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  • Danielleissmiling, this relationship can be highly energetic, filled with excitement, change and diversity. It has a wild streak, and strong attractions are typical here. The tendency is towards a lack of inhibition, including a frankness of expression that can come across as critical or hurtful. Often however, the truth can be a blessing, since both of you may struggle with self-awareness on your own.

    You are both free spirits and difficulties may arise if this relationship requires either of you to give up any independence or accept any responsiblities. Meg's fun-loving and zany side will appeal to you and you can have great times together as friends. You are a bit more realistic than her though and she can get carried away by her fantasies. This may cause some conflict.

    Mutually challenging activities will keep the two of you from being bored. Your friendship can be the kind that emphasises companionship and participation in a variety of adventurous or social activities, rather than the development of close emotional ties of sharing and trust. The lack of deep feeling here may actually be stabilizing, for the relationship's tendency towards outspokenness will cause less damage, and neither of you will have to handle the other's shadow side which can cause trouble if brought into the open. If Meg directs her wild side towards drugs and similar obsessions, it may prove too much for you to handle. This relationship works best as a light, fun friendship. Just make sure you two don't blurt out the first thing that comes to mind! And remember - challenge helps growth.

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    me 2/27/93

    her 7/3/92

  • Kiddpisces, this relationship can be a deep and absorbing one. Its energy is serious and its orientation philosophical, religious or spiritual. This doesn't imply any intellectualism here but rather an orientation based on belief or faith. You both are normally very private people and your relationship expands on that tendency, sometimes producing extremes of secretiveness. Most attempts to pry you two out of your shell will be met with resistance - you may just prefer spending time alone, either separately or together.

    A love affair can be more sexual than romantically oriented. Feelings are often kept inside, rather than being expressed. If arguments and disputes are unusual, this is because the mood here can be a quiet one in which much is left unsaid. Communication often takes place on a non-verbal level - you two usually know instantly how the other is feeling. But you should take care not to hammer down and repress your frustrations; you need to create an atmosphere in which you can both express criticism and disapproval without fear of upset or rejection.

    A marriage or long term relationship between you will be built around an ideology or outlook that becomes the basis of family life. The relationship will show great loyalty to such ideas, but must beware of becoming too rigid about them. An emphasis is often put on spiritual matters, to the point where material goods and wealth may be seen as relatively unimportant. Such attitudes are not always easy for any children you may have to accept.

    A friendship can be the best of all relationship types here. It is often passionately devoted to a lifestyle that involves wearing certain clothes, listening to certain music, and associating with certain people. You two may ultimately have to make a choice between the tastes of your own relationship and those of the social subculture to which you belong. Try not to get overly attached to your beliefs or to trends, and allow a little skepticism or individuality to enter now and then. Be more open and sharing.

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    I'm not sure if i have asked before but i would like to know where this relationship is going or where it stands or any signs of potential for something else. thank you my bd is 9/17/90 hers is 5/5/90

  • Oneofmany647, you two have mutually hard-headed energies that often collide in the form of struggles for dominance, but may also coalesce synergistically in a relationship that is dedicated and determined to succeed, whether in business or in love. The relationship may in fact become the linchpin, or at least an important bulwark, of a successful company or family. The determining factor here will often be whether you two like each other, pure and simple. You do share many qualities, such as a hatred of pretense and phoniness and an insistence on fairness, especially to the disadvantaged. This is no antidote however to your struggles for supremacy.

    A personal relationship such as marriage, a love affair or friendship is likely to evidence the most conflict, alternating however with warm amd caring expressions of emotion. A love affair may be highly pleasurable, but feelings tend to run deeper when one or both of you already has a primary relationship elsewhere. Generally speaking, opposing the tenets of society, and the dominance of the other partner, comes naturally to this relationship. You two will have no hesitation about flaunting your passions dramatically, feeling no need for secrecy or sneakiness.

    Conflicts in any marriage between you bring both positive and negative results. The relationship is often toughened and strengthened by honest discussion and even by argument, the emotional element in these confrontations being quickly forgotten. Communication is a strength; you two will be objective, hearing the other's point of view clearly and responding logically, albeit with feeling. You two are also responsible in your attitudes to domestic matters and children - as long as both of you keep up your end of the deal, without being forced to by destructive power struggles.

    Friendship here can be easy but a bit superficial. It is rarely of primary importance to either person because you may not spend that much time together as friends.

