Can anyone give me a reading about my grandsons?

  • I have 2 grandsons Cadin 5yrs and Jeffery 3yrs. I have had them for the last 2 1/2 yrs minus about 6 mths possibly. I know for sure this year we have had them for almost 300 days. My son is the father and he lives 60 miles away and pays his support. He can't always get here to take his visits because of finances. Their mother lives 15 miles away recieves support 647.00 in Food stamps plus unemployment. for a while she would give us like 125.00 to 150.00 a mth that lasted maybe 7 mths out of the whole time. One mth she gave us 250.00 and on occasion maybe 5 times she has given us 20.00 or so. For the last 5 mths she was not recieving food stamps but was still getting total with support and unemployment 515.00 weekly. She has had several men live with her in the last 3 yrs. Even had another son with him he resides with his grandparents also. The boyfriend she has now who lives in her home has been physically abusive to her. It has happened twice now in front of the 5 yr old. Hewas choking her both times and the first time he was up all night with them fighting etc.. and had to go to school the next day. He just started kindergarten. The second time he was choking her and took her in the bedroom and locked Cadin out and Cadin was kicking the door and screaming etc... let my mommy out very traumatic. I went down the next day because I found out he was back already again, when I got there Cadin was sleeping and I saw the marks on her neck and I cried and she was making excuses for him blah blah blah. Anyway what has happened is that was on Oct 8 and 2 weeks ago my grandson told his daddy and well daddy called cps over that and that we have them all the time yet she barely helps at all financially. My husband has been laid off and his unemployment is the max and all we get is 376.00 a week I bought all the school clothes pictures gas from here to school and back the days he was here and also have always bought jefferys diapers and pull ups. So my son told them everything. All the while her boyfriend works also and gets paid under the table and now she figured out who called the day after and called me and reamed me out terribly and has kept the kids away from me now and was mad that jeffery was crying for me all the time. Someone please help I know she is now trying to hurt me and my son but I did not turn her in we just kept doing it for our grandkids. I don't think but am not sure that cps is going to do anything at all. She has never had the boys for more than 8 days by herself without her mom or me being there. they would go to her house for 2 or 3 days and her mom would stay and take care of them. I am hurting so deeply now I miss them so much and I am afraid of not being able to be with them. Can anyone see if they will be with us or what will happen here? Thank you

  • They will be back. The violence will escalate over Christmas time and the police will be called. She is angry and trying to punish you now but the reality is she can not handle taking care of the boys and will miss your help. You need to call DCF and file a formal complaint--they can not tell her who reported her for child neglect. It will help for you to send the boys prayers everynight --pray as well to their guirdian Angels to watch over them. Talk to them and send them comfort and love---the bond you have with them can not be taken away---this makes their mother angry at herself and at you. Her life is so out of control she has to let them go. When you do get them back you need to get legal aid to help with a custody agreement--they will also help you get the money you need to take care of them. Don't let fear keep you from doing what you know is right. You need the system behind you.

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