• My Best friend has been dating this virgo guy for about 5 months and everything seemed to be like a fairy tale for her with her new guy until recently I will be honest about the fact that from the beginning I've had my suspicions at the same time I didnt want to discourage my friend from dating this guy because she was actually happy and she thinks she has found her one! My first suspicions started when even after 3 months of dating him she had no idea who this guy was but he knew ALL about her alittle scary for me and I think that because its been a minute that she actually found someone that is actually intune with her for once she kinda just ignored it we all have at one time or another so now its about 5 months now down the road and he has attempted to introduce her to his family but she still has no idea where he lives (weird) and isnt available after 10pm at nights except on occassion and nowhere on weekends and he had told her when they first started dating he is not a jealous man in the last 1 month he told her he loved her and then since has become this over bearing controlling jealous weirdo just showing up not allowing her to have her phone while hes at her house. He is recently seperated from his whatever they were never married but together for 6 years and they have one kid together which my friend has NEVER met his son but he has met her daughter and "she apparently has a boyfriend" from what he tells my friend but no I know why she left his ass PLEASE someone help I dont want my friend to get or be in a abusive situation!!!!!

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