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  • Thank you so much Captain!

    Me and my friend is friends now.He is so special for me.For a love affair,we will see.

    You are so kind,helpful as always:)

    Have a nice day!

  • Captain,

    Please help with relationship from my past, well never really closed that door. I don't think he ever closed it either, or wanted to. We are seriously talking about our future, again. Many things have happened over the years, to both of us. What do you for see for our future? In another reading you blessed me with his birthdate fit into "love affair" , I am not sure that we could ever really let go of one another, so my question is how does future of this relationship look for long term commitment to each other? Me---8/3/68 Him--9/1/69, thank you, God bless you!!

  • LEO1968, you two may find yourself to be true soulmates. But right timing is as important as being in the right place to meet. Difficulties can occur in the beginning but they seldom deter you from seeking each other out in the future and re-establishing your relationship; in fact, social, racial, status or financial barriers will only spur you on. This is a highly personal combination, featuring mutual acceptance and sympathy. Strong empathic bonds assure close communication and sensitivity to each other's needs, not only in romance but in friendship and other social ties. It is a relationship that fosters both intellectual and emotional understanding.

    A love affair here can be highly soulful. The only reason why marriage or a longterm relationship could tend to be difficult is because your partner doesn't find emotional fulfillment easily and is subject to nervous instability at times. You two can over-react to each other's moods and have difficulty establishing stability, but you LEO1968 are able to give your partner appreciation, support, and the security to express his feelings constructively. He can also be highly critical and nitpicking, and you don't respond well to that. Yet you can benefit from his order and structure, and appreciate the relationship's need for firm decision-making.

    Deep meditational states can appear here, but the relationship does have a tendency to isolate itself and must beware of losing touch with worldly realities. You are both highly dependable and capable of shouldering heavy responsiblities, but your real focus is sharing philosophical or ideological concepts and putting them into practice in everyday life. The relationship is idealistic yet has a strong practical base. As long as you emphasize its strengths of empathy, soulfulness, and appreciation, and be aware of and deal with its weaknesses of reactiveness, oversubjectiveness, criticism, and isolation, all will go very well for the two of you.

  • HI Captain. Met a libra born 23/09/1980 and myself also libra 22/10/1979, all seems to be moving along but fairly slowly for me as i'm quite impatient and really like him just want to know the overall compatibility and interest from his side.

  • I meant to say I am female libra 22/10/79 and he is male 23/09/80. Thanks again!

  • Lpjldn2011, this relationship is difficult for love. It may experience a curious spilt between its social and its personal aspects. Combining your friend's good taste and your initiative, the relationship is extremely interested in both aesthetic and group affairs - possession, of either objects or people, is not an unusual theme here. You two may well vie with each other for dominance of your family or social groups. You both know a great deal about the world, particularly the latest styles and fashions. If involved with the arts, architecture, fashion, music or design, you are likely to be highly successful. In all the foregoing areas, your relationship would do well to spend even a fraction of the energy it devotes to outside concerns on its own internal problems. Both of you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find collectibles of good value, or simply to have a one-time glimpse of an exquisite art object. Such love of beauty may belie the tremendous psychological problems that can mar this relationship. Certain dark tendencies, carefully hidden from the view of concerned family and friends, may reach obsessive or even addictive proportions. Too often, the two of you are unaware of the subtle connections among your love of beauty, desire for social position, and negative thoughts about yourselves.

    A love affair or marriage between you may be controlled by dark forces beyond your ken. Erotic rather than affectionate impulses predominate here, and you might be tightly bound to each other not only by passion but by desperation and fear. All of this may go on behind a brilliant social facade. Unless one of you has marked analytical skills, it is unlikely that the relationship will furnish an environment in which self-understanding can flourish. Building self-confidence, accompanied by a thorough psychological 'housecleaning' in which old programming is swept out the 'door', is most important here.

  • May I have a reading please captain??

    Him: December 3, 1968

    Me: March 23, 1978

    Thank you Ma'am

  • And also Captain I will like to know my compatability with my brother July 26th 2000 and my sister June 22 1994 (me andger get along sometimes she's is just very superficial and rude at times)

  • I am May 6th 1992 at 9:28pm

  • Hello Captain,

    I was wondering if you could read my relationship with my mother. We're both born in London. My dob is 15 Oct 1982. Her dob is 5 July 1963.

