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  • Whatadoll, this relationship generally cares little about what other people think, and will rarely let society's expectations get in the way of its own highly personal brand of expression. Your friend is stimulated by your verve, and you are fascinated by his half-hidden energies. The synergy of your relationship often magnifies both your more flamboyant sides, creating quite an outrageous mutual stance. Deeply rewarding for both of you, this combination allows you a sense of freedom and zest that is hard for both of you to come by elsewhere.

    Your love affair can be wild and wacky. The tendency to let it all hang out often hides a more private, serious side to the relationship. Both of you however may have a roving eye, for your relationship will have certain holes that neither of you can entirely fill for each other. Thus, one or both of you may seek to complete your fulfllment elsewhere. Sexual currents do run deep here but they are predicated on your friend's complete trust of you which you should never betray. Still, there may be a serious gulf emotionally even though the physical and intellectual side may be quite satisfying. You Whatadoll seek to learn from and experience life with your friend whom you may look up to as a mentor or teacher.

    Instability can arise here through envy, covetousness, or pride that will make it difficult for you two to be really good friends. Excessive selfishness and holding back from true sharing can undermine the relationship. Both of you must learn to give unconditionally as it may be the only way to save the relationship from disaster. But even that might not be enough to keep two people who have so many differences together.

  • Fishy76, this is a highly seductive combination, and not just physically. Attraction and desire play a large role but the relationship's magnetism works not only between the partners themselves but between them as a pair and a goal they covet, whether social, financial, or family-oriented. The relationship brings out its partners' most determined sides, enabling them to achieve together what they might not achieve alone. Usually though, this benefits the Pisces person more.

    There is an easy, sensuous orientation here between Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs. The matchup ties can be very tightly knit. In some ways in fact, they are indissoluble, since their watery nature is already so fluid. Yet they have another side as well, an earthy one, which is intensely practical and responsible. At times conflicts can arise between these two sides, with one pulling the other toward relaxation and procrastination, the other toward action and effort.

    A love affair here can be highly secretive. Family members and friends may think they know what goes on in private between Scorpio and Pisces but they are usually wrong. Much of the relationship's psychological import is often hidden from even the lovers themselves, who may not be terribly interested in self-analysis. Marriage might prove more successful than a love affair, since it would satisfy the need of both partners to take on responsibilities. Strong business or career ties could be the cement holding the whole thing together. A friendship works out best when grounded by a common interest or hobby.

  • Hi Captian,

    Could you tell me our relationship:

    Me: 22/06/1982

    Him: 23/11/1976

    Many thanks!

  • Realeyez86, this is best for friendship, worst for working together. This would appear to be a fairly heavy matchup but it doesn't have to be. Although both of you may play a commanding role in your relationships with other people, in your own relationship you can be surprisingly undemanding. This is because you respect each other's power and feel little need to impress someone you each consider at least as powerful - and as dangerous - as yourself with an aggressive or threatening stance. Your relationship then often is stable, self-assured and, at least as far as attacks from outside are concerned, well-nigh unassailable.

    True, in times of emotional frustration you two can sink to all-time depressive lows together, and it will be hard for you to drag each other out of your mutual funk. A love affair or marriage thus afflicted can experience great pain and suffering. You two are no strangers to such phenomena, however, and will often manage to live with these difficulties for years, hanging in there without quitting and sometimes even overcoming or simply outlasting your problems. Third parties who make the mistake of trying to intrude, perhaps feeling that they can make one of you happier, may get a double sting from the Scorpion duo before they depart wiser.

    This can be a very difficult relationship but it is possible to make it succeed with a lot of work on both sides. Try to nip depressions in the bud when possible. Beware of competition and jealousies. Loyalty can also be repressive. Don't hold onto your pain.

  • Hello Captain,

    My bd is May 3, 1969

    His bd is May 21, 1966

    What advice can you give me? Right now we are not together...but I hope we will get back togther!

