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  • If you'd like me to analyse you and someone else's romantic/business/friendship compatibility or just want to understand your relationship better, just ask.

    I'll need your birthdate and the birthdate of your friend. I'm an Aussie and we write our dates by starting with the day first. But I know elsewhere in the world they do it differently so you'd better tell me the name of the month so there is no mix-up.

  • COuld you please give me any advice on this relationship? Hi my b/d is 72 may 8 and his is 77 june 28

  • Hi and thank you for your offer! This is a romantic relationship. My DOB is 2/08/1970 and his is 21/1/1981.

    Thank you so very much and many blessings to you!


  • Hello

    Thank you for the offer, My interest is a romantic relationship DOB September 21, 1959 and May 09,1953.

  • TheCaptain, Thank you for your generous offer. My DOB is 26FEB1961 and his is 10JUN1964. Anything you can tell me would be great. Love and Light.

  • Hello and thank you for your offer. This is a romantic relationship. My DOB is Jan. 18, 1973. His DOB is Dec. 28, 1965. Thanks again!

  • Please give me romantic compatability for me, 6/14/41 and him, 10/21/50. Thank you.

    Linday, 1941

  • hello and Thank you for this great offer....

    10-23 61


    thank you again...

  • My birthday is May 16 1965

    His birthday is June 24 1975

    Please I need to know I really do Love this person but getting mix signals all the time some days he wants to be close, other days he is so distannt. I need your help. thx

  • TrustNBelieve, this relationship is not governed by the traditional rules of conduct. It will always want to develop its own value system. So in some ways this will give it a great deal of integrity. It will have an originality and honourableness that both of you value and even idealize, helping to make it quite long-lasting. Both a marriage and a love affair will flourish. You both appreciate people, places and things from other parts of the world or country and you probably have a few unusual objects decorating your home. You even may have friendships with other couples who in their own countries are not always appreciated or understood. Your Taurus nature, TNB, has a need to nurture and protect those whom the world has treated badly.Your partner will enjoy trying to make your life more comfortable and secure, especially in the home. Given this relationships's large range of emotional expression, sympathy, kindness, love, and understanding can flourish here. Psychology, art, music, and an appreciation of nature will be shared interests here. Good feelings in general can form a strong bond between you. Care will have to be taken in the emotional sphere, however, for jealousy and feelings of rejection are likely to occur from time to time, particularly where attentions to a third party are concerned. You may need more independence than your more organized partner may want you to have. Differing views over finances, coupled with occasional arguments and breakdowns in communications, may cause difficulties in the relationship. At its best, this relationship is original, nurturing, and protective. At its worst, it can be jealous, uncommunicative, and rejecting. Try to discuss your differences without arguing. Don't reject conservative views out of hand. Stay open.

    TNB, you can sometimes be moody and depressed with the desire to escape difficult situations. Try to honour your feminine, intuitive side. Use your strong charisma, magnetic personality, and brilliant mind to sort through problems instead of running away from them. Find balance through physical pursuits and activities. Build up more lines of communication with your partner. Pursue a spiritual path with routines and rituals that calm the mind. You have a tendency to become overly concerned with abstract pursuits and concerns and become too preoccupied with the theoretical. Focus more on practicalities and what is really happening in your life. You can be a highly provovative and innovative visionary with well-developed communicative abilities, should you choose to use them. Be careful not to allow your ideas to become too moral or so sympathetic to those from far away, that you lose touch with those people directly around you. Fantasy is fine but you cannot lose yourself in it. Try to remain upbeat and positive.

    Your partner can be a positive, diplomatic, and sacrificing person or he can be didactic, self-pitying, and world-weary. He may suffer from feelings of loneliness. He needs to work out who he can trust in his life and then share himself with those people. He is gifted with tremendous empathy and managerial talents, but should avoid the tendency to get tripped up by his own emotions. He will have to learn to focus his energy away from the personal and towards the universal. Time will be kind to him, for he will learn to grow away from emotional dependency into his own personal and executive strengths. Your partner has a great need to put his experience and understanding to the service of others, so he needs to cultivate a wide range of social contacts. Avoiding his tendency to isolate himself and nurse old hurts will help him find real happiness and success in life.

  • Sacogirl, wow, extraordinary chemistry here! Marriage and/or a professional partnership would be a great success between you two. No matter how idealistic or imaginative you and your partner may be as individuals, together you come down to earth with a bang. Your relationship brings out in each of you a practical and sensuous side which neither of you may have been aware you had. You may have fallen in love at first sight or developed your relationship slowly and surely; but in either case, this matchup has staying power over the years and is simply meant to be.

