Hidden Gifts, should they be kept secret?

  • Often, in my youth, I was admonished for being different from others. Being different from even those within my own family. As I grew older, I realized that these "differences" were not cruel jokes, but gifts. I still do not fully understand how I "know" these things, but, oddly enough, I get glimpses into people's pasts.. of their presant. Of things they have done and said or are doing and saying to others that they don't always want people to know. My dreams, as well, if they are not the usual vague wanderings not grounded in firm reality, often come true. Though these glimpses of the future are often little more than coincidentals, there have been 2 occations where I managed to help protect those I care for. While, with my own tarot work, this gift has come in quite handy, I am forced to wonder. Should such gifts, and the gifted individuals who were blessed with them, be known to others or kept a secret for the protection of those who are gifted from those who may not understand. After all, is it not human nature to want to greatly dislike that which they do not understand and cannot control?

  • Let the gift be known. However, it's how you use the gift that determines whether or not a light should be shown upon it.


  • Depends on your calling. I am psychic but it is not my profession and I would never discuss the subject with people who I knew wouldn't be open--why bother! You have to find a balance between protecting yourself and still living your own truth. You will always attract people who are "your kind". When you are psychic your friends will notice. You are right about some people not apreciating your warnings and will not want to hear it and it is true that old saying--hate the message, kill the messanger. A good psychic knows when to speak up and when to let it go. There's a difference between a message from spirit and intuitions. Sometimes a loved one will have you saying something to a stranger that makes no sense to you but is between the spirit and the person they are trying to reach. Other times one just picks up like you said information about a person by their energy or it's a warning from your own guide to know about someone so not to be decieved. A protection. It is a burdan at times but is as much a wonderful gift and blessing.

  • I've struggled for a long time with this ... I have stayed introspective, within myself, you could say, and rarely confided in others. In my thirties, I began to speak a little more openly and two lessons I learned from then I would like to share.

    Lesson 1 : I completely agree with Blmoon about discussing these gifts with people who are receptive. Flipside > I was out with a group of people and seated beside a man I didn't know well. I kept getting an "audio" to warn him of something very, very, serious; A life altering event. I didn't. It may have helped if I had. Of course, I don't know that 100%, but given later events, probably. To know what to say, to whom and when is difficult.

    Lesson 2: Your last sentence about our nature to dislike that which we don't understand / can't control. The negative feedback I've gotten seems to stem from the other person feeling they lack this and why do you have it and I don't type of thing. Maybe they see it as arrogance? This discourages me in the sense that I wish they could understand that they don't lack a thing!

    These two lessons I keep close to help me. Receptivity may be the key to both. Your question relates more to # 2 , but I don't think you should hide Your Light because of another. We all have a place to fill here. Just remember to protect yourself against negative energy from others and operate with only pure intent.

    We can only control our behavior even if we sometimes want to stomp our feet and shake another, lol ! sigh....

  • I have had those experiences...some of my dreams have come true..when I have a very vivid dream then I try to avoid it becoming true...what I don't understand is when I have those deja vu moments..where I know what that person is gonna say or do..am I supposed to change the outcome? or just let it go? sometimes I don't particpate in the outcome? its kinda a weird feeling..I know when there is negativity..and it feels heavy...sometimes I get mentally exhausted and I need to rest...sometimes I feel the presence of spirits? guides? I feel like I could communicate with them if I had to or do with me? sometimes things will disappear and reappear? sometimes I tell my dream to somebody and sure enough it does come true? how do I channel or harness that which will come true and those that will not? its an extraordinary gift but in its fullest capacity I don't know if I could do it full time? I share with some people and others I don't...sometimes I think it scares them because of the accuracy of the events? like how could I know that in the future...one of my female relatives..I knew way before she knew that she was going to have a girl because I dreamed she had a girl..when she was pregnant I told her you're gonna have a girl..and she just laughed it off..and when she did she never acknowledged what I told her..it was ok with me cuz I think it scared her...I told her that about 2-3 years before she had her baby. or places..I've never been before and when I get there I knew I was already there..any insights would be appreciated...lately I know right b/f someone is gonna text me..lol..dk if that counts..I don't know..some people know about it..and some don't and will never understand..for me..if I am sure I probably would share it but again with those who are ready for it...

  • Brighid, will you offer free readings here on the Tarot Forum? I would LOVE a reading from you!

  • Yes, I could do readings for free, here. If you want , me to. Admittedly, due to work, I cannot be on except a few minutes early in the mornings and then after 6 PM in the evenings. I'm not too bad at it. Again, the...er.. "sight" as I call it, for lack of better description, has come in very handy for this kind of thing. Though it can still cause a great deal of havoc and, sadly, has lost me friends. Though I've felt if they were my friends, they'd not want me to lie to them. They'd want me to tell them the truth.

  • BRIDGHID I really need your help. If you can take time out of you busy schedule I would really appreciate it!!

    Myself: 04-21-73

    Employee: March 20th

    Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    My Exboyfriend found out that one of his main employee is stealing from his company.

