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  • Can you please do a reading for me? DOB February 10, 1991 and DOB August 6, 1977.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I would love if you can do a reading for me. I've been dating someone for about 5 months and i'm not sure if he's into me or not..

    my dob Aug 2, 1967 - his dob May 12, 1980

    thank you so much!

  • You're The CAptain FOR REAL. THANX. IT IS REALLY TRUE!!!! Luv

  • Than I read this I was very sad. I know the gemini well we was in a group together for almost 2 months and saw each other every day. It is now one year that he is back to his hometown and I don't know if he came back or not, but we had an connection I haven't had with someone before like understand each other without words. I know I love this man and I haven't loved someone like this before. Every time I try to forget him it is like I shouldn't do that and something happen that reminds me on him again. This happens every day and I am going crazy really. It is like faith or god won't that I forget him. 😞

    So this is one of the reason I am thinking to give the virgo/libra a chance to get my thoughts away from the gemini man. What would happen if I would stay with him the next time he is working in an internet caffe? Would he try to get closer to me?

    Thank you Captain again.

  • PS: Is it possible that the gemini man is gay or bisexual?

  • Arieslass, Geminis take a very long time to settle down and commit - but this man will eventually be a good marriage partner - if you can wait until he is very much older and more mature, until after he has sown his wild oats and got adventure out of his system. Until he does, he will crave freedom, variety and excitement. He does like you but as he is always in two minds about everything, he likes other women too. The other man you like is good for a practical working marriage, if not a very romantic or passionate one.

  • Mymissymoo, although it's not usual for you and your love interest to be physically attracted to each other, your high energy moments can guarantee some exciting moments if you do ever get together. However, there will be problems in the relationship, such as a stubborn refusal to give ground on most matters and the fact that you both generally tend to like to be the centre of attention. Thus the relationship is not usually suitable for marriage or even for working together. It may even be difficult for you two to maintain a friendship, since you may expect mutual friends to declare a primary allegiance to either one or the other of you. Adversarial competition and even combat may threaten here, but such conflict will rarely develop fully, since one or both of you will usually back off in dislike before the explosion, and will do your best to ignore animosities. If you can manage to put your power struggles aside however, it is possible for you two to work out and even express your antagonisms in the sexual arena, so that your darker feelings and socially unacceptable impulses can lead you into some of the more 'interesting' byways of love. In extreme cases, a kind of perversity can underlie this relationship. Your love interest wants to please others and will often sacrifice his ego in doing so; you, complementarily, have a tremendous need to be admired and served. On the surface then it would seem you two would meld harmoniously (though perhaps unhealthily), but for the fact that while your friend is happy to please others, he is not prone to paying court to them as you would like him to do. This then is a relationship that - if it even gets off the ground - is not designed to last for long.

  • Peace4everyone, personality appeal and dynamism rate high in this relationship. Often upbeat, this matchup is filled with a charm and a romantic appeal that are simply irresistible. Of course, you both have a darker side, which you may both be running away from, but as escapes go, this is a pretty good one. Both of you hate people who put on airs and are likely to find the naturalness of your own relationship comforting. You have a way of lifting each other's moods. Even so, there is a danger here of deep depression. If both of you crash at the same time, your effect on each other could work to hold you down and make it extremely hard to recover. It is in the relationship's best interests then that at least one of you be happy and optimistic at any given time.

    A love affair here can be sparkling and fun. Entertainment will figure high on your list of essentials but, if you are unable to keep each other amused, you may seek your pleasure elsewhere. The two of you must be extremely careful around all addictive substances, from alcohol to painkillers to so-called mind expanding drugs, for in your hedonistic wanderings, you are likely to go overboard. Thus, marriage is not recommended here unless these habit-forming tendencies (which may also include sex and love addictions) can be brought under control. This relationship will do well in good times but, if times of need appear, well, neither of you is known for giving selflessly to others. Recognizing your dark sides and not bailing out when the going gets tough will be the real challenge for this relationship.

  • Thank you, trying to see if it resonates with the relationship, i have been with this guy for nearly 10 years now. We have dealt well with each other for most of the relationship, but lately there seems to be a lot of conflict between us.

    thanks again 🙂

  • LeoLadyLove, this relationship can generate a strange sort of enchantment, even a kind of glitz, in which admiration of serious principles and sensuous enjoyment hedonistically combine. Your serious side is likely to cast a shadow over the relationship, but this is by no means a one-sided matchup, for your Taurean's energies provide a counterweight of enjoyment and fun. This unusual combination lets you relax and gives your partner focus. Although both of you are usually extroverted, the relationship's mystery or function is such that you are inclined to keep the magic between you private rather than place it on view. Yet its shine will be apparent to all.

