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  • MonkeyGiraffe, this relationship is best for a working matchup and worst for love. Its focus, and perhaps its greatest necessity, is to give structure to the sometimes wild and unpredictable actions of its partners. You both share characteristics that your relationship will magnify, including a cutting, critical and sarcastic side that can lead to confrontation and conflict. A refusal to be bound by the laws of social behaviour and conventional morality will constantly land you two in hot water, not only with other people but with each other. Misunderstandings will abound and the relationship can seem at times uncontrollable. Your independence and wildness become more pronounced when you are a couple, exposing you to the danger of social condemnation or ostracism. A love affair, marriage or friendship in this combination depends for its survival on the extent to which the two of you can agree on simple commitments and support. Without structure, organization, and a more systematic approach to life together, your relationship will just blow with the wind. It's not that it won't be enjoyable or that the two of you won't be loyal - in fact it can be very rewarding while it lasts, but that it is likely to drift, rootlessly and with little purpose.

  • Brookenicole84, this relationship works best for friendship and worst for love. It is definitely upbeat and its focus is likely to be non-material - perhaps an interest in new age or spiritual subjects - and as a result, it will rarely feel grounded. The two of you must reconcile yourselves to the idea that in this matchup, stability and practicality were never meant to be. The question is, can you handle the relationship without losing your grip? Neither of you is the most firmly rooted. You both like excitement, and are both prone to becoming overwhelmed when faced with extreme emotion. Finally, your criticism Brookenicole can have an unsettling effect on your friend, and his mood swings may prove too much for you. Your love affair can be passionate but filled with turmoil. You Brookenicole will enjoy the intensity of emotion here, but will probably also find it interferes with your work. Your friend may discover all the romance he ever wanted here, but will have trouble holding on to you, as you are very attractive to others. Both of you will have mixed feelings towards the relationship, then. Marriage will not be dull but it can bring out your depressive sides, particularly when a lack of interest and unresponsiveness rear their ugly heads. As friends, you two can share a deep bond of spirit that will help you both to overcome any difficulties you encounter in other areas of your lives. Your openness with each other supports you in examining problems both in and beyond the relationship, and the advice you give each other for dealing with these issues is usually sound.

  • Hi Captain,

    Have just started dating someone. Feels nice so far. Me - 25 Oct 1979, Him - 13 Jun 1973

    Could you help me see?

  • Hi Captain,

    I would love some insight on this particular July 24,1979 him 9/18/75.... thanks so light

  • Danceur, marriage, a love affair or a friendship here will usually present a successful, vibrant and self-confident face to the world. Your relationship however will tend to be quiet and private - few others will know much about it. You both share a hunger for experiences of all kinds, and the theme of exploration will figure prominently here, though you will carry on your experience-gathering quietly, moving relatively unrecognized on the outskirts of life. Your brilliantly extroverted social sides will hide your real natures from the world. You will both enjoy your ability to be yourselves when alone with each other. In such moments, you will taste the joys of anonymity.

    In private, however, insecurities and frustrations will emerge. These difficulties are seldom a result of the relationship itself but are personal and social in nature. Both of you tend to be somewhat irritable, nervous and angry a good deal of the time over your treatment from the world, and one of your principal functions for each other is to allow the expression of such negative feelings without fear of sensure. In this dimension, your connection with each other may become essential to your psychological wellbeing. Your personal feelings towards each other, sexual or otherwise, often take second place to this aspect of the relationship. But if it turns into a dependence, it will become unhealthy. Still, a marriage here can work if you both learn to appreciate each other for more than just counselling and shoulder to cry on.

    Danceur, I am seeing a pattern occurring in the people you are attracted to - you need them to be sounding boards for all the frustration and negativity that builds up inside you. For some reason, you don't seem able to express these pent-up emotions unless you have someone to bounce them off. Is it really a partner you are looking for or merely a sympathetic ear?

  • MOONRAIZ, the principal challenge in this relationship will be whether the two of you can be sensitive enough to each other's needs. Insensitivity is likely to arouse tremendous conflict, and at times can threaten to tear the relationship apart. Your friend's critical and rejecting attitudes are likely to arouse resentment and antagonism in you. He in turn can be put off by your perchant for expressing your emotions publicly, and by your lack of sensitivity to his need for privacy and discretion. He can be brutally honest in letting you know when your actions don't come up to his high standards of reasonable and constant behaviour. You may find his standards unattainable, however. Great care must be taken then to sense the other person's point of view and to treat it with respect.

