Compatibility analysis

  • SP1CA, you two could be true soulmates. Difficulties seldom stop you two from seeking each other out and establishing a relationship - social, racial, distance, or financial barriers will only spur you on. There is a lot of mutual acceptance and sympathy here. Strong empathic bonds ensure close communication and sensitivity to each other's needs, not only in romance but in friendship and other social ties. It is a relationship that fosters both intellectual and emotional understanding.

    A love affair and the marriage that often results from it can be highly soulful. You SP1Ca do not find emotional fulfillment easily and are prone to nervous instability, but your relationship with your friend gives you appreciation, support and the security to express your feelings constructively. Your friend benefits tremendously from your order and structure, and appreciates the relationship's need for firm decision-making. However the relationship may tend to isolate itself so you two must beware of losing touch with worldly realities.

    There is a good chance for both love and friendship here. It can be an idealistic relationship but also one with a strong practical base that can endure, as long as it is not guided by rebelliousness or unreality.

  • thank you very much, I'm happy for hearing these. 😄

  • Captain,

    I would like a compatibility reading if you have the time, he was born 20 june 1967 at 2:35 am in st paul mn. usa, I was born 28 october 1960 at 2:27 pm in Sunnyside, Wa , usa, I hope the extra info helps.

  • Ittlebit, I have already analysed your relationship in your other threads.

  • im confused whos the best guy for me?. my birthday is august 26,1992

    these are their birthdays

    -november 6,1990

    -february 12,1990

    -july 2,1989

  • Hi,

    Mine is Jan 22 1974, and his is Nov 14 1978

  • Im not sure if you are still doing these but if you are

    February 1, 1983 5:08pm granada hills,ca and November 12, 1974 11:05am kincheleo afb, michigan

    Thank you, if not no worries

  • Sara10 and the Scorpio: best for friendship, more difficult for love. Though you blend well in the areas of feeling and sexuality, you both tend to be secretive types when it comes to revealing and sharing yourselves. But if you can open up to each other, marriage could work. However, love triangles are very possible here in this combination. You can both be very crtiical and scathing of each other and other people.

    Sara10 and the Aquarian: best for work, difficult for marriage. This relationship can be tense and rebellious but it has its rewards in that you can stand together against the world. It's only when you are alone that you get on each other's nerves especially when one of you tries to exert power or control over the other. The biggest problem with marriage is your resentment Sara over your Aquarian's negligence domestically and you will grow very tired of having to clean up after him. His freedom-loving nature will make it hard for him to meet your demands for fidelity and marital responsibility.

    Sara10 and the Cancerian: good for marriage but difficult for a love affair. A short term affair between you can be unstable but romantic. His emotionality comes up hard against your logic and structure. If you can learn to pay more attention to his feelings and be less demanding, this can extend to the long term. Your friend needs to become less sensitive and stop withdrawing when he feels hurt, learning to face and discuss problems instead of running from them. Common ground must be found here with meaningful regular contact or the relationship will fail.

  • ANG3L, this is a nice romance and you both can get quite carried away. Your electric energy and your friend's seductiveness blend into an exciting and pleasurable relationship. You two exhibit an eclectic and airy style. As a couple, you will be interested in many different intellectual pursuits, always maintaining a hopeful optimistic and even enthusiastic outlook. For two such serious individuals, this is really something. There is the danger however that in your optimism you might ignore greater problems, which can fester and grow larger, perhaps even becoming irreparable. A typical issue is that while your friend is usually the more realistic, practical and financially sensible one of the relationship, and is more willing to shoulder responsibility, he can be angered by your refusal to do your fair share of the work. You in turn can grow tired of his nagging and criticism. You ANG3L may agree to be more dedicated, if somewhat resentfully, or you might just turn off, becoming even more lax in your attitude.

    A love affair can peak quite quickly in the bedroom, then fall off in its intensity over a period of months. When the thrill is gone, the relationship may have little left to sustain it emotionally. You two may marry for other than romantic reasons, eg. for money, power or social prestige. This marriage will be quite complex and its unravelling - should it occur - will take longer than that of a more ephemeral love affair.

