Compatibility analysis

  • mine is 28, may 1974 gem

    his is 3, january 1978 cap

    i hope it looks good for things to come together

    thank you

  • Hello Captain I would very much appreciate a romantic compatibility reading if you are still able to do one. My birthdate is 4th June 1971 and my husbands is 18th September 1971. Thank you 🙂

  • How sweet!


    me. July 21, 1978

    him. January 11, 1981

  • Thank you so much Captain.....WOW I don't what to say except WOW....I will keep what you said ALL OF IT in mind.....thank you again!!!!!


  • luckystarr, this relationship is likely to reach a depth of empathy and sensitivity far beyond what either party is capable of alone or with other people. This special emotional intensity can work either beneficially or hurtfully, since it keys in to personal areas of great vulnerability. The relationship can develop a great deal of trust, for example, but if the results of this trust are negative, you and your partner may be forced to back off from each other, or even to break off the relationship. Both of you may come into the relationship strongly armored or protected because of past hurts, yet are unable to close yourselves off to each other due to the powerful chemistry between you. Love and friendship in this combination offer unique opportunities for self-exploration, mutual growth and sharing. You will generally be able to see deep into the inner life of your partner, who for his part may be made quite uptight by being so transparent; yet he in turn will have special powers in cases of your withdrawal and depression, leaving both of you feeling you have nowhere to hide. Both of you can benefit from your scrutiny of each other, yet both may have mixed feelings about it. Passions are likely to be intense here, hard to fathom and even harder to control. Particularly at the extremes of ecstatic and unhappy moments, lack of analytical skills and awareness may lead you both to feel a bit helpless about what is happening to you, leaving you quite confused. Marriages and work relationships often lack the solid commitment, practical abilities and technical skills necessary to get it together. Not that you two are completely lacking in these skills, but your relationship is so emotional that you may be handicapped in using them. If this relationship is to succeed, you both must strive for objectivity, put feelings aside, and keep your eyes directly on what needs doing, without getting distracted. ADVICE: Gain insight into yourself. Try to be a bit analytical. Remain open but more in control. Be aware of others.

    luckystarr, you will need to do a lot of soulsearching to find faith in yourself. You can be oversensitive to other's feelings, and emotional setbacks and traumas can lead you to a certain wariness and fiercely self-protective stance. Overcoming feelings of unworthiness and replacing some fearful or aggressive attitudes with joy and acceptance will greatly help you to make it on your journey through life. Cultivate an ability to forgive and forget. Turn loose those old fears and personal slights and open yourself to the future with confidence and hope. Release your fear of rejection and disapproval, and learn to ask for what you need. Trust that it's OK to reveal your soft side.

    Your partner will find happiness channeling his energy into the mastery of a fulfilling profession or craft. He doesn't have much of a need for social contact or connection and finds peace in solitude. He does however like an audience when he is mixing with others. He must be careful not to develop pessimism or undue self-involvement from isolation. He may lose his way in false ideas of self-sacrifice or a kind of chronic victimhood. He must break the chains of his insecurity and find a place in his life for spiritual practices. There must be a healthy balance between his social life and his need to be alone. Too much of either can result in physical, emotional, or mental ill heath. He should strive to develop a deeper understanding of himself and others.

  • Szeretnék egy részletes elemzést a hüségröl és a szerelemröl ÉN:1974-11-19 Párom:1974-04-29 ki-e fogunk békülni és öszintén szeret-e engem?Köszönöm elöre is

  • 1974-11-19 Születtem a párom :1974-04-29 Szeretném tudni hogy öszintén szeret -e ki e békülünk és hüséges hozzám? köszönöm

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I wish to know whether there's any chances of developing a lasting, caring & heart warming friendship with this friend of mine; since there's such a big gap in our age. I always wonder, if he's my soul-mate. Those that does not involve marriage kind of soul-mate but rather stick together through thick or thin..please advice.

    My DOB is 3rd Nov 54 & his DOB is 21st Oct 70.

    Thanks for your help & have a nice weekend.

