Compatibility analysis

  • Cottontail, the emphasis here is on action. It works best of all for friendship but can carry over into love, if you two are careful not to fall afoul of society or of the law. Excitement is an essential here if a slump in the relationship is to be avoided, and excitement will usually reawaken dormant interests and slumbering energies.

    An extreme hankering for freedom and an uncompromising ethical stance may manifest as rebellion against any condition seen as unjust or unfair. The result may be that outsiders view the pair of you as antisocial or even, in extreme cases, sociopathic yet your relationship tends to work to protect the downtrodden and the weak. When spurred on to action by noble moral sentiments, you two can have an awesome power for good.

    Both of you usually need to escape into life experiences rather than away from them, and you both need a "twin" with whom to share such experiences. The importance that you two give to what may seem to be external issues, particularly in matters of technique and quality, may lead others to see the relationship as superficial and not terribly serious. Such judgments ignore the fact that worldly interests do not necessarily preclude soulfulness or spirituality.

    Your friend has the perfect blend of caution and courage to allow you to have a good time and forget your troubles. No matter what the age difference in this combination, your friend will find himself treated as an equal - a vitally important requirement for him. You for your part cannot stand phoniness in any form and will find your friend unlikely to hide his feelings or wear a mask.

    This relationship can work as long as you two don't become too rebellious, overly moralistic or condemning in your 'crusades'. Remain fair and cultivate spirituality through meditation or other forms of connection to the Divine.

  • Dear Captain,

    I wonder if the Captain can help me too...I loved my request from the other topic

    Me - female Jan 9, 1980 (I think my moon is in Libra)

    Him - Oct 12, 1981 (I don't know his moon)

    I appreciate any insights as I am considering cutting tie with him after 4 years of ups and downs with 2 being long distance.

  • I mean I *moved my request from the other thread as you suggested. And this is a romantic relationship.

  • Hi Captian

    Can you please do a reading for me. My D.O.B. 7th March 1962 Partner 29th January 1973. Many Thanks!

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, this relationship has a tendency to mislead its partners by giving them the feeling of having a lot more freedom that they actually do or should have. One or both of you may be guilty of excessive pride, and thus be at times a trifle arrogant. Keeping an eye on reality and refusing to get carried away by self-importance are therefore crucial here. Both of you can be strong, self-confident and ambitious individuals and, when you get together, the relationship that results may intensify these tendencies and blow your egos all out of proportion. Particularly important then will be an awareness of other people's feelings and an understanding of the boundaries and limitations that you should not overstep. On the other side of the coin, you will be strongly united by common bonds.

    In a love affair, friendship or marriage, neither of you ironically are always able to tolerate the other partner's need to go off alone for a while. Neither of you is overly hungry for attention, but there is a limit to the degree to which you both can take the relationship for granted - a time will come when you both will have to give it some serious input. Both of you must make the effort to break your busy schedules and make time for shared vacations, hobbies, and entertainment. Showing care through a thoughtful gift, flowers or a candlelight dinner will do wonders to blow new life into the relationship. So you have to decide if your career or the relationship is your highest priority. Put your ambitions on a tight rein and keep the channels of communication well open. Without this care, commitment and attention coming from both sides, your relationship will simply lack the glue needed to keep it together.

  • Mojana, a love affair here might be controversial if the two of you choose to reveal the particulars of your intimacy. But if you stay quiet, few may even guess that romance could exist between you - it would be surprising, even shocking, to many people that you are together in the first place. A marriage here would lay down another sort of smoke screen - one of respectability; the appearance of conventionality may be misleading here, being totally at odds with the truth. In both love and marriage here, you Mojana can play the role of the introvert and your partner the extrovert, when the truth is just the opposite.

