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  • Aries44, this makes a better social partnership than it does a love relationship. It's all about providing nurturing, help and understanding, and fulfilling individual needs. Both of you need to be needed, but in different ways - the ability to create a long-lasting relationship will depend on how capable each of you is of filling the other's needs and how deep those needs go. You Aries44 usually like accomplishing tasks for others, thereby allowing yourself to feel indispensable. With your friend, you are apt to emphasize your own necessity by pointing out how unrealistic, unambitious and impractical she is, though this is often not the case. This will hurt your soulful and romantic friend who, though appreciating your capability and decisiveness, will feel unacknowledged. She needs to be needed emotionally, something to which you would never admit. You two must become more aware of your different ways of showing love, and to accept that not all your needs can be filled by each other. It might be wise to realise that your differences here lie in style, not in intention.

    Your friend's philosophical side is not likely to be appreciated by you - you are more geared to action than to speculation. Unless you share a common interest or activity, then, you probably won't grow very close. Your friend's mind must roam over the broad arena of human experience, plumbing the depths of our theories and beliefs about ourselves, while you prefer to live in and be concerned with the here and now. You will be disappointed in the way your friend seems to sell herself short when it comes to the personal goals she could attain, seeing her as an underachiever. In short, while you two would do well heading a business, work team or social organization - where your friend does all the planning and you all the implementation - a love relationship will not work well at all as you are too different to be compatible when it comes to matters of the heart.

  • Please captain can you tell if my ex-boyfriend and I will be able to get along or be together. I am six months pregnant and so it really complicates things. I have not heard from him in over a month. So many things have gone wrong in my life lately, that I feel no matter what I do it is never the right thing. This is seriously making me doubt any decisions I make or may need to make. In other words I am really confused and freaked out! His birthdate is 8/8/1984 and mine is 2/2/1977. Thank you for any input you may be able to give me.

  • his; 2/26/1996

    mine; 4/3/1996 4:07 am

    i talked to him tonight. we hadn't talked in a year since we broke up, and he said he started crying when i forgave him and said he still had strong feelings for me, and got jealous when i was with my (now ex) boyfriend. he also sent little flirty messages and compliments, he knows how to flatter me. but, i don't trust him. plus, should i just forget about my gemini ex-boyfriend? it was a shallow relationship, i was too shy around him, and he didn't try NEARLY as much as the pisces. but even so, i still think about him sometimes. him; 6/9/1995

  • by the way thank you so much in advance captain, you're amazing 🙂

  • thankyou this is exactly what happen. your right.

  • Mandysfun2000, the saying 'opposites attract' was never more true here. There is a highly magnetic attraction between you two and normally whatever difficulties you encounter, your bond should be strong enough to overcome any problem. Solving problems in fact is the forte of this combination. Your friend is especially devoted when his children are involved, although he may not be jolted into reality until he can actually see the baby in the flesh.

    This relationship will be stormy and problematical, yet it can also be profound and complementary. You Mandy will be amazed at the depth of feeling your friend arouses in you - indeed you may not always feel able to handle it. Your friend is comfortable with the relationship's sexually passionate nature but he too feels a little intimidated and puzzled by the complexity of his own emotions here. This matchup challenges you both in the area of feelings - traditionally an undeveloped area of both your personalities and one that you may prefer to neglect or ignore. In grappling with such issues, you two will progress immeasurably in your personal development.

    Marriage or a longterm intimate relationship (which often combines a working relationship) between you can be of a very high order. Conflicts can arise between you, who is the more relaxed, and your friend, who is more aggressive, but the relationship can also be characterized by soothing and stimulating attitudes that do both of you much good.

    So backing off from each other for a while can actually be good for the relationship. An intensity of feeling can confuse both of you so meeting at a more enjoyable - if superficial one - can provide a type of 'vacation' from overwhelming emotions and allow you two to be more objective about each other. Sorting out these strong emotions can be much easier at a distance so allow each other the time and space to find understanding and strength.

  • Danielleissmiling and the Pisces: you two are very different but you can have a positive effect on each other by allowing creative self-expression. You Danielle can get too bound up with your own problems and concerns to notice those of others, yet you have the potential to give yourself wholeheartedly to a cause. Whereas your friend tends to worry more about other people and has difficulties defining his real self. Together you can learn how to be more like the other. But a friendship works better than love here. Your friend may despair over what he sees as your inability to express feelings or to show understanding and empathy, while you will find your friend too needy and clinging. Since you need to feel free to make your own decisions, this relationship may be very short-lived.

