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  • Thanks again Captain for nailing things on the head!

    Please look into these:

    Me: 9/21/70

    NRR: 12/13/90

    TCa: 3/24/84

    LzT: 3/17/83

    LBi: 1/13/83

    KO: 6/20/83

    TM: 4/4/73

    Really appreciate it!


  • Krisp, don't you have any idea who might be right for you?

  • Thank you very much, Captain, you are so right 🙂 All the best!! Thank you.

  • Story of my life, eh? Thank you very much Captain. Yes I believe I did, at quite a few times, find that it was easy to bend her to my will, but very shortly after I did that I began to become a little remorseful because I also found that this meant that... well... she rarely has a will of her own. I always knew it but I never really let it get to me until recently. Of course, now she no longer has a single ounce of trust for me but that's probably because I abused the trust she had with me before and told her a lot of what she didn't want to hear. I uhm, already decided that it was better to go and explore and told her that I'm... not letting her come back. She's angry about something, and I've found that some of her emotion only has reasons in her subconscious, while she can't explain it to everyone else what's REALLY happening.

    I suppose I should watch myself and at least learn from this experience even if I don't intend to talk to that girl again for a long while. She's done some equally tactless things in the friendship and I suppose I should take the advice of 'Iater life friendship rather than a love match'.

    I'm on the fast track to self-discovery I suppose?

    Once again, Captain, thank you. For the few times that I come here, possibly once a month or less than that, you always seem to have the answers that I'm looking for. Thank you. ^-^

  • You are all very welcome. 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    I hope you are well. I was delighted to see you are still sharing your guidance and wisdom. I would love your take on June 23, 1974 & Feb 20, 1979.

    Many Thanks

  • Mellove, this is good for friendship, bad for love. Both of these people have an ethereal quality, yet they can come together extraordinarily strongly here. Other people who know them will be shocked by the relationship. Together they manifest raw energy and power. The reaction is nearly chemical, elevating strategic thought over emotional sensitivity, instinct over feeling, drive over indecision. This is an awesome combination, associated with initiative and work. The energy has a tremendous intensity, both for good and bad. Such energy must be directed outward; if it is turned inward, it will tear these two apart.

    In work, friendship or marriage, these two are a powerful force for getting projects going in their immediate environment. Despite their often quiet and unassuming presentation, they can be called on to get the job done. Their power is not necessarily strongly physical but may manifest psychologically or spiritually, often accomplishing wonders with little effort. The relationship is very good at teaching others by example and the effects often linger on long after the couple have departed. The success of all types of relationship here will depend not only on the partners' effectiveness but on their ability to relax together and be empathic.

    In a romantic relationship, liking is usually as important as loving. Affection can be more important than passion. An affair here can too often degenererate into a power struggle, especially if this pair loses respect for each other and for themselves. Sexual manipulation may be used destructively here, and the threat to deprive each other of physical interaction, or to break off the relationship altogether, is not uncommon.

  • Thank you for your insight Captain!

  • my bd January 4th 1959 his October 3rd 1956

  • U are so Right!

  • Karean, you no doubt occupy the dominant role in this relationship. Your friend may appreciate that - or not - but it may well arouse his rebelliousness. You two can expect quite a bit of tension and friction here. There is often a choice to be made: either you two can fritter away your contentious impatient energy in endless disagreements or you can use it constructively to move the relationship forwards, possibly in social, creative, technical or commercial spheres.

    A love affair here will have a decided edge to it. Sexual tension may be a prominent feature of your relationship and can lead to either frustration or fulfillment. Outright emotional warfare is possible at times; the danger here is that an ever-expanding spiral of excitement will be necessary for your satisfaction. Marriage here tends to be highly ambitious, with both of you striving together for greater social prestige or recognition - a use of the tensions inherent between you to your mutual advantage. Care must be taken to avoid applying this edge to child rearing however.

    You two can become good friends and indeed friendship is the best possible relationship here. Even if your relationship started out as a competitive or adversarial one, it can melt into great companionship. Together you two can find yourselves engaged in adventure and risk-taking activities - you are both magnetically drawn towards outright danger so take adequate precautions.

