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  • Piscesjewel, intellectual curiosity is likely to be brought out by this relationship, which is usually better for friendship than love. If either of you is quite intellectually or idea-oriented to begin with, your matchup can be a real brain-buster. From cards, chess, and word games to computers and technical or scientific research, you two are interested in sharpening your wits on each other. The power of reason holds sway here.

    An obvious drawback of a love affair then is that you two may neglect the physical and emotional side in favour of mind games and clever sorts of manipulation. Astrology suggests stress and strife will occur here - a prediction born out by your frequent tendency to argue. Such confrontations may actually not be about feelings at all but, rather a kind of oneupmanship in which each person strives to assert his or her mental superiority. A marriage here can go on for years with the two of you arguing all the way - you may even be held together in a strange sort of way by these fights, each partner trying to get the best of the other in an unhealthy battle of wills, the union of competitors rather than lovers.

    A friendship between you may have its own complex jargon, a language understood by few outsiders. It can be an engrossing and fun relationship, and because you would not see each other as often as you would in a love relationship, the battles of wit would be fewer and thus an easier more enjoyable relationship would result.

  • Thanks Captain! I agree about us having this intellectual connection. However, we also had a strong physical connection and attraction towards each other. We did fight a lot, which was the number one issue in our relationship. It really hurt me when this relationship ended. Don't know if I should go down that road again.

  • Right now I communicate with him through mails only. I try to call him for awhile, but his mobile phone was out. Than I call him he have to pay and I haven't think about this. The one side of me says he likes you and the other not. My intuition is twice split. Than he is promising things he is not doing it so I don't know if I can trust him. Well every time I got a mail from him after first have to wrote him again I have butterfly feeling in my stomach.

    Than the date is 07.06.1965, or 1966 and 1970 is it always the same? He still have this darkside?

    Thank you for all the time you give me Captain.

  • Yes Jennifer it is the same for all those born 07/06. But then again we all have a dark or weak side to our natures.

  • Ok so you are only need the date and month for your prognose, ok.

    What is it than it is june 5th or 6th still the same?

    Sorry to bother you again should I wrote him or wait for his answer?

    Thank you again.

  • Jennifer, wait and see if he responds.

    And June 5 and 6 are close enough to have the same general meaning.

  • 12/30/87 & 4/30/91

    Thanks in advance, Captain!

  • Sorry, if it makes a difference but it's:

    Male (Me): 12/30/87 & Female: 4/30/91

    Looking forward to it!

  • SSAfrica, there is an 'easygoingness' here, with a shared orientation toward work and sensuous pleasure. But the two of you may aim at something more transcendent, beginning with the material but evolving toward the spiritual - not necessarily as a state in which you float through the world at a distance from it, but as one in which you see the here and now in a more conscious and aware light. Since each of you brings a knowledge of and easy familiarity with material concerns to the relationship, together you can often take these things for granted, instead investigating aesthetic, religious, new age and even psychic phenomena.

    A love affair here will emphasize an easy and highly pleasurable sensuality, although this is sensuality of a kind conducive to reaching a sort of meditative or ecstatic peace in which matter is transcended and spirit liberated. Yet excesses in the area of food and drink, as well as sex and love addictions, are an ever present danger here. Unless moderation is observed, ill health can result.

    Friendship and marriage are both strongly recommended here. Practical matters will be handled efficiently and money will be well spent. As spouses, sharing the same activities enjoyed in your love affair - food and sex - may continue to be satisfying, but you two will also enjoy creating a pleasant home together. One drawback of this combination may be a lack of push and drive, since the relationship is usually comfortable as it is, and the two of you may feel no need to strive toward difficult or seemingly impossible goals. On the one hand, this makes it realistic but on the other, it may also become a bit complacent and self-satisfied. Try and spur each other onto greater achievement and don't get stuck in a pleasure trap or else you both may come to feel unfulfilled, frustrated or purposeless. Your partner may have a fear of abandonment or problems expressing her feelings appropriately that this relationship may help her deal with.

  • thank you again captain, can you see with your prognose that iam attractive to him?

    This is my last question and sorry to bother you again.

  • 7/21/89 & 7/22/86

    Thank you so much, I need as much advice as I can get ! Please 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    You did an Ideal Partner matches for me not long ago. Thank you for that.

    I would like your advice on these 2 guys whom I have started seeing.

    Mine: 6 Mar 1977

    Guy A: 10 Sep 1967

    I have much feelings for him even I have went out a few times.