  • Hi TheCaptain

    I´d be bold to ask for 2 as i have 2 men i fancy a LOT

    My DOB - march 10 1972 at 11.20 PM Soenderborg Denmark

    Alden Oct 4 1937 at 1.27 AM Wallace Idaho USA ( yes i know the gap )

    Charles June 25 at 2.47 AM San Francisco USA ( ye ye i KNNOOOWW LOL )


  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Good day to you.

    Thanks for the good work done for us in this site.

    Just wonder whether i can request a reading from you as well.

    I'm patching things up with my gf...hope a reading from you though

    mine: 5Mar1976

    Her's: 23Nov1974

    Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    Wishing you a great day. Cheerios


  • Captain, thank you so much for the reading!

    To answer your question about me having a dark side, well I do struggle with a lot of fear and depressing thoughts since I was a child. I can be quite fun loving and cheerful at times, but I think I'm super sensitive to any negativety around me.

    As far as my husband having low self worth, i think he does in some ways, but he tries his very darndest not to show it and it comes out in other ways.

    I'll stop rambling now and again, thank you.

  • henicycca, can you run you request through a translation program? And let me know if you will understand my reply in English.

  • Captain PLEASE HELP! Im a wreck! Is my boyfriend cheating on me ? should I leave? is my true love waiting? His birthdate is may -11-1981. My birthdate is July-18-1981. Help me ! my heart is breaking! I don't have any babies yet and I want them soon! This relationship has involved quite a bit of domestic violence already (I know, I should have left the first time ) but lately it hasn't reared its ugly head. Lately we've even been going to church and trying to get on track, but I need to know, is it all for naught and should I stop trying and wait for my True love and if so where the hell is he cause i want him!

  • cancervirgomama - oops, you two have the same astrological combination as Prince Charles and Lady Di - and you know how that went!

    Too often the facade that this combination presents to friends, relatives and the public at large belies the true state of things. The relationship is enigmatic and hard to grasp, even for the couple themselves. Although Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs (associated with feeling), the relationship's symbol is earth, giving it a pragmatic, grounded, and physical side that emphasizes responsibility, but can also be characterized as judgmental and prone to laying on guilt and blame. In love affairs and marriages, you are likely to resent your friend's controlling attitudes. You are usually on the receiving end of his punishment, and the relationship may in fact have a slightly sadomasochistic character. Part of the problem is that you have a desperate need to express your feelings, while your friend builds his entire ego structure around controlling his. Threatened by your displays of emotion, he will repress and dominate—when actually he would do well to learn a thing or two. You, on the other hand, have an uncanny ability to needle your friend. And since neither of you will act especially long-suffering if you don't get what you want, you both will not hesitate to seek satisfaction elsewhere if the relationship fails to provide it. Lest this picture look unduly gloomy, it should be said that you can also be happy together, but only if dedication, honesty, and accepting, nonjudgmental and affectionate attitudes prevail. Friendships in this combination can be puzzling and are often misunderstood. The world tends mainly to see your differences, and to view the relationship as somewhat vague and lacking in definition. Only if the relationship can prove its efficacy and survive some hard knocks will family and friends at last acknowledge it and take it seriously. ADVICE: Be honest and open. Avoid double standards. Relinquish controlling attitudes. Don't let yourself be treated like a football.

    You, cancervirgomama, are blessed with a fine capacity for hard work as well as a fine sensitivity to others. You may struggle to find the balance between personal comfort and the need for a broader perspective. You can become so preoccupied with emotional matters that you lose sight of the worldly success that singlemindedness of purpose can give you. You must erect psychic barriers between you and other people to protect those sensitive feelings. But resist your impulse to withdraw completely and avoid your tendency to overindulge in sensual pursuits. Release an attraction to short-term amusements and remain focused on the long-term. Greater experience and exposure may harden you somewhat, but it might also make you more aggressive and unduly controlling. Take care to maintain a meaningful social life and loving family relationships. Others will benefit from yout astute financial gifts, fine technical talents, and comforting and understanding presence.

