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  • hello Captain!

    I hope everything is good for you.I want a romantic relationship analysis.

    My birthday: July 10, 1985

    and his birthday: April 19, 1978

    Thank you so much,happy Christmas and holidays!

  • Chocolatebox, this is best for friendship and worst for marriage or a long term love relationship. Commitment, structure and responsibility are not the norm here. At its best, this relationship can be an interesting respite from the world - you two may find freshness and joy in your stimulating conversations, shared activities or challenges, and ongoing movement. You CB may not find much of interest in your friend's more predictable, less subtle personality, however - you tend to seek out far more unusual types.

    And if you become lovers, his conventionality and earthy passion usually will be a bit boring for you. Meanwhile, though he may be quite fascinated with you, he is unlikely to choose such eccentricity for a deeper relationship. Nor are the kinkier and more bizarre characteristics of your sexual makeup normally a stimulus to him. In some rare cases, however, his more far-out tastes will integrate well with your wide sexual palette, but that is not usual. Marriage would only work as long as traditional expectations of the marital contract are left at the door. Also your spouse would have to learn to tolerate your more eccentric furnishing and interior decorating style and lifestyle, which would be difficult for him. He tends toward a more balanced, conventional taste for beauty in his surroundings, so the two of you are unlikely to live together comfortably.

    In a more casual friendship, however, where you don't see each other as often, you CB will benefit from your friend's worldliness, practical experience and advice, while he will appreciate your vivid fantasy life and look forward to spending time with you as a relaxing escape from his all too predictable daily life. An effective mutual support system can emerge here in friendship, as long as feelings of desire or envy do not manifest. Getting closer may mean giving up some of your freedom, CB.

  • Thank you Captain,have a nice holidays!

  • Would you mind doing one on the following? Happy Holidays 🙂

    Me Him

    Sun Cancer Moon Pisces

    Moon Pisces Moon Cancer

    Mer Leo Mer Pisces

    Ven Cancer Ven Aquarius

    Mars Gemini Mars Gemini

    Jupiter Leo Jupiter Aries

    Saturn Virgo Saturn Cancer

    Uranus Scorpio Uranus Scorpio

    Neptune Sagitarius Neptune Sagitarius

    Pluto Libra Pluto Libra

  • Sorry should read

    Me Him

    Sun Cancer Sun Pisces

    Moon Pisces Moon Cancer

    Mer Leo Mer Pisces

    Ven Cancer Ven Aquarius

    Mars Gemini Mars Gemini

    Jupiter Leo Jupiter Aries

    Saturn Virgo Saturn Cancer

    Uranus Scorpio Uranus Scorpio

    Neptune Sagitarius Neptune Sagitarius

    Pluto Libra Pluto Libra

  • CrazyCancerian, i need your exact birthdates.

  • WOW!!! Thanks Captain you really hit the nail on the head with our relationship. I really see things in a totally different perspective now.

    Thanks Again!!

  • Hi Captain,

    Could you do analysis for my friend and I?

    His birthday: Feb.24,1988

    My birthday:Sep.09,1987

  • 072089, is this just a friendship or did you want a romantic compatibility analysis?

  • Sorry, I want a romantic compatibility analysis.

  • 072089, this relationship is easiest for friendship and hardest for love. It is likely to focus on thought, intelligence, inspiration, and the sharing of ideas. Personal difficulties may spoil this outstanding mental connection, however. The saving grace may be your ability, 072089, to provide a stabilizing force in the up-and-down life of your friend, who tends to be quite uncertain and indecisive. You will have a lot to put up with, and should you feel rejected or neglected, you will probably become unhappy and depressed. But if you have the patience to hang in there, your friend may well come back after wandering off, or take a stand after a bout of confusion, though it's not always a certainty.

    One of the biggest problems in a love affair here is your friend's emotional instability. He may find your cool, relatively detached approach reassuring, however. Both of you are service-oriented and you can generally be counted on to make your contribution in the relationship. In marriage too, you two are likely to give a great deal to each other and to any children you may have. Your friend does sometimes forget or ignore his daily tasks, and you can be helpful in keeping him in line. Domestic duties like cleaning and washing up will help ground his flightiness. Your friend has an deep need to be stabilized by someone more sober than he is, to the point where he can totally lose faith in his own abilities to cope by himself. He is afraid of going nuts on his own. If he becomes too clingy or needy on you however, you may become uncomfortable with this dependence. So you must encourage him to stand on his own and do for himself as much as possible, for both your own sakes. You yourself can get obsessed with your own high hopes in relationships of all kinds, which only serves to mask your fear of being unable to sustain them. You must pass through the illusion of unrealistic expectations, positive and negative, and also deal with your obsession with being financially independent.

    A friendship here can be outstanding - your friend may well be that special person with whom you can open up and share, feeling unthreatened and interested and instinctively knowing that there is nothing to fear.

