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  • thanks captain!

  • Totally confused and can't make decision whether to end long-term relationship. Any insight greatly appreciated.

    Him - 5/28/52

    Me - 1/4/53

    Love and light to you Captain.

  • Chironlady1953, this relationship takes a hard line. You two make better friends than lovers or spouses. Little need is felt here to cater to the niceties of etiquette or of polite society - formality is observed only when necessary and no obligation is felt to be considerate of personal sensitivities or weaknesses. Indeed the relationship operates on the principle that experience is a toughening process, the ultimate education. Although you two can feel warmly towards each other, particularly at the start of the relationship, an adversarial stance may well emerge as you come to understand each other's outlooks, pulling you increasingly apart. If you are both working towards a mutual goal however, as you are certainly capable of doing, this combination's toughness and practicality can achieve a lot.

    A love affair between you will be cool, no-nonsense and unemotional. Sex is dealt with frankly - the attraction is on or it is off; no attempt is made to compromise. Yet your love affair is not without romance, though one that may not be recognized as such by others, having a private meaning only to you two yourselves. Such a relationship can develop into either friendship or marriage, but friendship would be preferable and easier. More often though you two slowly drift apart until your connection ends. Marriage can be pragmatic. You contribute your financial skills and domestic planning, while your partner lends a sharp eye for bargains and an aggressive instinct for furthering the family's interests. Although practicality is emphasized here, a love for beautiful objects and furnishings will lead you two to spend time enhancing the ambiance of your home.

    Your partner's changeableness will clash with your strong ethics and stubbornness, and his finely honed critical faculties will pierce to the heart of your flaws. Mutual affection may offset the effects of insults and disparaging remarks for a while but in the end you two are not very compatible or suited for living together long term. Understanding and empathy is very low for this combination. Your partner's greatest ambition is to be listened to and taken seriously - if he feels he is being ignored, misunderstood or rejected by you, he will fight back by any means at his command, even to using manipulation or deceit. He can take things so personally and be hurt to the point where he may stop speaking to you as a result. Your deep seated need to be responsible for others and your fears of being left or overrun by dependencies can see you stay in a relationship that is not working for either of you.

  • WOW...that's all I can say. You are amazing! "Your deep seated need to be responsible for others and your fears of being left or overrun by dependencies can see you stay in a relationship that is not working for either of you" is right on target. And I've stayed for almost 11 years, knowing it is wrong. Thank you truly from my heart, Captain.

  • Hello, TheCaptain, my birthday is on 16 December 1980, and her is 23 April 1994, are we compatible? Thank you.

  • SagittariusSign, the question of leadership will be a sore spot in this relationship and it is likely to focus on conflicts over dominance. Furthermore, the relationship's underlying motive is likely to involve each partner ripping open and exposing the other's weaknesses or dark side. This of course achieves nothing and weakens the overall fabric of the relationship. Your particular combination then is unlikely to be a good one for a marital or love partnership. Both of you have a need to be the boss, and neither of you will give ground easily. Should you two head rival commercial, social or even family groups, you are likely to be formidable adversaries.

    In a love relationship, the problem of dominance will also rear its ugly head. You Sag need to be adored, admired and praised, and your friend is not so easily impressed. Also, when another person gains at what she feels is her expense, she is likely to lose interest or back off. There may be a certain sexual intensity here, but it is likely to be an expression more of ego than of love, and to be motivated more by challenge than by desire. You Sag can have difficulty satisfying your friend's sensual side, and giving enough emotionally to this demanding partner.

  • Ok, thank you TheCaptain.

  • Thank you, Captain. 😉

  • I'm oct 1 1984 he's jun 26 1988

  • Hi Captain I want to do a compatibility reading between me and my younger brother. I am May 6th 1992 at 9:28pm and he is February 15th 2003.

  • Hello Captain, thank you for your offer. I am curious to see what an "ideal partner" is based of these readings. I do self ascension and affirmations. But I can always learn more.

    I was wondering if you could do one for my sister. she is a great lady and single for three years. She is 25 born Dec 8 1985.