    A love affair can tend to be on the cool side. As lovers, the two of you rarely delude yourselves about the nature of romance, which you may see as enjoyable but realistically perhaps an illusion in the end. Your relationship rarely gives itself entirely in the emotional realm, then, tending to hold back and guard its vulnerabilities. Marriage can produce both practicality and flamboyance. Both of you are no strangers to structure, and you work well within a family unit or an organization. As team players, you tend to preserve the good of the group, but only up to a point - you will jealously guard your own best interests. Idealism and faithfulness will only go so far with the two of you, and that boundary is usually reached when either of you feels taken advantage of or put in a compromising position. Power struggles are then often the result. Don't be too reasonable, responsible or practical here - have some light-hearted fun as well.

  • THANKS!!!!!! Captain you always give wonderful insight.... blessings

  • "i just started talking to a guy i really like we met online and he's in the military currently serving for the country (right now he's in Afghanistan) i live in Pittsburgh, PA while he lives in Virginia but he's stationed in Alaska we've never met yet but thinking about meeting each other hopefully soon while i know we're both pretty busy as he's being deployed for this month and next month and i go to school (college) we also have a very big age gap (he was born November 7th 1982 and me March 14th 1992) so we are at a 10 year difference and i am young but i believe anything is possible and age is just a number we just started talking about a week ago but i really like him and we connect on a very deep level!"

    what do ya think?? and i allow any criticism if there is any lol

    (i quoted myself because i posted in the wrong section haha sorry about that)

  • MickeyLove1992 - this can be enjoyable for a love affair, but it would struggle for marriage or a long-term love relationship. You both share a common trait in that once you make up your mind about something, you are likely to get your way. Powers of persuasion are enormous in this relationship, so much that people are likely to believe almost anything the two of you say. The result is that you two have a tremendous moral responsibility not to betray the trust of those who follow you. Of course, it may not be so easy for the two of you to reach agreement or even to meet in the first place. A love affair between you will be more soulful than romantic. There won't be any great passion but there will be some emotional empathy and sympathy .An element of sorrow or pain may pervade this relationship, for it carries with it an awareness of life's suffering. Happiness here will have a slightly bittersweet quality, being suffused with the belief that although life is not a bed of roses, things most often turn out for the best. If you two do marry, a spirit of resignation would carry you through some pretty rough spots. But do you want to go through life resigned to your fate? As friends, you two may prefer to keep to yourselves rather than play a strongly social role. This relationship is more about pondering the meaning of life together than finding a romantic soulmate.

  • Hi Captain, any insight you can give me on this connection would be wonderful! me March 10, 1966, him Nov 15, 1952. Many blessings!

  • Leslye, emotional manipulation can be quite common in both a love affair and marriage in this combination. The fine art of persuasion can reach a high level of sophistication here, often manifesting as a series of compromises, trade-offs, mildly coercive acts and other clever strategems, which guarantee that each partner will get their way a sufficient part of the time. These maneuverings are not necessarily serious and may even be quite playful in character. Withholding sexual favours or limiting them in certain respects are more serious possibilities. You two are likely to stick together over the years. There may be a strong career connection between you, which can become the bedrock of your relationship. If you do break up, however, the separation will be extremely painful.

    This relationship is an interesting mix of give and take - with affection, attention, and absorption in each other's lives all playing a part. Since both of you are very private and need to be alone a good deal of the time, respecting each other's space is a requirement you can usually meet. On the other hand, you are both prone to escapes of different kinds, and should you fall into a habituating or outright addictive form of escape together, your bond could easily become unhealthy. This can be an emotionally complex matchup. Your partner doesn't like anyone to be too dependent on him and you can be extremely needy at times. The other side of the coin is your partner's need to control his mate, which you usually meet with little resistance, and his possessiveness, both of which you may find difficult to extricate yourself from. This won't be an easy relationship for love, but if you two don't foster undue dependencies or pleasurabkle addictions and face emotional problems squarely, you can make a go of it.

  • Well, if we ever get together ,I know it will be intense. We are close friends right now and there is a lot of love and admiration between us. We work together on projects and teaching and work with such compatibility. There is a lot of humor and play in our friendship. The obstacle I am facing with him is that he has taken a Scorpio extreme and declared himself celibate. Our connection is so strong, I feel the tug of war going on in him. "emotionally complex" is right! There is so much respect for each other and a solid foundation of friendship ,I feel there would be less chance of some of the negative aspects you mention.

  • 07/21/1989 & 03/28/1988 new guy im talking to

  • Thanks Captain! i wanted to get someone's input on how this would turn out before i really jump in to anything serious. I do really like him and wanted to see us getting married one day but i guess i have a bit of change of heart after reading this. I do sense a deep, emotional, connection with him and i feel that we get each other, he is also very wise as he is more grown than i am so he can teach me things i guess i will still stick this one out and see where it goes but thanks again Captain for your input!

