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  • Krisp

    You and LH: this is a very combative relationship and as such not good for marriage or a longterm matchup. There is a great deal of sensuality and mutual attraction - even a 'fatal' sort of magnetic attraction - but the interactions that result are not necessarily pleasant. Constructive outlets must be found for the emotional and often physical intensity of this relationship or it will get very ugly. Though it can be deep and satisfing in many ways, it can also be destructive. The outcome of marital disputes and eventual breakups here will not be pretty. Should you two ever become adversaries, there is likely to be all-out warfare as you both struggle to settle disputes over possessions, money and children. This relationship can constantly fluctuate between amicable and adversarial in a confusing alternation.

    You and MG: this is good for friendship, worst for marriage. A shared interest in the arts, such as design, painting, sculpture, drawing etc. is characteristic here. MG will be drawn to your aesthetic side, admiring your up-to-date attitudes and ability to monitor the public pulse. Though you may need to put extra effort into understanding MG's feelings, you will appreciate being understood psychologically and accepted for who you are by your perceptive friend. You may find you share a common vision and your shared interests are reflected in your tastes in clothing.and in your general lifestyle. In your relationship, you must be careful not to become too snobbish, exclusive or intolerant. A love affair here can often involve a third party and can be thrilling but ultimately destructive. An affair can go on secretly for years, demonstrating an addictive quality which makes it unrecommended for marriage.

    You and JJ: this combination is a devious one, not easy for either of you to figure out. It rarely follows a straight and narrow path and its focus is often on the intricate workings of the human mind. Together you two tend to be arrogant, and to assume you are a law unto yourselves. Stressing freedom for yourselves, you sometimes apply a double standard, demanding that others toe the line instead. This relationship is a classic combination of beauty and brains and it often makes use of both an attractive exterior and clever arguments to get people to do what it wants. Not surprisingly, honesty is not a strong suit here. Serious power struggles can emerge in love and marriage, especially if one partner feels trapped or oppressed by the other. But this is by no means a definite scenario. But usually one of you will like to come out on top, at least from the standpoint of providing direction or giving orders. Mind games are likely to be used in surprising variety, again indicating the degree to which each partner will manipulate the other to get their own way. A friendship is unlikely to last here or be very deep or intimate. This is best for a career connection.

    Quite honestly, Krisp, I see problems here with all these relationships. I hope they are not your final choices. 🙂

  • I wish I would have seen this earlier!

    Me: 12/25/79

    Tim: 8/2/84

  • Hello Captain. Seems that things have been going very strangely ever since December 20th, although mostly for the better but... there's just been something bugging me that I don't understand.

    Mine: March 21st, 1991

    Hers: February 12th, 1990

    I just want to know one thing, and that's all. Is there anything that states that a good friendship between me and her was impossible anyway?

  • Soulfirepoet, the theme of this relationship has to do with moving from the past toward the future. Of course, development and evolution are implied here, but also both the passage from the old to the new and the continuance of tradition; both the dropping of bad habits and the streamlining of out-of-date approaches. As individuals, you two have both a strongly traditional side and modern thoughts that cry out to be recognized. You both generally rely on intuition to know how much dead wood has to be cut away and what direction a relationship or career should take.

    A love affair here can prove difficult. You Soulfirepoet require your partner to have plenty of patience and an abiding interest in your problems and struggles, whereas your friend needs an appreciative audience and freedom from heavy moods and negativity. The relationship rarely meets all these needs, often resulting in frustration and a desire to escape. Your friend can be put off by your silence, interpreting it as criticism or disapproval and you will often find him over-aggressive and will resent his claimed omniscience. Friendship can be difficult here too, polarizing your friend's extroversion and your own introversion. Still, there is an openness to unusual ideas here that will be appreciated on both sides. If you can manage to overcome your personal differences, there is the chance of success. At best, you are a pioneering duo who are capable of forwarding the aspirations of whatever group you represent. At worst, the relationship will be frustrated, difficult and incompatible. Try to develop empathy for each other and open up avenues of communication to increase personal understanding. Tolerance and understanding will go a long way to improving the relationship.

