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  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you for this beautiful reading. So very accurate in how you describe my friend, almost spooky in the accuracy on the health issues and needing constant validation. Wow. The same for me, too. I feel like I found that person who's energy I can merge with and there is incredible support and mutual empowerment between the two of us, you did his chart earlier 15 Nov 1952 and pretty much confirmed that. However, he is unavailable for a relationship - fear of commitment, fear getting hurt and deep in his spiritual path which I feel, though he is deeply spiritual, he hides behind it as a means of avoiding getting hurt. I truly feel like he is my match that you describe but unavailable. So I have begun to detach and will move on. Strangely, this other guy, the Virgo, has known the closely Scorpio for decades, on the same path, yet in a strange way, there is a jealousy and competitiveness between them and sometimes I feel like my friendship with both of them causes some competition for my attention, even though I don't think either of them will ever act on feelings they have for me. Boy, are they complicated! I have this strange feeling we were in some weird love triangle in a previous life. Thank you for your wonderful reading. Leslye

  • No Buccierkatrinayahoocom, the reading is still the same as I don't use the year in this particular analysis.

  • Hi Captain, can I please have compatability analysis.

    Female : December 31, 1972

    Male: December 17, 1964

    Thanks for your time.

  • Spoiledcookie, these two people are poles apart in their natures and approaches to life. The male is by nature optimistic and effusive, while the female is more realistic and selective. Though it is a potentially volatile mix, more often this pair will form a powerful union, with the qualities of one person intensified by those of the other and they can complement each other perfectly. So natural and efficacious can be their bond that this pair often fulfills more than one role in each other's lives, such as lovers/workmates or friends/sport teammates. Success in one area can indicate a similar success in another. A friendship or marriage here may develop into a career association or vice versa. Two people with such close emotional ties can be remarkably successful in business or sports, or in scientific or artistic pursuits. Friendly rivalry can stimulate them both to higher levels of performance - a positive form of competitiveness on which the relationship can thrive. They are each willing to learn from the other - in certain areas, each may prove the other's best teacher. But financial disagreements arising from the tension between the male's liberal spending and the female's thriftiness may be unavoidable.

    Their love affair can be perilous - darker desires may be aroused that can lead to instability and violence just as easily as to sexual gratification. One disturbing element of this matchup is that the partners often activate each other's dark side, and must be sure to keep destructive tendencies from getting out of hand. If the partners can accept each other's differences and control their darker impulses, their love affair can make it to marriage and this match will have a good chance of enduring success.

  • Hi Captain, may I please have a compatibility analysis.

    Me: December 18,1978

    Him: December 1, 1977


  • Angelgoddess78, if the two of you were guns trained on each other, it would be best not to get caught in the crossfire, since you two make an excellent match, whether as allies or opponents. Being the commanding presence that you are, AG, you are unlikely to withdraw from the fray, but your friend is equally determined, and can attack with measured tempo or unrelenting fury if necessary. It is hard for you two highly individual personalities to serve on the same side, but should your energies gel, the resulting force is well-nigh irresistible. Whether amicable or adversarial, your relationship is extremely unusual, and its mutable qualities make flexibility under fire one of its strongest attributes.

    Because this relationship is intensely physical, as lovers, spouses or friends, you will want to engage in sports and fitness activities, or at the very least take long walks or go swimming. Competitiveness usually cannot be avoided in your relationship but should best be restricted to board or video games or to the playing field. As lovers, you will enjoy a frank and open attitude towards sex, but you should be careful that built-in antagonisms do not result in power trips or insensitive - even violent - behaviour. As spouses, your marked independence can mean that your children will have to look after themselves a good deal of the time. This relationship can be determined, flexible and unique or it can be strained, antagonistic and violent. If you two can find constructive outlets for your physical needs and keep violent urges under control, this relationship can be to both your mutual advantages for as long as it lasts.

    AG, you may have to overcome issues to do with being abandoned in the past, a fear of ending up like your parents, victim consciousness, being left too early to fend for yourself or having to take care of people who were supposed to take care of you. Your partner may have issues with being a sought-after hot-shot lover or the 'big man on campus', a fear of being unworthy of being loved the way he needs to be loved, thinking he is jinxed when it comes to romance, being a born gambler/taker of chances/performer, and selfishness or self-centredness.

  • I would be interested in one as well if you have time.

    Female- April 26, 1978

    Male- December 13, 1987

  • HisPet, at first glance, one would expect the major theme of this relationship to be simple: a power struggle between two determined individuals. You HP have a pragmatic, stubborn nature while your partner's personality is more expansive and high-minded. But this interpretation ignores the deeper forces at work here and your individual natures. Together you two can bring out many so far unexpressed aspects in each other, including a spiritual side, greater emotional trust and awareness, and the ability to explore larger issues and meanings.