    He has been writing things down and keeping records for evidence for himself; so, that when he presents his evidence to his lawyer, he will have concrete evidence.{ I was Told}

    I have warned my exboyfriend about this woman. For some reason he did not take me seriously! This woman I hate to say is the epitome of "White Trash" She has slept with EVERY one of her friends husbands and boyfriends. She has scammed landlords, Apartment Managers, and falsely accused several men of rape to get out of paying the rest of her lease.

    I TRIED my best to protect him from her, but he would not heed my warning. Other employees over the years have complained about her behavior as well. Apparently he did not know that she only went up to the nineth grade. Somehow she conned her way into the position as supervisor.

    My question is HAS he finally admitted to himself " I wished that I had payed attention to the employees complaints."

    Has he finally realized that I was telling the truth about her character, or is he still in denial?

    Will he put his male ego aside and sit me down and talk to me soon?

    Also will JUSTICE be done in this matter of her stealing money from the company? ie. jail time, charged with a Felony etc.etc. {I am so sick and tired of people going through their whole lifes putting out bad Karma and getting away with it!!

    Thanks In Advance,

  • The deception is much bigger than you think and your x knows more than you can imagine right now. Yes there is Karma and the employee is not as Happy as you think and pays in ways not revealed to you--it seems she gets by as a true predator but she knows how to exploit the "weakest" spot in her victims character. Your x is afraid of a "trump" card she holds over his head. You know intuitively there is more to the story and this wall of frustration only puts greater distance between you and your x. It will all come out by the first of the year. As far as charges brought she will threaten charges of her own--I know, shocking. You need to step back from this storm and let it pass as it hits the fan. Don't get caught up in the anger and drama as during this time there are some great oportunities coming YOUR way but you'll miss them if you stray too far from your OWN path. I can say for sure the employee will be history and long gone soon but it will get messy first.

  • HEY!!! Man I am speechless....Thanks Blmoon

    The Trump card that she holds is it something sexual Blmoon??

    I have always felt that she was blackmailing him somehow. I felt that he was afraid that I would find out something about his true character. He always showed me his spiritual side only. I had no idea at one point, that he was a drug user. I have a idea that he has al ot of personal secrets.

  • Hi ,it is me again Blmoon or Brighid. If you are not busy tonight, could you please look into the "trump" card that she is holding over my exboyfriends head?

    I feel that I am going to be called "upon" to be there for him emotionally.

  • pilot what do u mean emotionally???? how can u be there for someone emotionally???

  • Hello Sapphire, what I mean is whatever she is holding over his head might be such a burden,...that he might not be able to run his business effectively.

    I would LOVE to hear what you have to say Sapphire; about the "Trump" card. Please feel free to use your gift!!!

  • the only way he could be holding a trump card over him and he's giving way too much power to her is if he is involved in something...and she knows it could hurt him or something so he won't do anything to her..but in the end it will come out whether she holds the trump card or not...so I would think being honest with you about it now would yeh lessen his burden but if he holds on to it then..she's going to take him down...along with her...and yes he won't be able to function effectively...whatever it is; probably negative...sometimes you trust the wrong people with the wrong info..and it can come back to haunt you...I don't know if that helped you any..just going by what you wrote...

  • Now I cannot guarentee this is 100% accurate. I HAVE been doing this for years but I never, ever, make guarentees. My cards simply tell me what they see and my own "sight" augments when I read, but I can say, this is what I see so.. take it at face value. I use,btw, the Rider deck. It's a nice, basic, deck and it has served me well and loyally for over 15 years.

    First I would like to put "WOW Nasty!" to the cards. All but 2 are set at Reversed.

    First card is your five of swords reversed - Which is good advice, however, that advice is being drowned with slander and indiscriminate babbeling. This card tells me that mouths are being opened too often and thusly, when advice is given, it is often crouched in recriminations of a past that should be left to be just that, the past.

    Second card is your Temperance, Reversed. - There is severe competition there. An almost cult-like conditioning and, perhaps, that is the worst part of it. It is not so much truths being told as truths being warped. It's unusual what a person is willing to believe when something is repeated enough times.

    Your third card is your Chariot - This is a card of violence and of victory through severe means. Sometimes, in order to get someone to listen, or someone to justice, you must take the unsavory paths. Legal, within the rules, but will earn enemies. But those people won't last there. They're already on thin threads.

    Your fourth card is Judgement - Reversed - This is not a pleasant card. It is a card of sentancing and purgatory. Of, I must say, a cruel fate. Normally I dislike seeing that card but somehow I do not think it is towards your ex. A sense I have. However, it will not come without a very heavy price to be paid. Ususally with my shorter readings, this future card is the last. But two more sprang from my deck and fell in line, I mean litterally, when I laid that one down. So because they fell so neatly in line as I was drawing, I must acknowledge them.

    The fifth card is Page of Wands - Reversed - Unfortunately this is a card of instability and evil. Of, I hate to say it, Chaos and there will be great loss.

    The last card in this unusual run is the two of penticles - A card of mixed blessings. Troubling news in writing that, while bringing joy, will also bring heartache. It asks that a decision be made and, once made, followed without hesitation until the end, whichever road that will take.

