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  • Hi Captain,

    I enjoy reading your compatability analysis. Would you be so kind in letting me know what to expect in my new relationship. I am in love and I feel on cloud nine right now. I am a scorpio woman and my guy is a cancer. My birtdate is Nov 1, 1971 and his is June 29, 1962. My chinese sign is the pig and his is the tiger. I would appreciate you letting me know if we are a good match.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Youretheocean, astrology predicts that this relationship is worst for love and best for working together. Stinginess and pettiness are despised in this relationship which can be based on unconditional giving. With each other, you two are more likely to give than to share and, in relating to others as a unit, you may take the generous attitude that money or time given is a gift, not a loan. The two of you can be very effective at working together toward a greater goal and in areas of social conscience.

    Unconditional giving can have its drawbacks however, especially if it puts the two of you at the mercy of spongers. As a love affair, marriage or friendship, this relationship will in fact have to become a bit tougher in its dealings with the outside world if it is to avoid being taken advantage of, for even you two generous people will reach your limits sooner or later. There is a pronounced tendency in this relationship for one or both of you to bring other people into it, a habit of openness to others that may threaten the primary bond itself. Your love affair may be passionate at first, but in romance you Ocean are rarely able to follow your heart since you have already most likely given it to your favourite cause or profession. Acute differences in needs and wants may also make this relationship difficult in the long term. You may come to resent your partner's didactic streak while he may become critical of your ambition.

  • Sexyloser, this relationship is difficult for love. Its focus is mainly social. You two do well in activities and projects that involve other people, or as part of a team. You do not do so well together alone. A romantic relationship here is rarely on the cards, for your association is easily upset by physical intimacy.

    You both want very different things from life. You SL want to merge totally with someone else and find permanent commitment and personal empowerment with them. You seek your self-worth through others. Yet you can be so obsessed with yourself physically and emotionally that it's hard for anyone to get close to you. Your friend has a compulsive need for order and wants to be right all the time and have everyone agree with him. He wants to be in charge of himself totally and love is a difficult thing to control. It makes him uneasy and fearful. He wants other people to be perfect, yet they never are so he is constantly disappointed. He fears making a mistake and is wary of love relationships in general.

  • Thank you for such a fast reply to my request Captain. You're awesome!!

    I read somewhere that the Tiger and Pig are soul mates, do you beieve that to be correct.

    Thanks again.


  • Scorpiowomaninlove, this relationship works for love but not so well for friendship. It can be pretty complex emotionally. Its big challenge is to build bridges of verbal communication and to set parameters within which meaningful contact can occur. Your partner favours unplanned interactions, wanting as much breathing space as possible, while you push for rules and regulations that will guarantee you control. Power struggles are very likely here then and can threaten the relationship's security if allowed to get out of hand. Patient diplomacy, compromise, and discussion will be essential if this is to be forestalled.

    A love affair here can go deep. Sexual bonds are likely to be passionate and long-lasting, and your emotional encounters will stir you both profoundly. Negative as well as positive feelings will emerge. Before the affair can precede to marriage, it would be wise for the two of you to outline the role and responsibilities expected of each person, establishing general guidelines to guarantee the relationship a structural basis. Agree on a fair division of labour. Beware of hazy attitudes and expectations. Seek common principles for daily living.

    Your partner wants more than anything to receive love and his need is almost insatiable. He badly needs to receive the acceptance and loving energy of his peers. You yourself want to be in love - to be adored and to share centre stage with someone who returns your passion. So you are both capable of giving the other what they want. Yet your partner can hinder his own prosperity and be held back by his obsession with being both creative and sexually desirable. He fears being trapped by his own needs for love and sex or being controlled by society's values. You yourself must watch for a fear of being a nobody or just a regular person. Your desire to be honoured, revered, adored and even worshipped may get to the point where no amount of success may satisfy you.

  • Ah I only just replied to you, Scorpiowomaninlove, did you read someone else's answer?

  • Thank you captain for your time, you are amazing: I'm a male born march 4, 1977 and she is born march 2, 1988. Romantic relationship. Thank you so much!

