Meandkids- could you do a reading plz ??

  • Meandkids,

    I saw your offer on UH's thread and decided to post it here so as to not interfere with the current ongoing thread.

    I'm 38 years old and either my hormones have gone haywire or its my biological clock ticking, but what I really want in my life right now is a child. I love children, and while I would like to have a life partner, my heart is begging for a child. All my readings keep on telling me that my world is about to be transformed ( the wheel) and the knight of wands and emperor, keep coming up in my readings, yet I still haven't met anyone. A friend has told me she sees only one child for me, yet another friend has said she sees two-four kids total in my life. I was wondering if these might be stepchildren or adopted ones. Either way I will feel blessed. Do you feel or see this also?


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