    Thank you Again,


  • Oneofmany647, you and your friend both have mutually hard-headed energies and they often collide in the form of struggles for dominance, but may also coalesce synergestically in a relationship that is dedicated and determined to succeed, whether in business or at home. The relationship may in fact become the lynchpin, or at least an important bulwark, of a successful company or family. The determining factor here will often be whether you two like each other, pure and simple. You do share many qualities, such as a hatred of pretense and phoniness and an insistence of fairness, especially to the disadvantaged. This is no antidote however for your struggles for supremacy.

    A personal relationship such as marriage, a love affair, or friendship is likely to evidence the most conflict, alternating however with warm and caring expressions of emotion. Your love affair may prove highly pleasurable, but feelings tend to run deeper when one or both of you already has a primary relationship elsewhere. Generally speaking, opposing the tenets of society and the dominance of the other partner comes naturally to this relationship. You two will have no hesitation about flaunting your passion dramatically, feeling no need for sneakiness or secrecy.

    Conflicts in marriage bring both positive and negative results. The relationship can be toughened and strengthened by honest discussion and even argument, the emotional element in these confrontations being quickly forgotten. Communication is a strength - you two will be objective, hearing the other person's point of view clearly and responding logically, albeit with feeling. You are also responsible in your atttitudes toward domestic matters and children - as long as both of you keep up your end of the deal, without being forced to by destructive power struggles.

    Friendship here can be easy but superficial. As friends, you probably won't spend much time together or regard your friendship as being of primary importance.

  • sir what's the future of this..



  • Hello again Captain 🙂

    I would greatly appreciate if you could check compatibility for me on 2 guys please. Not sure if either one of them is a good option. One seems to have great potential....

    My bday is Dec 19,1970

    Guy 1 is June 13, 1972

    and Guy 2 is April 8, 1969

    Also I lost the link to your site, could you either post it or resend it to me. I joined a couple months ago.

    Again thanks for everything you do for all of us 😄

  • just a thankyou for your time and response captain

  • Hi Captain

    My DOB is October 6, 1973

    His is May 25, 1966

    Will we work out?

  • Hi Captain, I hope all is well with you.

    Hows the book comming?

    Here I go

    ME: AUGUST 10,1960

    HIM: DECEMBER 20,1959

    Take care,Captain and thank you again

    Sheila from Vancouver, Canada

  • Hello Captain,

    First of all, thanks very much. What do you think of this match

    Me - July 31, 1965

    Him - April 14, 1968

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Toronto Canada.

  • BroneDalit, this interesting relationship is not an easy one to figure out, either for other people or for you yourselves. Although both of you tend to be secretive types, this mysterious matchup will not only fascinate you but frustrate you. Both of you are more than capable of getting your way; indeed, each is the other's match when it comes to persuasion and manipulation. The overall effect is one of shifting sands - of insecurity.

    Physical attraction can be high between you, but your love affair tends to be unstable. Your cooler attitudes BroneDalit tend to put you in control, since your more emotional partner can find it hard to keep his feelings in check during confrontations, and loses his temper more easily. Insecurities over the relationship run high on both sides, but the fallout is not completely negative: a blend of fear and excitement adds intensity to your sexual interactions.

    Trust is the most important consideration in marriage or friendship between you two. Since you BroneDalit tend to be faithful once your heart is given, you risk the greater hurt in the relationship. Your partner rarely if ever tells all about his hidden activties, but you are perceptive and will usually sniff out his ability to juggle several relationships at one time. Your partner may be quite loyal in his own way even as he is being unfaithful however and, if you can forgive him a minor indiscretion or two, your relationship is likely to endure.

    Be sure to leave each other enough space and build up the bonds of trust. Work to understand each other better and strive for emotional honesty.

