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    I was just wonder..the birthday you ask for.. Does the year contribute a lot to the compatibility ?

  • No, Miyukii, it doesn't contribute to personal compatibility between you, but it does impact on how you both see and approach the world.

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    Can i please get a reading for jan 23 '93 and...sept 13 '85?

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  • Miyukii, sparks can fly when the two of you get together. This feisty relationship doesn't believe in knuckling under to any form of coercion and will stubbornly maintain its integrity at all costs. You both value your individuality highly. As a matter of fact, what binds you together most tightly may be your joint rebelliousness against external authority, which can even become the relationship's focus. Your friend has an interesting and undeniable tendency to subordinate himself to you. This is usually not because of any power struggles between you, but because of your greater need, Miyukii, to be the centre of attention.

    A love affair here can be dynamite - unstable and explosive. There is a pressure that builds up here when your emotions come to the boil. The only predictable element in the relationship may be its unpredictability. Marriage may not necessarily add stability to this matchup or elicit more responsible behaviour, but it is important as a social statement and even more so as an expression of your shared belief in the relationship's rightness. This matchup can work as long as you two don't do too much 'feather-ruffling' and instead find constructive outlets for your energy. Avoid disagreeing just for its own sake. Miyukii, you can behave very immaturely at times and your 'love of love' and novelty can lead you to make some big relationship mistakes. Don't be afraid to think before you act or look before you leap. Love is as much about common sense and getting to know the other person well, as it is about impulsiveness and romance. Your friend has an obsession with being considered sex*y as well as smart. He is a person of high morals, yet he often has rather naughty thoughts that may embarrass him. He needs to step out of his usual routine and go to places and meet people he has never seen before, instead of always frequenting his habitual local hangouts and doing the same old thing. You can teach him how to like things that are different.

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    Lol...often has naughty thoughts that might embarrass him...ahahah......... Lol....

  • Romantic relationship

    July 5 1970 Male

    MAy 16 1974 Female

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  • CancerMalewithTaurusFemale, this can be a good match, especially for marriage or the longterm. This relationship can brew up some fantastic visions. Its grand, even gigantic ideas and plans represent a meeting of two separate, vivid fantasy worlds that can produce amazing results - if they are in synch. Alas, relatively few of your dreams may come to fruition, and indeed most can be highly unrealistic. Yet their originality and imaginative content are memorable.

    You two are capable of a close friendship that can develop into a love affair or marriage. You, CancerMale, being more quiet and hidden, can become fascinated by your colourful, flamboyant friend, who perhaps mirrors your own secret desire to be more extroverted. Yet she can be troubled by her own insecurities and secret fears of poverty and financial problems. She may need to gain greater stability with money. You on the other hand must not become so obsessed with being rational that you don't trust your own mind. People won't think you are crazy because you don't think like them - embrace your originality and enjoy your fantasies. This woman will enjoy them too. You may become obsessed with her wishes and she in turn may come to acknowledge you and to help you to unlock your hidden visions. In a relationship formed in such a fashion, fantasy and dreams will blossom, encouraging intimate enjoyment and exciting projects in the shape of a full-blown romance.

    Should the result be marriage or a permanent living arrangement, whether between friends or lovers, the most extraordinary living space can be created in which you two will be liberated to externalise your fantasies without fear of failure or rejection. Such a space can be a laboratory for social or artistic forays into the world, but also a sanctum to retreat to when an unappreciative public creates disappointments. Marriage between you can be rich and full, but you both must stay in touch with reality as well as with fantasy. Your earthy friend can help bring you both down to earth when you need it. Fewer expectations will produce fewer failures - learn to handle disappointment and stay strong.

  • Hiya Captain! I hope the new year is treating you well so far!

    Would you be able to give some insight into romantic compatibility? I'd be grateful 🙂

    His: July 10th, 1979

    Mine: December 13, 1980

    Thanks so much!

  • DesignerM, this is not an easy relationship for love. Yet this matchup has a tremendous energy which, like that of a growing child, is difficult to contain and sensibly guide. The relationship will usually stand or fall with its ability to 'parent' the two of you with your often defiant and aggressive attitudes, and to provide the wisdom, security and direction that you so desperately require. With his imaginative scope and vision, your friend can be a good match for you in this regard. This also means however that the two of you can support and egg each other on in plans that pass the point of practicality or reality. Dashed hopes may be the result. The strain this puts on the relationship is often more than it can handle, and if you are wise, you will learn to back off and bring your ideas back down to earth.

    A hidden love affair here will not remain secret for long. As a rule, your energies will spill over into other areas of life. These hot streams of emotional lava are likely to leave devastation in their trail, not only for the two of you but for family, friends, and partners as well. Your friend has a dread of monotony and tends to seek an escape from any consistency and humdrum routine in his life. Make sure you are not that 'escape' because it would only be a temporary one - he knows that he must return to his 'duties' sooner or later. Marriage is not particularly recommended here, even if you are both single - unless the relationship can succeed in establishing guidelines, principles, or structures that will forestall emotional eruptions and guarantee any children the security they need. Breakups here can be particularly bitter and hurtful.

    More often than not, this combination combines friendship and work - that is its healthiest and easiest manifestation. As long as you both remain objective and keep yourselves from over-reacting to each other on a personal level, you should be capable of generating and implementing powerful and financially lucrative ideas and projects together.