    Your friend has a tendency towards self-pity and may not be in touch with what his heart tells him. He will need courage and dedication to achieve his seemingly impossible dreams. But he is charming, charismatic, resourceful, and resilient so he may yet find success. Getting into his deeper motivations, passions, and feelings however may prove difficult. Greater self-knowledge and avoiding a tendency to denial, self-deception, or the need to keep up appearances is key here. There is a tendency to manipulate others for his own ends which must be controlled. What he really needs is something to believe in - a person, a cause, a god or a principle - to give his life true meaning.

  • Thank you for the reading Captain. I am so depressed. It seems I may be destined to a life that is unfulfilled. I know there are issues with me and my Cancer and what you stated makes sense to me. What match is good for a strange one like myself? I feel so lonely inside.

  • Hello Captain, Thank you for investing so much of your time into helping strangers.... if you get a free moment I'd like to analyze mine & my mister....we have something special but need some insight. mine bday is 05/27/1973 and his is 10/24/1966. We have a long distance relationship. I'm in the US & he in UK. It's difficult but worth the wait, Thanks so much!

  • Hi Captain thanks for the reading. It was very interesting, I can say when it's good, it's good, when bad it's bad. But,over all the reading was ok. Just wish it was a little more positive.

  • worthy1248, I thought there was a lot of good things in your report.

  • Thanks Captain I alwyas thought that Gemini and Aqua really make a good couple and companions. I know that's what the beginning of the report was about. And you are right about me I do over analyze. He has told me this before. I must say Captain your reading was accurate. Maybe I did not want to accept some part of it.

  • Purita, this relationship may find itself involved in a social, moral, ethical or religious code or system of belief that champions equality and denounces exclusion or privilege. It might well be politically involved, you and your partner seeing yourselves as champions of the downtrodden. If your expansive vision and motivating ability can meld with your partner's leadership skills, the relationship can be a force for positive change. Kindness, affection and sympathy are likely here; you can often provide the patience and understanding that a relationships with your partner requires, and he also has a sound business sense that is likely to keep shared projects on the rails. The relationship is usually optimistic, but you both must be careful neither to avoid self-criticism nor to dismiss the valuable suggestions of others as unwanted negativity.

    Love affairs may click sexually, and should the romance fade, love of a less heated nature, leading to friendship or marriage, may take its place. These latter relationships often turn out to be more important than the original affair, which in retrospect may be seen simply as the means by which you two were brought together. Elements of friendship and marriage can intermingle here, with the personal and human element in the forefront. You are both capable of highly unconventional work relationships, which you often put in the service of a cause. This endeavor may not be exclusively idealistic and noncommercial; the innovative pair of you will find ways to make your idealism pay off, often developing a product or service that is a solid moneymaker. Even if profits fail to soar off the charts, the relationship will generally function well on a modest but reasonable cash return. ADVICE: Listen to the suggestions of others. Be more self-critical. Beware of getting carried away by excessive idealism or conceit.

    Purita, you should release your need to control and find joy in transcending obstacles. Overcoming negativity to develop a positive outlook will help you transcend the limits imposed by your practical nature. You also have a very spiritual side, but your pitfalls could be judging yourself and others too harshly and becoming stuck in habits that are not good for you. You are blessed with a natural curiosity, a sense of independence, and a yearning for adventure. You push the envelope of ordinary life in the interest of expanding knowledge. Guard against a tendency to poke at established beliefs and instituions, to exaggerate, or become irritable in your efforts to overcome restrictions. Don't insist on freedom to the detriment of your other goals of finding faith in the future, your evolving spirituality, or your practical talents. Set yourself specific, measurable goals.

    Your partner needs to find a balance between his own self-interest and other people's needs. He may seem to be very self-absorbed, yet his intensity is bound up with a sense of his destiny that is very hard to shake. Once he has made breaks with his past or birth family, he may manifest something approaching blind ambition as he makes his way to the top of his profession, guided by a specific idea about where he wants to go and who he wants to be. His natural dynamism, passionate drive, and real determination makes him likely to succeed. Though he has a big ego and big plans, he has a heart to match, and his strong sense of self will bring him real satisfaction and fulfillment which will benefit others too. He must be careful not to adhere to higher authorities or a code of conduct at the expense of his own self-expression.

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