    A love affair here will be highly unconventional. As unattached lovers, you two rarely hit it off, but if you LLL are already married or committed, you may quite possibly seek excitement, romance and adventure with your Taurean man outside your primary relationship. He is unlikely to withdraw from such encounters out of fear; in fact, his unconventionality and unrepressed natural instincts will often be stimulated by your advances or availability (or lack of it). Such a relationship can go on pleasurably for years without the world being much the wiser. This match is built for fun - if any kind of seriousness or a desire for more commitment should enter it, one or either of you may be loath to sacrifice enough of your strong egos to build a lasting and meaningful relationship.

  • Jennifer1234, yes it is very possible.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Newsl4ng, love, affection and admiration may well be present in this difficult and complex relationship, yet the two of you may ultimately find it very hard or even impossible to accept each other. Part of the problem is the kind of adoration or worship that often occurs here: each person's tendency to place the other on a pedestal offers the setup for a fall from grace. The relationship may continue for months or years in a state of near paradise, but this only makes the inevitable departure from Eden all the more painful. The greatest challenge here will be for you two to see each other as you really are, minus the projections and great expectations.

    A love affair here can be ecstatic, intense and rewarding, but will act as a smoke screen from reality. The gradual realization that the person you are in love with does not correspond to your ideal image of a lover can be truly miserable for both of you. As reality creeps in, you two do have a chance of accepting each other for what you both are, but instead may just lose interest in continuing the relationship. Alternatively, you may be unable to let go of each other, perhaps because of a sex/love addiction, and this may be the most painful experience of all.

    Both marriage and friendship here will require great efforts at honesty. Strong differences must be faced. You Newsl4ng may be rejecting of your partner, but also may feel neglected and misunderstood, while your partner may feel unappreciated and baffled. Power struggles often develop here from one individual's striving to grow, which may not be possible within the relationship as it is. Friendship can be more flexible and conducive to growth, but objectivity is hard to maintain. Unreality, lethargy, and a tendency towards procrastination can drag you two down, and dependency and disapproval must be dealt with and overcome before the relationship disintegrates.

  • thanks Captain.. it makes all sense.. I can see that he likes me,but he also seem to like this one woman w/ dob 9/23/74. will this work out with him? i'm actually married to the cappy one, but in love with the gemini. your reading is so true.. am just torn right now..not sure if i should continue to keep in touch with the gemini knowing it hurts me to see him liking other women.

  • sup captain im back lets see how this goes

    mines 4 - 4 - 91

    hers 6 - 24 - 92

    thanks again

  • Thank you Captain .

    So is the gemini man gay or bisexual which of the both? My feelings for him won't change.

    So this is one of the reason I am thinking to give the virgo/libra a chance to get my thoughts away from the gemini man. What would happen if I would stay with him the next time he is working in an internet caffe? Would he try to get closer to me? Please answer me this, cause I see the guy on friday.

    Which method you are using? It is really interesting.

    Thank you Captain again.

  • Arieslass, you have to get your priorities straight now. Be fair to your husband and sort out whether you want to stay with him or not. Obviously he doesn't satisfy all your needs so you must make a decision, not keep him dangling. You cannot use him as a fall-back in case the other relationship doesn't work out. You are accumulating bad karma while you keep him on the hook.

  • Jennifer1234, of course your feelings for the Gemini man will change - no one's feelings ever stay constant. You will either grow more in love with him or less. Don't think about the Virgo/Libran man as a second 'option' in case the Gemini man doesn't work out. That's not fair to any of you. I still feel the person you love is not as important to you as it is to be in love and looked after. You will never have a stable healthy love relationship until you become less idealistic and more emotionally mature, and have more intuitive discernment in your romantic choices. Just become friends with the Virgo/Libran, get to know him well before you jump into love, and see what happens from there.

    I use both astrology and my psychic ability to give readings.

  • hi TheCaptain, you're so awesome for doing all these analysis for us. Could you help me today with this one:

    Me: female Jan 9 1980, 5:45am

    Him: male August 29 1983

    Thank you!

  • Aries44, this relationship is relaxed, natural and unpretentious, with a strong dislike of fuss and bother. Together the two of you can exhibit a simple, even inspiring grace. You Aries44 will generally need to be surrounded by admirers, but you may give that all up, preferring one unaffected glance, kiss or embrace from your Gemini/Cancer cusp friend to all the starry-eyed attention of your 'fans'. Since your friend will give lavishly of her admiration and devotion if she is truly in love, this relationship can usually satisfy even the strongest of your needs. You may well respond with a passionate intensity that she will find sexually and emotionally rewarding. In marriage or living together, you two may have a little difficulty in adjusting to each other, primarily because of your friend's need for privacy. You will be prepared to give up a lot for her and can remain faithful, but your need for social contact may leave her sitting alone on many evenings or, worse, trying to cope with a houseful of unwanted guests. Should you make it clear to others that your door is always open, your friend may be forced to take steps to scale down the traffic, and conflicts are bound to result. In arguments, your aggressiveness may prove too much for your sensitive friend, who may withdraw hurt. Yet conflicts can be negotiated and tensions diffused, simply through the relaxation inherent in the relationship. However you will both have to reach a compromise and a respect for each other's needs for both privacy and social contact. Beware of controlling attitudes.

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