  • OCain, this relationship does lend itself more to a (later life) friendship than a love match. It is much more inscrutable than either of you may realise, and it demands introspection and self-understanding if it is to succeed. The enigmatic forces at work here are difficult not just to fathom but to perceive at all. Rejection may feature prominently at first, whether it be rejection of each other or of other people and events, and you two will find yourselves bemused by its role in the relationship. Over the years however, rejecting attitudes can change into approving and championing ones. Whether the relationship is a friendship, marriage or a love affair, it will work better when you two are much older and more mature.

    Your friend may be entranced by you, seeing you as the embodiment of the direct, purposeful and natural human being whom she herself secretly wants to be. The danger here, especially when you two are romantically involved, is that if you are less scrupulous or more selfish, you may take advantage of your friend's vulnerability to your charms. With your sharp tongue and talent for merciless criticism, you can cow your less confident friend, bending her to your will. If you are less selfish on the other hand, you can prove highly beneficial to your more unsure partner who is looking for direction and for whom you can act as a guide or teacher.

    Friendship is favoured when there is a basis for the relationship in an objective pursuit, perhaps a shared hobby or pastime. But any close emotional ties that develop out of such a friendship may be disrupted by mutual irritation, the cause of which is sometimes hard to understand. One source of irritation is the attention that your friend may need constantly from you - more than you can comfortably supply. This is especially bad in a marriage between you. You need to be free and may come to see your partner's neediness as stifling. Should you seek an outlet in a affair with someone else, you will further damage your partner's self-esteem.

    A working relationship is not generally favoured since personal conflicts and resentments will tend to surafce here.

  • Thanks Captain. No, these are not final choices as you referenced, they are female friends and acquaintances. And from the sound of your evaluation, it doesn't look so rosy. I guess now is as ever a good time to find out.

    Well, can you look into the following?:

    Me: 9/21/70

    JA: 7/2/83

    CS: 2/7/71

    (almost symmetrical)

    And (here we go) more female Scorpios:

    MM: 11/7/81

    SF: 11/1/72

    Really appreciate this.

    Thanks, Krisp

  • Krisp and JA: (same as with MG) - this is good for friendship, worst for marriage. A shared interest in the arts, such as design, painting, sculpture, drawing etc. is characteristic here. MG will be drawn to your aesthetic side, admiring your up-to-date attitudes and ability to monitor the public pulse. Though you may need to put extra effort into understanding JA's feelings, you will appreciate being understood psychologically and accepted for who you are by your perceptive friend. You may find you share a common vision and your shared interests are reflected in your tastes in clothing.and in your general lifestyle. In your relationship, you must be careful not to become too snobbish, exclusive or intolerant. A love affair here can often involve a third party and can be thrilling but ultimately destructive. An affair can go on secretly for years, demonstrating an addictive quality which makes it unrecommended for marriage.

    Krisp and CS: this is good for friendship, bad for love. This relationship carries with it the gift of laughter. You two will enjoy having a good time and will not care a bit whether you are having it at someone else's expense. Independence of thought and action features strongly here and as a unit, you two can be guided unerringly to lock onto a target and fire at will. Having humour as its focus could open the relationship to charges of superficiality, were it not for the fact that its barbs sting and, in doing so, wake people up and make them think. Often hiding a more serious message behind a ribald or outrageous facade, you two can succeed where parents, teachers or philosophers fail. Oddly, depite being outrageously funny around others, in a love affair or marriage you two may suffer from depression when alone together. In fact there is a fair bit of hopelessness or despair at the centre of this relationship, thinly disguised as sarcasm and dark jokes. The source of this hopelessness usually has to do with a certain soullessness or lack of true intimacy, which you may feel as a vague dissatisfaction, since neither of you can pinpoint exactly what is wrong. Private confrontations can be anything but funny and in fact may be excruciatingly painful, since resolutions are unlikely.