    Danielle and the Gemini: this is a challenging relationship that seems better at a distance than it is when you two are together. Danielle, at first you find your friend funny and entertaining and he admires your energy and enthusiasm. This relationship can go like a house on fire, then burn out just as quickly. You will start to be irritated by your friend's flakiness and he will become fed up by your over-the-top behaviour. So because of his impatience and your dissastisfaction, the relationship falls apart, never to be as good again, except maybe in your memory.

    Danielle, you are only fourteen - you should be enjoying life at the moment instead of worrying about heavy issues like love and career. Don't miss out on having fun because you are too caught up in things that you have a whole lifetime to solve. Take the time to find yourself before you get involved with other people and life too deeply. When you sort through your own issues first, you will find it easier to relate to others. You tend to be attracted to people who are very different from you, only to get fed up when those differences become too conflicting. You are really seeking to find these differences in yourself, to grow and evolve. These people are teachers who can help you learn to expand your awareness, rather than any long term love relationships.

    Relax and enjoy!

  • captain, thank you so much. everything you said is 100% true. i'll continue being friends with the pisces- he says that he still has very strong feelings for me, and was jealous when i was with the gemini but i said it's better just to be friends. i now know i was right on doing so. as for the gemini, right again. in my memory, it was amazing. when we were together and would spend time apart i'd feel strong feelings- but never when we were together. he always has something to complain about with a girl- i was the longest relationship he's ever had (uhh THREE WEEKS.) will my next "boyfriend" be a teacher as well? i'll try to stop feeling so deeply about people, and i have learned alot about myself with both of these guys. less with the gemini, actually. ahh, i can't believe i'm only 14. i really do have to slow down, take a breath, and let myself just live. thanks again, captain. 🙂

  • Hi thanks for my reading yesterday. It was right on the mark. I have a friend who is curious about compatibility between her boyfriend and her. Her birthdate is 8/8/1964 and his birthdate is 9/22/1967. Thank you again.

  • Here is mine:

    me: 14, May, 1989

    other: 11, May, 1990

  • Mandysfun, your friend's relationship can be somewhat difficult for love. Its strengths are its creativity, dependability, and traditionality. Its weaknesses are its dependency-fostering and rigidity. It focuses on building a solid and dependable structure within a social, family or professional group. Overcoming technical obstacles and subduing tasks or problems to a smooth-running system are the forte in this combination, which makes for an excellent working arrangement, with the partners sharing leadership and occupying clearly defined roles. Creative problem-solving comes naturally here.

    Your friend's partner needs a strong reliable figure to depend on - a person quite like your friend. Co-worker and spouse relationships are favoured here. But, although your friend enjoys feeling appreciated, there is a danger she may have difficulty extricating herself from what may become an exceedingly tender trap. Also, her aggressiveness may not be entirely welcomed by her partner, who is often extremely particular about how he is approached or touched.

    Friendship and marriage here will stress tradition, solidity and purpose within the context of the social circle. Your friend will find it immensely rewarding to put her powers at the service of such a group, and her partner will benefit from using his creativity and taste to make life more enjoyable and comfortable for those he cares about. Power struggles rarley arise here but unusually close attachments can blunt individual initiative, particularly in the case of your friend's partner. Should he become dependent on the relationship, your friend may get uncomfortable and back off. These two must be careful not to let wants and needs get out of hand and to keep things flexible and in perspective. They shouldn't refuse help when it is offered but should ask themselves what is in the relationship for each of them.

  • Necromancyx, although this relationship has an undeniable tendency to let it all hang out, repressive and inhibiting tendencies may be at work as well, particularly if your talents, interests and activities are divergent or mutually exclusive, with each disapproving of the other's approach. Yet if you two are able to respect such differences, as you usually can, the relationship's value will be enhanced rather than diminished. You two fun-loving individuals make an exuberant and joyous combination, albeit a chaotic one. On the downside, you may bring out each other's not inconsiderable insecurities, creating an underlying instability.

    Two Tauruses can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Enjoyment is of paramount importance here, and the only single rule is to be oneself. A love affair or friendship is often very affectionate and open rather than deep and passionate, and instability and infideltiy can threaten the relationship's longevity, but sharing and acceptance often alleviate what for others would be insurmountable difficulties. Jealousy and claiming attitudes are seldom a problem here.

    Marriage or a working relationship can be highly productive, but vacations, entertainment and humour are essential to keep mates and co-workers in a positive frame of mind. Criticism from family members or bosses and colleagues on how children are raised or how work is done can be an extremely sensitive point, often revealing underlying feelings of inferiority and producing anger and aggression. The relationship may impulsively switch into strong defense or attack modes.

