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  • Lala77, this relationship has imagination, fantasy, flair - all that and more. If the two of you haven't discovered this aspect of your relationship, then you don't know what you are missing! Your partner's self-image should change drastically here, and almost overnight. Any vision he had of himself as a stick-in-the-mud and a stay-at-home is liable to go right out the window, for you won't see him that way at all. You can feel very comfortable in this relationship, Lala, and will usually take the lead in showing some of the steps to your partner.

    A love affair here will be romantic and flamboyant. Any type of relationship with this man is capable of intimacy, but the two of you in a love match will figure that if you've got it, you may as well flaunt it. Letting it all hang out may be a whole new experience for your partner, and one he will thoroughly enjoy. Just the relief over not feeling embarrassed or inhibited by public displays of affection is a reward in itself for this private guy.

    Marriage is apt to be less exciting and more prosaic, however. The relationship does have a more thoughtful side that will emerge here, but ultimately it may not be on the cards for you two to take on more demanding responsibilities. Furthermore, the emotional depth needed for a longer lasting commitment such as marriage tends to be lacking here. Enjoy the love affair and learn from it, but don't expect too much more.

  • Hi captain how are you??

    Can you do one for me I'm May 3, 1982... His is July 17, 1980 thanks for your time!

  • Thank you SO much for your analysis, Captain! 🙂 I really really appreciate it, and it definitely helped shed a bit of light on what might be in the cards for me and my not-yet-partner. Take care!

  • TaurusGirly, the two of you can work well together as a powerful team, in humanitarian projects or social conscience areas that are for the common good. Stinginess and pettiness are mutually despised here. With each other, you two are more likely to give than to share, and in relating to others, you are likely to take the generous attittude that money given is a gift, while money paid back is redefined as a loan. But unconditional giving can have its drawbacks, particularly if it puts the two of you at the mercy of spongers and parasites.

    As a marriage or friendship, in fact, this relationship will have to become a bit tougher in its dealings with the outside world if it is to avoid being taken advantage of. Even such a giving couple as yourselves will reach your limits sooner or later. There is also a pronounced tendency to bring other people into the relationship, a habit of openness that may threaten the primary bond itself.

    Your love affair may be passionate at first, but in romance your partner is rarely able to follow his heart, since he probably has already given it to his particular cause or profession. Acute differences in needs and wants may also make this relationship difficult in the long term - your partner may come to resent your didactic streak, while you may become critical of his ambition. Some gifts imply expectations - love should not be one of them.

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  • Radiantsun, this works better as a working relationship than a love match. As individuals both of you are objective, discerning people yet your relationship disguises your realism, presenting a facade that in many ways serves as a defense or smoke screen of your real selves. Both of you often convey a youthful impression and present an innocent and childlike exterior. Both of you are also highly secretive, and you make your convincingly sunny image a camouflage for whatever you are hiding. Behind the open and trusting exterior you both present to the world may lurk a darker side that can be selfish, ruthless anfd aggressive.

    In a love affair or friendship here, the true nature of both of you can be revealed quite starkly, at least in private where the childlike mask will be dropped whenever your strong wills clash in combat. But few outsiders will see this side of you, as in public as a couple you will be much less candid in your disagreements. And the relationship will still have its youthful quality - meaning that your repartee will range from the playful, comic, and good-natured to the immature, self-centred, and petulant. When struggling with each other for dominance, you can often resemble two children fighting over a toy.

    A marriage here will be social in nature, and here you two don the childlike mask in confronting the world. This can pose problems if you have any children as they may find themselves having to act as mediators in their parents' stormy relationship and power struggles. Role reversals like this are common here.

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  • Hi Captain, Thank you very much for the compatability analysis. You got it right on with the moody highs and lows for sure. I love him, never thought after 30 years it was still there. He says it too, but being the Cancer (boy are they hard to understand) he is, he says he loves me but is not in love with me! Hmm I just dont know what to think. I hope it works out, I am hanging in there thru the moods and the good times. We Leos love to be loved for sure!

