Info on Cancer Woman

  • I reallly wanna try a cancer cancer thing again.. i need some info on you cancer females..

  • Im a cancer girl myself, only dated another cancer once. Were too alike to date, too sensitive, and home bodied. I personally need a different sign just because of that, I couldnt stand how anti social and home bodied my cancer male was, he never wanted to go out and im a social butterfly. Taurus and Cancer's are a good match in my experience, or even Libra's.

    Good Luck either way!

  • yeh one of my friends has been with a taurus for a long while all though he cheats on her so idk what that is really about

  • HI lunar girl . could u pls tell me more abt cancer girls

  • Hi! I'm a cancer woman. born 5th July. I think I'm sensitive but somehow my own libra boyfriend is even more sensitive than me and it stresses me up alot. Personally I like men who are magnanimous and not overtly sensitive. Myself, I believe in spending quality time with family and friends. I won't say I'm totally introverted, infact, I am quite extroverted for a cancer because I can talk to people whom I've never met before in trains, busses, public conferences/events and I enjoy meeting new people and maintaining friendships although this need to be alternated with periods of solitude where I recover myself. And yea, I think I'm a pretty ambitious cancer. Although people say cancers are nurturing, myself, I find I am awkward with young children and do not know how to deal with them with a kind of chemistry that I think most people expect cancer to have.

    One thing about cancer women I think, they like men who are active in a relationship. Men who lend them an ear when they need it, show interest in their conversation, make the move to date them, prove their love with actions. My cancer girlfriends and I often find our boyfriends too passive, more passive then ourselves who take the lead to plan surprises, put in the effort to dress nice, take the time to travel all the way to meet him, while the men passively waits and receive the surprises and wait for the girl to date them out. i don't know if this got to do with my country's culture that men are pampered or what, but I know cancer women somehow dun find this appealing in men. Action speaks louder than words, sensitive cancer women, wants to see and feel the love, than to hear a guy who can say "I love you" everyday and then sit back like a couch potato. yup.

    I hope this sharing of mine help you. good day!

  • Cancer women need to grow up, a relationship takes two, you can not expect your partner to allows be the active one, stop being lazy an dbe more emotionally giving otherwise you will never experince love.

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