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  • mine 07-14-1969 and his 02-09-1985 I am also seeing a friendship wanting to turn to more with (his)01-16-1981............any and all advice on either would be welcomed:) thanks Captain!

  • Tempestuous, I amswered you on your other thread.

  • 6des9 and the Aquarius: a love affair here can be extremely romantic and sensual, featuring all manner of seductive games and tricks. The relationship has a push-pull quality, with you two alternately drawn to each other at one moment and fleeing one another the next. One minute you're afraid of losing one another, the next that you'll be stuck with each other forever. Desire in this relationship is best accompanied by an escape route, then, which can always be held in reserve. Marriage may lend some solidity to a faltering love affair but is in no way a guaranteed cure. Responsibilities have a way of killing off this relationship in whatever form it takes - love, friendship or business. There is always a precarious relationship between Cancer and Aquarius and emotional instability can run rampant here, driving you both to distraction. Open conflict will be unusual (unless one of you is driven over the edge and then it will manifest in a BIG way) but the fact that neither of you can predict how the other will respond can be quite maddening. You both have extremely different perspectives on life and trust can be a big issue here too. If there is no trust between you, then inherent instabilities will wreak havoc in the relationship.

    You and the Capricorn: a love affair here is unlikely to develop beyond an initial encounter. You may find yourself rather threatened by the Cappy's fearlessness and he for his part can be unsettled by your sharp insights into his character. Marriage too is not as rewarding as it could be, and its consequences may be not just unproductive but destructive. Also, power struggles can break out if one partner has a higher social or career status than the other. A friendship here can be vivid and exciting and a great deal of fun. It will also have a slightly mocking and sarcastic quality - you two know how to express any antagonism through light and nonthreatening banter. It's difficult to know how much of your relationship is real and how much is role-playing though, as this relationship seems to imagine life as a theatre with the pair of you either as happy audience members commenting on the action or even stepping onto the world stage yourselves and taking part. The friction you generate with in-fighting is not taken seriously and it can even be warming. But your longevity together depends on you both choosing to operate in two separate arenas where there is no chance of competition - as friends, rather than lovers or co-workers - since neither likes the role of second fiddle.

  • Thanks I went out to the other thread and found it.

  • 4/4/1991 male and 10/16/1985 female

  • Aries44, this relationship is difficult for both love and friendship. It speaks of temperaments, challenge, and high passion. It has a tendency for dynamic confrontations and puts a premium on grim determination and on the ability to persuade or convince. In all of your struggles together, the winner - or at least, the least damaged person - is likely to be the one who can stay objective and not get carried away by a flood of emotion.

    A love affair here is likely to be stormy, punctuated by breakups, play-acting, mock emotion and manipulation. For the most part, frustration, depression and repression aren't issues here, since the relationship is so volatile as to leave little hidden. If you two can somehow manage to keep from tearing each other apart, you might find your very challenging love relationship can be pleasurable and fulfilling. Whether you are spouses or live-in lovers, your daily life can be highly rewarding, particularly for you Aries44, as long as your partner's extreme need for independence is respected - as long, that is, as there are no undue family or domestic responsbilities to cope with because your partner is usually not very family oriented.

    Either of you will be likely to bring out the other's extroverted side and either can be the life of the party. One consequence of this however is that competition and jealousy can recur between you. Your partner's come-on of course is usually cooler and more detached than your fiery approach but when you two are on a collision course, your partner is capable of exploding in fury. You each need to be centre stage and, should you meet there, you each will demand an equal share of the attention. Because of this relationship's competitive tendencies, its actiivities are often best kept to the gym or playing field rather than the bedroom or corporate boardroom. Rather than friendship, you two are more likely to develop a companionship in which you share dangerous adventures, or partnership in a particular sport.

    Much cooperation, emotional control, communication, and giving way is needed here for this relationship to have a chance of working.

  • my birthday is april 22, 1958 and my gentleman friend's is november 10, 1948. thank you, captain:)

  • thanks

  • Hi TheCaptain:

    My birthdate is Nov 8, 1963 my potential companion is Apr 6, 1957. Would love your thoughts 🙂 Thank you!

