This Is So Crazy I'm Almost Afraid To Ask!

  • SirenzSpace, yours is a thoughtful relationship that might encourage the two of you to spend more time alone. It's best for love, worst for working relationships. You are both at home in the spotlight, but together you bring out each other's more sensitive and reclusive sides. You will already have done a lot of introspective investigation into your own life, but this may be the first chance your partner has had a serious encounter with this part of themselves. Conflict can occur if he comes to resent the relationship for making him deal unduly with someone else's emotional problems up close. You in turn are likely to feel rejected by his lack of interest and get depressed, which will only make him feel misunderstood and isolated. This could engulf both of you in a cycle of alienation. Much time and patience will have to be invested to bring you closer together.

    Both of you tend to have strongly balanced male and female sides. This not only makes many sorts of relationship possible between you but also becomes a trait of whatever relationship you end up with. A remarkable equilibrium is possible here. Friendships, marriages and love affairs are surprisingly private in nature, considering everyone sees you as extroverted people. If you live together, your space is likely to be a haven of security and a stronghold against the intrusions of the outside world. You will not admit outsiders easily. You may live in your own little world with dramas and fantasy playing a significant role. Probe deeply into your lives and love, but remember to come up for air. Don't exclude others and beware of isolation and alienation. Keep your feelings under control.

    SirenzSpace, you need to control the restlessness that can grip you, if you want to access the higher levels of creativity and innovation that are part of your destiny. You are verbally gifted but can be rather touchy when it comes to others' input or opinions. You may feel alienated if your ideas aren't met with the recognition you feel they deserve. Admit your mistakes or learn to accept the rejections that are part of the price of being different. Cultivate real self-confidence and learn the superiority of silence over speech, and of peace to the excitement of battle. Develop grace and stop dissembling - tap into your considerable intuition and communicate with your spirit. Release the need for recognition to the joy of channeling original ideas.

    He needs to release his need to be popular for the joy of being himself. Both of you need to stop giving people what you think they want from you and just do/behave how you really want. Your partner needs to take care that the roles he plays and the masks he puts on don't obscure his real identity. He is gifted with creativity and versatility, but could get lost in a false social 'performance' until he acquires a solid sense of self. He also needs to recognise that yes, he is built to be a leader, but at times must relinquish that need to be in charge or become overwhelmed by responsibility and duty. He must learn to step away from something that is not working. His fulfillment will come when he has the self-confidence to follow his dream.

    So both of you need to ensure you are living authentic lives, doing what you realy want to do and not playing a part for others. Once you both develop the self-confidence that will take you far, this relationship will prosper beyond your dreams.

  • And Wenchie - I don't think your going crazy - your clock could be ticking tooo.... But you know - I think you may have an incling of my situation... And one day when I was lying in bed and my cancer was up doing something he turned and looked at me and this feeling of "I can stop looking now cause I have found the man I have been dreaming of for all of these years - I've found the one!!!" Well this year completely turned upsidedown on us and we have literally gone through a large amount of poo and here we are back together and happier - well excepting yesterday with the phone thing - but we have talked about that - it was his insecurities and I just said "how could you possibly think i would want anyone else" just as you said to and you know he has become more loving and just more "there" - had breakfast cooked and everything today... Dinner last night and all the fun and love he could give me last night without having s e x .... So I really don't think you are going crazy - i think that those "feelings" you have could be very real.... We are all connected to the higher spirit n that is the all knowing 🙂

    Wow Captain your amazing. Wondering if you could shed some light on me 13/01/1977 and him 17/07/1970.......

  • Hiprincess,

    I am really pleased to hear your talk went well and you sorted everything out. That really is fantastic!

    If only I could sort out my life as well as that! LOL!

    At least it brings a smile to my face seeing some of us girls having a win with these men! :-))

  • LOL it has been a LLLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time in the making and what I have actually put up with - grrrr but anyway he is making amends and it is all ok.... Nothing too serious just inability to commit but now he is - even including me in plans for "our future".... So don't be so hard on yourself - give it some time and see what happens - in the meantime just try and go about making yourself happy.... Harder than it sounds tho i know....

    I don't feel like I have my life sorted at all - i guess i just come across that way sometimes - inside im not so sure of it all....... just like one of those lollies - hard on the outside soft inside 🙂 Part of my problem!!!! lol

  • hiprincess, you are two powerful individuals who tend to imagine life as a theatre with your partners being the happy audience members. You are both capable of stepping onto the world stage and taking part as you are both consummate role-players. But how much is acting and how much is real?