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    Would you please do a reading for me on this relationship

    Mine 7-14-69

    his 10-31-78

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  • 6des9, something about this combination will feel quite enigmatic to its partners. You are both deeply perceptive individuals who are bound to feel frustrated by the fact that you can't quite seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It is as if the relationship were a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Even when you two work or live together or are close friends, a great deal between you is usually left unsaid, or even actively concealed. There seems to be an inevitability in operation here, a fatal or karmic impulse that brings you two together willy-nilly, regardless of differences in background, training, race, religion or career interests, but that at the same time prevents a deeper union.

    A romantic relationship will have a strong sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, this matchup tends to produce the kind of provocative behaviour that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement. Both of you have a need to keep things hushed up, and you both will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third party be involved as the long-time lover or spouse of one of the pair of you, a breakup between two or even three members of this love triangle is often inevitable.

    A marriage can be more successful than a love affair if it survives that long. You two may still be unable to be honest with each other, however, resorting to manipulative ploys to get your way rather than expressing yourselves directly. Your friend will tend to think you use unethical tactics, and you will view your spouse as selfish and controlling at times. Even so, such a marriage can be enduring and productive if you two can strive for more sharing and openness, and understand that compromise can be very beneficial. Let your guard down occasionally.

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    First and important Mine...2-10-77, his 10-28-74

    Second mine...2-10-77, his 8-4-75

  • Ninaboots and the Scorpion: the often turbulent chemistry in this relationship can force both of you to explore your shadow side. The confrontation with this shadow is the relationship's principal challenge and focus; it is often painful and difficult but, if you two have the guts to hang in there, you have the potential to make excellent progress in your own personal development. The impetus for this self-exploration usually comes from you, Nina. It might appear to others that you are dominated by your Scorpion partner and you are indeed at least very wary of him, being afraid of his criticism and aggression. Yet it is only the overt decision-making that you leave up to him, preferring to call the shots in a more subtle way. This is demonstrated by the fact that your Scorpion will rarely make a move without consulting you or asking your advice. Your love affair will be stressful. In order for it to last, you will have to show great patience with your Scorpion. Both of you will enjoy the relationship's physicality, since this is one area where your dark sides can be granted freer expression without accompanying disruption. You two will learn a great deal from your emotional interactions, but it still may be necessary for you Nina to continue to pretend that your partner is the boss. This attitude can continue into marriage. There however you will take the lead openly, at least as far as dealing with children is concerned.

    Nina and the Leo: personality appeal and dynamism rate high in this relationship. Often upbeat, the matchup is filled with a charm and a romantic appeal that are simply irresistible. Of course, both of you have a darker side, which you may both be fleeing, but as escapes go, this is a pretty good one. Both of you dislike people who put on airs, and are likely to find the naturalness of your own relationship comforting. You have a way of lifting each other's moods. Even so, there is a danger here of deep depression. If both of you crash at the same time, your effect on each other could work to hold you down and make it extremely hard to recover. It is in the relationship's best interests therefore that at least one of you must be happy at any given time. A love affair can be sparkling and fun. Entertainment figures high on your list of essentials and, if you are unable to keep each other amused, you are both liable to seek pleasure elsewhere. You two should be extremely careful around all addictive substances, from alcohol to painkillers to so-called mind-expanding drugs, for in your hedonistic wanderings, you tend to go overboard. Marriage is not recommended here unless these habit-forming tendencies (which may include sex and love addictions) can be brought under control. It will be hard for you two to stay together when the going gets rough since this relationship thrives on light-hearted fun and pleasure. Recognising the dark side and not bailing out during stressful times are real challenges for you as a couple.

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    I am looking for a love/marriage compatibility chart.

    My DOB: July, 29 (1983)

    His DOB: July 3 (1980)

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  • Poorvabhadrapada, this is a difficult but not impossible matchup. A classic confrontation emerges here. You base what you know and do on tradition, and your partner does things his own way and breaks with the past. The focus then is often a power struggle. This internal combat can be vivid and exciting for you both, but you should be careful to prevent it from taking a violent turn. You are both ultimately quite capable of carving out a relationship between you that finds a middle ground between conservative and radical impulses. If you can manage this, you should discover quite a creative fertility and energy here.

    A love affair or a friendship can accentuate a variation on this kind of confrontation: your partner shines with reflected light while you blaze in your own fiery glory. Power struggles inevitably surface in such relationships, often over who will receive attention from others. Whether you are rivals or outright combatants, no mercy will be asked for or given in your struggles. Your interactions are often passionately intense, but the relationship has the power to transcend your conflicts by integrating your contrasting energies at a higher level. This solid bond will not be easy to forge. Once created, however, it will be hard to break.

    Marriage between you is only possible if each partner has his or her own unquestioned jurisdiction or area of expertise. The alternative is constant conflict, making a relaxed and rewarding home life difficult or impossible for you and any children you may have. Great understanding will have to be shown on both sides if this relationship is to work. You must both play fair and avoid pettiness and minor irritations. Try to keep the big picture in mind and beware of power-tripping or overly stressful conflicts.