    Guy B: 13 Apr 1972 ( It could be 14 as I don't quite remember)

    I am really cheeky with him and he have ask me out for another date. I don't really know what is really in his mind.

    I would like to know how compatible to any of these guys. I am actually quite afraid to commit anything.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jennifer1234, I'm afraid your partner has begun to lose interest in you. He doesn't stay interested in anyone for long.

  • Radar20, the two of you are both subject to wide swings of mood and this relationship magnifies that tendency, sometimes to the point where they become intolerable. Yet a workable dynamic can be achieved here, especially if you both have common interests such as psychology, emotions, art, the healing arts, or music to tie you together. In fact, your pooled understanding of the creative process and the human psyche can be invaluable to any family, social or professional group that you are part of.

    You two often cry out for stability in your relationships, but you are unlikely to find it with each other. Emotions in your love affair can swing from sparkling and even wildly exciting to depressed and finally cold. Either a breakup or a breakdown is likely in short order. Should you attempt marriage, you will certainly need the steadiness that comes from a solid finaincial base, firm career commitments, a stable domestic situation, and adequate pay and benefits. Yet even should all these be present, you will have no guarantee of success unless you can achieve some kind of emotional balance too. Disaster can loom when one of you is either too upbeat or too depressed, and a seesaw effect - whenever one of you is up, the other is down - can be extremely frustrating. Attaining a decrease in overly emotional interactions and more objectivity is vital here. Emotional control must be achieved - don't overreact so much or lash out blindly. Otherwise, you two may as well forget about this relationship altogether or it will tear you both apart.

  • Anlisparkles and 10 Sep 1967: This can work out well for marriage or the long-term. In a personal relationship, the two of you tend to get lost in each other. There are so many mysteries in your hidden personalities that you can become obsessed with personal exploration, losing contact with everyday realities. Your love affair will be deep and emotional. Yet there is a real danger here of the two of you losing your personal identities and merging in an all-absorbing relationship that takes every bit of your energy. A friendship or marriage will be more objective than your love affair however, and very conducive to personal growth. You two can be an extremely active unit socially and it is not uncommon for you to assume an important role in the development of volunteer community, church or athletic organizations, where your two service-oriented natures can be fully expressed. This can be a good relationship as long as you maintain some objectivity and don't let your individuality dissolve away.

    Anlisparkles and 13/14 Apr 1972: this is not good for love. Neither of you will care to get to know each other at a deep level. Good marriages and happy love affairs are very rare in this combination becasue they lack emotional, spiritual or physical maturity. You two can share a child-like honesty with each other, but the relationship will not be terribly understanding or sympathetic. You Anlisparkles will become jealous of your partner's ability to attract followers through teaching, even though you would love to be able to do so yourself. Yet the two of you can have a great friendship with admiration for each other's talents and far-reaching ideas playing an important role. In emotional areas however, frustrations will emerge over an inability to share feelings at a deep level. Still, that won't affect a friendship as much as it would ruin a love relationship.

  • He lost his interest in me? He isn't my partner, but the man I love. This isn't good news for me, but thank you again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Majesstic11, this will be difficult for a love relationship. This combination is often involved in a search for harmony, both within the relationship and in its surrounding environment, both in your joint projects and in the creative input and endeavours in which you are involved with other people. Harmony within the relationship may or may not be achieved, but in terms of creating beauty of form, you two have have no match. Your standards are usually very high. Your friend's perfectionist standards meet their match in you, and both of you have first-rate critical minds. Despite the possibility of personal conflict, you two can work well together when your ideals of high-quality work mesh. Without mutual respect and admiration, however, emotional irritations and clashes can drive you apart. The synergy here will not only magnify perfectionist and critical drives, but the tendency to procrastinate - for you, Majesstic, this has something to do with overconfidence and with your friend, it's about indecision.

    A love affair and a friendship can be difficult between the two of you, since you are tempermentally so different. Patience is often a rare commodity here. Your friend's direct intensity often puts you off, with your more subtle and discriminating nature, while you for your part may be threatening to him through the quality of your intelligence - an area where he needs to dominate. The acid test for whether this relationship can endure longterm in marriage or living together is whether caustic disagreements can be avoided when setting up a shared domestic space, and whether the two of you can be more relaxed and less critical with each other. You two in fact may work better together when personal contact is limited and your attitudes are kept objective.

  • Mine is November 24, 1981 and his is June 10, 1980. Thanks Captain! 🙂

  • october 1 1984 and july 19 1985

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