  • UnicornMustang, although this relationship focuses on being natural and relaxed, its underlying mood is less free and easy than one would expect of such a matchup. In fact, the right to express oneself openly must be earned rather than taken for granted. Critical and demanding attitudes may prevail unless given a periodic airing, and irritations and resentments - if ignored or repressed - can surface in unpleasant and unexpected ways. One partner's condemnation of the other's irresponsibility can be a frequent occurrence here. Similarly, a suspicion of ostentation and ego usually requires you two to be more muted in your behaviour. It isn't necessarily that certain behaviour invariably cause shame or blame, but rather that the relationship calls for a kind of dignity.

    In love and marriage, your friend's high-strung and frenetic pace is unlikely to provide the sense of security that you need, UnicornMustang. Particularly in marriage, your efforts to bring stability to the relationship can be undercut by your friend's inability to be tied down to a single partner. On the other hand, especially in a love affair, your frank and critical attitudes can arouse quite a bit of insecurity in your friend who might be hopelessly in love.

    Friendship is the best of all relationships here. A failed marriage or love affair could settle into a friendship, perhaps suggesting that it would have been better this way from the start. Appreciation, admiration, and mutual acceptance can flourish in your friendship where it was not evident in your more intimate relationship.

  • Shwez, it is not uncommon for a relationship to spring from a misunderstanding, but your meeting has a higher than average probability of resulting from such an event or from some other slightly unusual occurrence: both of you have a tendency to be misunderstood or misread by others. On the plus side, this means that you two may find in each other a mutual point of empathy. Two negatives form a positive; similarly, the relationship that results from this synergetic combination can be far stronger than the individuals who make it up. Fittingly, given the seeming misfit natuire of the two of you, this relationship focuses on creating a private world, with time being given to inner exploration and recognition. Once bonds of trust and sharing are formed, cathartic and even ecstatic moments of mutual revelation may ensure. You two may then be ready for further challenges, both in areas of psychological and spiritual growth and in the issues of the outer world - family, society, work.

    It is possible for you two to form a strong lifelong bond, whether as friends, lovers or spouses. Obstacles will arise of course but the mutual understanding between you can be so great that you will be undaunted by personal problems and challenges, and may in fact be stimulated by them. One of the greatest difficulties of this relationship may lie in being tied to old scripts - negative parental or familial attitudes from childhood, for example. Role patterns like these can lead to acting out in hurtful and denigrating ways. But these stances from the past can be recognised, acknowledged and released, or at the very least, defused.

    One great danger of your relationship is that it may become restricted to a mutually supportive but highly private world in which you two are confined by the belief that your relationship marches to the beat of a different drummer. Actively building bridges to fellow human beings is essential, perhaps with you making career contacts and your friend taking the lead socially. The relationship's blossoming and the mental health of both its partners may well depend on the success of such efforts.

  • Sagiqueen and guy one - this is good for a love affair but not so easy for the longer term or marriage. A love affair or friendship can be mutually beneficial. Your friend can bring you out of your private world, encouraging you to be more positive and aggressive in life while you can help him to become more thoughtful and quiet. A love affair usually puts both of you more in touch with yourselves at a level previously denied to you, giving you two a chance to become more fully alive to each other. A marital or working relationship can last for years but there will be periods of great struggle involved that nevertheless will provide great revelations.

    Sagiqueen and guy two - this is not easy for the longterm, either. The crucial question here is whether you two can accept each other without irritation or blame. Your differences are severe - you are usually too serious for your friend who is exuberant and direct - qualities likely to get on your nerves. You are sensitive to the profundity and significance of life's trials and tribulations while your friend is more carefree and would rather not confront or even think about them. Consequently you may see your friend's lifestyle as trivializing everything you hold dear. Still this relationship carries the possibility of open-mindedness. Your moral consciousness may just keep your friend in line while his colourful, fun-loving orientation can offset your weightiness. The relationship can succeed if both of you make an effort to benefit from the strengths your other half provides. If not, your differences will tear you apart.