    Of course, even in the best of relationships, there are dangers. Here there is the danger that, no matter how powerful each of you is as an individual, you may submerge or lose your identity within the relationship. In this sense the relationship's very success may be its undoing. Should one of you die or somehow become separated from the other, extreme grief or feelings of deprivation or anger may debilitate the person who remains behind. Left alone, the remaining partner may feel that their life is over, or that they cannot continue. While the relationship is at its height, then, great care should be taken to preserve individual perogatives, so that each of you does not become totally wrapped up in the relationship's protective cloak. Some degree of objectivity must be retained. Assuming responsibility and bringing in elements of hard work will ground the relationship and lend it more permanence and satisfaction. So hang on to your individuality and never take your good feelings for granted. Don't be too self-sacrificing - a little selfishness can be healthy, too.

    Sacogirl, you need to release your fear of what you can't control. Be aware of when you retreat into structure for safety ie. your tendency to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of everyday life. Protect your health. Don't stick too rigidly to your rules or principles. Enjoy the challenge of growing outward. You have a tendency to be judgmental, inflexible, or unduly rigid with others. You have a naturally commanding personality, but try to set aside matters of ego and personal gratification in order to find fulfillment and enlightenment. Transcend the limits of ordinary reality and find a higher cause or purpose. Your love of truth, moral courage, and natural faith in a higher set of authorities than your own are the keys to successful living.

    Your partner needs to stay in touch with the world. He must choose and identify with a principle or point of view. He must resist a tendency to become bored and restless and dedicate himself to his chosen field of endeavour. Yet overwork is also not good for him - he must detach once in a while and this is when breakthroughs and insights into his own nature will occur. The danger is that he might become too caught up in wild or unrealistic ideas on the one hand, or become too self-sacrificing or withdrawn on the other. Balance is the key to success. Gifted with a natural inclination towards higher principles and ideals, if he can find an area of study or endeavour that will bring him a clearer sense of self, all will go well. The problem is that he is unpredictable and might lack a personal discipline. He may become so in love with his own ideas that he recklessly changes course in midstream. But his talent for innovation and his intellectual curiosity will serve him well. If he takes care to ground himself in concentrated effort and integrates his gifts of inspiration and imagination with hard work and stability, life will become so much easier for him.


  • this is very nice and thorough, coolness

    I don't need reading but I'd bump this post so others can see it and benefit from it

    I do help sometimes, with birth charts but nothing like what you do here

  • Captain,

    If you don't mind : Her - 20 Jun 1981 , Him - 15 Feb 1983 .

    So appreciate this !

  • cyw39, this relationship is good for working together, not so good for marriage. At its best, it is harmonious, tasteful, and attractive. At its worst, it is manipulative, avoiding, and ambiguous. This relationship will likely involve attempts to influence tastes and aesthetic views, not only those of the partners but also those of others, be they individual or corporate. There are ambivalent feelings here, particularly in social issues and in matters of style. On the one hand, the Taurus partner is extremely interested in everything up-to-date, stylish, and aesthetic; on the other hand, Taureans hate snobbery, putting on airs, and all forms of elitism which of course abound in the fields of art and fashion. Virgo-Librans attitudes meanwhile are for the most part unequivocally elitist and their sensibility is highly refined. Friendship and love between this pair can be squarely based on physical attraction, and will feature seductive, often sensual, forms of persuasion. To preserve harmony and good feeling, important issues that should actually be thrashed out may instead be avoided. Differences in fundamental values make marriage problematic: Virgo-Libra's less deep-thinking nature and greater social aspirations may prove unacceptable to the Taurean who will eventually come to judge their partner rather harshly. The Taurean style of dress and attitude is much more casual than the Virgo-Libran's, and arguments may arise over these issues.

    Virgo-Libra, you need to cultivate the discipline of emotional detachment and share your keen observations in a gentle, helpful manner. Try lowering the overly high standards you have set for yourself and others. Learn to overlook inefficency and imperfections and concentrate on what is good, instead. You are blessed with great sensitivity and idealism, but you will find your communicative talents put to the test in personal relationships. Often you will fall under the domination of a more stable and stalwart love partner or family member, and despite your keen perception of social issues and knack for sounding necessary alarms, you may fail to speak up for either your own or others' rights. You can get stuck in your desire to please all of the people all of the time, and experience mixed results when your natural diplomacy is used to mask the real issues. Release your need to be popular so that you may make the necessary tough choices. You must develop real standards and cultivate the highest sense of right and wrong. If you can use your talent for harmony and your finely cutivated aesthetic sensibility in the service of tangible goals, then you will find it is possible to be both popular and respected.