    This uninhibited, vivacious and perhaps fickle matchup will enliven the lives of those around it but its energy levels can be chaotic and disturbing at times to those of a more serious or meditative nature. Developing greater self-trust and working on rooting out insecurities so that criticism is not a threat will stabilise this relationship. Moderation is the best way to go here.

  • Thank you for your reading. It really clarifies my thoughts on how the relationship is between me and my guyfriend. I've known him for at least 4 years and we didn't really start getting involved until now. At the time I was with his best friend and he was with his best friends sister. He didn't express his feelings toward me until recently (two years later). So I've been pondering it for a short time, but now I have clarity. Thank you. 😄

  • Hello, I hope you are still doing this june 19th 1988 and january 14th 1981

  • Geminichk88, this is better for friendship than love. The thrust of this relationship is a fellowship that opens out toward the world. Team acitivities come easily to you two, and you will both enter into group activities with enthusiasm. This is especially significant, since at bottom both of you feel a little bit like misfits. Together you have the courage to join in with gusto and to feel like you belong.

    The theme of sharing translates into your personal relationship, which exhibits an unusual degree of goodwill and give-and-take. A love affair is not as favourable as a friendship, however, largely because of your friend's strict moral attitudes and your fearfulness which will be exacerbated by an intimate relationship. Yet your friend's tendency to dominate can be subverted by you into a more tender attitude, and sympathy and support are perfectly possible here. A marriage based solely on social contact - for example, a marriage enabling its spouses to enter social realms otherwise closed to them - has a good chance of success, but will have little deep feeling.

    A friendship will allow your friend the opportunity to contribute mightily and to serve his social group, team, or business organization, while it will free you somewhat from your isolation. Being able to feel normal yet at the same time be yourselves will be a real bonus for both of you here. This matchup is good for healing old wounds.

  • Hello Captain.

    I'm wondering about the future of my current relationship. I was born March 21, 1959. My partner was born on February 4, 1944.

    Thank you,

    Tangerine Dream

  • Hope I did this reply right....Captain the man and I that I inquired about recently met in person, he drove about 500 miles to see me. Spent the day together and got along well, he has made invitations to go on trips together , and has explored me moving back to the area where he still lives, in short has pretty much all but proposed already . He has never married, was engaged but broke up with his fiance about a year ago. I suspect he did have commitment issues in his younger years, but could it be that he has sowed his wild oats and now is emotionally ready to be committed? When I asked him why never married years ago he said that he never found the right one. He has full custody of his teen-age daughter , him and I knew each other 30 years ago, and were always attracted to each other, but I was married to his best friend so nothing ever became of that back then. Hope this rather long post makes sense.....

  • TangerineDream, an interest in, even a yearning for, the life of ideas, music, art and dance will often appear in this relationship, which may also have a religious streak. Its view of life is often gentle, perhaps idealized, and its core emotional focus is more usually platonic than passionate or sexual. But sensuousness is also present here, in many different forms, with special emphasis on tactile and culinary pleasures. If the relationship can be balanced by understanding and sympathy, preferably along with hedonism, the affectionate feelings that it produces may provide the basis for a long-standing marriage.

    However, the relationship will often force both of you to confront certain issues you consider unpleasant. Your presence and influence for instance will lay bare the differences between what your partner wants (no hassles) and what he needs (to confront his dark side). Your partner will probably dislike this aspect of the relationship but may come to realise it is essential for his personal and spiritual development. And he, for his part, can help you by encouraging you not only to recognise defeat but to admit when it has taken place, both in personal matters and at work. You do not easily acknowledge failure, and your ability to accept this kind of help from your partner presupposes and depends on a great deal of trust.

    You two find it difficult to deal with the more troubled aspects of each other's personality. When reality sets in, or when you are both pushed to your limits, you may acknowledge that you have made a mistake in partner choice. Thus the relationship will teach you both important lessons, not only about closure but about future, more realistic partner choices and the need for openness and vulnerability in matters of love.

    As friends, you can be more relaxed and really enjoy the relationship. Working together is less effective and finds you both more ungrounded, though your inspiration and motivation to bettering your social standing and job performance is undeniable.

  • Marguerite, you need to have a good long talk with your friend about commitment as I feel he and you may see marriage differently. Basically he would like it to be pretty much the same as your relationship is now - free and easy without too much responsibility or seeing each other every day. I'm not sure he would even want to live in the same house as you. You need to talk this out before jumping into anything more serious as it could be a big disaster.

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