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  • Secondtimearound, the main challenge in this relationship will be whether the two of you can be sensitive enough to each other's needs. Insensitivity is likely to arouse tremendous conflict and at times can threaten to tear the relationship apart. Any critical or rejecting attitudes on your part will arouse resentment and antagonism in your partner. You have standards of reasonable and constant behaviour that your partner may find unattainable. You in turn may be put off by his penchant for drama and for expressing his emotions publically, and by his lack of sensitivity to your need for privacy and discretion. Great care must be taken then to sense each other's point of view and to treat it with respect.

    A love affair here is likely to be on the cool side. As lovers, you two rarely delude yourselves about the nature of love, although intially your partner can get carried away by idealistic and romantic notions. You both may come to see love as enjoyable but realistically perhaps an illusion in the end. This relationship rarely gives itself entirely in the emotional realm, tending to hold back and guard its vulnerabilities. Marriage can produce both practicality and flamboyance - you two are no strangers to structure and can work well together as part of a 'team'. You will both tend to preserve the good of the relationship, but only up to a point - you will jealously guard your own interests. Idealism and faithfulness will only go so far with you both and that boundary is usually reached when either of you feels taken advantage of or put in a compromising position. Power struggles are all too often the result. This is not a good matchup for a love relationship, unless you keep it practical like a business arrangement, and put aside all thoughts of passion and romance.

  • Wilwil, I need the birthdates.

  • Thanks Captain. Interesting, I must admit. We are so opposite in so many things. So I guess the passion and romance from this new relationship is short lived?

    I appreciate your insight Captain. Thank you so much once again.

  • Secondtimearound, the real test of a love relationship is how you feel after you really get to know one another and after the first rosy haze of romance has faded. It either gives way to a more realistic, enduring and deep emotion where you know each other's faults and still feel love or else you get a shock when you realize how mistaken you were about the person you fell for.

  • mine feb.12,1970 his aug.30,1966

  • Wilwil, this relationship is best for work and worst for marriage. It is interpersonally tense and rebellious, yet can have its rewards too. You two will contend not only against each other but as a pair against the outside world. You will ignore any differences between you if the chance comes to stand up for others - indeed, your protective instinct has a knee-jerk quality and may emerge at any moment. The two of you can get on each other's nerves, but you also serve real needs in each other. You Wilwil can generate chaos around you which upsets your partner, yet you are also able to roll up your sleeves and get to work bringing order to the relationship. Your partner's need to have everything planned out beforehand, however, will not sit well with you, since you are so spontaneous and where half the fun for you is playing it by ear. Should the two of you be attacked while fighting out a disagreement of your own, you will usually unite against an outside threat.

    As lovers, you two often direct the relationship's inherent rebelliousness at each other, especially if one of you tries to exert too much power or control. But these confrontations usually work out all right, since neither of you is likely to play the tyrant for long. The biggest problem in a more committed relationship such as marriage will be your partner's resentment over having to clean up after you, as you can often be quite negligent domestically. Your freedom-loving nature may in the long run make it difficult for you to meet your partner's demands of fidelity and marital responsibility. He can arouse your rebelliousness, true, yet he can also bring a much-needed structure to your somewhat erratic personality, for at least as long as the relationship lasts. You both have a sense of fairness which, when offended, leads you into contention. The protection of the downtrodden and disadvantaged is common in this relationship combination and can even become a career or way of life for you two. But a personal relationship here is another kettle of fish altogether. Your differences may just be too great to overcome.

  • Female DOB April 4, 1989 -- 8:30pm

    Male DOB February 8, 1989

  • Morghann21313, this relationship's focus can be a preoccupation with literal interpretations and a refusal to let go of troublesome details. The explosive combination of fire (the Aries female) and air (the male Aquarian) is prone to anger and irritation but, on a good day, storm clouds will pass quickly and arguments or unfair remarks will soon be forgotten. Irritability is the most common problem in this combination, so that if these two people are to get along, either or both of them should toughen up, maybe growing a whole new set of buttons that can't be pushed so easily. Arguments that start over picky details can escalate to enormous proportions, threatening the very existence of a friendship or love relationship here, so it is always best to stamp them out in their earliest stages.

    Because the male so values open and natural behaviour, he may resent the attention that others pay the female 'star'. Such resentment can erode a friendship and arouse acute jealousy in a love relationship. His insecurities may emerge if the female partner or spouse is the object of too much attention from members of the opposite sex. He must learn to balance his emotions, be less reactive, and perhaps be proud that so many see his mate as so desirable. The female will find it hard however to live up to her partner's high expectations of herself and the relationship. She will enjoy but also at times regret his attention. If he cannot control his jealousy, this relationship will be very troubled and unhappy, and probably will not last for long.

