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  • Thank You Captain...this sounds just like us!

  • Thank-you Captain for your insight......question though, who do you think would be having the hardest time investing the time needed to make this relationship work, myself or the man in question? We knew each other 30 years ago when we were teenagers, just recently came back into contact.

  • Marguerite, both of you may come to prefer this to be more of a short term relationship when you find it hard to get past the decision-making and your friend finds it hard to get past the commitment issue. You both like your space, too so an infrequent relationship might suit you two the best.

  • thank you in advance,

    me-august 3,1968

    him-september 1,1969

  • LEO1968, you two may find yourselves to be true soulmates. Difficulties seldom deter you from seeking each other out and establishing a relationship; as a matter of fact, social, racial, or financial barriers will only spur you two on. This combination is often highly personal, featuring mutual acceptance and sympathy. Strong empathic bonds assure close communication and sensitivity to each other's needs, not only in romance but in a friendship and other social ties. It is a relationship that fosters both intellectual and emotional understanding. A love affair and the marriage that often results from it can be highly soulful. Your friend does not find emotional fulfillment easily and is subject to nervous instability, but a relationship with you LEO1968 gives him appreciation, support, and the security to express his feelings constructively. You for your part benefit tremendously from your friend's order and structure and appreciate the relationship's need for firm decision-making. Deep meditational states can appear here, but the relationship has a tendency to isolate itself and must beware of losing touch with worldly reality. Your relationship is idealistic but has a strong practical base. It is highly dependable and capable of shouldering heavy responsibilities, but its real focus is on sharing philosophical or ideological concepts and putting them into practice in everyday life.

  • Hi Captain - I posted this over in Love & Relationships but am re-posting here in case this is easier.. Thanks for any info you can give me! 🙂

    Need some advice regarding this guy I've been obsessing about for the past few months. I'm a Gemini on the cusp of being a Cancer (June 20th). I display a lot of Gemini qualities (over-exaggerating every aspect of my life, creating childlike fun at every opportunity, easily distracted, creative, emotional) but in a lot of ways I don't feel very Gemini-like. Examples include that I'm not very aggressive, I'm pretty shy actually and I let others take the lead a lot of times and don't really speak up, I don't run from relationship to relationship, would like a stable relationship more than anything, I would never dream of cheating....oh yeah, and I'm not crazy like they claim most Geminis are! 🙂

    So I met this guy and we have a really cute relationship going on... but then I find out he's a Capricorn! Everything I read tells me that we won't work (he, of course, doesn't believe in Astrology or any of that - "If a couple gets along, then it's right - why are you even reading that?") He was born on December 27th but he's younger than me by almost four years - kinda works out because he's pretty mature and I'm immature sometimes so we meet in the middle. 🙂 That said, he's very demanding and always wants to get his way and I read online that I will try to appease him but I might get really unhappy as the relationship progresses and then we'll have tons of tension in our relationship. That sucks! So, have you guys ever heard of a relationship like this going the distance? I wouldn't care if it was just a fling because he's a lot of fun..... but he's casually asked a couple of times if I would considering dropping my life here and going with him while he's in the Army (This whole thing is crazy to me because it's not how I planned on spending my life, following some dude around but I think this boy could have the potential to talk me into doing some pretty wild things) and so before I make any drastic decisions I was wondering if you thought we were doomed, haha. Thanks for any insight you can give me... More information regarding our other signs are below. 🙂 Both of our rising signs are Sagittarius... does that mean anything? Haha, I have so many questions!


    Star Sign - Gemini

    Rising/Ascendant - Sagittarius

    Moon - Pisces

    Mars - Scorpio

    Venus - Cancer

    Mercury - Gemini


    Star Sign - Capricorn

    Rising/Ascendant - Sagittarius

    Moon - Aries

    Mars - Scorpio

    Venus - Aquarius

    Mercury - Capricorn

  • Geminigirl84, this relationship will struggle to go the distance. It is very demanding and its perfectionist tone creates a lot of unfulfilled expectations and emotional complexities. Your friend as a rule is rather demanding to begin with, both of himself and of others. You may, by your very nature, be able to alleviate some of this for him but you will not be able to ease the burdens of the relationship itself. In fact this particular combination will put your friend under intense pressure and scrutiny. Tension may also spill over onto you, and you will respond with self-criticism - as if it were in your power to do anything to improve the situation. You two need to focus on learning to relax, worrying less, and overlooking small problems.

