To Enne

  • I saw you and read your comment on one of the topic please tell me what you see in me???

  • hi ajahny!

    do you mean like career wise, love, or a general 2010 reading?

  • ENNE, if you could take time out of your busy schedule ;I would love to get a forecast for 2010 regarding details of LOVE and CAREER.

    I would love to see what you have to say, for a lot has been going on where I use to work (long story). My Exboyfriend has a mad woman on the lose at his business. I am bracing myself for what is about to happen to his business.

    Thanks In Advance,

  • OH!! my D.O.B. 04-21-73; 2:05 A.M. Manhattan, New York.

  • pilot007,

    i'm looking at both of them separatly... i'll start with career first

    i see that there has been a small loss in you career. its just a minor set back, you just need to be peristent. i can see you don't fear this situation your willing to meet it head on. your a positive very lighthearted person with a sunny personality, and you have good heath. you will achieve a lot. "if you can beleive it you can achieve it" is what i'm seeing for your future. don't get me wrong, you still have to work for what you get, but that shouldn't hard for you!!! deep down i feel that you want riches wealth(who doesn't? right? lol), but you've got to remember that wealth and success isn't measured with currency. what ever you decide to do you will have your family backing and supporting you. use your intuation, and be careful not to take bad advise. keep your level head. you will have to keep in mind that you can't win them all. you are gonna fail at things, but that just means that when you fall you need to get back up and try again. don't feel that it will all happen over night. and don't let little set back shame you. but i know you'l keep your level head and you'll be fine

    now for LOVE...

    i see a pergnancy. if you can still hvae babies and you don't want to have babies, USE PROTECTION!!! lol if you can't have babies it means that you'll take on someone elses child/children (step mom) again i feel that you have a very charming personality (you once again drew the sun card in the same position. thats so awesome!) as far as you love life goes, you need to use the intuition we talked about eairlier and look out for the right guy. and you'll know when you meet him. don't hold on to this "perfict person" that you have in your head. don't be unwilling to look for the ups and downs of your potential mate. remember they are human too. i see som crazy crap that has happened to you in the past. but good news its all coming to an end. with this new person, don't try to be the leader let him have a say as well. remember that you have to be friends and would you try to push your girlfriends around? bu tagain i dont see you doing this. i see that you will actually have a very good relationship/friendship with this person. this relation ship will inspire you to let go of the past relationships. you will be secure in this relationship.

    please keep me updated! i would love to hear everything!

  • THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ENNE!! I am so looking forward to 2010. This year has been yucky!! I WILL keep you posted.

    Also, I have a really "WEIRD "question. The person with whom I am going to get pregnant by. Will that person be Black, White, or Asian??

  • Hello Enne,

    I was wondering if you could look at one of my posts from just a day or so ago, and tell me what you think? Ive copied and pasted below:

    I am a Gemini/Pisces/Sagittarius and I am in need of some guidance. A few months ago I had a fairly large life changing event happen to me, and since then I have been on a road to change. Deep down, I know I want to make the most of the changes but I feel that a lack of motivation and discipline is holding me back.... and maybe the fear of the unknown as well. Is there anyone who would be able to give me a reading, a little insight, into what I need to do? I feel the presence of change, but I don't feel that I have changed nor am I changing. Is if there is some action I am suppose to do? Something I need to accomplish in order to move on?

    My biggest fear now is being held back, I would much rather plow through the unknown and make the necessary changes than let past mistakes and opinions keep me from learning what I need to.

    Where do I go from here?

    DOB: 5-30-86 ,9:26 PM, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

    Thank you,


  • enne, Could you please do a love reading for me . My DOB. 31-01-53 my X 06-07-79. Thank you so much MY new fwlla is 04-07-70

  • Enne, can you please tell me in general what is up ahead, left my job 4 wks ago due to horrendous conditions

    hav had 2 good interviews but sue to no Case load mo offer am still join hoops for other jobs outside of " hospice" what I am use to and love except working conditionam I on right track?




  • bump.

  • Sorry spelling mistake . My new fella is 04-07-70

  • Hello Enne,can you please predict what the future may hold for me in health, finances, career, family, love, relatioships, and marriage.

    D.O.B. 01/09/1975

  • hello Enne,

    my apology for not responding soon and i thank you so very much for responding to my post ...i was thinking about my relationship my birthday 10-23-61 my other half 09-17-76

    thank you so very much and hopefully you will stop by and check on this tread...

    many blessings,

  • ENNE come back ;(

  • 🙂 ajahny! i'm back!!!

    as far as the scorpio/libra you 2 are great. but as for the ox/dragon, you are completely opposite...

    in the present you are happy, your partner has a great passion, but i do see that there was some sort of unfaithfulness on either one of your parts. i just don't feel that this is "the one" for either one of you. it seem that your relation is one of depenence, rather than passion. but thi isn't just one sided... you both feel this way.some one outside of your relationship will help you 2 see this. if the relationship keeps going in this direction it will be stale and it will not progress. but this dosen't mean that you 2 will "hate" each other, i see more of a great frienship blossoming rather than a romantic connection.

    let me know how things turn out.

  • Thank you so much Enne question he is a virgo

  • Bump...please

  • Enne, I am new to this forum and found it interesting. I'm in the process of getting a divorce and have begun seeing someone else whom I have strong feeling for. Can u give me any insight into compatibility? male 10/25/1969 4am est Atl, GA / Female 07/25/75 Atl, GA. BTW - my x was 02/17/70 Allentown PA.

    If not could u suggest somewhere to find this info. Thanks

  • Hello Enne

    I was hoping you could please tell me what you see for me and my new love interest. My DOB is 2/15/79 and his is 9/19/81. I am interesting in knowing what the future holds for us together, or for me in all aspects of this life. I just went through a divorce this year after 11 years, my ex is 8/13/77. Thank you in advance for your help.

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