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  • (F) 3rd July 90 (M) 3rd August 86.

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  • Haribo3, this relationship can work well for love. It has two sides and its energies oscillate between them - between light and dark, outer and inner, intuition and emotion. Little attempt is made to tone down contrasts or to arrive at a compromise or synthesis. Understanding the wide swings imposed by this combination's pendulum-like nature, and learning to go with its flow, will go far toward creating peace here. The Cancer female will have an easier time of it; unconventional in nature, she may even enjoy the relationship's variety. The Leo male on the other hand has a strong need for balance. He may tense up in this relationship, resisting its natural viability and creating the potential for conflict. A love affair here is often romantic, involving deep emotional interaction and exciting and often risky activities, whether in career areas or out in the wild. The female feels most comfortable at home but yearns for projects that will sweep her off her feet or whisk her away on a magic carpet. The male may be just the opposite, spending his time breaking down barriers and reaching new heights of achievement but all the while dreaming of a warm fire and a comfortable bed. An ideal arrangement for these two would be to spend long periods first at home and then elsewhere, perhaps passing one part of the year in their own city or country and another part away or abroad. The relationship's swings and oscillations can generate some domestic instability, but socially this pair can be the life of the party. The more activities they can share, the better: both a love affair and a marriage tend to be most successful when they are also engaged in a shared career endeavour. If they are lovers who also work together, they may not even consider marriage a necessary step.

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    Could you do the compatibiliy between me (February 23, 1997) and my friend (March 21, 1997)? I feel as though our friendship is getting stronger.


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  • ReeseyReese, this is best for friendship more than anything else. You can feel a bit threatened by your friend's direct energy - if you are more aggressive than this energy, you may clash with it. If you are more passive, you may be overwhelmed and play a passive role. It is better for you to stand up and assert yourself however, since otherwise you risk submerging yourself to the service of your friend. A resulting loss of self-esteem on your part might even accelerate, leaving your friend fruitlessly trying to convince you of his/her worth. You may also find your friend overbearing and dictatorial at times, but you will admire his/her ability to deal with worldly or personal matters and act on them. And your friend will be deeply touched by the quality of empathy in you, even if he/she is unable to respond in kind.

    Your feelings for each other can be pure and idealistic, almost like religious worship. There are two dangers here - that you two will have a certain fanaticism; second, that the relationship may be too fragile to survive in a tough world. Cross-currents and complexities are common here. Fixed long-term relationships are not recommended, but friendships and short love affairs may flourish if flexibility can be maintained. Especially in friendship, a loving strong bond can develop through mutual sympathy and understanding. The practical side of the relationship is by no means weak. Your friend has a strong pragmatic side and you may be surprisingly good with money. Yet these practical strengths will have to gel and blossom to be able to balance the relationship's natural fervour and zeal. This relationship will not endure forever but it can be good while it lasts, so long as the pair of you are aware of its problems.

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  • I would like to know about me and an Aries man.

    Me: March 8, 1990

    Him: April 13, 1989

    It's currently a friendly relationship, but I think he has potential for a romantic partner....

  • I don't know if you do compatibility between siblings as well but I'm assuming so... but anyway...

    I can hardly understand the relationship between me and my oldest brother. One part of my life he's there and a good friend like any other, and before you know it he loses track of everything else and gets completely lost in his work, relationship with his new girlfriend, and the games he plays all the time...

    I just would like a little more clarity is all.

    My birthdate is March 21st, 1991

    His is May 21st, 1981.

  • Hi!!! I'm new to this forum but have been following astrology as a hobby for years. I have recently met a cancer male that I'm intrigued with and I think the feeling is mutual but both of us are being cautious. Could you do a compatibility report to see if we would get along as anything more than friends. We have really good chemistry but I want to know if there is anything other than just the sexual chemistry and whether this could be a long term thing. Thank you!

    my dates - May 18th 1977 5:25am

    his dates - July 5 1979 5:08pm

  • MissChaos, this is best for friendship or business and worst for marriage/living together or a love relationship. A relationship here may show abiding bonds of sympathy and affection, but generally lacks the searing emotion of a full-blown love affair. The main theme of your relationship is socialization. You have an acute need for privacy and this guy needs to surround himself with people so that your shared feelings with others will be a big issue here. Your needs will clash and cause conflict in an intimate relationship. You would have to have strong strict agreements about how your living space was to be used because he would want to always have people over while you would long for peace and quiet.