    Your love affair is likely to reveal emotional difficulties. Your friend can get quite emotional, but will rarely be able to discuss with you whatever is bothering him. You may doubt that he really understands or appreciates you. You two are often strongly attracted to each other physically but this is unlikely to help much and in fact may widen the gulf of misunderstanding. Marriage is not recommended, since the relationship's perfectionist energy is apt to create the kinds of tension that prevent relaxation. You might come to resent the relationship for this reason and your friend might dislike it for not living up to his high expectations.

    You two can also be highly critical of others - drawn to irony and humour, you sometimes enjoy yourself by making fun of other people's foibles. You will have to learn to laugh at yourselves too however, particularly when these energies boomerang back on you. It's not wrong to have high standards but they must be realistic. Scale back the persistent perfectionism in favour of a more accepting view. Lower tension, not quality, and practice kindness.

    Even so, anything longterm here is very unlikely.

  • thank you for your insight.


  • I hate to call you out Captain, but all you did was word for word transcribe our compatibility from the book The Secret Language of Relationships. So that didn't tell me anything new...

  • Geminigirl84, if you had read through this thread, you would have seen that I have said the reports are taken from that book - and others. I have always stated that the astrology and numerology readings come from my array of excellent books on the subject while my psychic readings come from me. So you are not revealing anything that has not been previously stated several times on this site.

    If you had correctly listed your question in the Psychic section and not the astrology section, I would have given you a psychic reading and not an astrological profile.

  • This section is for people who don't have access to the aforementioned book or others of the sort.

  • Would love to know this!

    my bday is 10-18-1987

    Do you need time or anything?

  • oops, scratch that. meant to post on your other topic! sorry!!

  • I read through the first ten or so pages and didn't see anything like that stated - sorry for the confusion, I'm just frustrated because all the books keep telling me it's hopeless. 😞

  • Geminigirl84, nothing is hopeless if you are prepared to work at it. But to fix a relationship, you must be honest about its weaknesesses and the flaws of yourself and your partner. Once you know what is wrong, you can begin to change things for the better. But it will take a joint effort from both you AND your partner to make things right.

    Those perfectionist attitudes need to be replaced by something more realistic, for a start. Expecting your partner to be perfect is a sign of immaturity. Acknowledging each of your flaws will help with this. Once you both understand that neither of you is perfect, maybe you can be more accepting of each other. You can't expect anyone to change into your idea of the perfect lover. You can only change yourself - you can't change anyone else. But don't be overly critical or negative - acknowledge your strong points too. Also you need to get your friend to be more open with you about his feelings which means you will have to sit him down and have a really honest heart-to-heart talk.

    Your problems won't fix themselves. Do the work and you will reap the benefits.

  • Hi Captain

    I would love to know our compatibilty

    my dob is May 17, 1987

    and his dob is january 2,1984

    thank you so much for your time

  • Taurusbaby22, this relationship can work for the short term but will struggle to endure any further. The relationship is all about privacy and discretion, isolating itself from the scrutiny of society. Its reclusiveness is not necessarily comfortable for either of you, both of whom need to be involved in the world. You two seek each other out for warmth and understanding but must remain connected to the outside or else your relationship will become too inwardly focused and dependent.

    There is intimacy here in your love affair. It can be physically satisfying, sympathetic and supportive. Problems arise if your partner becomes too repressive which inevitably arouses your rebellion. Blaming and guilt trips may make things even more difficult. Your partner needs understanding however and his tendency to get bottled up inside may find relief in your non-judgmental arms. Should you finally decide to bail out, your partner will be left grieving over the loss of the relationship.

    Marriage or a long term relationship can be intimate too but there is a danger that your isolation from the real world will produce something that is based on an unrealistic illusion. Such a relationship can become destructive if you two lose contact with freinds, relatives and other social anchors. Your insecurities Taurusbaby can split the relationship apart and your partner can become shocked by your antics and give up in despair. This relationship needs a strong dose of reality and honesty.

  • Hi Captain,

    I've seen your name in several forums here. So I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm DaphneDale and I am brand new here. I have read several of your posts (there are many:). You have great insight.

    Today has been a very special day in many ways, including joining this forum.

    Peace, DaphneDale

  • thank you for the insight captain. I appreciate it so much.

  • Hello DaphneDale and welcome! 🙂

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