  • LoveDetox, this is one of the more idiosyncratic and quirky of relationships. Enjoyment and fun are the hallmarks here, and also mutual understanding and support. This imaginative and stimulating matchup often finds itself at the centre of a circle of friends, on which it has a positive influence. Comedy, play-acting and a love of games, even of gambling, may be some of the areas in which the relationship's particular chemistry works to lend liveliness to any gathering. Also important is the fact that this matchup allows you two the opportunity to go your own ways, without negative criticism, blame or an attempt at reform.

    The two of you are usually comfortable in this relationship, since it offers a solution to the loneliness and asocial tendencies of which both of you are capable. As a team, you often lose a lot of your shyness and come out into the open. Living together may be difficult however, since neither of you has much interest in discharging domestic duties and tasks. Without some kind of formal agreement over the division of labour, this can result in a fairly chaotic situation. Should you have children, one or another of your offspring may quite possibly have to assume responsibility for keeping the house in good running order. This may lead to resentment on their part so make sure you both do your share as heads of the household. Since this relationship lacks an important practical element, it is not recommended for business relations and partnerships.

    Both of you do have an extroverted side, which may occasionally get out of hand in the case of your friend, who often has a problem getting to know himself at a deep level. More sensitive, you may be able to hold up a mirror to his emotions, helping in the process of self-discovery. In fact, you may well instigate or nurture spiritual awakening in him. In this case however, your friend must be careful not to become dependent on you or to over-idealize you, thinking wrongly that you are the only person who can understand him. You should both try to be more serious and practical in this relationship if you want it to last. You have to come down to earth and deal with reality from time to time. Daily chores and paying the bills matters - don't leave your responsibilities or chores to someone else.

  • Thank you Ma'am for the reading. Sounds similar to how my marriage was lol. Not too much a difference.

    Thank You Once Again,


  • Asia118X,

    You and your brother: your relationship is likely to be close. Yet there is a big difference between you, perhaps of your thinking and attitudes to life, that belies or obscures your empathic bond, so that other people mistakenly assume you are not at all close. A pet peeve that you both share is when others make prejudicial assumptions and statements, especially of a racist or sexist nature. When this button is pushed, you both are likely to withdraw in distaste, or else quickly go into attack mode. There can be friction betwen you in the family with fighting over who is right and condemnatory finger-pointing over who is wrong. Struggles over which person is to be the boss or authority figure are bound to be severe. Keep your disagreements private - other family members or friends may not like seeing you fight. Be tolerant and open to new ideas and give up know-it-all attitudes if you want to have a good relationship.

    You and your sister: the emotional channels between you are often clogged with static and missed connections. Thus, communication problems and irritating elements can abound between you. In fact you two sometimes do better by not talking at all, abiding by each other in silence. You two hold your privacy dear so this arrangement might suit you both. The inability to connect more meaningfully has an unfortunate side effect however - you two tend to leave a string of unfinished projects, chores, and activities behind you. Your sister finds you difficult to get close to emotionally while you may give her too much latitude (or as you see it, responsibility) so that she comes to resent it, thinking it neglect or disinterest on your part. Your different emotional and ethical orientations can prove divisive, but they can be worked out if you find a common basis for sharing. If you two learn to compromise and to empathize, seeing things from the other's point of view and speaking openly, this relationship's problems can be resolved.

  • 1982libra

    You and your mother: attuned to a common wavelength, you two make an excellent team in professional and social situations. Your relationship is liable to change, chameleonlike and practically at will, assuming ever new shapes and orientations to fit its environment. Other people will be baffled at the ease with which your relationship goes through these changes. In the end, too, they may despair over ever discovering the 'real' you behind your masks.

    The pair of you refuse to be tied down or heavily dependent on any physical area, though you do share a love of food and entertainment. You both like to be free to explore and to play. Comedy, irony, satire and sarcasm come easily to you, and you can both be mercilessly and even destructively funny about people who seem to have an inflexible or pretentious quality. However, spirit more than matter is usually given the higher value. The relationship can be a bit superficial however so you should strive for a stronger commitment and dig a bit deeper. Direct spiritual involvement is possible here, but a new-age orientation - featuring colourful and fun activities - is more likely.

