This Is So Crazy I'm Almost Afraid To Ask!

  • I'm getting really close to 40 and the man I love is not exactly in my life right at this point in time. I know this sounds crazy (even to me!!!!) but I have this feeling that I'm going to give birth to this man's son (in future) and this boy will look like a "mini-me" version of his dad. I've had this feeling for a while and it's getting stronger. And it won't be an oops because I have a contraceptive implant.

    A friend has mentioned she sees us together in future but not having children. Can anyone shed any light on this, am I just mental and/or fantasising or what is going on with me?

    P.S. I'm not even particularly looking to get married and have children because I've been there done that.

  • Am i just plain losing the plot here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! :-))

  • is there something about us when we hit that age ? LOL! I already had 4 children and a tubal ligation .... yet, suddenly i was insisting i was pregnant and runnning out to get ' pee sticks" cripes, i had the name even picked out for a girl ! Wench, don't know which way you'll end up, but mine turned out to be a GIRL ! Yup, my GRandaughter with the same name I had chosen. Phew!!! got of pretty sweet ; ))

    Good luck with the guy!

  • oops, meant to say got off pretty sweet

  • Hi Laie4,

    Gee hope that doesn't happen to me anytime soon with my son being 14 and my daughter being 9!!!!!!

    Maybe i'm just going thru that crazy lady, going to be 40 in 18 months - excited but nervous, mid life crisis thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Although my ex husband would have you believe that I had my mid life crisis over 2 years ago when I left him!)

    I honestly don't know, just had a niggling feeling in there for the past few months that I still have one more baby left in me and the past couple of months it's been getting stronger and supposed to be a boy, I see him with me, the spitting image of his dad. Maybe it's just my subconscious playing tricks on me because I miss this man, he's AWOL at the moment!

    Funny how it worked out for you, does that make you closer with your granddaughter and have a stronger bond?

  • Oh Wenchie what a relief I thought you had a bad boogyman after you or something. Stop knocking the air out of my sails. If your so worried about the implant isn't there something they can do like take it out of put you on the shot so it counter acts your implant. Don't play with fire. Especially if you don't want anymore. Gee I thought when you started talking about 40 you were worried about getting old. I was going to tell you that my 40's were hot and heavy and truly the best years of my life. I found my 4th yes count them, my 4th husband and he is a Taurus and almost 9 yrs. younger. And ........... enough said. Yes he was the love of my life but we started to grow apart after 12 yrs. together and with his leash waving in the wind he started sniffing around. We will just say you want younger the older ones don't keep up with you cause now the kids are older and you don't have to have them right there in your hip pocket and you discover your enter child still wants to run and play.

  • Is it something in the air or the water ??? I have always been a headstrong, very proud porfessional dedicated to my career. But got the past 9 months or more, all I have is babies on the brain !!!! What makes it even more of a heartache is that I have to find that special someone still and the fact that i"m 38 years old too and time is running out. Yes, I think we all have babies on the brain !!! =).

  • Hormones! Your bodys are getting ready for changes. I wanted to catch you summer and tell you on one of the singles sites I used to look at I went by Azurite butterfly. Know why?

  • Nope, why ????? =))

  • Hi! Maybe u r missing ur man or maybe ur future is calling , lol! That would be at least a 10yr. age difference between your daughter and this lilttle one to be. Diapers, round the clock feedings, ah, but that sweet baby smell, smiles & cooing .... These are all the things i thought of , along with hormonal changes as Libra said, with nervous anticipation and dread : )) I wasn't ready to hear it from my daughter either. She was 19 at the time... oh well, everything turned out as it should and it is nice to be young enough to keep up with the grandchildren. Did this make a stronger bond? Don't think it mattered; I love kids!

    Be well! i'll send Mr. AWOL a boot to the back side ( gentley, of course) nudging him in ur direction. men!!

  • LibrasLair,

    No I'm not worried about my implant at all, it's been a very good insurance policy. I thought I didn't want any more children, now ......... who knows. Still, maybe I AM losing the plot.