  • Sigh ... This is helpful and keeps things on my end in perspective. Thanks for the insight, Captain!

  • Thank you Captain! I really appreciate it.

  • Hello Captain tell me something about My Cancer & I

    His 6/22/1968

    Mine 05/05/1969

  • Oop My DOB is 05/08/1969

  • TaurusWomen8, this relationship actually works best as a friendship. The emotional channels between you can often get clogged with static and missed connections. Communication problems can abound between you. In fact you two sometimes do better by not talking at all, abiding by each other in silence. You both hold privacy very dear so this sort of non-communicative setup could suit you well for a while. The inability to connect meaningfully has an unfortunate side effect however - you two tend to leave a string of unfinished projects behind you.

    Irritating elements can emerge in this relationship, especially in a romance. You TW can be much too matter-of-fact about physical matters to satisfy your partner's need for sensitivity and privacy. Furthermore, you aren't very interested in providing the kind of sympathy and gentle understanding that he requires, regarding it not just as a nuisance but as a kind of soft coddling of which you don't really approve or think a grown adult should need. A love affair or marriage will be problematic here. Friendship may succeed if you grant the maximum amount of freedom to each other. But the question then becomes: "Is there anything binding you two together, anything to make a relationship possible or desirable at all?" Chances are best if a shared pursuit can be found, one that is practical and down-to-earth yet doesn't require daily attention (unlike gardening or caring for pets). Often an interest in art. music, movies or sports may fit the bill well. You two need to learn to compromise and to empathize with each other more. See the other person's point of view and speak openly. The relationship's strengths are that it can be free, objective, and honest. Its weaknesses are that it can be uninvolved, unsympathetic, and disconnected.

    Your friend has issues about his fear of abandonment, guilt, setting family and lifestyle boundaries, as well as about his leadership capabilities. He likes to be able to 'do his thing' without any interference from other people. Yet he is searching for the ideal, committed relationship. You TW are a romantic at heart and need a whole lot of love, so one person might not be able to give you all you need. You can become very critical if your partner doesn't measure up to your ideal of the ultimate lover or follow 'the plan' you have for your life. Often you tend to ignore the people who love you and instead chose someone you can't really have. But the secret of love lies not in how many valentines you get, but in how deeply you can love others.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Would greatly appreciate it if you could share with me on the romantic compatibility of:

    His: 17/07/1981

    Mine: 02/05/1981

  • TaurusAries, this relationship can work well for marriage, if you can actually begin and survive a love affair. The relationship concerns itself with all forms of expression. The channels of communication between you must be open and direct, and other forms of expression, creative and otherwise, are also very important. The relationship is likely to be very original, requiring more than just cooking up ideas. It has a deep need to manifest or actualize its creativity in the material world - whether through art, business, or children, or simply as physical expression or body language.

    Particularly important in this relationship is taking the time to understand not only thoughts but feelings. When this is done, a marriage here can be a solid, effective, and powerful unit that will work even better if your friend commits to it fully, and if he can modify his need to be at centre stage and to control everything and everyone. But this relationship often never gets off the ground, since your friend is usually attracted to a very different type of person. He wants someone much more 'exciting' and unreliable than you, yet sadly you may be the one best able to give this man what he really needs - stability and groundedness.

  • Hi Captain,

    Could you please do a compatibility anaylsis for me :

    Me: Nov. 3, 1969

    Him: May 5, 1974

    Thank you!

  • ScorpioF69, this relationship is easiest for friendship and most difficult for love. This combination encourages its participants to lighten up and have fun. You are opposites in the zodiac and opposites usually attract - at first, but after a while when you are together a lot, your differences may become irritating. You two are apt to bring out each other's seriousness and wariness, yet your relationship also has a lighter side, sidestepping some of the weightiness in favour of a more playful or youthful outlook. Its aversion to power struggles and problems is such that the two of you will want to maintain a healthy balance of power, carefully drawing lines of defense that you are equally careful not to trangress.

    A friendship may be your best chance to relax and enjoy life's more amusing side. Your lightheartedness together may be like a second childhood for you both and you make excellent 'playmates'. Fostering humour and easy camaraderie, this relationship often works as a safety valve for the pressures and difficulties you two may face in other areas of your lives.

    Love and marriage on the other hand may involve problems with stress, emotional blockage, and missed communication. Your partner can be very understanding, but a daily diet of your depression and self-induced pain may push him beyond his tolerance threshold. And if aggression and resentment start flowing in his direction, he may back off or disappear altogether. Passions may run high here at first, but there is a danger that intensity and romance will lose their appeal over the years, and that deeper emotional areas will be closed off. At the same time, the relationship is likely to function quite well in more mundane areas, with daily responsibilities being faithfully discharged. So you may live together quite well, but loving together is something that may turn sour after a while.

  • Hi Captain,

    I would like a compatibility reading please!

    Me: 7/11/80

    He: 5/3/82

    thank you!

  • Hey Captain

    can u plz do the reading for

    girl(me) nov 19 1984

    boy aug 25 1988

    would like to know if this relation would be worth a try and what are the intentions of this guy or rather what he is wants or looking forward to?

    Thank you

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