  • Findingjoyinlife, this can be a highly unusual relationship, one of passion and brilliance. It will be most successful when the relationship's demands are not excessive and individual differences are respected. Freedom is a necessity here, yet given enough free rein, the relationship can endure, since neither of you will ever find another partnership that is as powerful or unique. Both of you are very strong individuals - together you produce a combination that outshines each person on their own and this is quite a draw. In fact, you may find yourselves more attracted to the relationship than you are to each other.

    A love affair here will be quite rewarding for it can be deep, passionate and emotionally challenging for you both. One issue that might crop up is physical appearance: you are sensitive to comments on this subject and your friend can be highly critical about such matters. Moreover, he can be controlling in all aspects of his love relationships, and this will create great difficulties for you, who will not be subdued or dominated. Conversely, your honesty or toughness may leave your friend feeling hurt or misunderstood. This relationship can be an incredible experience both emotionally and sexually, but you two must arrive at a point of mutual acceptance, openness and sharing. Also, your friend is very careful with money and might have a problem with what he sees as your lavish tastes and free spending. He should try to relax - it's only money. Let the good times roll and let up on any intensity here. Power isn't everything.

  • TheTransformed, this is best for friendship, worst for marriage. The relationship tends to be highly problematic. While it offers quite a bit of magnetic fascination, hidden insecurities are likely to surface here. As a result, the relationship is apt to swing back and forth between attraction and insecurity in a frustrating kind of dance. Both of you are jealous types who demand to be the main object of your lover's or spouse's attention. You may arouse a storm of emotions in each other, particularly in the sexual sphere, and while you two can be swept away by ecstatic passion, there may also be possessiveness, dislike - even violence. A love affair here can be an emotional growth experience for your friend, putting him in touch with a welter of hitherto untouched or unknown sources of imagination and feeling. Unfortunately then, a breakup of the relationship can be highly negative, resulting in hatred and vengeful behaviour unless you two make an effort to handle each other with respect and love.

    Although you can be highly controlling, you may have difficulty reining in the excessive aspects of your friend's character. In the area of finances, for example, you may find him overlavish in his expenditures, even fiscally irresponsible. On the other hand, you yourself don't hesitate to spend money on yourself or on your interests so your friend may feel victimized by a double standard. The fact that you are a worrier and your friend is not will only exacerbate the tension here. The relationship does best perhaps as a friendship, since you are better able to share a friend than a lover with others. Your friend will enjoy your depth and intensity when the two of you share challenging physical activities. Your seriousness may at times weigh on your more happy-go-lucky companion, but it can also lend purpose to his efforts in life.

  • TheCaptian: Thank you very very much; you have confirmed many of my already concerning areas for this relationship. Am most appreciative of your time, effort and feedback! Have a great day 🙂

  • Dear theCaptian, my birthday is Sept. 28, 1976, and his June 7, 1976.

    Thanks very much! Have a great new week!

  • Dear Captain,

    I would be very grateful for your opinion:

    Me: 23/07/1962

    He: 09/12/1955

  • LXY, there is a strong mental connection here that makes the sharing of ideas and concepts primary to the relationship. These ideas may be either intellectual or practical, depending on whether you two share everyday responsibilities. Friendship here can be comfortable and stimulating. The relationship can be extremely easygoing, and in fact may have to be - dealing with painful or disturbing subjects may not really be possible here. Outsiders sometimes view the relationship as near perfect, but of course they don't know what's going on at its heart. It is a relationship that emphasizes humour, intelligence and ease of interaction more than intensity or passion.

    Frustrations can emerge in a love affair or marriage. Your friend may be anxious to make contact with you at a deeper emotional level and will feel defeated when such sharing is refused. You on the other hand may want your friend to be less flaky and more organized. Actually in both these areas, the relationship often both demands and gets the best of which you two are capable. Your love affair may be pervaded by unrealistic and undermining attitudes - which can more or less disappear however once the marriage knot is tied. Expectation often plays too strong a role in marriage, setting you both up for disappointment, but enough satisfaction is often gained to keep the relationship intact for years. You two must strive for unconditional giving - selfish attitudes will lead to separation. Be prepared to listen to each other and remember that nothing human is perfect or eternal.

  • Dear Captain,

    I would appreciate any insight you can provide...

    My DOB 01/29/82 and potential interest is 03/11/78...

    I would love to hear what you have to say...he has been giving slight mixed signals...