    Krisp and MM: You two seem to be diametrically opposite in orientation - you are more concerned with social matters and externals while MM is preoccupied with personal issues and her complex inner life. Yet her extroverted side is revealed here, especially in a friendship - which is the best matchup here; being able to indulge in theatrical displays without risk of disapproval can be liberating for her. Furthermore the deep concentration of which MM is capable is an excellent tool for directing your attention to the matters at hand. Your shared sense of humour is often boisterous and you two are able to laugh at yourselves. In a love affair, MM would be a bit too much for you to handle. Her moods can be oppressive, and would leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. You usually like to keep it light and may back right away when you glimpse the subterranean depths to which MM can descend.

    Krisp and SF: this relationship is the only one of the whole lot that has even the remotest possiblity to be good for a love affair, though it will have its problems. Conversely it is difficult for friendship. It can be unsettled and suspicious but also persistently and contentiously dynamic. The relationship is characterized by impulse and aggression. Things will not go well if SF feels you, as an arbiter of taste, are treating her in a condescending way. She may see you as a snob and your approach as elitist. Feeling personally attacked on such a level will only cause the two of you to take countermeasures. A love affair can be very gratiifying in the sensual sphere, yet you may eventually give up on SF if you feel you have been made the subject of her unrelenting scrutiny or criticism. Nor will you enjoy the periodic blowups with her, which will knock you off-balance. So marriage is not favoured here, principally because your social tastes may be irreconcilable with SF's wishes in this area. She will not like your seeming way of making friends with people who can advance your social or career opportunities, thinking you shallow and untrustworthy. A nasty break-up would surely be the end result.

    You seem to have 'fatal attractions' for all these women, Krisp. I wonder why you are attracted to people who would be so bad for you as love matches? Like a moth to a flame...

    I think from the outside or on a friendship level, Scorpions can seem very seductive, passionate, and attractive. It's only on a closer basis that one finds out that many can display a capacity for jealousy, possessiveness, non-sharing, and extreme moodiness.

  • The true secret of attraction is that we see in others something we want to be and are drawn to them because of it.

  • Thanks Captain...The following that you have analyzed for are friends and/or colleagues and as I stated earlier, it's good to know now than in the future.

    Now, I guess it just means that the pool needs to be widened and can you please advise on then, which sign(s) would be compatible for a Virgo like me?

    Now, as for the Scorpio thing, yeah maybe it is a sign that for me that the pool needs to be widened. For example, the Scorp you did earlier (10/29/87), this is on a professional level and as beautiful & attractive as she is, I always have to convince myself that business & personal can never be mixed together. And one quick thing, can you please answer compatibility between this [particular Scorp & Cancer male (7/12)?

    And I guess a problem I (and probably many guys have) is that I'm always attracted to the ones who already have b/f or are with someone already.

    Thanks so much for all of the readings. I really appreciate it.

    Best, Krisp

  • Krisp, I have already posted your Ideal Partner here -

  • Hi Captain!

    May I please have a reading?

    My birthday is November 8, 1963

    His is July 8, 1954

    Thank you in advance it is most appreciated 😉

  • Krisp

    Scorp female and Cancer male: a romantic relationship here has a strong sexual component. Its partners are two deeply perceptive people who are bound to feel frustrated by the fact that they can't seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It's as if the relationship was a smokescreen preventing full understanding. Even when they live or work together or are close friends, a great deal between them is usually left unsaid or even actively concealed. There is a fateful karmic influence at work here where these two are brought together regardless of differences in background, race, religion, training or career interests, but that at the same time prevents a deeper union. In their love affair, there may be an element of secrecy where they need to keep things hushed up and they will usually be very discreet about when and where they meet. Should a third person be involved as the long-standing lover or mate of one of the pair, a breakup between two or even all three of the triangle is often inevitable. However a marriage between them can be more successful. They may still be unable to be honest with each other, however, resorting to manipulative ploys to get their way rather than expressing themselves directly. The woman often thinks her mate uses unethical tactics and he views her as selfish and controlling. Even so, if they can make it to marriage, it can be enduring and productive.

