Need reading, bad test results

  • I just got a call from my doctor about bad test results for my Pap tests. I am just getting my life together after the divorce and feeling more positive. Working on my dealing with my empathy with help from many on this forum. I was really hoping things were looking up and now this. My cobra health insurance was about to run out and trying to get a new health insurance policy. Well looks like that will not happen and if I go to state insurance I would have to pay too much. Can anyone do a reading and tell me if everything will work out and they will be able to contain the cancer or that it is all a wrong reading or something. Also if you can see anything about the health insurance. I am feeling very low, lonely and scared. The doctors are so busy i can't even get in for the procedure for a couple weeks, hoping for a cancellation at the doctor and they call me.

  • Dearest Olive Branch, is there a nurse case manager you can call thru your insurance???!

    And if not can u b persistent in talking with dr's nurse to get detailed questions answered

    this may put your mind at ease,

    as far as results I don't hav all the details, but

    Based on Info am thinkin they will monitor papa

    more freq and freeze the affected area, am just assuming based on Info

    I wish you only the best

  • Olivebranch,

    I work in the healthcare field and can talk to some of the social workers on my team to see what your options are. Do you mind telling me city and state where you live? It would help to know to see what programs are out there.


  • Thank you both, I have put a call into the nurse yesterday to see if she could help get me sc'heduled earlier than the end of the month but have not heard back from her yet. I will try first thing in the am. I am in Colorado and have another Dr in Texas but he is away and will not be back for a couple weeks and he is booked until the end of the month also. Both are top Dr that I would trust. The nurse in TX did help somewhat since I had known her many years ago and gave me more statistics and assure me that the Dr would start with the coloposcopy to look and then also do the leep method of removal (i understand to be better than freezing, etc.). I am looking into other Dr.'s in Denver but most of the Dr's want to have a check up then schedule the procedure and then that puts it out further. The other problem is if I go to Texas or even to Denver the end of the month with the holidays is almost impossible with the holidays to get flight and hotel rooms and they are so expensive. .Maybe I need to ask for a prayer that the nurse of the Dr. a couple hours from my place will get me in sooner and get the procedure done as soon as possible, like the next couple days. I did also get some phone numbers for some clinics that have funding but right now more worried about trying to get in to the Dr. that is at least only about 3+ hours away and I can at least have the option of trying to get someone to drive me for my procedures if I can not get an affordable hotel. Plus for other visits and follow up will need to be able to get there. Right now can't sleep and feeling very stressed and like I need to move very quickly. Thank you again for your support.. I am also trying to put faith in the universe that it will make everything work out, but then start to second guess if I am missing signs.

  • Hello Olivebranch,

    I feel that you will ok. I don't feel anything bad at all, but I do feel that you are getting overly worked up. You are extremely tense and agitated and that's the biggest problem right now. I know its hard not to be, but remember that that DOES impact your health, your outlook, and your openness receiving the messages the universe is trying to give you. Being an empath, you know that some things just can't be explained. So, while hearing what the doctors say and getting the treatment you need, never underestimate what is your own ability to actively participate in your healing, and decipher the information being given to you- both from the doctors and the universe.

    I feel like the reason you are feeling so rushed to get this done has much more to do with you're wanting to get "rid of it" or "get it over with" than anything else. I realize the insurance issue is a concern, but I really do feel that you are more anxious to be done with it and that's causing you more agitation.

    Again, I feel like you will be healed and have nothing to worry about with regards to your health. Still, I'm getting a very strong sense that this health issue has become the catalyst for allowing yourself to pour out all the pent up emotion you have kept at bay through the previous stressful time, like you're focusing so strongly on it but its not the true, main source of all your emotions, though you may think and insist that its is. Let it all out, take a few deep breaths, calm your spirit, and go forward in strength and faith.

    You will be fine, though. I'm sure of it.

    Blessings and Light to you

  • Olivebranch,

    I live in Houston, Tx. Is your MD here? IF there anything I can in these neck of the woods, let me know.


  • Dearest Olivebranch. I feel there's lots of good insight on posts , I too sense all will be well,

    just breathe in and breathe out and nurture yourself well

    best to you...

  • Thank all of you for your input and comments. I have gotten an earlier appointment and am trying to take the advice. Trying to take it easy until I can get to the next step. Pretty scared but trying to be positive.

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