    In love, marriage or friendship here, a successful relationship will exhibit very refined sensibilities, both in dealing with the world outside itself and in allowing the two of you to reach deeper layers of sharing and trust. The downside of this heightened awareness is a tendency to overreact or to be knocked off balance. Indeed, the relationship's sensitivity can become a problem, forcing you both to build a wall to protect yourselves, so that you appear much tougher and more pragmatic than you really are. One glance or silent acknowledgment, however, is enough to attest to the relationship's continuing closeness.

    HP, you may have to overcome issues of not wanting to appear vulnerable or dependent, or hiding your real self in front of others, even family, friends or lovers, but needing people is not a sign of weakness. Trust is a big issue for you and you can also be something of a control freak. Running away is selfish and will never work for you, and a life of good old-fashioned work is not something to be avoided just because you find it a strain to be with people. Your partner has issues about being pure and innocent yet he can be deeply ambitious to the point where his health and/or credibility may be compromised. He has a fear of being censured or ignored and is desperate to find a warm, nurturing home where he can feel safe and secure. Memories of a cold unfeeling mother or a hypercritical father continue to play in his mind and crush his efforts to be of service to the world and they could see him searching for a substitute 'good parent' instead of a lover. Compromise is rather humiliating for him which can make a relationship with him very difficult. He wants to be right all the time and may have a compulsive need for order.

    Summing up, this relationship will not endure forever (especially if your partner feels too much responsibility is being laid on him or his freedom is being curtailed), but it will help and teach you both a lot about yourselves, other people and relationships while it lasts.

  • Thank you for the analysis though there are some things that I disagree with. There is nothing simple about our relationship. We are both very fire heavy in both of our charts. His Sagittarius Sun is exactly conjunct to my Sagittarius Moon. Even though I am a Taurus, I am much more comfortable with my Sagittarius moon, and my personality as a whole follows that a lot closer than my Sun sign does. I do however have a stubborn nature... A very stubborn nature. I am more spontaneous and adventurous than he is. He is more dependable, and stable than I am though he follows my crazy ideas a lot. We do bring out each others spiritual side quite a bit. We've both had very strange spiritual experiences whenever we are together that never happen when we are apart. It's as if us being together opens up another spiritual dimension. Neither one of us has ever physically seen spirits before, though we are both empaths and we've always been able to sense them. However, when we are together spirits tend to show themselves to us.

    I do overrreact to things, but he doesn't. I am working on taking care of that so that it won't be a problem. Neither one of us put up any walls to protect ourselves. However both of us had a wall built up around ourselves when we first met that was caused by previous relationship experiences, and those walls we had built up had dropped. I am naked in front of him, and he can see right through me with one glance.

    I do have issues of dependency. I am way too dependant on other people, more than I should be and I need to learn to be more independant. Trust is a very big issue for me, and I need to trust the person that I am with completely and fully. I can be a control freak. I'm not the type of person that would run away from anything, though I would like to try out life as a transient for a short amount of time just to see what it's like. I don't like to work because I don't like to be around other people very much. It makes me feel uncomfortable. He isn't very ambitious at this time. I almost think a little ambition would do him some good. He has been ignored a lot in life, and I know where he comes from with that because I have been ignored a lot too. He is the first person I've ever felt really listened to me and understood me. He grew up with his mother, and he has never known his father. So it was a single parent home. He is actually very good at compromising, I am the one who has problems with compromising.

    So far we've been together for over a year, and I do hope that the relationship will endure forever. It feels like he is my missing piece, and I could never imagine my life without him. I would do anything and everything to make him happy because I could never live without him. Even if it doesn't last forever, I would still like it to last a lot longer than it has at this point. I would like to experience living with him, and maybe even marrying him one day. I think I would regret it if it never got that far.

    Thank you for the analysis. Yours was a lot more pleasant than some astrologers have given to me. There were actually two of them that said our relationship will eventually turn violent and he will either kill me or I will end up in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital nearly dead. Then another one said that we would more than likely conceive a child together before the year is up, and probably even marry each other at some point. Though people forecasting me to be killed had me a bit on edge for quite sometime.

  • Thank you Captain! We've been talking and seeing each other for almost a month now. I'm so amazed and confused by the strong feelings I have for him and vice versa being is been such a short time. I just finalized my divorce from my ex at Aug. 5, but we have lived separately and been mostly separate for over 2 years. You read for my ex along time before, his b-day is Sept 10, 1977. I had planned on not dating or anything for a while, but then I met this wonderful Aries man! He's wanting to already meet my parents, my kids, me meet his kids, etc. But I don't want my ex going ballistic or causing problems, and I am not sure how quickly I should introduce a male friend to my children. So for now I am keeping him a secret. But I don't know how long I will be able to do that. We have so much in common and can talk for hours.......and kiss for hours. I've told him my fears of being hurt again and moving too fast, so we haven't been physically intimate-he's an unbelievable gentleman.

  • I would REALLY love to hear your thoughts / insight on this one... its been on-going and haunting in a sense. (has been falin in my ath for years) Neither one of us can seem to fully let it go, or get it started either one.