  • BrokenheartedPisces - puzzling to others, this highly personal relationship does not easily reveal itself to the world. A jealous guarding of its private life grants it an air of mystery, which only makes other people want to try to unravel its secrets. The depth of emotional profundity here can be extreme, with silence playing an important role. You two are very strong in the feeling realm, and yet also in that of thought. Your relationship can show great interest in historical, critical, and technical matters and can share a lot of insights. Your social life together is likely to be restricted to only a few friends or family members. Most often, all this relationship really asks for is to be left alone.

    Romantic tendencies can be marked in a love affair of this type, which is often highly affectionate. Sensuousness rather than passion is usual here, with the two of you showing an interest in touching, tasting and in general experiencing the best that life has to offer. However, another role can also surface here, a side that is self-destructive and uncritical, and that can move the relationship into dangerous waters without the two of you realizing it. Marriage here can last for years, with few problems surfacing but many being hidden away and not dealt with. That can ultimately be destructive. Insecurity can also be a problem here, with you two sensitive emotional types. Make sure you strive harder to reach your individual and shared goals. Don;t just drift along. Beware of isolation and secrecy and be clear about your feelings. A question to be answered here by both of you (to each other) is "what are you afraid of?" Your partner has a deep need to be stabilized by someone more sober than she is, so make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground and don't get too carried away in fantasy. But you must also ensure you don't do so much for her that she loses all faith in her own ability to cope by herself.

  • On thread 214 you gave me a reading..........I have been with the Cancer man for 19 yrs. I have been through a lot, and lately in the pass yr. I began to analysis my marriage. It true we do have a hard time agreeing, we disagree about everything, and at times let things go unsaid, because we clash at the understanding. Sometimes it sounds like we argue at everything.....I found out he cheated on me 8/15/2010, over yrs dealt with his verbal abuse....Many nights I've cried because I know in heart, I'm not the women he seek and looking for. I thought I was....I was just blind by his charm I guess.....When I met CancerMan he came with a pkg., meaning 2 kids from a previous relationship, and dealing with all the Momma Drama that came with it. I stop having sympathy for a grown man that took my heart & all kindness that came with it for granted.....I no longer cuddle him, besides he found comfort doing it somewhere else. So my question is........I have told my CancerMan that I dont want to continue the marriage, and I want out.........So my question is. Will he leave....

  • TaurusWomen8, what do you mean by "Will he leave?" Does that mean will he leave when you ask him to or will he stay with you if you put up with his cheating ways? Or something else? He will almost certainly 'stay' with you - by that, I mean he will still see other women but will come back to you as the home and family mean almost everything to him. You are his base, so to speak to which he can retire when he tires of running around after other women. But once he has refreshed his energies, he will be off again. Physical attractions are very hard for Cancers to resist.

    But why should you have to put up with half a life with him while he does whatever he wants? Are you getting what you think you deserve from this marriage?

  • If he will leave cause I asked him to......I dont want to put up with it any more, I have spoken with him on how I feel, I don't want the marriage. Im DONE......No I thought I was getting what I deserve, then when i found out about him cheating. I started to look at my marriage, and how I was being spoken to and treated. Realized that I dont want that life, nor do I want my kids to think its ok to be in that kind of relationship........Considering I've done so by being with him half my life.....I guess I have to be the one to leave.

    I am unhappy just want to smile again, and laugh. It seems when I do that around him, he doesnt like that, its as if I have done some thing wrong. It used to bother me, not any more. I got strong and stand up for myself. I no longer care what his issue is..


  • TW8, then don't ASK him to leave - TELL him. You are the one who has been wronged and he is in the wrong. So he should be the one inconvenienced, not you and your kids. If you have to seek legal advice, do it.

  • Hi Captain...

    Thinking about going into business with a friend, any advise you could offer would be great.

    My birthday August1 14 1970 hers is July 6 1970.