  • Hi, this is a romantice realationship,my birthday is November 3, 1970 and his is September 22, 1965. I really love him and he say's he loves me but he doesn't show me love anymore.

  • Scorp70, this relationship works best for friendship. You two would seem to be exact opposites - your parther is more concerned with social matters and externals, and you with personal issues and your complex inner life. Yet your extroverted side is revealed here, Scorp70 especially in a friendship; being able to indulge in theatrical displays without risk of disapproval can be a liberating experience for you. Furthermore, the deep concentration of which you are capable is an excellent tool for directing your partner's attention to the matters at hand. Together you can enjoy a variety of social activities, often complementing each other and filling in the gaps. Of particular note is your shared sense of humour which is often boisterous. Satire and parody are not only directed at others - you two also have the ability to laugh at yourselves.

    In a love affair, you Scorp70 may be too much for your partner to handle. Your moods can be oppressive, leaving him feeling helpless and overwhelmed. He may admire your energy but feel unable to keep up. He prefers to keep things light and may back away when he gets a glimpse of the subterranean depths to which you can descend. A marriage here will thrive on social interaction which may help to brighten the darker side of the relationship for a while. But unless you two become aware of your influence on each other and bring your energies into balance (laughter is the best medicine but you have to be serious when it really counts), your relationship will fall apart. This relationship does better when it avoids fixed situations. In order to work well, it must be flexible and mutually independent.

  • ! Maybe you can help me, dear.

    Femme sag - 11/28/88 pursuing gemini 5/22/87 !

    I'd appreciate any words you have for me!

  • Birthday corrections, for the sake of clarity:

    Nov. 28 1988 & May 22, 1987

  • Lovesicksag, this is best for friendship and worst for love. A love relationship here can trigger both your sensitivities. It is apt to bring out your passionate sides, and you must be careful not to let corresponding negative emotions get out of control. Demonstrating a lack of realism and awareness, this pairing can prove a classic "In bed, it's heaven, outside it's hell" situation. If what is desired is a total relationship rather than a crippled and selfish one, many hours of work on introspection and self-understanding will have to be put in by both of you. Marriage is not recommended here since your friend gets nervous and you impatient around each other if you are together on a daily basis. Friendship or a working relationship can be fun, cordial and productive however because you won't be thrown together as much.

    The real problem here is that you two are diametric opposites with completely different personalities and approaches to life. The challenges are twofold: first, to build understanding and acceptance between you; second, to use this understanding to create a viable structure for the relationship. Both of you are freedom-loving, independent types, perhaps your only similarity, and if you truly want a relationship with each other, you will both have to learn to accept the rules and boundaries that will keep you together, and the expressions of resentment and anger that will have to be vented occasionally. Examining past failures is of limited value here - what is needed more is putting some kind of mechanism in place for solving problems, getting on with the present situation and, ultimately, preparing for a more enlightened future. But since this process requires the whole-hearted cooperation of both of you, it is unlikely to occur. Thus, the relationship is not likely to flourish.

  • **** = hel*l.

  • Hi my birthday is 10/21/76 and his is 08/29/72.


  • MLibra, a love affair here can upset your friend's composure and balance, bringing out his nervous side. He may be flattered by your passion but feel unequal to your ardour, even when you seem satisfied or happy. He is prone to moods that prevent him from believing he is really pleasing to another person. This can be frustrating for you, but it is important you temper your critical outbursts. This can be an exciting relationship for as long as it lasts, though it is very prone to these passionate outbursts and to intellectual expressions that often take the form of blistering criticism. You two can be totally inept socially but also highly gifted creatively if your energy is channelled in the right direction. You are two of the most perfectionistic individuals of all and the creativity you generate together can bring you to the heights of achievement and stimulation professionally, but can be equally disastrous for a love relationship. However, your friend can have a good effect on you by taming your wilder impulses and limiting your occasional waywardness. You meanwhile lend verve and sophistication to his endeavours, often spurring him on to the best he is capable of. So, if your love affair doesn't fall apart and turns into marriage, your friend will feel more comfortable, less nervous and more self-assured. However, you are often much too complex to be happy in a long-range relationship with this relatively predictable partner.

  • My date of birth 05/27/1997,his date of birth 04/01/1998.

    Thank you Captain!(:

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