I need Advice and Help Please

  • I have always been in control of where I go and knew what needed to be done to solve any problems I have had in the past. I have always been a very positive influence for others as well. Not now! I feel my life is spiraling out of control and I am suffering great health problems as a result. I have been working endlessly to resolve my financial conflict and problems and I feel strongly I must continue to put in the hours but I see no end. When I have needed help in the past I always KNEW it would come and I felt a psychic impression that left me always positive and uplifted. If I I had a health problem, I knew it would be healed and I was not concerned. If I needed money, I knew there would be a check in the mail or from another source. Now, I have no intuition or psychic energy to help me and my problems are increasingly getting worse. Can someone please give me a reading to help guide me in the right direction?

  • Bump!

  • I see a bold sign blinking the words "letting go" . I see a person bent over with the weight of the world on her back and both arms full as well--she has long ago gone numb to the pain in her bones and her feet are turning blue! Yet she doesn't dare let go of the load as her fear is bigger than the pain. Like when you grab too many grocery bags and even though someone says--here let me help but you say no if I let one go now it will all crash. Once we are deplete and the well is dry we are forced to wear those muddy distorted glasses that change our vision. You are not yourself right now. You can't get back without letting go. If you do not take the time to feed your mind body and spirit you will invite illness. Right now your inner child is so neglected! You need your inner child to stay close to the "fairies of faith". To hear the whispers that come with relief when we are in need of help. Exhaustion cuts the chord. When is the last time you indulged your inner child? Played and had joyful fun. Get your toes in the dirt and commune with nature--the earth will lend you energy. Have a day of complete silence from the rest of the world and spend it with yourself. Once you are recharged all kinds of options will pop up. THEN you must put on your crystal clear glasses and go back over the events of the last two months and listen for the lesson of how you got so far away from your own power. What could you have done different? Follow that advice and start a daily ritual that feeds the spirit--recharges the mind and rests the body. Be careful with your diet--stress often craves too many bad carbs that sedates our nerves for a short relief but then sends our blood sugar crashing and only makes our emotions rollercoaster worse. Spirit insists you look up low glycemic foods. Also says a nightly ritual of soaking in a epsom salt bath will get you started on the right path as well. You will get past this if you don't wait to pamper yourself. Don't even think of Christmas--other then a time of love and hugs no matter how empty your purse is.

  • Blmoon,

    Thank you so much! You are right on target! My feet are turning blue because I am neglecting the "PAD" in my left leg as I have had no rime for "me" even to go to the doctor! Or I should more aptly say, "I have not taken the time".I will take your advice as I am no good to anyone like this and especially not good to myself. Thank you again for taking the time to "see"" what I need to do and offer me your advice and support!

  • what does bump mean?

  • Ok im sure yall are getting tired of me asking the same questions on her, Please may anyone answer me if they can see any spirits with me? Much appreciated.

  • Yes, i would like to know what BUMP indicates as well?

  • Us curious geminis, lol

  • Yes I too was wondering what does BUMP mean. Is this a new saying?

  • Hi, Maybe bump means ditto. Maybe she's experiencing the same. A lot of t hings have been spiraling out of control so don't feel alone. Sometimes that's a sign to change something. Follow a different path so to speak. Have faith and keep your faith. I will offer a prayer for you tonight.

  • I think it means Urgent or respond asasp, or just ignore, lol!

  • 'bump' - posted in a thread to move or "bump" the thread back up to the front page of the forum

  • Thank you Velena007 for clarification on what "Bump" means. I sincerely appreciate knowing.

  • Thank you Dalia for your prayers and support. I am taking a day "today" just for myself, the first one in a very long time. No phones, no people, no interuptions. It is for me to be with me and reflect, relax and enjoy. I am aware I must change the course I've been taking as I have severely depleted my energy to focus, act instead of reacting or to listen to my inner child. Hopefully I can plan more days to rejuvinate and reflect on the "positive" resulting in improved emotional and physical health. Sometimes when people ask for "help" , as I have, it comfirms our "needs" and gives us permission to honor them. I thank you and "BLMOON" for assisting me to do just that. Bless you both!

  • i am gemini also and i have felt this way for a while now maybe its something in the air and since we are air signs we are more sensitive to all the negativity in the wirld but keep taking candle light bubble bath and hold in there thats what i am doing.

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