Boyfriends ex argh help

  • I've recently got with this person i like yet there girlfriend is trying to add me on social networks and is doing little things that are getting to me, i no i should let it but i recon shes going to spoil things for us someone please help how i can handel this and what shes trying to do.

  • Angel Girl,

    I tried to tap into what her intentions were,and I felt that without even using the tarot that my intuition feels like she is doing this to 'get to you' emotionally.She hasn't handled the break up well with your bf,and in a way,feels intimidated by you,she hasn't let go of him yet and feels that by her making herself known,tracking you dont and possibly seeing what your up to,she can somehow use that to manipulate her way back in.So I don't feel what your feeling is wrong,as i felt this weirdness about her too.Take it all in your stride,DO NOT add her,and try as best to ignore her,talk to your boyfriend about it and your concerns,he may have to step in and tell her to move on and leave you and him alone.

  • I haven't accepted her but ive found out her friends have been, it is proper getting to me allready because hes deleted her off his facebook so obviously somethings gone on and hes not telling me much, all i no is shes obsesed with him, I don't want to go through a love triangle again i've been through this all before, how do i handle this situation.

  • Confront him about it,if you can't confront him about it,and he acts'll have your answer...

  • he did act shady oh god i hope he dosen't still like her

  • Through a lot of hard lessons over the years, I have one rule...NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH A GUY WHO IS STILL INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER WOMAN IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!! It's just a good way to end up getting burned. As far as someone acting deceitful or shady, if you have to discount one thing, you have to discount everything. Once you start blurring your boundaies, your self esteem will suffer.

    Men like the chase, so if you want to avoid the drama don't persue him. If he's interested, he'll persue you. Don't allow her access to your life by corresponding or friending her. We all know how competitive women are and if you let her get a foot in your door you'll be on a slippery slope. If he's a user, poser or loser, he'll keep you both on a string because the attention will be all he wants.

    Personally, I would never be with a guy who is on any social's just trouble with a capitol T. Been there, done that and never wanna go through the anxiety again.

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  • He hasen't been with this girl for over a year, and hes had girlfriends between, so i dont understand why the troubles starting now, i would love to know why they say they hate each other something bad must of gone on and when i ask him about it he just acts shady all i get is shes obsessed, it really dosen't add up.

  • haha good luck AriesPiscesCusp

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