Waking to a voice...who's talking???

  • This has happened several times lately: during the early morning hours as I wake up I hear a voice. Sometimes it says my name, sometimes I Love you, sometimes other words I don't always remember but I know I was spoken to. It seems so real I feel as if someone would be in my room when I open my eyes. Its as if I'm waking up during a dream but don't remember any vision just a voice. Who is talking to me?

  • Hi Amused59,

    Is there someone in your family or circle of friends who has passed over recently? The fact that you are called by name indicates it is someone who knows you by name. But if that is not the case, it could possibly be a Spirit who knows you as a Spirit from another lifetime, and wants to say they still love you (and they know what your name is in this physical life).

    It might help if before you go to sleep, take a minute to speak to whomever it may be by asking that you would like to know who they are, and could they let you know in a way that you will know for sure. Tell them that you look forward to finding out, then bless them for trying to contact you and see what happens. You might also ask yourself to be sure to remember what you learn when you wake up.

    By the way the early morning is usually when we are most 'susceptible' and our life energies aren't apt to interfere with the communication.

    In Love and Light,


  • Hi Judee,

    My husband died 2.5 yrs ago but the voice has only spoken to me the last 6 wks. I'll try your suggestions & see what happens. Thanks for your insight & I'll post any responses or knowledge I receive.

    Blessed be

  • Dear Amused

    It may also be some help to know that Sylvia Browne has said that it takes some souls longer "to matriculate" or be comfortable in their new form. They have much to do upon their arrival on the other side, and some are quicker than others to complete the "required" things.

    I know you will be successful..

    In Love and Light,


  • Hi Amused,

    I was reading your comment, I find it interesting. The last 2 days I have heard a voice in my house. I hear a deep male voice say Hello. I am always upstairs & the voice comes from downstairs in the basement. Previously I have heard this voice in my house quite awhile back. I have no idea who it is, but it does not scare me or seem evil in anyway!


  • Judee, thanks for letting me know souls matriculate at different rates, I'll continue to speak to the voice requesting it make itself known to me.

    Sparklingsoul, I don't feel fear or evil from the voice I hear. I do get startled because I hear it as I'm waking up. Its as if the voice is trying to wake me & yet no one is there. I'm going to follow Judee's suggestion to request the voice let me know who it is....perhaps you can do the same.

    Blessed be

  • Hi amused.

    I am happy that you also feel no ferar from what you hear. I also had talked to a friend myself yesterday on the phone. She also said someone is trying to "talk", "get ahold of me". I will also try what Judee suggested.

    Thanks to you both, Peace,


  • Hi, amused59, I have been woken up to what sounds like I am in school or something to that effect, I woke up to hearing a professer teaching a class a few times. I only come to this conclusion because I read somewhere that when you die you have a choice to go back to school and learn about your past mistakes or choose another topic to learn, maybe you are being taught many things at the same time?

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