    Taurus, you also need to release the need to be popular. Revel in the joy of being yourself and experience true freedom by living authentically. Realise when you are replaying old scripts from the past or projecting your fears onto others. Embrace who you are and you'll find that others begin to accept you. This will require some soul work, though. You have a need to express yourself within the context of a student-teacher type of relationship. Though well suited to the call to higher intellectual ideals and pursuits, you may get stuck in your need to assert your authority or your insistence on being an 'expert' in your chosen field. This dynamic will probably spill over into personal relationships and you will have to struggle to overcome a know-it-all attitude or tendency to foster dependency in others.Challenging boundaries, breaking moulds, and learning to teach yourself as well as you have taught others will lead to success in life and love. Don't be limited in your thinking. Generate and participate in the free flow of ideas through debate or discussion. Find your freedom through being yourself and not what you think people want you to be.

  • Thank you his 7-26-46 mine 12-3-49,

  • Thank you for your response. We get along well when we are together. I would like a long term relationship, but we do not communicate as much as I would like. I have expressed concerns about this with no real change. I would like a relationship where both partners needs are met without manipulation. I know I have high standards and do try to be more accepting of others. I quess I need to know what the real results of this relationship will be. Will we be able to reach a higher level of understanding and acceptance. Will I meet my soul mate

  • Ok, olivebranch, your relationship is great for friendship, but poor for marriage. Its strengths are its lively nature, its playfulness, and its mental aspect. Its weaknesses are its instability, its illusionary nature, and its hypercriticality. It's a dramatic relationship with the emphasis on critical thought and observations. Mental challenges of all kinds attract you both, from puzzles to chess to computer games. There is often a friendly rivalry as to who knows best and who knows more. The frequent winner is an 'I-told-you-so'. Your vivid imagination and your partner's verbal skills unite to produce a lively combination. You are pleased to indulge his mental capabilities, because in your other relationships it is usually the emotional side that is emphasised. Together you have taste and discernment in matters of food, art, and entertainment. You as a Pisces can teach your Gemini partner a great deal about quiet and the sharing of contemplative moments.

    A love affair may be unstable. Your chemistry tends to be volatile and expressive, with feelings flying every which way. You may find him irritating and undependable; he might think you are too dreamy and not perceptive enough. Romantic illusions abound here and, like balloons, are easily punctured. Marriages that evolve ffrom such affairs require work on settling differences, becoming more realistic, and building a solid foundation. Friendships can be stimulating and fun. It's when things get more serious that the trouble starts. Consider the outcomes of your words or actions on others.

    olivebranch, you need to create more structure in your life - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Become decisive in practical and grounded ways. Instead of yearning for an ideal world, make things better for yourself in the real world. You have a psychic, compassionate nature but you need to balance the physical and spiritual. Attend to the practical details of life and don't allow yourself to be overly distracted or encumbered by emotional or abstract concerns. You need to overcome your natural tendency to withdraw from mundane things. Follow your heart, yes, but also use your head when necessary. You do have a practical side which, if not neglected, can come to the fore. You have a pronounced need to be of service to others and - if you learn to back up your impulses in such a way that you keep your promises, give your heart, sift through the myriad of information until you get to the truth, and still manage to pay the bills - your life will be rich and rewarding.

    Your partner is coming out of a rather solitary life in the shadows into the light of a relationship. He must reach out of himself to those around him and release his need to protect himself in return for the joy of loving and being loved. He needs to focus less on himself and free up his emotions. Gifted with a unique and highly personal style of communication, he needs to find an emotional and spiritual connection to others. He struggles to release the emotional blocks that prevent him from fully expressing his profound inner wisdom. Your partner comes from a fairly defensive, rejected, and misunderstood background. He may say he doesn't care what others think of him, but he actually works very hard to gain their attention and favour. Before his life can become really effective, though, he must understand the connection between his seeming lack of love and acceptance, and his pronounced tendency to bury his real desires beneath a barrage of words. As he becomes more self-assured and ventures to ask for the things he truly desires in his heart, he might actually find, to his great surprise, that he is quite good at getting what he wants. The key is being able to ask for it. His ideal partner is one with whom verbal communication is unnecessary.

  • I believe any relationship can work if both parties are prepared to take an objective, honest look at what works and what doesn't in the relationship, and be prepared to change what is not working. But there must be open communication and loys of sharing on both sides for this to happen. People must also know what they want out of a relationship.

  • Mine is 16 July 1964 and his is 9 October 1962.

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