    ME : April 21, 1977

    HIM : March 3rd, 1976

    Much appreciated 🙂

  • ps - sorry fo the typos , keyboard seems to be sticking lol

  • ps - sorry fo the typos , keyboard seems to be sticking lol

  • Actually HisPet, if you read my post again more carefully, you will see that you have misunderstood some things I said, like I am not saying your relationship IS simple but that "one would expect the major theme of this relationship to be simple...But this interpretation ignores the deeper forces at work here and your individual natures. " and yes, your partner can compromise but it doesn't mean he likes it.

  • JJJ7, this relationship can resemble a parent-child matchup more than a love relationship. Something about it is reminiscent of the schoolyard as well. Its theme is a kind of tentative enthusiastic self-exploration, with sudden bouts of stubbornness and stormy altercations blowing over quickly against the backdrop of a welter of social activity. In short, it is a rather noisy, raucous kind of relationship, one that's unlikely to suit either person for long.

    This combination is unlikely to manifest as a passionate love affair. The Piscean male craves an unusual approach to love, often with an exotic or mysterious partner - a bill that a solid, practical Taurean is unlikely to fit. Romantic, sensitive, poetic and creative, he often gets turned off by the Taurean direct (even bossy, stubborn or aggressive) approach and must be wooed by subtler means. He resents power struggles, displays of ego, or attempts to control him, any of which may be exactly what this relationship serves up. The Taurean woman on the other hand may dislike a relationship in which she must accept her partner's easy attitudes and inability to stick to one line of thought or action, or to work or concentrate solidly for long periods of time.

    Both these people like a relationship to be less noisy, less busy, than this one. Marriage too will be an unusual one if the love affair gets that far. The two great themes of marriage are social interaction and children, and the Taurean will rarely get this from their Piscean spouse, who will probably prefer to lead a calm, isolated existence with few intrusions, even from his own children. And if marriage means giving up children, the Taurean woman may back off from her Piscean partner. There are some Pisceans however who will want to take on the responsibility of a large family, and in such cases the marriage may succeed. But this pair will need to talk it out and be honest with each other before making any big commitments or decisions.

  • Thanks for the response 🙂 I wonder though, is your analysis based soley on sun signs? or other planets / houses as well?

    In all honesty, after reading this 3 times, I am only able to see a few subtle strains that resemble us / our dynamic at all. The "school yard" comment i can relate to because we do seem to bring out the inner chid within each other - we're both very playful by nature, but occasionally this turns to his "pulling my pig tails" or me "sticking out my tongue". lol (so to speak, of course) But also, correctly, from the minor to the major we both seem pretty quick to forgive and forget - usually in the form of finding humor in our own behavior.

    beyond this is where i start to lose sight / recognition... maybe this is due to the fact i have never fully (or evem mostly) identified with my taurus sun sign. Idk if this is because of the placement of my other planets or simply because i am on the aries cusp - but while i do identify with a few taurean traits as a whole its just not really me. ya know? I have no desire for children, routine bores me to tears, I get clostrophobic in relationships when not given a certain amount of me time and / freedom , and i also tend to get restless when things are too calm for too long. In short "normal" doesnt do a thing or me in matters of the heart .

    He, the piscean, is a bit dreamier, and is prone to the piscean highs and lows mood wise. We both are a little on the "sensitive" side when it comes to criticism, and both pretend not to be.

    There is a bit of an unspopken power struggle at times , but I find it very (uncharacteristically) easy to give into compromise with him.

    We've had a strange connection for years - the route of which is a strong sexual attraction, but also an almost psychic one. we are like souls in many ways, and it seems our diferent ways of thought seem to oppen us to new pparts of oursellves... until again we are on the same page.

    Most times (admittedly) he does get there faster than me.

    There's no doubt in my mind that we have been thrown on each others paths repeatedly for a reason. i'm just unsure if that reason is as simple as he seems to see it - that we could be meant 4 each other, or if the things we awaken in each other (menatally, emotionally, physically) or rather the act that we do is the whole thing with us.

    Thanks again though:) Appreciate your taking the time to give it a whirl 🙂

  • Thankyou captain. sorry for your time wasted. hope you have a good night. : ) I'll talk to you some other time. goodbye thans again. !

  • JJJ7, sometimes the elements can get switched in the reading, such as it might be your partner and not you who wants to have children. But the general trend between a couple is usually still there, even if it is vice-versa.

  • Captain, if you please would give me some insight on my new relationship. My birthday is Sept. 16, 1948 and his is July 23, 1949. Seeing him for only 2 weeks and he already talks about a long term relationship. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hello Captain, i was wondering if you could give me some insight to my relationship. He is a virgo and i am an aqurius, i have read the forums about virgo men and find them interesting. However, every situation has its own dynamics. I beleive what me and my virgo have is very real, not that we haven't had our share of ups and downs but we always seem to be pulled back to each other. Are we meant to be? Thank you for your time it is much appreciated.

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