  • TheTransformed, this is a mysterious one - your relationship is hard to fathom. Astrology predicts an easy and pleasurable relationship between you. However, your involvement goes far beyond simple pleasure, being enigmatic even to the two of you yourselves. A deep magnetic pull draws you together and, once the relationship is formed, it may be difficult to modify or to break apart. Feelings intertwine subtly and compellingly to create bonds of loyalty but also dependency. You two often mirror and act out each other's feelings without being aware of it. Egos can dissolve here, boundaries can blur, and individuality can fade.

    A love affair will tend to be passionate and binding. You two may not realize it but you have often staked a claim to one another, and with that claim have taken on a huge responsibility. The mysteries of sex, love and relationships in general unfold here like an enchanted panorama that has you both under its spell. Even when trying for an analytic objectivity that would explain the process and plumb the depths of the mystery, you two may pull back from the shock of recognition, falling instead into the unconscious stream of forgetfulness and abandon. Marriage may suggest a more objective orientation but getting lost together remains a constant activity here.

    Friendship or a working relationship has a similar magnetism, but often replaces the total involvement of love and marriage with a healthier empathy. There is more awareness here too and the relationship's mystery is better understood and to an extent consciously explored. Years will be required for this to happen, but the wonder never completely fades nor is the enigmatic nature of the relationship ever fully exhausted. To the end, long periods of quite ordinary daily interaction are dotted with magical moments, unforgettable in their charm and illumination.

    Love asks few questions and give fewer answers - understanding may not always be possible here. Surrender is sometimes required. Just be careful not to lose your self in this relationship.

  • Wow!!! Captain, I am amazed at the accuracy of your insightfulness! We feel as though we are one soul/spirit connected and that we are captive by a force of energy that we are joyfully riding upon. It is as you suggest, "magical" 🙂 I have even admitted at times playfully to him that I feel as if I am under a 'spell'. The love between is THE closest thing to UNCONDITIONAL love that either of us have every experienced aside from the love of our mothers 🙂 It has been a wonderful journey thus far and seems as though the bliss will be long-lived.

    Thank you for the word of caution as well, I agree there are times when I feel that I could get completely "swept" away unawares; so I intently/consciously make effort to stay grounded in the "material" realm where most objectivity remains 🙂

    Thank you again Caption, Love and Light remain with you!


  • I have recently had a bad breakup with a person I thought was my soulmate who disposed of me cruelly after saying some harsh words and telling me he had cheated very bluntly after I said I would give him some space. He was very cynical with me and sarcastic after he made a lot of promises and put a intelligent charming sweet image of himself. I think he was narcissist and analyzing his chart his birthday is 6-6-84 I found that his fourth house has mars conjuct saturn in scorpio in his 4th house as well as cancer in his 12th house. Could these tell of an emotional childhood he has been secretive about that could be a high cause of him being narcissist or is he just emotionally cold and cruel? My bday is 9-25-1981 in love I am a very forgiving person and I even extended my hand out to him as a friend through a passionate yet friendly letter i wrote him. I have not heard from him however but I am finding it very difficult to move on since I haven't received adequate closure.

  • LibraLoveGirl, frustrations can emerge in love or marriage here. Your friend may be desperate to make contact with you on a deeper emotional level and will feel defeated when such sharing is refused. You on the other hand may want him to be less flaky and more organized. Your relationship will be permeated with unrealistic and undermining attitudes - expectation often plays too strong a role. Thus disappointments are common here and selfish attitudes will lead to separation.

    Your friend has a wildly romantic streak that will see him engage in many affairs and love relationships. He is the archetype of the sailor with a girl in every port. He will probably marry several times as well, because he loves to GET married but not STAY married. He gets very excited about a new love but quickly tires of her and moves onto someone else. He is not the type to get stuck with someone forever. He is a fickle seductive rejecter. His lack of tolerance and understanding makes him care little for other people's feelings. His life is a string of relationships where he gets involved too quickly then just as easily dumps his love interest out of boredom. He idealizes a woman, then once he realises she is not perfect (no one is but he hasn't realised that yet) he moves on in his never-ending search for an impossible perfection.