    Thank you...sincerely - aquagrrl

  • 3leotiger, this works better for friendship than love. This is not an especially stable combination, since it magnifies each partner's volatile tendencies. In an effort to keep things under control, the relationship insists on everything being done without mistakes, to the highest possible level of quality. Thus the focus becomes a sort of perfectionism that imposes insistent and at times obsessive worry or thoughts. There is a danger here that you two will suppress your real intuitive strengths in an effort to control your impetuousness through mind power.

    In matters of love, perfectionism in appearance, physicality or surroundings may drive the pair of you to distraction and unhappiness. In marriage too, high standards will be maintained in domestic, financial and social areas. These drives toward quality can help to direct less stable tendencies, but should never be allowed to become rigid or compulsive. In both love and marriage, you two should strive to hold on to the spontaneity and improvisational talents that are your birthright. You must be yourselves and you both can suffer terribly when disapproved of, rejected, or forced to play a role not your own. Forcing each other to act the wrong part just to fulfill certain expectations or prophecies can cause friction or upset. Perfectionist tendencies must be kept under control to avoid mental and physical exhaustion. Use your mental powers sensibly and beware of repressing what is best in you. Too much thinking causes headaches so let up a bit in your expectations of each other.

    As friends, you two tend to revel in sports, fitness training, exercise, exploring natural settings, and travel. Your competitveness with each other is healthy only up to a point - each person would be better off turning this energy towards improving on his or her own personal best.

  • Hi Captain,

    Your insight would be much appreciated....

    My DOB 17.04.1981 and his 17.09.1980

    Thank you!

  • Aquagrrl82, a love affair here can be magical, ephemeral and hard to pin down. You two are extremely empathic - each person's sensitivity to what the other is feeling may cause each of you real pain. You gladly share each other's problems but at times have trouble distinguishing your own difficulties from those of your partner - for ego boundaries can blur here and identities merge. In marriage, resolute willpower will have to be used to retain each person's individuality, a quality that children often have a need for in their parents. Too often here a uniform front signals a breakdown of independent self-reliant personalities. Too much dependency should be discouraged.

    The relationship is likely to focus on theoretical realms not easily approached or understood by other people. Philosophical speculation comes naturally to you two as individuals, a trait that the synergy of your relationship magnifies. You are extremely sensitive to each other's wishes and moods, often anticipating them in a highly gratifying way which reinforces the relationship's psychic solidarity. Although you Aquagrrl are more mental and your friend more emotionally oriented in everyday matters, such differences are more likely to complement rather than to disturb the relationship. Problems can occur if your partner feels you are being too intrusive into his life and he may struggle somewhat against what he may see as the stifling intimacy of your relationship. But then there will be other times when he welcomes the closeness. You both need to take regular time out from each other to restore your autonomy and freedom. Try to find the balance between empathy and individuality. Share but also lay claim to what is yours. Sort out your problems together and try not to dump them on others.

  • Kuruts, I compared you and your friend in another thread. Here I will just take a look at his profile.

    What your friend wants most of all is to receive love - his need is almost insatiable but in a strange way it's also his biggest fear. The absolute best thing for this guy is to fall deeply in love with someone, yet he resists it, seeing it as some sort of prison instead of a liberation. Giving himself emotionally is a big issue for him and until he deals with it, he's not going to make a good partner for anyone, including himself. He also suffers from needing to feel the acceptance of his peers but he must become his own best friend in order to break out as an individual. He must encourage himself to go after the things that will bring him happiness and not rely on others to support him. He feels like he never has enough information about people and situations to make up his mind for himself and will dither about undecided waiting to acquire more data. But he might wait forever for 'enough' information to feel secure and thus may not take any action at all.

    He can also manifest a slavish devotion to work. There he finds his solace and his safety. Deep down he has a deep desire to serve mankind and a wish to remain free and unattached to do so. It permits him to have an icy detached affect that is as alluring as it is off-putting. Work keeps him sober and clean - away from too much nightlife where he could get into trouble and from a deeper or longer involvement in romantic affairs. It's such a great excuse to keep him out of commitments and emotional scenes. "Sorry, I have to work". Except that it's not perfect because too much work will turn him into a repressed mess. The diligent image of chastity he has tried so hard to create comes crashing down and he is revealed as a fake. The cool detached observer facade is blown and he is revealed as a fallen angel with as much emotion, vulnerability, and foolishness as everyone else.

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