    As friends, this guy will bring you more into contact with the world, introducing you to both people and lucrative career opportunities. He has problems reaching his deeper feelings and you, being a master at it, can help him to discover hidden and neglected areas of his psyche, just by insisting that he talks about how he feels. In this way you can help him live life more deeply, making his relationships with others more meaningful and improving the quality of his social interactions. You can also give him the sympathy and emotional acceptance he needs when he is misunderstood by his spouse or lover. In return, he can infuse you with hope and inspiration when you feel bogged down in a stagnant or hopeless relationship.

    But the sympathy and understanding here is not enough to make up for your big differences in lifestyle and approach to the world. Becoming more intimate would most likely spell the end of your friendship.

  • OCain, a desire to work together lies at the forefront of this relationship, but underlying power plays create a curious difficulty in doing so. Open conflict is generally absent; instead, there is wariness and playful competition. As in martial arts, neither of you lets down their guard, but such defensive postures prevent real intimacy. Also precluding openness, unconditional giving and sharing are ego and pride, which play strong roles here. Trust will have to be earned - it cannot be expected to come easily. The realization that kindness, acceptance, and love have their own sort of strength, which can only be tapped by relinquishing power games, must be a goal to strive for here. You two will rarely feel entirely comfortable with each other. Your emotional complexity is a bit hard for your brother to fathom and even daunting to him, while you like his flair and energy but may find that he comes on a bit strong for you, offending your sensibilities. This to-and-fro tension is what keeps you from getting closer. Mutual respect can be attained here by learning to appreciate each other's talents and capabilities. Spending more time together and really getting to know each other properly - with your defences down - will aid in this process. You have to risk getting hurt in order to deepen the relationship. Once united, you two can use your combined power to achieve mutual goals rather than competing against each other, even if it is in subtle ways. Rely more on your intuition. Once you are both on the same wavelength, true intimate bonds with each other will be formed.

  • Taurussnake, the two of you are capable of a close friendship that can develop into a love affair or even marriage. Your quiet secretive friend will often be fascinated by your colorful flamboyance, which perhaps mirrors his own hidden desire to be more extroverted. He can become obsessed with your wishes and you in turn may come to acknowledge them and help him to unlock his hidden visions too. In a relationship formed in such a case, fantasy and dreams will blossom, encouraging intimate enjoyment and exciting projects in the shape of a full-blown romance.

    This relationship can brew some fantastic visions. Its grand, even gigantic, ideas and plans represent a meeting of two separate, vivid fantasy worlds that can produce amazing results - if they are in synch. Alas, relatively few of your dreams will come to fruition, and indeed can be highly unrealistic. Yet their originality and imaginative content are memorable. You need to be the practical down-to-earth one here Taurussnake because your friend is a real dreamer but not much of a doer. If you want things to happen, you are going to have to ground him in reality and make your own dreams manifest in the world too. You must keep in touch as much with reality as fantasy. Stay strong and learn to handle disappointments if you dream too big.

    Should your friendship result in marriage or a permanent living situation, the most extraordinary domestic space can be created in which the two of you will be liberated to externalize your fantasies without fear of failure or rejection. Such a space can be a laboratory for social or artistic forays into the world, but also a sanctum to retreat to when an unappreciative public creates disappointments. Marriage here can be rich and full, but as parents, you two might be considered quirky or far out by your more practical children or family members and must be careful not to reject their views and feelings. Your visionary energy might be hard for your family to cope with on a daily basis. The more outrageous or fantastical your dreams and longings, the more disappointment can arise if those dreams don't manifest, so think of your children when you make your plans for the future. After too many failures, it can be difficult for others to believe in you again. So dream big, but also be realistic about what you can achieve together.

  • Thank you very much for this, Captain. I will certainly make use of this advice in the future.

  • Just out of curiosity, from an astrological perspective...

