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  • the advice 'you' gave me was copied directly from the book, i was shocked!

  • Why are you shocked, Irishgirl, when people post articles, quotes, poems, pictures from elsewhere all the time on this forum? I put up a website link for anyone who wanted to buy the book I got the info from but it was removed by admin. so I was hardly trying to claim the info as mine.

  • Hi Captain, can I get a reading for me and my mate. My DOB is Nov 1, 1980 and his is Feb 22, 1962. We have a strong inderstanding of one another but I need to make a serious decision to where as what I really want and need from our relationship. Thank You

  • Jdavis8011, this is good for work but difficult for love. This relationship manifests as a bedrock of trust and understanding, a place you two can turn to for thoughtful advice, empathy and support. Here you are called upon to be trustworthy mirrors of each other's feelings, reflecting them back to be viewed. With great gentleness, you Jdavis will strive to bring your partner's feelings out into the open and to help dissolve the defenses he has built up over the years. He meanwhile is amongst the few individuals with the patience and insight to help you dig deeper into yourself. This personal dynamic would seem to have little connection with the efficient team you two can make in your careers, yet even worldly pursuits depend on a core of understanding at their base. You two often have an instinctual knowledge of how things work in your common field and your joint mastery of technique can put many a successful enterprise on its feet. Work relationships can thus be highly productive.

    In friendship, love and marriage, this relationship can involve a strong empathic bond that provides mutual protection and support. Although love and understanding are usually present, passion may be curiously absent. As rewarding as your relationship can be, you Jdavis may grow bored and long for greater intensity. Should you look elsewhere, or actually stray, your partner could retreat behind a protective wall, resolving never to give away his heart so readily again. Empathy may not be enough to hold you two together as lovers.

    This relationship is not about power - it is about each partner's acute sensitivity to what the other is feeling. This is what makes your close cooperation and instant communication possible. There is no guarantee however that you will desire to develop your relationship fully and dare to fail, for too often you two are content to reach a reasonable position and stay there. Push yourselves to achieve the very best you are capable of in all areas and strive for peak experiences.

  • Could you please give me some information in regard to Love? 15, April 1967 21, October, 1965.

    I would like to understand what I need to grow with and what he does too. I appreciate this opportunity. Thank You!

  • Reneemarie67, this relationship is good for friendship butmore difficult for a longterm intimate matchup. Ideas or idealogies will be the central focus here. The relationship will be strongly concerned with persuading other people, or selling to them. If you two are united in a common outlook, the relationship can prove extremely charismatic and convincing in itself.

    Both of you are fascinated by ideas, but your approaches in this area are very different. You Reneemarie will enthusiastically support concepts that you believe provide a basis for your own actions. Your friend is more intellectual and objective, rarely letting ideas control his life. A certain level of conflict will ensue as you two try to balance your opposing views, and this may preclude a long-term love affair. A short passionate involvement however, especially a predominantly sexual one, may be possible.

    Your friend has intense and complex feelings, and your straightforwardness may not be the most calming or effective way to approach him, particularly in an intimate relationship. You are generally much too busy getting the job done to stop to argue with your friend, and are likely to consider what you see as negativity or destructive criticism from him an annoyance or hindrance. Not being taken seriously is unbearable for your friend, and if your reaction becomes a pattern, it may end the relationship.

    Friendship is an easier and lighter relationship here, since it favours the sharing of a variety of activities. Both of you have a concern for your fellow human beings and are drawn to group efforts - you work well together in a social or service setting where the welfare of others is of primary concern. As a partnership, you two can be a powerful force for community good. In more intimate matchups however, you two are less effective, and a host of personal irritations and emotional conflicts will cause unsettling oscillations of mood unless both parties work at keeping the mood light and reducing the irritation factor. Try not to get so worked up over ideas.