  • Thank you Captain!

  • Dear Captain;

    I am back yet again to request a compatibility analysis. I am very grateful for all that you do..

    His birthday is May 23 and mine is March 23. Thank you ever so much fair lady. =^)


    Love Detox

  • LoveDetox, this is generally better for work than for love. You two are complete opposites in attitude and personality which can make for a strong attraction, but also carries the potential for much conflict. A desire to work together lies at the forefront of this relationship, but underlying power plays can create a curious difficulty in doing so. Open warfare is generally absent - instead, there is wariness and playful competition. As in the martial arts, neither of you lets your guard down, but such defensive postures may prevent real intimacy. Strong ego and pride issues also preclude honesty, unconditional giving, and sharing. Trust will have to be built up over many months and maybe even years - it won't come easily. The goal this relationship must strive for is the realization that kindness, acceptance, and love have their own kind of strength, which can only be tapped by relinquishing power struggles and games. You two will rarely feel completely comfortable with each other. Mutual respect is fought back at first; only later will appreciation of each other's differences and abilities emerge. As the relationship progresses, intuition and sensation should become dominant. If power games can be put aside, then, the relationship may flourish in the area of physical activity, whether through sports, sex, or adventure. Business ventures too will then prosper.

    At the start, you LD are usually the one more attracted to this man with his flair and energy, than the other way around. At first in fact, your emotional complexity may even be a bit daunting to him. Eventually however, it may prove too fascinating to resist. At this point the pendulum can swing in the opposite direction and this man may come on too strong for you, offending your sensibilities or even scaring you off. Given this to-and-fro tension, the relaitonship often finds its greatest success in the workplace, where you two may be forced to spend time together, getting to know each other. Only if you can both get on the same wavelength and put aside power struggles, will love and marital relations become possible here. You both must be willing to take a risk of getting hurt in order to succeed.

  • OH.. I just discovered this thread.... Captain... Please advise... on the compatibility analysis of Mr. Cancer July 19th and Miss Leo... August 19th.

    I have read some of the advise you have given Captain... and it seems to me to be very helpful.

    You give very sound advise... and hoping you can enlighten me... as to what we have or don't have between us.

    Thank you


  • Thank you again Captain. I will heed your words.. he has grown on me quite substantially and he is becoming a wanted item. He seems to carry mutual feelings but I stay weary because he has not been single very long.

  • ChouChou, this relationship is best for work and worst for love. Its greatest challenge is to create and maintain a sense of balance. Neither of you is very stable emotionally, and your relationship magnifies the problem of keeping emotions, and particularly anger, under control. Also, ego issues are a hot button here. You will both need to maximise your control over your feelings in whatever relationship - work, friendship or love - you find yourselves in here, not only so you can be seen in a better light but also to increase your effectiveness when doing battle in the areas of romance, business, or the social life.

    This combination tends to be too unsettled to last long in a love affair or marriage. Trying to even out extremes will be a trying process, a battle under the fire of flying emotions. In the same way that your relationship amplifies instabilities, however, it may also increase the chances of reconciling extremes and finding acceptable compromises. For better or worse, this relationship will be challenging, ego-driven, and highly emotional. It also can be highly rewarding while it lasts. Your friend will be alternately pleased and appalled, depending on his mood, by your outrageous and extroverted side. He may also find that when he is discouraged or depressed (which happens a lot), you (who will have your hands full coping with your own feelings) may not have the time or sympathy to cope with him too. You both need to be as honest and calm with each other as you can.

  • Thank you Captain... already been there... done that as they say.... imo.. he knows me like a book to a point :)... and I know him the same way... YES... we are/where great in business... together.. We so complemented each other as well as protected each other back in the day...

    He has reared his ugly head back into my life this to speak....... hence why I am here now.... So it all makes sense to me.. at the moment... Time will tell which way this one will go... in the end.

