Danr Just wanted to say hello

  • Hi,

    I didn't have the time to read the post from Universal Harmony's thread until today. I feel so bad that I didn't get back to you sooner. I sincerely appreciate you opening up, sharing your life because I'm sure it helps many here looking for answers. I find a lot of peace and hope here in these forums, so many are offering their experiences to help others, which is very apparently needed from all the queries and ask for advise. It is sad to see so many of us lonely, empty, looking for something, but like others have stated it's inside us already, we just need to have the confidence, to accept and to stay positive.

    Your son is young, but he's at that age where he's starting to understand more, to realize things, to have a voice to his opinions and thoughts. His father has hurt him and you too where he can't understand. You are wise to not say bad things about his father, that was your relationship with him. Your son is wise enough to see who is father truly is, hopefully soon he will understand that it has nothing to do with him or you, it is your ex's own problem, problem only he can fix which he probably never will. It will be so difficult for you son to finally accept it all but he will, with your abudance of love and support, and he will be a better man for he will want better for his wife and children. It is so sad when we all muct go through so many trials;reminds me of the Bible story about Job and all his trials and tribulations but he never waivered, he kept the faith and all turned out well. We all go through these trying times but we become a better person if we do so with grace, with a bit of humor and a sense of kindness for all, even those that hurt us most. It is so difficult and that is why I have gathered much strength, support and knowledge from this forum. Sometimes even though we already know the answers, we just need to have other affirm it for us. I feel so happy that there are truly many wonderful, caring, compassionate people out there like yourself and all the others I'm reading here. I'm just happy we all found this place to share and to help each other.

    Keep your positive light shining Dear Danr, I will be saying prayers for you and your dear son and wayward ex.

    Love and Light to you Dear, Precious Danr.


  • Good Morning ILoveFish,

    I hope today finds you well my dear. No, I don't mind you using my name in the subject of the thread, in fact I'm grateful that you have reached out in this way. When I first came onto this site, I thought it was for people to ask for readings and such but I have found it is so much more, so very much more! I was a bit hesitant at first to post comments as I didn't want to intrude or interrupt in people's conversations but as I read more, I came to understand that is what people do here...share life experiences, thoughts and lend loving support to each other...strangers becoming friends. I am thankful that I was led to this site and the friendships I am making here, like you 😃

    There is so much love, support and genuine caring here and I have found it to be a healing place, a real blessing! As in life, there are some that come here for selfish reasons, just to get answers to their own questions and that is all they look for but mostly that is not the case. For those that have come for their own selfish reasons, they either don't stay around after they have received their reading or have a change in heart when they see what this forum is really all about...people sharing & helping one another. I read thru everyone's questions and readings and am learning a lot about myself thru others situations. I see similarities in my own life story with that of others and it gives peace to see how in some way we are all connected. I am learning so much from others here from their stories and from those that post to share themselves to help another! When we share our experiences, we are helping others to see they are not alone in some of the situations they may be facing, that there are others that have experienced something similar and it helps all to heal, to have hope or just to receive or give support & prayers to another.

    Anyway, I saw your post to me and I just wanted to say a quick hello, although it seems my hellos always turn out to be a little more lengthy! Lol! I have to work my one Saturday morning a month today then have a parade in the town I work and then another in my town tonight...busy day! Lol! I will be on this afternoon in between parades, lol, and will have more time to read thru the posts of the last day.

    Thank you again for personally reaching out to me 😃 We have posted to each other in other threads but it means a lot to me that you have taken the time reach out to me away from in between all the other posts. I look forward to speaking with you more later and building our friendship!

    Peace, Love and many Blessings to you my friend 😃


  • Good morning danr It sure is cold here this morning. I let my dog out and the grass and leave have a white little frost on them. I covered my bush and potted plants but I think one of the critters may have tried to get under them to keep warm. My potato bush is uncovered on one side and the plastic is pulled loose on the potted plants. There is an opossum that walks the fence and sleeps either under or in my shed. At 7:30 this morning its 25 degrees. They said hard freeze and they weren't kidding. We got just a little bit of flurries right here but in some other areas they got enough snow for the little kids and even some of the Big ones too. I haven't check what you guys got up north yet. Stay warm and we will talk later.

  • Good Morning To Both of You,

    The sun is shining brightly here but it's soooo cold outside. I live in the country, on the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi river, it's beautiful here, many wild animals, so what LibrasLair was stating, I'm well aware. We have a little door cut out in our garage so that the wild cats can take shelter, we keep a wagon full of our burning trash and when the wagon get high, we burn the paper trash, sometimes when I walk into the garage I can smell the opossum, they smell so bad, I will see them lying in the paper trash very still, acting like they are dead. I will tell them not to worry, I won't harm them.

    Your day sounds interesting Deb, my name is Debra too, so that is cool. So you are participating or helping in the parades? Sounds interesting and you helping out is great, I need to start volunteering more now since my daughter and her son just moved out. We had our city parade last weekend, when the weather was very warm, but within days it dropped to the low 30's high 20's. I'm certainly not ready for this winter coming. Thank you for responding back, I agree entirely to what you stated about learning more about myself from reading all the post, a bit of me is with so many. I'm happy we have this place. I wish you a beautiful day, I too have to get going so many things to accomplish on my two days off so I will be back online later this evening.

    Blessings to both of you ladies, Debra

  • Morning ILoveFish I know the wind off the river will chill you to the bone. Don't know which state your in cause it does run threw and next to so many states but I will hope your further south so your not in a lot of snow. Still cold though. I am really much happier out with just the critters and the sounds of the night than I am in a city. One day I will be back out in the boonies again. Stay warm.

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