  • Hi Captain.

    me: June 21 , 1972

    his: June 7, 1965, 1966 or 1970

    I finally told him about my feelings for him and I wanna ask you if you can see that he is still

    interested in me? I really love him.

    I also meet another one than I was so love sick and he is showing interest in me,

    but is he serious or just playing with me? He is a double of the first one.

    his: September 23, 1974

    Thank you Captain.

  • Jennifer1234, your relationship with Mr. Gemini is likely to centre around your shared needs to be understood and accepted. This relationship often involves a search for self and questions about identity, fulfillment and the soul will predominate here, with the two of you not only sharing your personal journeys but pondering your relationship to try to deepen it through inner exploration. Your Gemini man has a shadow side that longs for a good and sympathetic listener and you are just the person to counter his fear of looking foolish and to help him to know himself. You are a thoughtful and profound person who will benefit from the emphasis on inner growth that exists in this relationship and you will also enjoy your partner's enthusiam and his ability to share his ideas and information. You know a great deal about yourself, but your partner needs to explore his suppressed dark side before the relationship can really begin to develop. Expressing love and intimacy is the reward of such a complex process. This matchup can work out for a long term committed relationship (though your partner will at first back off from any sort of commitment) if you two can grow to understand each other more. You will have to show patience and steadfastness until your partner feels safer with you and with expressing himself honestly. But once you know each other very well, he will feel more comfortable with commitment. Don't cut yourselves off from the world however and allow for individuality.

    You and Mr. Virgo/Libra cusp: marriage here will be much less openly romantic than with a love affair because it represents daily demands that have to be met, like it or not. A good dose of reality and responsibility will not hurt you two, however, and is healthy insofar as it discourages your more idealistic fantasies and tendencies. Your love affair can be very soulful and lovely because you both like to be in harmony with other people and your environment. When your relationship is stable and balanced, all goes well but when it becomes out of balance in any way, you two can suffer terribly. Believing the best about the relationship then is not always a good preparation for harder times. The two of you must learn not to be blind to your limitations and deficiencies as a couple, not only because this leaves you vulnerable, but because it deprives you of the fighting spirit necessary to improve your situation. Self-satisfaction may be the greatest enemy of this relationship.

    Jennifer, I question your protestations of love for Mr. Gemini if you are also looking at someone else like Mr. Virgo/Libra as a potential lovemate. Your tendency to become dependent on others and to need a safe place where you can be accepted and adored may lead you to be too impulsive romantically. Is it a special person you are seeking or just romantic security and support with anyone?

  • Hi Captain.

    I will tell you more about it. Last year I meet the gemini and fall slowly in love with him. We was in contact through e-mails, but he doesn't know about my feelings for him. He is back to his hometown last year and I don't know if he comes back to Germany again. 2 weeks ago I wrote him an e-mail there I told him about my feelings for him, but no respond from him. So can you see with your method you are using that he is in love with me too or not?

    The virgo/libra I meet is only 2 weeks ago and he is saying that he is interested in me, but I don't know if he is really interesting or only looking for an one night stand? Everytime than we see each other he wants that I stay with him and go to him or to me this is to fast for me and I told him this the last time. He is more the shy type and he have a femine side like the gemini man too. I just don't know if I should go for it, cause I don't know if he is really serious interested in me. In the past I had only guys playing with me and I had only one relationship so this would be my 2nd after a very longtime single.

    So my problem is that I don't know if the gemini is in love with me too or not and the virgo/libra really interested or just playing with me. The gemini one is the one I love really, but if he doesn't than I should move on. I have a bit butterflys in my stomach by the other one.

    I am seeking for the special person.

    I hope you can now understand me better.

    Thank you Captain.

  • Hello, I am Ana, Born 16 of july 1979, (9:50am-I write it anyway-better more , than less) Novi Sad, Serbia. He is Andrej, 21 of February 1982, (00:15 am) Belgrad, Serbia. We were together at this time last year, it was love-when your being tells you he is The One-even if you see he is selfish,hypocrat,weak,liar-you love him.It was crazy. But, he entered in my and my boyfriends relationship and made me live with him And when andrej saw that my boyfriend doesn't mean to sive up on me so easy everything become battle for Andrej. All time, it wasn't about me, it was about winning. and vladimir (my boyfriend9 is big soul, wide spirit, IQ that can't be measured, with finished physicks and astronomy, poet, artist-man who knos to love for real-not just physicly, like andrej. Andrej left me, even if i wanted him, not vladimir, told that we were joking with him-I gave him my whole BEING!-and i became his worst enemy-and him-most unpleasent, sadest men on the earth. we donot communicate. To other people tells that he doesn't want nor to see me, nor to speak with me....but he can't find the girl....he wanted children back then-i was the woman of his life...and I still can't forget, i still cannot understand WHY???? IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN DO?

