Need prayers and healing, please...

  • I have just received some bad news about my Pap tests. This forum has helped me greatly this year. I am in need of prayers and healings for anyone willing. I am trying to get into a good doctor for my procdure and wanting to do it soon. Right now I can not get into see anyone until the end of the month and they want to do another exam and then do the procedure. Please pray that the nurse calls me and can get me in in the next few days to do the exam and procedure. Of course healing prayers that either make it go away or that the Dr's get everything and I will be fine. With the shock of the divorce after 30 years and finding myself alone, lack of finances, increased empathy, health insurance problems and just trying to get my new life started and not be so upset, it is all gettting to be too much. Looking for help from the universe and anyone else. Prayers, healings, readings anything anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. My DOB is 2/26/61

  • Hello olivebranch

    I am sorry to see you fighting with so many odds at present. Yes, I am going to offer a prayer for you as soon as I get home today. I will meditate and chant using my beads (thats an asian style of praying and healing). There's be many more coming to help as well as soon as they're aware of your threads. Have Faith in the Universe and yourself meanwhile.

  • Hi Olivebranch,

    I am sorry that you have received some bad news in regards to your pap smear test. I will certainly say a prayer for you and I am happy to do a healing for you, almost 1am here now, but I will get to this tomorrow night after work for you.


  • Morning Oivebranch if you can get a couple of Malachite stones and a citrine to cleanse them with. When you aren't using the Malachites for healing put them with the citrine to cleanse them. Use or handle them when your doing your meditation and visualize them radiating in the area that your having a problem for about a total of an hour. You may do this several times a day.This is a very strong healing stone not to be carried for long periods of time. I will also be sending healing energy to you. Hope something develops with your insurance so you may feel relief. Love and Light.

  • I would like to add my prayers to you as well. I pray that good news, healing and love is abundant to you very soon.



  • Dear Olivebranch,

    I believe you have replied to me on occasion I recall b/c we share a Birthday. Apparently this is a challenging year for the 2/26 pisces (1970 here). I most definitely will pray for you as I can completely understand what kind of year you have had. One of those OK I made it through that , and Bam another major occurrence to deal with. I am so sorry to hear about your test. You are a strong woman and through this site have so many beautiful, loving, strong, gifted people to focus their energy toward your coming through this better, stronger and most definitely happier & OK.

    If Aliyah hasn't already spoken with you Circle of Light has been very helpful to me during my recent repeated, exhausting events. I am guessing since you have been here longer than me you probably have spoken with her. I have only been on the site for a few months wish I had found it sooner.

    Much love and light to you. Blessed be.


  • olivebranch

    astrodame mentioned your post and I decided to jump in

    so many challenges in your life

    I remember your thread about the apartment

    I wish the universe will send you support and protection

    try your best to live in positivity and balance and stay that way even in difficult times

    when you start feeling worry and afraid of your situation, say This too shall pass

    leave it to the universe (or the highest power in your belief) who knows the best

    keep on nurturing yourself, you will need all the strength you can get, living alone with so many challenges

    take care now

  • I wish for you support and protection love and light that your outcome is good and that the universe brings you joy and beauty,

    ( plus money everyone needs that)

    Love and blessings


  • Wishing you well and hoping the universe will send you eveything you need for a bright, happy & healthy future. With love & light 🙂 x

  • Olivebranch,

    I hope you remember to ground yourself regularly especially when feeling troubled. This will put your energies back where they belong--with you and helping you.

    I will add you to my prayers and meditations (started already) that The Gold Light fills you and grants you peace and wellness of body and mind. And IT IS SO!

    In Love and Light


  • Namaste Olivebranch. There is a flood of light waiting for you, just close your eyes. You're going to feel this downray in a big way, so maybe do this while sitting at home where you can be at rest. You should feel this most strongly from the heart down through the root chakra. As it travels down you may notice a heavy feeling in the lower half of your body, which is appropriate. Keep a glass of water next to you and sip at it if you need to, don't guzzle. You may feel thirsty for a full day.

    Intend when you go to bed tonight that Archangels Michael, Raphael and RAZIEL escort you to the Temple of Healing.

    Lord Sananda is downraying the light; please offer him a simple thank you.

    When you wake tomorrow please offer simple gratitude for the healing angels of Light.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Olive,

    I pray the nurse will call immediately. This is always the worse part - waiting. I can relate very well to your situation. During my separation , the ex quit paying the morgage. He was trying to put financial screws to me and the bank was going to take away the house - at the holidays! I was then diagnosed with cancer.

    Sending you all the love and strength I found then. I know true joy found me... It will find you too!

  • To all of you I thank you so much, it has been a very trying day. Being an Empath I could feel the energy and love, i received energy up my arms and pain in my heart, all good. To some of you Wenchie, Aliyah, Leoscorpion who are always there to help everyone thank you and to the rest of you thank you. I am going to follow everyones advice and prayers and suggestions and am trying to keep positive. I did get an appointment late next week and am just trying to keep positive and reminding myself that one day at a time. The support, prayers, encouragement and all the love and light is greatly appreciated.

  • olive

    it is in times of trouble that your inner strength shines.

    don't ignore it. remind yourself, the universe never sleeps never takes vacation

    ask or pray for help, whichever your belief suggests

    it will be answered

  • Olivebranch,

    I will do a healing for you this weekend (tomorrow or next day). Be strong.

    Wenchie :-))

  • the waiting is always the worst time so I'm still sending you light and love

    blessed be, love chrissicat

  • Olivebranch -- what loads of love, prayers, and friendship you have! Perfect for a beautiful soul as yours! I will add my prayers as well. I've just gotten terrible news as well. My ovarian cysts have both doubled in size and then some for the right one. The right one was 2" in diameter, and the left was only an inch. They re-measured this past week and found the right one to be 4.7" in diameter and the left one 2".

    I have found that since I haven't been "focusing" on them as much, I have been in less pain than normal. I haven't been giving them that much credit, if that makes sense. I continue to pray for healing and am not ignoring them so they can get me from behind, but don't give the negative energy the power. Absolutely, I will pray for your quick healing, and better living all around. 🙂 God bless you, Olivebranch.

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