    This relationship can hide many secrets in whatever form it occurs - love, friendship or a working partnership. It indeed works best as a work relationship. You two often get a kick out of shocking others, often by a surprising revelation that throws others off the track. As a matter of fact, the pair of you may hide yourselves not by concealing your real activities but by revealing a string of phony ones that serve as a diversion. Yet there will be a lot of difficulty in hiding yourselves away and preserving your privacy. You will inevitably end up in the spotlight, leading friends and family to think you are really exhibitionists, yet nothing is further from the truth. The really intense moments in this relationhsip are highly personal, whether or not you two are physically alone or not. Even in the midst of uproar and hubbub, you can drop your curtain and isolate yourselves in the crowd. Part of this relationship's secret is that it carries with it a unique and deep understanding of the dynamics of private and public behaviour, an understanding you two use to your advantage.

    The only question is that when all your secrets do eventually come to light, will the relatonship be able to sustain itself under the weight of public pressure? The strengths of the relationship are that it can be clever, sophisticated and selective, but its weaknesses of being misleading, cheating, and illusionary may outweigh the positives. Sadly, after the secret breaks, there may be nothing left to keep you two together.

  • Many Thanks Captain.

  • Thank you, Captain. Still not sure if I still want to give it another shot.. seems to be too difficult! 😞

  • Oh oh, me too 🙂

    Me: 5/31/1987

    Him: 5/6/1987

    Thank you Captain!

  • JustineCleo, this relationship is best for work and worst for love and marriage. It is a volatile relationship that is alternately magnetic and rebellious: the two of you are drawn to each other yet repelled at the same time. Some form of wildness is unleashed as soon as you come too close, forcing a kind of distancing to achieve balance again. Judgmental attitudes are often used to achieve this goal. As a result, true closeness is elusive here and may not exist at all except in brief moments. When you two become involved, your friend's overly instructive, even pedantic side often comes out, making you recoil, rebel and flee. You two can be attracted however by your similar views on justice and morality, and may do best when fighting side-by-side together for the same cause.

    In a love affair, your free-spiritedness may at first be very attractive to your friend but may eventually be perceived by him as wild ways that must be controlled or rejected. He ultimately will demand a devotion and a stability that you may be unable to give. Furthermore, although you are a seductive and physically exciting individual, if rejected by your friend you may become unglued, indulging in undignified and in extreme instances pitiful behaviour. Marriage (if a love affair can make it that far, which is doubtful) or friendship have better chances of success when directed outward to shared activities. The biggest problem here is that your friend will likely have little patience with your addictions, and will begin looking for the exit as soon as they surface.

  • Hello Captain,

    Most of the readings say we don't match at all, but actually there is a very deep connection between us, what do u say ?

    Mine: 29.12.89

    His: 07.10.88

    Thank you!

  • Rufsy, the greatest challenge here is for you two to overcome is a tendency to be uncommunicative, Should this block be great enough, it's unlikely the relationship will get very far off the ground. Assuming that it has, however, considerable energy will have to be expended to keep the lines of communication open and operating. At heart, you may not always approve of your friend, seeing him as an attractive but rather social, indecisive and superficial creature - not someone to be taken too seriously. Moreover, since he is likely to do what feels good and is not particularly bound by society's standards for moral behaviour, you may condemn him as eccentric - while he will not enjoy many aspects of a relationship that is uptight and judgmental.

    Should you two be physically attracted to one another, your relationship may still not go far beyond the early stages for the reasons above. Marriage would only result if you can be convinced of your friend's serious intentions. In reality, if you can reconcile your differences, you might benefit substantially from your friend's social savvy while he can profit from your practical and financial acumen. The relationship may supply you two with a great deal of what you need, even if it's not exactly what you want. A friendship here tends to be more understanding than a love affair, with your differences a source of interest and delight rather than condemnation.

    A working relationship is best of all here, with your friend's taste and psychological insight melding brilliantly with your leadership capabilities and hard-headed pragmatism. An energetic enterprise with your friend handling design, buying, marketing or public relations and you dealing with production, sales or money management can be highly successful.

