Success for my book

  • I was born 7th may 1956 at 7.00am. Do you see success for me in the field of writing? I have just sent my children's book off to a publisher.

  • Going out one a limb here .. not feeling well, home from surgery but this is the second strange impression tonite .... so here goes: I keep seeing a teddy bear in a lower right hand page and the color red ... top half of cover, maybe??? Book isn't too thick. Also, a grandfatherly type man. Might not be this publisher. another, perhaps.

  • Interesting! Thanks, Laie4. It sounds hopeful.

  • I think you will do okay. You have a mind for business and you have wanted to try doing this for quite some time. I think you will be pleased to be doing this for a while.

  • Thanks lovinmylife!

  • What did you write about? Liove and light x

  • I wrote a children's book about a shy sister and a timid brother who learn how to stand up for themsleves against bullies and evil aliens.

  • I'm not picking up anything message wise other than noticing your birthday is promising in any creative endeaver. That's a given. I am a published writer and I know a lot about the writers market, submission process etc. if you have any questions about that--didn't pick up if you have an agent doing your submitting or you are just sending out to calls for submissions--like ads in the Poet's And Writers publication.

  • trying to find an agent and have submitted a three chapter sample to penguin books publishers.

  • Good luck with your book! Let us know when you get the good news.

    (BTW, In case you didn't see it ...Thanks for analysis on my daughters relationship.)

  • Captain, have you made any progress with your book.


  • Just got rejected again but I'll keep trying. What I'd really like to do is have the money to self-publish.

  • Hi Captain,

    My intiution about you was that you were a writer, and that was before I looked you up on the internet. Then recently I was thinking about taking a workshop on writing childrens' books, getting published and illustration. That class does not come up until late June. Please keep trying. I think there is plenty of inspiration in this forum. Did you do your illustrations? I guess I'll find out more about how it works after I take the class. Good luck to you. Sending good thoughts for your success your way.


  • No I don't do illustrations - I write for older children, young teens, but of course I would like to hope that adults would also read my books.

  • Captain,

    I dont know if this book has been published and edited yet,

    But i keep seeing you handing a book to an asain lady with a mid-length

    layered hair-do button up suit in a office like facility. i also see a pretty green/turquoise blue book

    If you havent yet, i think you should contact a publishing agent. dont wait,

    The process could be faster than you think.

  • Good Luck As Well!

  • Captain,

    I think your book would be a very poignant and current subject for today as there are more ways for children to bully one another, ie, Facebook, etc. How vivid and relevant are the characters? Maybe you could make different versions of the story & submit them that way. This may not be of help to you but sometimes throwing ideas out there prompt more ideas.

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