    This relationship is most difficult in the family. You two might refuse to take your duties and responsibilities seriously, this levity manifesting in an avoidance of daily chores that other family members will consider a lack of caring. Although often appreciated, the two of you will have to struggle if you are to win the respect of others. By showing respect, you gain it.

  • Spot on Captain. Thanks. However, I didn't quite understand the last paragraph. Could you explain that further?

    We are generally best in social situations but on an intimate level we find it hard to communicate effectively. Our rows are explosive. We had one today and it shook my world. Will we get over this? I love her dearly but always seem to upset and disappoint her.

  • 1982libra, I am talking about going beyond a superficial level with other people and really getting to understand them and how they are feeling. You show respect for others by getting out of yourself for a while and stepping into their shoes. For instance, have you wondered why you and your mother fight - what she is feeling or why she could feel disappointed in you? Maybe you are making incorrect assumptions about her attitudes. You need to sit down with her, put your own needs and feelings aside, and ask her how she is feeling about you, about her life, her dreams, etc.

    It might help you with your own issues too. There's some sort of story in your background that causes you to feel either overprotected and resentful or cut off and full of a longing to reconnect. You yearn for a deep, long-lasting connection to others and yet you have got to leave time for periods of both escape and of yearning. Maybe you feel too much of a responsibility towards your mother and this can interfere with you getting and setting up your own family. Your mother probably had to be the parent when she was a child and she may have passed this impulse or her fears of abandonment and being alone onto you. Or did you have the sense of being left, or worse, ignored? You may equate family with a burden, but you need to satisfy your longing for an intimacy that you may have been deprived of in the past. The conflicts between your career and personal life need to be probed so that you don't find it difficult to pursue either one. You must surrender any old resentments or fears so that you can pursue your dreams without fear of being punished if you realize them.

  • Thanks again. This something I will definitely have to think about deeply. There are immediate truths and recognition in the things that you have mentioned. I will be asking myself these questions when I'm fully awake and alert. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation at the moment. You have been very helpful. And may i also say that you are a truly special person. It's nice that you take the time out of your day to guide people. You're extremely kind and admirable!

  • Hi Captain,

    Im dating this man. its going realy well! can you pls do this one for me.

    I thank you ahead 😃

    me 1/26/1981

    Ryan 1/11/80


  • Sweetoty, this looks good for a longterm intimate relationship. You two are both very different temperamentally, and at first you may have difficulty in adjusting your pace to each other. But together you are capable of generating a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and of dreaming up schemes that you can later realize as real-life projects. Your relationship is a study in contrasts - your partner, with his slow and serious side, may have problems with your lightning-quick approach, yet he has a great deal to teach you about the control and accurate direction of your energies. In arguments and personality struggles, he has the advantage of being able to hang in there steadily and push his point with unwavering perserverance, but you will sometimes explode with a force that will be difficult or even impossible to resist.

    In a love affair or marriage here, your partner's dominating attitude may clash severely, even violently, with your refusal to be controlled or ordered around. This relationship will face acute emotional conflict sooner or later, although it can be quite exciting, too. It will be essential to lay down firm guidelines as to what is and is not considered acceptable behaviour, both at home and in a social context. You must be honest with your partner about how you want him to treat you, and he must be allowed to state his own desires too so that you can reach a happy compromise. Your partner needs to be clear about what you will or will not put up with from him, and vice versa. Leave nothing up in the air. Both of you need to know what is expected of you domestically as well as romantically, especially since discharging fixed responsibilities can have a calming and healthful effect on this matchup.

    A friendship here will demand constant stimulation in terms of entertainment and adventure. You two are up for practically anything and will seek out danger and challenge wherever you can find it.

    This relationship, in whatever form it takes, must set clear strict limits that are acceptable to both of you. You need to attend to your daily tasks responsibly. Take care in roles sensitive to domination and rebellion. Get into sych with each other.

  • him: May 3rd 1995

    me: April 3rd 1996

    Thank you very much Captain 🙂

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