  • Brookenicole84, I've already done your compatibility analysis here in your earlier thread -

  • Asia118X, this relationship brings both of your critical natures to the fore. Irritations, arguments and complaints are common, but there is also the possiblitiy of each person learning from the other, and of a deeper emotional rapport. Despite strife and conflict, or actually through them, a fairly harmonious balance can often be reached. You two need to learn when to leave well enough alone, however - in this relationship, you are both prone to constant tinkering, not only with the relationship but with each other's characters, trying to achieve an impossible perfection.

    A lot of this relationship is out in the open, so that it tends to avoid frustration and the kind of suppression of feelings that leads to depression. Your brother can bring out your more volatile and aggressive side and he will have to stretch his ability to accept such behaviour to the limit. He on the other hand needs more love and attention than you may be able to bear to provide. Rejections however are usually only temporary here, leaving the door open to reconciliations in which the two of you put negativity behind you and try to correct your problems and address your issues.

    This relationship is likely to be a maturing experience for both of you in which a great deal is learned about living and how two people can get along together. Your brother will test your patience because of his need for constant variety and change, and he can act very irresponsibly on occasion. You can positively influence him to meet his family, educational, and social obligations. However, should your moral attitudes, stubbornness, and dominance come to the fore, your brother will react with rebellion and recalcitrance, fracturing and disabling the relationship. So you both must let go of resentment and overlook each other's imperfections if you want this relationship to be a good one.

  • Rapunzle444, I have answered your post in my 'Ideal Partner' thread here -

  • Thanks Captain my brother's a wonderful kid! He's amazing. I feel we are close at times but he can irritate me at times but no problem I love that little fella lol thanks Captain!

  • Hi, Captain! Would you mind telling me about a romantic match between these two Pisces with the same birthday?

    Male- March 1st, 1982

    Female- March 1st, 1991

  • Amberalwayz, the longterm outlook is not good here. It can be a rather chaotic relationship if the two partners don't fulfill their romantic, social and domestic responsibilities. Both of them have a tendency to walk away before a job is finished, not because they are shirkers but because they have simply lost interest. On the other hand, they tend to live on a highly philosophical plane, and to engage in activities that can be of great benefit to those around them. Service in its purest form and in abundance is something they can offer their family, social or work group. But the relationship's focus may be blurred, particularly in defining and articulating its real desires. The two of them may be constantly giving up on what they really want to do as individuals in order to serve each other's needs, and their relationship can lack direction.

    A love affair here is not very common, and when it does emerge, it is highly emotionally complex. Needs and wants may become confused to the point where the two of them don't really recognize the difference any more. It is not usually recommended that they attempt marriage, for their mutable qualities are so pronounced that they will usually have difficulty sustaining a constant level of feeling for very long, and will be quckly lured away by new prospects.

    A friendship here can suffer from being alternately overoptimistic and cynical - at one moment lost in the clouds, the next having a firm grip on reality. If one of them can be up in the air and the other partner realistic in each situation, it's fine but if they are not balancing each other in this respect, they are susceptible to getting carried away by a new trend and to sinking into a seemingly bottomless pit of depression.

  • Thank you Captain. I will take a look now.

  • Hello Captain,

    Could you please look at our compatibility ?

    My friend 10 January 1981

    Mine 10 July 1985

    thank you so much Captain

  • Chocolatebox, this is easiest for friendship. The relationship is likely to be extroverted, unserious and involved in the lighter aspects of life. A love of theatre, dance and sports is characteristic here, and the two of you yourselves have a flair for the theatrical. You may not strike this pose professionally - it can emerge within a social or family group or with mutual friends. Just make sure that your expressions of feeling are real and not put on for effect. Repeated emotional effects can get old very quickly. Your solid friend has an eccentric side, which melds well with your sometimes bizarre tastes, lending more than a bit of quirkiness to the relationship. You two can liven up any situation considerably, but you must be careful not to go too far. Your friend is usually the anchor that pulls the relationship back down to reality, ensuring that responsibilities are met and that the job gets done.

    After a day of hard work, he looks forward to being with you as either a companion or lover to relax and have fun. Beyond that however, this relationship can open up a whole new life for both of you, allowing you to express your most outrageous and uninhibited impulses. Your friend's responsibility often gets him labeled conservative or stick-in-the-mud. Getting tired of this, he might welcome a relationship with you, in which he can show just how vivacious he can be. A love affair here can be exciting and colourful. Should it evolve into marriage, your friend's steadfastness and your domestic instincts can be a strongly grounding influence.

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