  • Dear captain can you please analyze my partner and me?

    My partner: 27-01-1976

    Me: 10-10-1984

  • aNotion, you two are usually on the same wavelength, almost telepathically so. With such a close alignment, the principal problem can be your shared tendency to make unwarranted assumptions when anticipating each other's wishes. Furthermore, each person may have the attitude that he or she knows what is best for the other in any given situation. Thus the relationship is an interesting combination of freedom and oppression, liberation and manipulation. Overall, the situation could be vastly improved if you two were more firmly grounded and less engaged in mental gymnastics.

    In a love affair, you find each other highly desirable, and your passions are likely to run high. Possessiveness and jealousy are to be expected here, making noisy rows all too common. This usually proves to be beneficial behaviour, however - by clearing the air, you two can for the most part avoid frustration. You are both attractive (though somewhat volatile) individuals who will be tempted to stray and will also be favored by more predatory types interested in a quick fling. If you two marry, as a couple you are likely to attract a needy third party, often a friend, who will seek to instigate a love triangle. This may have disastrous effects on your marriage.

    Friendship in this combination is sometimes too close. If it is to remain healthy, you will have to take regular breaks from each other, so that you can further your development as individuals and also interact with others. A relationship that can observe moderation and pace itself will avoid burnout and may remain intact for many years. Whatever the type of relationship between you, you must give each other space from time to time. You may not be as free as you think. Use your communicative gifts prudently and more quietly, and beware of predators. At its best, this relationship can be tuned-in, liberated, and affectionate. At its worst, it is noisy, hampering, and oppressive.

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    mine: May 14, 1989

    his: November 9 1965

  • Necromancyx, a love affair in this combination is usually short-lived, though quite memorable. Your relationship magnifies both of your physicalities and can be torrid and wrenchingly passionate. The need for detachment is acute here, and indeed you two are often able to objectify and discuss your problems. The deep, almost heavy emotions in this relationship can be lightened and even resolved, leading the pair of you away from the deeper wells of feeling to the airier realms of thought. Together your objectivity and capacity for acceptance goes far in permitting you to detach from one another and process whatever may be going on emotionally between you, no matter how profound or difficult. Astrologers often ignore your partner's fun-loving side, focusing on his sexual expressiveness, seriousness, and need for control, but you often can provide the humour necessary to pry him from his darker moods. You yourself can often be conflicted, lacking the tools to sort through your feelings - proximity to your partner's profound understanding will help you towards greater self-awareness.

    Marriage or friendship often begins more casually than a love affair, growing out of a chance meeting or quite ordinary circumstances. You two may meet at a social gathering, a club or fitness centre, while travelling or through a mutual friend. (The connection rarely clicks however when effected through planned matchmaking or manipulated introductions at parties or dinners.) Your nurturing abilities meld well, making you sympathetic parents or else effective caretakers of pets. Accepting each other without reservation becomes an important goal, which is tested through daily interaction. Your partner will suffer deeply if you leave, seeing the split as a tragedy, particularly since you may have proved tremendously and perhaps uniquely compassionate and understanding. This relationship is best of all for working together. Its strengths are its humour, its nurturing, and its dependability. At its worst however, it can be unaccepting, overattached, and ephemeral.

  • Romantic and work....... (or just romance if you are too busy)

    Me March 18 1965

    Him May 6 1971

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  • YellowDaylily, in a love affair or marriage here, a balance must be struck between intimacy, quiet, contemplation, and extroversion. Your passionate friend may at times be a bit threatening to you, being the milder one, yet you are quite capable of matching his sensuousness on a regular basis. You two may diverge when your friend takes a frank and uncompromising approach to the relationship, shunning emotional sympathy and romance - essential qualties for you in a love relationship. Your independent friend may also be unwilling or unable to satisfy your need to be needed. Your sensitive nature can be hurt by his blunt sensibility. Marriage is actually not recommended for this combination. It works better as a social friendship, rather than anything more intimate, as you have very different personalities and may clash if you are together too often.

    This relationship stimulates extroversion, and indeed its focus may well be a fascination with performance, whether you are participants or audience. A melding of interests in music, dance, theatre and design is often prominent here. The relationship may be known for its aesthetic orientation in its immediate environment, and can even reach a wider circle, perhaps by mounting stage productions or supervising activities of artistic interest. So working together would be stimulating as long as both of you and your co-workers are all happy in the workplace and you can all enjoy yourselves at work-related social gatherings. But there could be tensions and strife if you both work together and share a more intimate relationship at the same time.

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