  • Hi Captain,

    Actually, it is the same guy that I wrote about before. The one I felt a vibe with and whom you said didn't want to move beyond friendship. For some reason, he pushed past that boundary recently, and we're sort of dating. Don't really know... Keepin it easy-going...

    Could I ask for a reading for me (25 Oct 1979) and W (6 Oct 1985)? This is someone I used to be in a relationship with.

  • Radar20, this works for a love affair but it is doubtful for the long term. There is a liberating quality to this relationship, a sense of being able to breathe, which can make it an ecstatic combination. Sympathy and protective instincts can blossom here, as well as moral fervour and passion. The relationship will not hesitate to fly in the face of tradition or custom or in championing the needy and oppressed. This often happens if one of you is involved in a troubled or failng love affair or marriage because it can provide both the freedom and safety you are both seeking. At such a time, your friend will show his very best heroic qualities, even while extending understanding to the third party involved. For you meanwhile, it is the covertness and the secret, unpredictable and exciting nature of such a liason that provides the magic. If your love affair doesn't involve a thrid party, the attraction between you may be less intense. Your friend's openness often doesn't carry enough emotional admixture to hold your interest for long. Should you fall in love with him however, you may the one challenged to hold onto him, since he can feel threatened and hemmed in by your aggressive stance. You also demand a lot of understanding which he may lack. His impulsiveness and your instability do not bode well for permanence or longevity, especially as your initial idealization of each other falls away.

  • Danceur, this is one of the most theatrical combinations of all astrology. Play-acting is usually the focus of this relationship, whether as a couple or individually. You two are caught up in playing the roles of everyday life, and playing them well. The awareness that 'all the world's a stage' is what really sets this relationship apart, allowing it to fully embrace the various opportunities for role-playing that life has to offer. Yet even with your particular interest in the illusory aspects of existence, you two nevertheless manage to keep a firm grip on reality, and view the shenaningans in which others indulge with the clear eye of insiders who know what it is to fake it.

    Such realists can enjoy romance together, but by no means fully, since both of you understand how much is put on and how little is deeply felt. Such a relationship will rarely fall in love with love, but rather will acknowledge the comedy inherent in many romantic attitudes. Laughing at yourselves is perhaps healthy - but should you carry this attitude too far, you may become cynical, losing all innocence and the capacity for awe. Marriage between you would be highly practical in nature. Fot the two of you, parties, family affairs, and quiet dinners with friends are enjoyable opportunities for the study of many feints and twists of dressed-up human nature. But jaded, cynical attitudes can be deadening. Dropping your masks and staying alive in the moment is vital for this relationship - to lose yourselves occasionally in what you are doing and to forget your audience is enlivening.

  • Me Nov. 2 1978 central time zone US. Him April 13, 1980. Thank you Captain, you've helped me before. I don't remember what name I posted under before as its been a while. But your insights are always greatly appreciated.

  • Riker, This relationship is likely to be vibrant and imaginative, though punctuated by occasional blowups. Its chemistry can be simultaneously mysterious and passionate. Both of you are extremely sexual, and your love affair, often carried on in secret, can reach high peaks of desire and consumation. This comes, however, with no small level of emotional turmoil. In both love and marriage, you Riker will dominate your partner. Your relationship can stir up your deepest emotional layers, creating trouble in other areas of your lives and making it hard to work - it completely throws you off-balance. You are much more comfortable with this relationship's firestorms than your partner. He is more of a 'doer' than a 'feeler'. You on the other hand are no stranger to emotional turmoil, which is often a constant background for you in your creative or professional work. Controlling your own feelings while calling the shots in the powerful emotional world you share with another is your specialty and you will tend to control the inner workings of this relationship and many others as well. If you two marry, you will keep your Aries spouse on a tight rein (which he will come to hate). You won't approve of his largesse, or of his tendency to bring home the latest interesting person he meets. Good at making money go a long way, you will probably see his spending as wasteful and counterproductive. Where your partner sees the big picture, you hone in on the details. Although some of your attempts to make your partner more attentive and realistic will be helpful, you should be careful - too much blaming and criticism will have a negative effect on him. Eventually he may rebel against your dominance and seek his freedom. But if you watch for these weaknesses, you two can form a close bond, sharing exciting, challenging and somewhat dangerous adventures together. If a third party is involved however, any anger, jealousy, overly controlling behaviour, or possessiveness from you will send your lover back to his other partner or looking for someone else altogether.

  • ok, and this one 🙂

    11.01.91 and his is 26.11.90

    these things are so addictive! x

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