    You should feel sorry for this guy, because he will never be happy for very long nor ever find that one special person as he is so restless and easily bored. Count your blessings that he moved on from you. You had a lucky escape - a breakup was inevitable. Chalk it up to experience and find someone who is not such a fly-by-night.

  • Hello TheCaptain, I will post my birth info although it seems to me you are very very busy!

    I have been racking my brains (and heart) with this relationship for a year and a half now...

    me: 25 Dec. 1974

    him: 15 April 1983

    Thank you, peace 🙂

  • And as for the Ascendants, mine is Libra, his is Virgo 🙂

  • Captain, thank you for this. You nailed this right on the head! Reason I asked is that, I've seen & observed this "relationship" from afar, getting the info. from the Scorp Female. And I've felt (and I haven't told her this) that he doesn't bring anything to the relationship. Let's just say, that this "relationship" the Scorp wears the pants and that there have been times that the cancer male has "asked" permission (as if they are BF & GF) to her about stupid "relationship" things...And the thing, the cancer Male is older than the scorp. Go figure!!!

    Now maybe they have a connection (which is professionally) but I sense that they're both not telling their co-workers that either they're seeing each other. And if they do, it's ALWAYS in the group (after-work) settings like a happy-hour or party, etc. And it seems that there's always a after-work thing. So, I think they're both concealing to their co-workers and what-not.

    And I've felt this from the start, but haven't been able to tell the Scorp female as to not either pissing her off and/or to remind her what she's getting into.

    Also, you mentioned about a third person, well again you nailed it correctly here. There is a third person involved who (conveniently) is living in the Midwest and is the (for lack of a better word) "current' BF (btw, his dob is 11/26) of the Scorp female. Let's say that the Cancer male knows of the current BF and calls him lame & stupid names...But NOT the other way around, the current BF does not know of the cancer male...So, I kinda see some potential fireworks happening here.

    I want to tell the Scorp female that, if this situation lingers, etc. then I wanna warn her that someone or plural is going to get hurt deeply from this.

    This is the observant Virgo at work here...

    Thanks again, Krisp

  • Snow74, this is a difficult relationship for love. It may revolve around the investigation of future scenarios and possibilities, including those of a more personal nature, with self-assurance and resolve. Keeping an eye to the future, and all types of prediction, will be important in this combination; both of you are interested in looking ahead, perhaps even in leading others there. You need however to avoid dreaminess and over-optimism, and to remember to focus on the practicalities of the here and now.

    In a marriage or love affair with you, your partner will often see great potential in your more hidden personality and will seek to draw it out or develop it. Great objectivity and care must be used here, since if he gets carried away by his need to be needed by you, he may one day suffer a rude awakening when his beautiful creation comes down off her pedestal and, Pygmalion-like, walks away. Friendship between you may not get very far, either, since your partner counts on his friends for liveliness and enjoyment, and your moods may be just too unpredictable for him. You can actually be great fun, but when serious or withdrawn, you don't like to be disturbed. Furthermore, although your partner is capable of full commitment, he is put off by the sort of complaining and other forms of negativity of which you are capable.

    At work, you can go very well together in projects that demand stamina and dedication. You both have tremendous powers of concetration that enables you to work side by side with unflagging purpose. That determination could guarantee the success of a company or social organization.

    Personally you must respect each other's privacy. Your partner should not try to play God with you or other people. Some areas are better left alone. Be helpful to each other but not overbearing. Be encouraging but not intrusive. Find other ways to work off negativity like exercise or sports.

    You Snow must beware of an obsession with being heard, listened to, and understood to the point where you can defeat your purpose of proving your integrity and intelligence and just appear nutty. You fear being thought of as stupid or foolish.

    Your partner is thirsty for experience and knowledge but he must pass through the illusion of education and its impact on his life. School or college cannot teach him everything he needs to know in life. He, like you, also fears being thought ignorant or stupid and must learn how to more readily articulate his gifts to the world. Feelings of inferiority might make him overcompensate in outrageous ways.

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