Dreams freakin me out

  • i had a dream that i jumped out of a window high up on a hotel.. i landed on the ground and the only thing that was injured was my hand.. it burst open and had to be all stitched up.. for the next two days my hand was still sensitive where it got hurt in my dream.. the following night i dreamt i was at the top of what seemed to be a religious building.. it wsa white with massive pillars and it was overlooking a city at night.. there were a group of people male i think all dressed in flowing white robes standing on the ground and i was being pushed to the ege of the top of the building by one or two more.. the ones on the ground were teliing me to jump an they would catch me.. they all intertwined together telling me that i would land on them.. but i didnt beleive them as i could see holes in their chain.. i would not jump and they kept telling me, almost hypnotising me to jump..smiling up at me.. i could feel the wind blowing me and i was very afraid. i woke up then,. the next night i dreamt that no matter where i went there was a tiger.. every time i laid eyes on him he would lunge at me but i would throw myself into a different scene..this happened numerous times but for a finish he lunged at me an as much as i willed myself to transport i couldnt and i woke up jus as he was pouncing on me.. any ideas what these dreams mean.? they are very vivid an i have never had dreams like them before.. they are replaying in my head and usually i jus forget my dreams.?

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