    Your friend can be quite heavy and serious so he will enjoy the diversions the relationship will bring him. However he may soon tire of any superficiality. You enjoy his reliability but in the long run may find him repetitive and dull. Self-development is the key to success here. If you both can cultivate cultural and spiritual interests together and be more realistic but not calculating in your outlook, this relationship can work.

  • AquarianAida, this is best for friendship, more difficult for love. It's a close relationship emotionally. Speech and thought are rarely the focus here; you two are far more likely to concentrate on feelings, empathy and sympathy. You may even have psychic connections to each other, which you might openly discuss but more often just experience. The relationship's goals, often realized, are likely to be emotional openness and honesty. The relationship's sensitivity can also extend to the projects that you develop together and that often bear your stamp: the results of these undertakings are apt to be refined and creative in nature. When you two are working on a project together, the close psychic bond between you both usually allows you to complete your work, even if you are separated in space and time, for you each can act with full assuarnce that your partner would approve of your decisions.

    Although sympathetic, a love affair can be somewhat difficult and intense. Your unusual degree of sensitivity is certainly a strength, yet it can also manifest as irritation and emotional over-reaction. The Aquarian psyche often summons up projections of its own shadow side and falls in love with them, so that your friend may haphazardly find himself playing out an unconscious role for you. Of course, the attention is gratifying but he will want to be loved for himself, rather than for the image he is unwittingly supplying of someone or something else. A commitment to psychological investigation will usually allow you two to begin unravelling the complexities of your relationship. Marriage may help you mature even more - here you both can really begin to self-actualize. By directing your emotions constructively, toughening up and not letting your buttons be so easily pushed, and using reason to strive for self-understanding, this matchup can succeed. Just remember that overwhelming emotion and passion may be good in the bedroom but they can be destructive out of it. A relaxed and easy atmosphere is the best in which to live and work.

  • Thank You Captain, This was very good, however we are already more than friends, and I do find myself manifesting my shadow side in him, but I am trying to get inside myself more and stop putting up so many walls on myself and see him for him, which it turns out I Love anyway. We do often joke that we are like E.t. and Elliot, that we have a special connection. And when it comes to getting something done it seems like we could accomplish anything, but I am far more sensitive to his "secrets" or "privacy" when I am so willing to share my whole mind with him. We do have a problem with bouncing our energies off eachother when we are inside our heads and in the same room. It can be overwelming. That being said, I really wanna hold on to this relationship as Ive never connected with someone on this level before so Ive started studying Carl G. Jung and Analytical Psychology as well as trying to go through all these old books my grandmother left from her astrologer days, it seems I am also a INTP personality. Im not sure what he is yet, but maybe that will also shed some light. Thank you again, your awesome. ❤

  • thank you captain 🙂

    well with the guy thats a cancer i ended it with him already i just couldnt stay with him anymore. all the feeling i had for him are gone their was nothing between us not sure if i made the right decision but to me right it feels like it was the best thing for me to do.

    with the scorpio guy i have a long history with him but i dont know whats gonna happen with us in the future.

    i wanna ask yu for one more favor.

    i have another friend that im kinda interested in hes an aries && im a virgo do yu think that could work?


  • Dear Captain,

    If you still doing this;I will be very glad...



    thanks a lott

  • thanks for the offer mine so for relationship my dob is 4//20/81 his 11/9/80 and the other man i was with is 4/13/80 please tell me if i should leave both alone and not get involved!

  • just curious about a long time friend. always wondered if i should possibly end up with him. can you give any words on relationships with him? i am not in the position currently to persue anything with anyone right now as i am trying to get ahold of my own life. just asking out of complete curiosity. my dob is april 15, 1977 and his is feb. 24, 1977

  • Sara10, I need the exact birthdate for compatibiity comparison. Comparing sunsigns is not accurate enough.