  • Graphicist, this relationship is good for a love affair but bodes badly for the longterm or marriage. It is generally just fun for both of you. It emphasises enjoyment, whether in the personal, professional or family spheres. Not that the relationship can't get the job done; it can be extremely efficient and effective. But you two believe that if something is worth doing it can be done the easy way or the hard way, and the easy way is obviously the preferred one. Loose and relaxed attitudes are valued highly here, and uptight tense ones eschewed.

    Your love affair or friendship is definitely pleasure oriented. Having a good time is given top priority. Those who view the relationship askance are likely to be thinking that it is shallow or superficial, but perhaps this is only jealousy - when two people can satisfy each other as easily and naturally as you two can, you must be doing something right. Particularly with friends however, trouble may start just at the point where serious attitudes begin to emerge. Pollyannish relationships like this one are not really ready for trouble, and once it arises it may ruin your good times. Should a major disaster appear - financial, academic, domestic or physical - this relationship may find itself on the brink of extinction.

    Marriage usually has its share of woes and stress, and woes and stress are not the preferred mode for you two. Unless you are prepared to take the bad with the good, ride through some heavy storms and even suffer unsolved problems for years, you had better not live together but remain as friends or lovers.

  • Shatz, the book is not progressing unfortunately. no publishe so far is interested. But I'll keep trying.

    This relationship looks difficult to maintain in the longterm. You two may find yourselves acting out a drama over which you have no control. Your relationship has a peculiarly fated quality to it, with each partner taking on defined roles, as if someone were pulling the strings. Well directed and strong minded, the relationship knows where it is going and what it is supposed to do, but the question is: do its partners? As a unit, you two are unified by a single-minded purpose that can transcend many limitations and barriers. This relationship is governed by air, granting it a great capacity for strategic thinking and deep powers of concentration, ideal for working together.

    A love affair can be deep and passionate. It will also show a high degree of curiosity: both of you have a secretive side that few can penetrate, giving you ample room to flex your investigative muscles when you come together. Should you two touch on a hidden nerve however or dig a bit too deep, quite theatrical displays of feeling are likely to result. Marriage can bring great joy to both of you but also deeply felt sorrow. In fact you two are likely to run the gamut of human emotion before you are finished with each other.

    As friends you two are likely to be quite extroverted, engaging in challenging and exciting activities. Danger often draws you like a magnet. Although comfortable in taking risks, you two will have to recognise limitations and draw up boundaries that you must not overstep. Competition here is generally positive in nature, impelling mutual efforts forward.

    Don't wear blinders in this relationship and don't shy away from its truths.

  • Thank you Captain!

    A very interesting read. He does have a short temper, but I can usually calm him down quickly!

    Thanks for the advise.

  • Torgirl44, this relationship looks good for a love affair or friendship. It must find translation tools to bridge the gap between its different modes of thought and communication, however. Misunderstanding is common here since both of you consider yourselves authorities on many subjects, and have your own highly individual terminology. Nor is either of you likely to compromise in order to move toward understanding. Ideally, this relationship will evolve its own original language in which you two can share your often contrasting ideas.

    Your friend has something to teach you about being more accepting of people, particularly those you disagree with. You on the other hand can help your friend learn how to direct his energies so as to strive for inward goals first before moving outward toward the world. Friendship here can be very close, featuring learning and sharing at a deep level.

    In love, you two tend to favour sexuality over sensuality. You both are more likely to express warmth and affection in your friendship than in your love affair. You Torgirl44 demand variety and change in your sexual relationships, and hate being tied down to predictable patterns, and in this respect you will test your friend to the limit. But you also want a cheerful lover with whom you can have fun, and who will give you respite from all your all-consuming work, and your friend may fit both of these requirements well.

    Family life is some sort of must for your friend while you can capably function alone and have no crying need for an audience or a constituency. In marriage, your friend must be prepared to shoulder the brunt of the responsibilities, since you are likely to be away a lot.

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