  • Thank You Captain. I really appreciate this. We were in a relationship and it did go sour. I just need the incite to see whats going to happen next, as he started coming around again and then suddenly stopped fro 3 weeks now. UGH! lol

  • We also lived together for 4 years and he still has a ton of things here and that of value. He is more materialistic than me, believe it or not! lol

  • Captain, would you be so kind as to give me some insight on the pairing of 17 Oct 1970 and 21 June 1971? The attraction was instant and mutual, and we (apparently both) had the most peaceful, blissful sense of being "home" with each other. Our rhythms seemed to be in harmony and I felt like I was enough for him just as I was, warts and all as they say. Then suddenly he pulled back and said he wanted to slow down, and when I accepted that, he decided it would be better just to be friends--and then he couldn't make time even for friendship (I struggled with the transition to friendship and whether to say goodbye entirely instead--which I eventually did, when it became obvious that he was communicating only reluctantly.) It was a brief relationship by any standard, and twice as long in its demise as in its buildup. But months later, my heart is still aching over it, and that's not like me. I'm usually able to get perspective pretty quickly, to remember that every experience holds a gift if you choose to accept it, and to move on without a lot of regrets. I'm also usually able to stay friends with former loves. Even though I believe everything happens for a reason, and I know there's a gift in this somewhere; even though I can see and acknowledge some very valid reasons that it might be better this way, and I know I don't need him in order to be happy, I still can't seem to stay in that place of understanding and acceptance. My heart just keeps right on feeling like lead, and I'm so tired of being weighed down with this (or, as you put it earlier, trying to keep my head above the stormy emotional waters). Maybe the book can give me a clue to the nature of the relationship that will help me make my peace with it? I hope so... with gratitude and blessings, gd

  • Thank you for your offer.

    Mine - 15 Septmeber 1977

    His - 21 January 1980

    if possible and your book offers such information, would also be interested in child/parent compatibility

    child - 8 September 2002

    Thank you again

  • Gracefuldaisies, this relationship often enjoys a strong bond of understanding that does not demand daily interaction between its partners but guarantees a deep commitment and support whenever they are needed. You two have very different approaches to life, but your relationship is for the most part sensitive and accepting. Your friend's world is, broadly speaking, private. Your world GracefulDaisies is generally more public, but you actually choose carefully when you want to be in other people's company, and may in fact spend most of your time alone. Action rather than contemplation is what appeals to you and here you may spur your friend on, doubling the relationship's dynamism. You two might easily dabble in the mystical, perhaps even bringing it to others in the form of a theatrical presentation or performance. Together you can prove quite inspiring. At bottom, too, your relationship is great fun.

    In love and marriage, you GD may want a strong partner who can take the lead more effectively than you can, but you more often fall for dependent types who lean on you a bit - like your friend who depends on others for emotional security. In this particular case however, the rewards for you are great. You may never before or after feel more loved and accepted than you do with your devoted partner.

    As friends, you two often share a common activity that you pursue wholeheartedly. From stamp collecting to scuba diving, the range of possibilities is broad and unpredictable. You may well have met completely by chance, or have been introduced by a third party; although interested, you two don't usually attach strongly at the start, but over time your relationship will deepen naturally, usually guaranteeing its longevity.

    But your friend can suffer from feelings of both guilt and misplaced loyalty which can lead him to make some very bad decisions about relationships and return to those whom he should have left behind a while back. He may even have a need to suffer, depression or negative belief patterns that need to be dealt with. A healthy dose of self-interest is needed for him to move ahead. Family members, old friends or lovers will try to manipulate or 'guilt' him into remaining with them. They do this by withholding recognition and approval - something your friend craves. He has a tendency to idealise or romanticise those he loves so it is hard for him to see them as they really are. If he can step back and gain some emotional detachment from them, he can break free of their hold. Working with a therapist can also help your friend hold a mirror to himself and his life and to understand that personal relationships can be both bountiful and nurturing - not hurtful or nonproductive as his former relationships have been.

  • DreamingApe, with whom did you want to compare the child?

  • Reneemarie67, it is significant that your friend leaves valuable things behind with you. Like he is leaving an excuse to come back to you if he needs to.

  • Thank You Captain. I really appreciate your insight! Have a great day!

  • Thank you, Captain. That pretty much sums it up--doesn't give me the peace I was looking for, exactly, just confirms what I already felt. Three years after final separation from his ex, who had left him numerous times over the years, he's still looking backward. It's true that although he's more social, he's also more private--I'm more solitary but more open with people. And it was definitely the most loving and accepting relationship, in both directions, that I'd ever experienced, and I feel strongly that it had the potential to be a beautiful, bountiful, and nurturing connection for both of us. Well, I've done everything in my power to encourage him to trust me and the process of growing a relationship, so I suppose all I can do now is leave it in the hands of the universe and wait and see... gratitude and blessings to you! May your day be filled with joy-- gd

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