    (F) 15 October 1985

    (M) 18 February 1991

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Kaymrial, this highly romantic relationship will often go like a house on fire at the start. Few would predict that you two would even like each other, but subtle magnetic feelings can draw you together irresistibly. It is one of those relationships in which its partners seem to call out to each other silently across the boundaries of time and space. You are often fated to meet and once you are in each other's company, there seems to be no force in the universe strong enough to keep you apart.

    Although fully committed however, such a relationship doesn't always have staying power. Disappointment and disillusionment will follow any separation or breakup, for which no preparation is generally possible. To you two starry-eyed lovers, the future stretches out unendingly, replete with all the joys life has to offer. External resistance may be easy for you two to handle in the early stages of your love affair, but the relationship may be worn down over time by a dedicated, purposeful opponent. Problems can also occur in the differences in your personalities - you are likely to appear overdominant to your partner who has his own need to express his ambition and will. In turn, he may be much too defensive and secretive for your taste.

    As friends, you two can be mutually protective and extremely understanding of each other's needs. Even so, the requirements of your careers and family life are usually so great that the relationship will show signs of strain over the lack of time being available for it.

  • Ok; this is a new 'relationship' - he's been after me for some time and I finally decided to give it a go:

    I'm Nov. 13, 1980 he's Jan. 28, 1980.

    Much appreciated! xo

  • Harlow1322, this relationship is fateful, perhaps karmic. You two may get the strange feeling that you are being driven by forces beyond your control. Trying to understand the deeper aspects of your relationship is crucial for you both if you are to have some measure of control over the events spinning wildly about you. The contrast between your more serious energies Harlow and the lighter energies of your partner is marked, and the relationship has a decidedly dark-sided character. Together you two may find yourselves forced to confront the more unpleasant aspects of life - particularly pain and loss.

    A romantic relationship here will tend to be serious. Sexual intensity is seldom the focus - as lovers, the two of you are more preoccupied, even obsessed, with the more elusive elements of each other's personalities.The reasons for these feelings are difficult to pinpoint and may ultimately have to be acknowledged, like so many other elements of your relationship, as an unfathomable mystery. Marriage is often inevitable between you, once you have joined in a strong love affair. Again there is a feeling that as spouses you two will demand not only a particularly deep commitment but also the necessary time for working out complex issues, such as your different approaches to life and love.

    An easygoing friendship may be impossible here, even when that is what one or both of you wants. Frustrations over being unable to enjoy the friendship fully without grave problems emerging may lead to its early demise. A working relationship, especially if you work for the same company, can be more permanent in nature. You two seem fated to interact regularly over many years. However your real fate may be to understand yourselves. Try to take a more active role in assuming responsibility for your actions and promote positive energies in your relationship.

    At its best, this relationship is fateful, serious and mysterious. At its worst, it is obsessive, painful and unhappy. It is up to the two of you to decide which direction it goes in.

  • Captain could you please analyze Feb 25 1962 male and Jan 15 1974 Female. thanks in advance!

  • Zj2000, this relationship is easy going and pleasurable. Both the Capricorn female and the Pisces male know the nature of struggle, but in their relationship with each other they are able to put aside painful problems and difficulties, let their guard down, and relax. An external youthfulness characterizes this matchup, and its childlike nature and openness protects its partners more thoroughly than any thick-walled defenses ever could. Defenses like that of course invite attack, whereas these two silently believe that true innocence is unassailable. Although other people may find their belief naive, they themselves feel they can make it work in daily life. In fact it can become part of the relationship's inner fabric. This is not necessarily a religious combination, but it features a kind of easy self-confidence and trust in each other's love and in the relationship itself.

    Marriage between this pair can be outstanding. Both partners make excellent parents - nurturing, patient and supportive in the extreme. A love affair or friendship on the other hand can be unstable and transitory because the man will be less focused and the woman less devoted. These types of relationships are unlikely to withstand emotional upset and, if either partner has any immaturity (which is very probable with the man), they may actually turn out to be quite selfish and self-absorbed. It is the glue of marriage that makes this relationship great, if this couple can make it that far.

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