  • Hi captain, will this work? me: 4/11/1974 and his is 6/1/74. and the other one is 1/4/66..


  • Jennifer1234, the Gemini man doesn't know you well enough to fall in love with you. You two would need to get together more in person in order to establish a relationship. At them moment he is busy with his life and doesn't want a long distance relationship with anyone. You have a tendency to become infatuated with someone without knowing them deeply, and mistaking it for love. Your relationship with the Virgo/Libran is more fantasy than reality. Both of you are hoping for the perfect romantic partner but the reality may be far less dreamy than you dream of. I don't feel either of these men are right for you. Until you learn to love and nurture yourself, you will only attract those who sense your desperation for love and abuse it for their own ends..

  • Chagrine, Andrej is a control freak - he is not happy unless he is in control of every area of his life and the people who enter it. He hates to be vulnerable in front of others so he always keeps his real feelings to himself. He seldom trusts or feels safe with anyone, though he did feel a little safer with you. You may have tread on eggshells around him, trying to avoid distrubing topics or activities. But being over-protective of him have a negative effect as you would deny the relationship the very confrontational and toughening experiences that would move it forward. Andrej loves a challenge (which you were for him) but once he has what he wants, he tends to grow bored and restless. By avoiding trouble or upsetting him, or giving him what he wanted, you may have inadvertantly made the relationship too dull and unexciting for him. He is an idealist and as soon as he realizes his partner is only human and not the perfection he seeks, he will leave. Also he hates to be tied down. He is not at a point in his life where he wants to commit to anyone so there is nothing you can do - he is gone. Take the lesson of not rushng into a relationship without getting to know the other person well - and then you move on, too.

  • Hi, can i get one done for me 10th april 1981 and him 24th may 1978.


  • Arieslass and the Gemini: as lovers, the two of you will initially have quite an exciting time, but the tempo will slow as you get to know each other. Your Gemini man may have difficulty staying faithful to you and you will show little sympathy for his gallivanting and his need for freedom. The absolute principles you believe in will stimulate his curiosity, yet he can toss ironic or sarcastic barbs into the ensuing debates that can wound or annoy you a lot. If you can manage to stick with it however, the relationship should eventually settle down into something quite stable because your partnership can have a grounding effect on both of you. Marriage can prove very beneficial for both of you. But it will take time for the grounding influence to be felt and to help you learn and grow.

    Arieslass and the Capricorn: If this guy fixes on you for his partner, he will probably win out, no matter how unfortunate the choice. The question here is whether any structure or shape can be given to a relationship in which he basically just wants to tuck you away somewhere for his own private satisfaction - a cause of turmoil, for you are not very tuckable, and want to be socially in the eye of things. The best answer is usually to legalise the relationship, giving it a more palpable and for him, a more secure form. Marriage can be practical and efficient here, since you both will usually be too busy with your own interests and careers to bother each other unduly. Children are not advisable unless you can agree beforehand who will take care of them. This Cappy man really needs a special friend he can trust and open up to, and as an honourable, protective and accepting person, you may fit the bill nicely. You both like to work hard and play hard, so if you are willing to invest time and effort in structuring a relationship in which you can sharpen your wits by testing ideas on each other, and compete in challenging physical activities, this is for you. But if you're looking for deep romance or mad passion, look elsewhere.

  • This post is deleted!

  • MsMonster, a love affair here can start out like a house on fire, then quickly burn out. Should such a relationship prematurely move on to marriage, there is the possibility of open combat between your more aggressive partner and yourself, being the more defensive, but ultimately retaliating, person. Friendship is also exciting at the outset here, with you both being fascinated by each other's different approaches to life, and with each other generally. Later, after you have shared many experiences, you will begin to realize how much you have in common too. In any type of relationship between you, you must never rush things in the beginning, and later on should work to preserve and nurture the innocent and youthful energy in which your tie was conceived. Make the relationship last by pacing yourselves or you will burn out like shooting stars.

    The dynamic between you is complex. Although very different temperamentally, you two can form an effective combination, especially for work. Where your friend is often a risk-taker from the get-go, you rarely take a chance that would threaten your security. These attitudes can complement each other in the workplace, giving your friend the security he needs and you a push to achieve. Such a combination of radical and more conservative atttitudes can coalesce to form a relationship that has ambition and drive but also knows when to hold back and wait. The downside can come when either impulse predominates, weakening the relationship by producing alternations between rashness and caution, or power struggles between the two directions.

    So this relationship is more recommended for work than for love.

  • thanks, captain for your reading.. does the gemini guy will really cheat if we become lovers? can you see if this gemini guy has fallen in love with me or likes me? which of these two that can provide long lasting marriage?.. Thanks again..

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