    I have been plenty patient to a point... however I have not let him off the hook...when he chooses to disrespects me... or attempts to play mind games at my expense... I just cannot be that sweet.. and accept his BS.. without calling him on the BS he sends my way.

    Back in the day... I was the same...and imo he had accepted it..

    In conclusion:... What you say make total sense to me... however I know it is not a done deal.. because as a Leo... he will hear my ROAR until he learns what it takes to be with me. I just won't put my life on hold for him... until he can prove to me.. that he is worth it... Check not an option... at the moment.

    I told him and meant it back in the day.. that he was the only one I was willing to take a back seat to... For a Leo to say that and mean it... takes a lot... imo.

    Only time will tell where this will go... My life won't be changing... because of this ambivalent man... imo He needs to make a decision.. in order for this to ever move forward in a positive way... It cannot be a one way street.. as they say. That would never work..

  • Hi Captain...

    Please give me some advise on my rocky but yet passionate relationship with my Cancer guy his birthdate is June 24 and mine Oct 24.. I've just dicovered this forum and have found your advise so useful and helpful to others. Hopefully you can shed some light on my current situation.



  • Scorplady1976, this is a difficult relationship for love as you have found out. The chemistry here favours revealing long-hidden secrets and freeing up private information. If a bond of trust can be established, the two of you will share much of a personal nature with each other. Should either of you fall into a more volatile emotional state, however, you or he may lose control and blurt out secrets, even if others are present, and this could lead to mistrust and backing away by the other partner. Another common occurrence here may be the surfacing of material that the relationship loosens in one partner's subconscious, for example, through the recollection of dreams. Finally, Scorplady, when you are in a critical and interrogative mood, you can simply drill away at your partner until unconscious or repressed material comes to light. The two of you must beware of getting so absorbed in this game of hide-and-seek that you lose sight of personal growth and career development. Such wasted energies are likely to be the single most destructive element of the relationship, although the bringing of hidden information to light can have undeniably positive and therapeutic effects.

    Mental and emotional games can feature strongly in your relationship, especially in its more intimate form of a love matchup. Not only do both of you alternately hide and reveal secrets with each other, but together you have a habit of striking the same kind of covert stance in relation to other couples, family, and friends. If you marry, family members and friends may view the marriage as secretive, puzzling, hard to figure out. Much of this behaviour is conscious, all part of a smoke screen designed to cover up whatever is really going on. A more mature relationship between you will demonstrate less of a need for such activities.

    Advice: Be aware of your more destructive game-playing. Strive for greater transparency and don't neglect personal growth and initiative. Beware of wasted energy. You Scorplady are especially fearful of being drained by others and being ripped off.

  • Hi Captain, I hope all is well. 🙂

    Can you do a reading between one of my good friends and I?

    His B-day: April 12, 1996

    Mine: February 23, 1997

    Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  • ReeseyReese, this relationship is at its best idealistic, aesthetic, and platonic. At its worst it can be strained, polarized, and exploited.The two of you make a great team in service of higher ideals and beauty, especially when you are both members of the same social, spiritual or community group. Both of you can be devotional types who need to put your energies into such projects, and your relationship can magnify your individual strengths severalfold. Friendship often develops out of one of those social groups. Although your friend tends to be more dynamic and aggressive and you more relaxed and accepting, you initially appreciate each other's strong points. Both of you are self-sacrificing, and you should be aware that you can be taken advantage of by more selfish types.

    Love and marriage is not usually on the cards here because of your different approaches to life and love. Your friend is a passionate sort who saves his affections and physical urges for special intimate moments, while you Reesey are more sensuous, needing to touch and taste the best that life has to offer in steady doses throughout the day. A platonic relationship in which physical desire is dormant or even absent can be gratifying, lasting and in the long run quite enough to satisfy both of you.

  • Thanks Captain!

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