  • Sahara70, this is an excellent matchup for working together. This unusual and powerful combination can achieve prominence through its outstanding mental talents. Its focus is a thoughtful approach capable of quickly assessing a problem at its roots and taking steps to solve it. Your leadership qualities coalesce well with your friend's uncanny ability to anticipate your wishes, as well as any problems or trends in the world at large. In this way you two can make a spectacular combination in many areas of achievement. The relationship resembles the sort of special rapport that a director (you) and an actor (your friend) have together when they produce magic on stage.

    But the two of you must be careful not to be overly materialistic in your business dealings or overvalue logic at the expense of more moral or spiritual considerations. Keeping in touch with your feelings will be important here to sustain the working relationship/friendship. Your friend will easily understand and appreciate your efforts. The fact that she is willing to work alongside you and match you in dedication and application will also mean a lot to you. You can unburden yourself to her without fear of ridicule or rejection. In fact, the real power behind your Leonine 'throne' can be your unusual and unassuming Cancer friend. This relationship has enough good points behind it to guarantee its working success. Make sure you share everything in the business equally, and balance out the material side with equal amounts of play and spirituality, and you will both have it made!

  • Thank you Captain for your exscellent reading. In response to your question, I did read someone else's reading and thought it was for me but later realized that it wasn't. But eventually I did the one that was intended for me.

    By the way, can you please let me know if a cancer/tiger man and a scorpio/pig woman are compatible for marriage? Do you also do readings on the chineses horoscopes?

    Thank you again.

  • Hi TheCaptain, thank you for offering this reading

    Could you please take a look at this relationship: I am pisces 18 march 76 rising sun aries and his virgo 9 sep 72.

    Thank you

  • No Scorpiowomaninlove, I don't do readings in Chinese horoscopes because I haven't found them to be very accurate, maybe because they were compiled for Asian/Eastern cultures.

  • Ninapisces, this relationship is promising for the longterm or marriage. Secret dreams, often dormant in you both for years, can blossom here, and when they are revealed, the two of you may be amazed at their similarity and parallels of thought. The miraculous and the unexpected figure prominently here. The relationship focuses on aspirations and visionary thinking, both as a journey and as a destination.

    Through a love affair and/or marriage, your partner can be introduced by you to a whole world of family relationships in which he was previously uninterested or else felt inadequate to become involved with. He is looking for someone to mother him but not smother him, and you will need to teach him what a real family is all about. On the other hand, both of you require a lot of emotional understanding, which for some reason is difficult for you to give each other. Perhaps it is because the focus here is more on outward than on inward shared goals. Marriage will often give both of you the opportunity to work out childhood hangups, especially those concerned with the disapproval of parental or authority figures.

    The two of you can be particularly successful in planning or building a new house together, or in fixing up an old one. Domestic pursuits like these can come to occupy most of the relationship's time and efforts. You make excellent travelling companions - your shared expansiveness of thought together is evident in the way you plan long vacations, or even expeditions into relatively remote parts of the world. Unfortunately many of your plans and projects won't get off the ground, but the one or two that do will be usually exciting and fulfilling. Together you induce a longing in each other for dynamic endeavours. Don't become content with mere fantasies - put your dreams into action.

  • Would really appreciate if you could give assist me with a compatibility reading too - my date of birth is 6 June 1983 and my partner's is 28 February 1973. Thanks xxx

  • Des060683, this works best for friendship and worst for marriage. It's a dramatic relationship that is likely to emphasize critical thought and observation. Mental challenges of all kinds attract you two, from puzzles to chess to computer games. There is often a friendly rivalry as to who knows best and who knows more. The frequent winner is an "I-told-you-so!". Your partner's vivid imagination and your verbal skills can coalesce to produce a lively combination. He is pleased to indulge your mental capabilities here, for in many of his relationships, it is his emotional side that is principally emphasized.

    A love affair here can be unstable. Your chemistry together tends to be volatile and expressive, with feelings flying every which way. Your partner may find you irritating and unpredictable at times, while you may think he is dreamy and unincisive. Romantic illusions abound here and, like balloons, are easily punctured. A marriage that evolves from such an unstable love affair requires a lot of work on settling differences, becoming more realistic, and building a solid foundation.

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