither of you is looking for problems, although intellectual arguments are likely to arise. Quick-witted repartee may be prominent here, with irony, sarcasm, and sharp humour abounding, but it is usually well meant and truly funny. A deeper and more passionate or serious relationship is usually not encouraged by this combination, which instead nurtures rather easygoing, fun, and pleasant attitudes.

    Both friendship and a love affair are favoured here - marriage or a more permanent living situation will often result from them. A friendship or love affair in hindsight may be seen as having been a proving ground from which a deeper commitment has evolved, but such a relationship has great value in itself, and is usually free of such expectations. You Sweetgem as a friend or lover will take great pride in your partner's mental abilities and he for his part admires your natural ease. This relationship has much to teach both of you - your partner will learn how to relax and you, how to focus your thoughts more effectively. Whatever the physical attraction here, the primary thrust of the relationship is not necessarily sexual or emotional but usually lies in the realms of the mind. Marriage here will both benefit and suffer from the relationship's easy attitudes, which may undercut ambitions and dilute dynamic drives, but can actually result in higher productivity and fewer losses due to less arguments and stress. A common love of aesthetic matters may also serve to unite the two of you.

    Though complete opposites astrologically, when it comes to life, the two of you both want the same thing - to be in love, to be adored and share 'centre stage' with someone who returns your passion. This can be a problem if you both want lots of love and attention from each other at the same time - one must give and one must take at each given occasion. If you both want huge amounts of love at the same time, trouble can follow. You must both also beware of a need for other people's approval. You must risk disapproval and be true to your own unorthodox ideas in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying feeling of self-approval. You partner can become a bit too obsessed at times with being honoured, revered, adored and worshipped to the point where no amount of success may satisfy him. He needs to deal with his fear of being a nobody or just average. You Sweetgem, must be aware of your fear of being abandoned, unloved and uncared for so that it doesn't become an obsession that is impossible for any partner to satisfy. You must love and nurture yourself so that no one else has to bear the responsiblity for doing so.

  • The Captain, that surprises me as I didn't think Scorps were a good mix for me. This is a man I knew vaguely from high school and we met up via facebook and the reunion. I don't feel like there is this crazy spark but do enjoy hanging out with him.

    Thanks again!

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