    At its best, this relationship can be intelligent, giving, and sharing. At its worst, it can be emotionally unstable, unhappy, and indecisive. It's up to the two of you to use the strengths of your relationship to overcome its weaknesses. But both of you have to want to try.

  • Thanks,Captain

    Have a Happy New Year!!!! 🙂

  • Hello Captain,

    I hope that you had a perfect start for new year.

    Me,still searching my prince;)

    Anyway, if you do romantic analysis ;i will be very glad.

    Me:10 july 1985

    His: 05 march 1988

    have a lovely Weekend:)

  • Chocolatebox, in a love affair here, you two will explore the realms of feeling and mine the gold in its subterranean depths. Insights, awareness, and empathy are just a few of the valuables uncovered, but the process is not without risks and effort; resentment, jealousy and a whole host of negative emotions are often encountered as well. Still the two of you are determined to do more than just enjoy yourselves in your love, and will generally persevere in your search for truth too.

    This combination is likely to emphasize what the two of you can learn from it - the relationship itself becomes a teacher with much to impart. Traditional astrology predicts an easy and enjoyable matchup, and indeed you two water signs should get along famously - however, a search for meaning may become dominant, though this doesn't prevent you from having fun. The objective lessons to be learned here are many, and include the skills of understanding others and acquiring conscious awareness, spiritual understanding, and patience and fortitude in the face of adversity.

    In a marriage here, the two of you can function as a unit with the courage to probe the mysteries of relating to others. Because of your serious psychological interests and emotional expertise, you two will often be sought out by family and friends in times of need, both personal and social. Your children will generally find you sympathetic, understanding and capable of offering important advice. But don't get lost in your search for meaning - remember to have fun, too. Strengthen your resolve but beware of singlemindedness and exclusivity. Share your insights with others. Your partner fears going nuts on his own and is searching for someone more sober than he is to stabilize and ground him, to the point where he may lose faith in his own ability to cope. But you are not always so stable yourself so you will have to learn to share the responsibility for being grounded - one of you at any given time will have to be the strong one or else the relationship may just collapse. You CB need to make sure your relationships are based on loyalty and not just passion as you can get obsessed with being thought of as sex*y and lovable.

  • thank you so much Captain!

  • Happy New Year Captain, May i trouble you for a romantic compatibility anaylsis

    Me 7th May 1979

    Him 11th June 1979

    Many thanks in advance

  • SmokieOne, we share a birthday, though not the same year.

    In career, family or marriage, your partner has trouble binding himself to a group. You, who are seriously involved in such matters, will find it difficult to work with this elusive person. An alternative however (especially if children are involved) is for you to join him in a relationship based on adventure, travel, and other forms of investigation, exploration and learning, constantly moving on literally and figuratively. Here the theme of independence that is the focus of this relationship can refer to the relationship itself, rather than to its two members. Another possibility is for your partner to function within the relationship as a free agent, coming and going as he pleases - but I doubt this would make you happy for long. You are a settler and he is a wanderer. Your love relationship will be exciting but ultimately unfulfilling, especially if it is of the conventional sort which your partner would soon tire of. He might seek you out for a fling or even a long-standing affair, but he has a need for variety and will inevitably move on. In a secret relationship such as this could become, you may come to feel quite protective of your partner, becoming convinced you can give him the love, understanding and passion that he says he is denied in his primary relationship. But you would be fooling yourself. Your partner will prove to be impossible to pin down, even with all your attractiveness and physicality. You both desire two completely different life and lovestyles.

  • All the good ones were born then!! 🙂 Cheers Captain!

  • If you would be willing, could I possibly have a romance compatibility?

    Me: 10/15/1985

    Him: 12/26/1990

  • Kaymrial, this relationship has an unusual way of doing things; the two of you will often be found reacting against outworn styles, ideologies, and beliefs, and trying to substitute something more in their place. Within your circle of friends or family, you two are likely to be a force for change. Although your friend tends toward the conservative, he will appreciate the relationship for giving him the space to voice some of his more far-out thoughts. You, for your part, will enjoy having a strong partner on whom to lean occasionally, as well as the grand drama created by the relationship's rebelliousness.

    A love affair and/or marriage here is usually of the responsible sort. Yet the two of you will not hesitate to fly in the face of tradition rather than compromise your belief in your relationship, or knuckle under to society's demands. If the relationship is a love affair then, it can easily be a secret or illicit one, although both of you will usually treat any third party involved with as much consideration as possible. Should you marry, you are apt to work out your own special arrangement which, although not always easily understood by the outside world, will work well enough for the two of you. Such a marriage generally works for the common good rather than following its own selfish interests.

    But whatever the relationship type, you two will have to ensure that you don't spend all your time fighting authority or opposing the status quo. Try to make less trouble for others and learn the value of diplomacy and compromise. Listen to what other people are telling you and beware that if either of you feels dominated or controlled by the other, you may fall into frequent disagreements with each other. This can be a progressive, assertive and unusual match so don't let any pugnacious, troublemaking, or resentful attitudes ruin it.

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