    I must admit I love to go play with my girlfriends kids, they are 18 months, 3 and 7. She is 6 months older than me. Ah, who knows, could just be stupid hormones!!! Mr AWOL could use a boot to the back side, thanks!!!! :-))

  • Summerbutterfly,

    Sorry, didn't mean to forget you!!!!

    For you obviously your clock is ticking, but perhaps it's just an age thing for me, a 38 thing, that's what my logical mind is telling me! I'm going to try and put it out of my mind.

    Don't worry about your age, it's not too late. Here in Melbourne a radio personality didn't start having children until around our age, she is now 44 and has not long had her 4th child, so you just hang in there, I hope you find Mr Right soon.

  • Yep, it's in the air. My astrologer/psychic mentioned to me in our last session that "if you are expanding your family you have the perfect time". I'm 35. I've had a tubal done (but everyone including myself always said if anyone was that 1% it would be me. I'ma fertile myrtle" ) My BF always wanted one more, he has a son, and he wanted a daughter. He is military and supposedly the jumping out of airplanes has made him have nearly zero swimmers. My fertile period is supposed to be the strongest I've had in 12 years and is coming up when he gets out of Iraq. I've been dreaming of baby girls too... Anyone think I'm crazy or could there be a future baby out there?


  • Summerbutterfly didn't you tell me on some other place you are a Libra? Ok well I used Azurite because on the Native American Medicine wheel it's the mineral totem for the Crow Clan which is Libra. And Libra's are air signs that's the element and it's elemental clan is Butterfly. And that 's what I wanted to tell you.

  • What is your birthday (day and month) and the birthday (day and month) of the man involved?

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    My dob is 4th May 1971 and his is 2nd May 1979. :-))

  • This relationship is highly charged, despite both parties being earthy Taureans. Intense emotions can arise here with many upsets, hurt feelings and brooding. Together you two can unite against the world in a show of force, but you can also tear each other apart.

    You sometimes may feel your partner is unfair or inflexible at times, while he conversely thinks he is very fair and extremely giving. He may feel that you don't appreciate him and may feel very hurt by your judgment and withdraw from you physically an/or emotionally. Suppressed feelings of frustration on both sides may build to a shattering climax. Love affairs are passionate, so passionate in fact that their intensity may amount to a pressure against becoming life partners. Remaining uncommitted may be preferable because the break-ups and separations that are likely here will be more painful if you are married, particularly in decisions over children, money and belongings.

    Your strong morals, tendency to be overly critical, and desire to move the relationship forward may disturb his enjoyment of things as they are, his passivity, and his resistence to change. You do have many common points of interest and pleasure, but the intensity of emotions produced from this relationship may just prove too exhausting in the long run. Both you and your partner can be stubborn with a refusal to give any ground.

    If he can develop a more nurturing attitude towards you and be more willing to accept change, and you can release your tendency to get depressed or worried when things aren't going your way and rely more on your strong sense of fairness, then this relationship can actually work out.

  • Thank you TheCaptain, that's a pretty good sense of what's been going on. Whether things change or move forward with us still remain to be seen. I understand what you are saying and will keep that in mind.

    Thank you again. :-))

  • Do you see any truth to the prediction for me The Captain? My DOB is 7-24-74. His is 10-17-71.

    Thanks... If it's a possibility I'm on medications that aren't good for pregnancy so A little pre-planning would be helpful.


  • Do you see anything for me The Captain. My DOB is 09/15/1971 and his is 08/22/1972.

    Thanks so much !! 😃


    Thanks for the advice, but I'm a nitpicky Virgo !!! I don't remember where I posted but that name is unusual for me. When i tried my signature name, nicknames, petnames,etc, everything was taken. Out of the blue, that name just popped into my head and I typed it in just for the heck of it. I never got the chance to hit the enter button, the name went through on its own !!! There must be a hidden meaning or reason to it. i guess I'll know when the time is right. :))

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