  • I hope you don't mind me coming back for another analysis, but this is yet another friend that I have recently come into contact with again for the first time in a few years I think it's been...

    Me: March 21st, 1991

    Hers: March 19th, 1991

  • We didn't seem to work perfectly well together before but... we seem to be getting along much better now. Given, she still has some sort of resentment toward males, but I think it's really just stemming from the fact that she makes bad choices with a lot of guys... I mean, a LOT of guys.

  • OCain, this relationship is paradoxical: straightforward, simple, yet emotionally profound and complex. Your interaction generates a lot of steam, symbolizing the tremendous pressure that simultaneously binds the relationship and threatens to burst it apart. Your relationship is marked by an ethereal kind of passion, sometimes amorphous and at other times flaming out of control. These qualities make it hard to define or grasp to others - but the two of you understand your matchup on a deep, almost subconscious level.

    The relationship's primal nature is emphasized by its direct expression of emotions, usually of the black-and-white variety: love or hate, not affection; like or dislike, nor sympathy; sex or abstinence, not sensuousness. Similarities and differences, attraction and repulsion - all avoid the gray, in-between areas. Fights between you are intense, but periods of ease may be marked by remarkable camaraderie and good feelings. Both of you can be bewildered at times by what is happening between you and at a loss to control it; like the weather, your relationship is truly elemental.

    This combination is not workable for a stable love or marital relationship, but you two can make good friends. You won't necessarily be close however; there will always be a competitive element between you, no matter how deep your bond of understanding. Constant confrontation and criticism do not bode well for a day-to-day relationship but perhaps allows for one in which you see each other less often. Sexual encounters are likely to be intense but brief.

  • Thank you muchly, Captain. I kind of wish I knew some of this sooner, say... three years ago. Well anyway, thank you ^-^

  • Thanks so much for taking your time doing this.

    Me: June 21 th, 1972

    His: June 07 th, 1965

  • Jennifer1234, this can be a very long, very good relationship, especially favoured for marriage. A love affair here will likely centre around both partners' need to be understood and accepted. You probably know a great deal about yourself Jennifer, but your partner will often need a better understanding of himself, especially of his suppressed dark side, before the relationship really begins to develop. A complex process is at work here: investigation of each person's individual personality can broaden into a richer understanding not only of your relationship but of other people, even of life itself. Expressing love and intimacy is the reward of such a process. Marriage will continue the evolution of the love affair. At first, your partner is likely to back away from a longterm commitment - you will have to show patience and steadfastness here. Once the commitment is made however, he will be a devoted and dedicated spouse.

    This relationship often involves a search for self. Questions about identity, fulfillment, and the soul will predominate here, with the two of you not only sharing your personal journeys but pondering your relationship as it deepens and grows. Although you may seek external goals, your relationship is more likely to try to deepen itself through inner exploration, plumbing psychological, emotional and perhaps spiritual depths. Your partner has a shadow side that longs for understanding; being the good and sympathetic listener that you are, Jennifer, you are just the right person to counter his fear of looking foolish and to help him to know himself better. The emphasis on inner growth here is also just the ticket for you, so thoughtful and profound as you are, to benefit from your partner's enthusiasm and his ability to share ideas and information.

    A friendship here is more externally oriented. A love of nature may prompt you two to explore beautiful countryside or simply to take walks in city parks. Peaceful relaxation together is also part of the picture. It's good for you both to stay physically active.

  • Thanks a lot for your fast answer. I am surprised I thouhgt we wouldn't fit. So can you see he have feelings too for me? He is so cold and don't contact me himself.

  • Jennifer1234, if he doesn't contact you, there's not much you can do at the moment. Leave him alone. Geminis like to be free to come and go as they please. This man needs to understand himself and what he needs better before he will be ready for a committed relationship. That might be years so don't wait around for him - just get on with your life. If he strikes up a relationship, fine. If he doesn't, move on.

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