    Although astrologically you are complete opposites, the friction you generate can also be warming. You probably don' take your infighting too seriously which is wise if your survival as a couple is to be prolonged. You should both operate in different and separate arenas, since neither of you likes the role of second fiddle. In a love affair, your partner might feel threatened by your fearlessness. You could be unsettled by his sharp insights into your character. Marriages are not as rewarding as they could be, and their consequences may be unproductive and even destructive. There is an almost parent-child factor to this relationship, you being the protective parent and him the respectful child.

    You can both probably work well together but only as equals. As soon as one occupies a higher position, power conmflicts would arise. Friendships are vivid, exciting and a great deal of fun. They also have a slightly mocking and sarcastic quality you two know how to express any antagonism through light and nonthreatening banter. Strive for objectivity and understanding in this relationship and beware of becoming too isolated from others.

  • TheCaptain~~The postings you've provided are very interesting; could you do one for me please? Mine is 2/25/75 and his is 11/13/75...Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I'm thinking I should start a new thread if people want me to do an analysis for them. This is the last one I will post here.

    Prettybear, your relationship probably focuses on fidelity, loyalty, and a determination never to give up, no matter what. Although you and your partner are both water signs and are fluid in orientation, your relationship is more an earthy one, emphasising groundedness. The more you two are pressured or attacked, the more you resist, so your matchup, for better or for worse, is generally characterised by stubbornness. The relationship has a certain sensitivity, which it usually reserves for interactions between the two of you. So its tough exterior can hide a sensitive and emotional core. Love affairs and friendships can allow for deep empathy and deep feelings. You two are capable of loving each other very much, but this need does not imply sexual or sensual activity or even romance; respect and understanding are more likely to determine the relationship's tone. Still stronger will be a realistic, even pragmatic, common-sense orientation. Should you two decide to marry, you will probably make a go of it and have a good chance of a long life together, since you have few illusions about each other from the start. Problems can arise through hidden activities and a certain amount of dishonesty, intentional or not. But when you two do conceal painful information, it is often out of consideration for each other's feelings.

    PB, don't fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations or dreams. You are highly spiritual but cannot afford to ignore the practicalities of reality or give into your impulses to take flight when the going gets tough. You are blessed with a natural understanding of and empathy for those in need and any failures in your life will come from excessive idealism rather than any selfishness. Work to develop a thicker skin. Involve yourself in charity work and other forms of service to find fulfillment.

    Your partner needs to release an attraction for the wild side of life. He may have to resolve some inner conflicts or addictive patterns of behaviour before he can free himself to reach his highest level of achievement. He may take many wrong turns but he has a strong sense of who he is and where he wants to go and doubtless will reach his goals with flair and faultless timing. But he shouldn't rest on his laurels just because things may come to him easily. He has a wonderful spontaneity and natural approach to life that he should try and hold on to. It will benefit him if he risks revealing himself to others.

  • TheCaptain,

    Your reading was frighteningly accurate, congratulations !!

    Regarding myself, yes I am often told I am very open and honest about everything whether it is personal or professional, other people or myself. i am also my own worst critic and sometimes flog myself to death over past mistakes or misunderstandings.

    Regarding R., yes he is a workaholic, too much of one in my opinion. And for someone who is a very dynamic, people-oriented upper management executive, he is very shy and timid on the personal side, a complete contradiction of his professional persona.

    What I still find hard to believe sometimes, is the mental connection. After we first met, I would find myself not so much thinking about him, but perceiving different types of emotions/feelings with regards to him, that I thought was just my head/heart playing tricks with me, only to find out later that these perceptions uncannily mirrored what was going on in his life. This communication, kind of like a mental cord between, still persists. I wonder how do you explain this type of communication with someone?

    Also extraordinary is the mentor/mentee relationship you mentioned. At the moment, since he is further along in his career, more than being my mentor, he uses his clout to "open doors" for me. Once I am in the position, he will offer occassional guidance, but I also work myself to the bone to deserve the position. Yet on the personal side, I am the world traveler, speaking 3 languages, while he has always stayed home or done the traditional vacation. So then the tables are turned and as they say the student becomes the master.

    Overall, your reading has been spot on. Thank you so much for the insight and advice,



  • Well Summer it's a pretty name and I will have to figure out why I thought you were a Libra. Anyway it must have been meant for you as you said. Peace and harmony

  • Thank you kindly Captain, so very accurate, kinda eerie...gave me the chills...;)

  • Thanks Captain!! Very accurate indeed!!!! Thanks - helpful to see it in writing sometimes - just so i know im not imagining it 🙂 Thanks

  • Thank you Captain... very much on track.... Now if I could just figure this baby thing out. Shouldn't be able to have one with tubes tied but who

  • Hi Sirenz,

    I hope things work out better for you, good luck with it all.

    Wenchie :-))

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