  • Chocolatebox, this is good for companionship but difficult for love. The primary concern of the relationship is the degree to which it is ready to reveal itself to the world. You two are preoccupied with how to relate more meaningfully, not only in social situations but to each other. At root here is a certain mistrust: in your own unique way, each of you has a pretty good understanding of human beings, and as a couple you don't much like exposing yourselves to public scrutiny. In fact you may not like other people much at all, viewing even the simplest invitation with suspicion. You really see your relationship as a retreat from the world.

    In love and marriage, your physicality is a heavy mixture of passion and sensuality, areas in which neither of you is entirely comfortable. The closer your relationship is to the platonic sphere of friendship, the more comfortable you two may feel. Physical demands can easily be replaced here by more easygoing emotions and a happy-go-lucky feel. This can be a trying matchup but it is not beyond the pair of you to put your tensions to work in forwarding shared causes.

    Undemanding companionship or acquaintanceship is perhaps the best and most realistic possibility for you two. The social demands would be easier to meet and no blame of guilt needs to surface if you should spend a long time apart. A more distant friendship will also be a safety valve when social demands elsewhere are heavy and you two need an entertaining and nonjudgmental retreat from the world. Separation through distance or a live-and-let-live attitude is probably the only way you two can tolerate each other for very long.

  • Joebull and the Scorpion: this works best for a love affair rather than anything more committed. It can make for an unusual relationship, one of passion and brilliance. But it will be most successful when the relationship's demands are not excessive and individual differences are respected. Freedom is a necessity here, yet given enough free rein, the relationship can endure in a casual way since neither of you will ever find another partnership that is as powerful or unique. Both of you are very powerful individuals, and anyone who can outshine even you is quite a draw. In fact you both might find yourselves more attracted to the relationship than to each other. Anything too intense or overly responsible in this relationshp will cause problems.

    Joebull and the Taurean: This works best for work and is worst for love. Although you might expect two Taureans to meld and produce a natural energy, the chemical equation here is not always straightforward or simple. True, the relationship is often positive and indeed charming, but rebelliousness and competitiveness can arise as well. A tendency for both of you to think you know best can undermine the relationship's solidity and its capacity to act effectively as a unit - you two often move in opposite directions from the start. Both of you have hair-trigger tempers when you receive what you see as unfair criticism, but your relationship with each other often magnifies such responses well out of all proportion. Feelings tend to run high here and are in fact its greatest challenge. In a love affair or friendship, powerful emotions can be rewarding, destructive, or both. Serious instability and mood swings can mar even the more blissful moments with the sudden surfacing of negative, even violently destructive feelings bewildering to both of you. The only thing that really stabilizes this relationship is to combine work and marriage. The energy level here can be extremely high and intense productivity is possible if emotions can be kept in check. Yet burnout and collapse are constant dangers. Extreme patience and commitment are needed on both sides for this arrangement to work.

  • Starangel169, this works best for friendship. As soon as a more intimate relationship begins, so do problems. The focus of the relationship is on aesthetic and idealistic pursuits and a strong streak of unreality can run through this combination. You two make a wonderful team in service of higher ideals and beauty, particularly when you are both members of a social, spiritual or community group. Both of you are devotional types who need to put your energies into such projects, and the relationship can synergistically magnify your individual strengths severalfold. Friendship often develops out of one of these social groups. Although you Starangel tend to be the more dynamic and aggressive and your friend is more relaxed and accepting, you two usually appreciate each other's strong points. Both of you are self-sacrificing and you should be aware that you can be taken advantage of by more selfish types.

    You Starangel are a passionate sort who saves her affections and sexual urges for special intimate moments, while your friend is more sensuous, needing to touch and taste the best that life has to offer in steady doses throughout the day. Because of these differences, a love relationship or marriage is not recommended. A platonic relationship in which sexuality is dormant or absent can be satisfying, lasting and in the long run, best for you both.

  • Hello there Captain

    HOw are you. This is Illona and I was wondering if you could tell me what you see for me in my love life for the summer. I have not seen my friend the libra since Jan of this year. He calls but I don't listen too what he tells me anymore. So I really am so over him but I still feel like he things that I did something wrong and I know that I did nothing. But one day he will see that.

    MY dob is July 12 1961.

    Thanks Illona

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