    I see you sitting there, reading this, your eyebrows knitted together and your finger, as usual, tapping your lips as you think long over what you read. Unfortunately, unless the ones at work affected by this woman join forces and make a formal complaint, in writing, with solid evidence of her actions, then she is going to continue to "get away with it", not because people are not noticing, but because no one is doing anything about it. People are too happy with "Status Quo". So I leave this to you, now. Organize against her and bring together the proof to force it, or let her be? I should warn you. She has a history of extreme violence both on and off workplaces. If she loses her temper.. people WILL get physically hurt. She is no stranger to prison time.

  • ok pilot where art thou..lol..so what do ya think??? hmmm....do you have a gut feeling that something is not right? usually your gut is right....

  • WOW... SAPPHIRE DIAMOND and BRIGHID I feel like my life is turning into a Lifetime Movie Network Series!!!!!!!!

    You two and Blmoon are truly gifted!!!!

    I had to reread your posts a total of SEVEN times to digest what you told me. It is a shame because I had Warned my EXboyfriend about her. He let me go( My last day of employment was January 26th 2009) due to me being so persistant in trying to get him to see, and acknowlege her true character.

    NOW here is the MILLION dollar question. Will there be violence towards my Exboyfriend or to one of the employees. Also Should I go into hiding in all seriousness???

  • Sapphirediamond, Brighid, and Blmoon how do you describe your gifts??? are you: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Telepathy, Empathy, Precognition..... You THREE are truly amazing!!!! I almost fell off of my chair and slapped myself in the face!!!!!

    I know for a FACT that the universe led me to you three. This summer has been such an arduous emotional journey. Basically I AM on the outside looking in; as all of the chaos and drama unfolds in my Exboyfriend's business and personal life. I will just sit back and watch, for I did my BEST to warn him.

    I wish that I could meet you guys in person LOL LOL!!!!!

  • WOW!, you all are great. I really enjoyed reading all the post,i was on the edge of my seat.

    I always knew that i had some abilities,i have very clear visions and my senses have been known to go hay wire.but this comes and go's and has my whole life.until now,when i just not to long ago i was drawn to something at the bottom of the tarot.com page when i was reading my daily scope,and it lead me to the Forum.And hans did a reading for me and he said that i was a psychic,and if i go down the right path then i have the ability to be a very good one.

    well since then all sorts of things have been happening,but i'm no where near ready to help other people yet,asides from my boyfriend and a really close friend.things come in loud and clear for me to them.i have tarot cards but was told that they will only set up for disapointment if i use them,so this week-end i will be getting the right ones,alone with some sage and more medit.c.d.'s.

    the saying goes practice makes perfect,but i just want to be helpful,after all only GOD is perfect.

    anyway one of the things blocking me was that i'm afraid to tell people that i have a gift,like my boyfriend even though somehow he aleady knew,when i told him he was very understanding and encourges me now,boy did that lift a vale.

    yes you do have to choose carefully whom you tell,because alot of people are afraid of what they don't know,that has been around since the dawn of time.

    so now that i have talked everybody's (so to speak)eye's off,i would love for you all to tell me what you picked up on about me? as you can tell i LOVE to talk,LOL.

    if anyone needs it my birthday is 10/16/1970,born in hackensack,n.j.

    hope i did not bore you all too much,lol.

    Peace & Blessings


  • Pilot -- Psychic aside, a little piece of advice due to the same experience: At my former job, I had a nemesis. He constantly figured out ways of getting other people to do his job functions that he didn't care to do. He only focused on the ones that he enjoyed doing. He was always putting me in the dark light of the boss' perspectives. Then he would turn around and do something really nice for me, and genuinely at that. It was weird. I really don't think he knew how to function any other way. In hindsight, I really feel he thought he was doing anything wrong. It's just how he got his way and how he got things done. I constantly went to management pointing out what he was doing. I was constantly "complaining". This is what management saw -- me complaining. I had created a "wall" between management and this person. All they saw was me complaining. They could not see past that, to see what this person was actually doing, or not doing whichever the case was at the time. After I realized this, I stopped complaining. I did my job, and did not pick up the extra weight of his job. I wouldn't cover up for him, no matter what it did to the business. I just did my responsibilites. See, this person knew I had a passion for customer service, and that's how he always got me to do his job, because I didn't want to end up with a disgruntled customer.

    After I stepped away, management started noticing immediately. They were not tolerating it at all. At the same time though, they had too much pride to apologize to me for not listening, or even to acknowledge me about it all. I finally left the company (it got weirder -- too long to explain), and the person that I complained about all the time got fired. After I left, they REALLY realized how much he didn't do. So, don't be surprised if your ex doesn't come talking to you about what he "couldn't" see. He will have pride in the situation. If he does talk to you, then that's great, but don't be surprised if he doesn't. k? Sorry.

    On the spiritual side -- I feel he's a bit more crooked than you might want to see, admit, or don't even know. I "feel" it is in your best interest to leave this one alone, and be grateful that that door closed, for another will surely open. 🙂 Peace be with you. & I mean that.

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