Dear friends, New here, offering my gratitude and service

  • Marcus -- I have this urge to just tell you thank you. I am not going to ask for a reading, as I see you are plenty busy. I just wanted to let you know that I feel what you are doing is beautiful. I am happy that it will help you enhance what gifts you already have. May your rewards be fruitful.

    God bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Marcus,

    I am also relatively new to the site, Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with everyone. Many people are confused about many things, and the coming changes coming for the human race and the earth itself is most likely adding to that confusion.

    I would love to have a reading from you when you are able. I see you have absolutely been inundated. lol I try to be brief.

    I have recently reconnected with someone I haven't seen in 35 years, and we have admitted we were in love with each other as kids, but never went past a friendship. He is 3 years older than me, he left for college, I left 3 years later for college, we have both had a difficult adult life, many parallels in experiences. It appears that love has rekindled, we live about 1000 miles apart, but he is married, but they " haven't had a real marriage in years, have separated twice, once for a whole year." I wonder what I sense in relation to his life. I sense some reticience to let me know what's going on marriage wise. I am keeping him at arms length til I get some clarity. Can you tell me what you see in this situation? His b-date is 2/11/56 and mine is7/09/59. I am not rushed, as I know you are swamped, take care of yourself and your homelife as priority one. We will all wait patiently.

    Thanks again for sharing with everyone your gift, enjoy your trip to Paris!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Doves, I gave you an especially long reading because of the connection i had with your sacrifice and my mother's sacrifice. I am in awe of your service and I hope it was helpful.

  • marcus roark. I hopee you have a nice weekend and a well deserved rest in paris . I would appreciate a reading when you have the time , no rush . My DOB is 31-01-53 born in southern Ireland a place called County Monaghan . MY main question is , will I hear from from my ex b/f him 06-07-79 . Thank you so much . Looking forward to hearing from you when you get the time to respond . Welcome to this sight . Love and Light .

  • Dear friends,

    I am on Page 2 of these forums for my readings.

    I will skip certain people whom I think are erm, not appropriate or whose needs are lesser than those of others. This i will sense intuitively. Typically people who have taken the time to explain their situation and have shown sincerity will be given the readings.

    As you can see the readings are very detailed and take a lot of my time. I cannot karmically affort to do readings for people who are typing 1 sentence questions and seeking immediate answers and sacrifice the rest who need the readings urgently. I will do it for those whom I believe really need it more and I will use my discernment for this process.

    I also require feedback from anyone who receives a reading and comments and insights. Learning how my reading helps you is a joy for me and I too need motivation to keep on going ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you all

    Love and Light

  • oh and if I do skip you and if you feel you really really need a reading, please let me know and I'll do my best as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  • marcus roark. I know I have only asked one question but if you would so kidly read my forum "have I lost me cancer b/f for good " it will explain everything . This is driving me crazy . I just need an honest answer . Love and Light

  • Dear llindie don't worry, i sensed intuitvely that you were sincere and needed assistance ๐Ÿ™‚

    It'll take some time but please be patient (for everyone else as well)

    Love all

    and Serve All

    Love and Light


  • Thank you so much Please take a rest .

  • Marcus:

    I just said a special prayer for you, asking your angels to talk to your guides to help you with all the energy you use to help so many. I'm hoping you're having a lovely time with your friend. You need to rest, you give such long detailed readings, even the typing to relay the message takes awhile, so get your energy back, enjoy your time with your friend. We are all still here.


  • marcus roark - I do not know if that is your real name, but I will tell you that my grandmother was a Roark, God rest her lovely soul, and I do not come across that name very often. Perhaps the coincidence means that you are the one who can finally bring me some clarity about a relationship I have been involved with for nearly a year now. What great depth you bring to your readings, it's very impressive.

    But as far as this relationship - I read my own cards, I've had readings from two others on this site and still there is a great cloud of confusion on my part about what I am doing in this relationship. I keep seeking guidance because I need the confusion to end. I had originally written you a fair amount of information about my situation, but I've just erased it. I've listened to my inner voice, I've meditated on it, I've explored the relationship on the forum, he and I have talked openly and seem to find some understanding, but the next thing you know I am back in my fog again (I believe that my inner voice and my mind are in a great turmoil here and I can't even dig deep enough right now to discern which is which. A terrible state to be in as I always trust my inner voice and the answers are ususally obvious. Not so in this case. This is perhaps my greatest challenge ever in separating the two and I need help. There is Fate mixed up in all of this, of that neither he nor I has any doubt, so I have no qualms about seeking guidance from those of you better connected to the universal forces than myself.) I can give you more details if you want, but if possible, I would appreciate you going into this a bit "blind". I would like to know what you see without any preconceived ideas affecting the interpretation (so please don't read my thread either). I will gladly reveal all to you after your reading.

    My birthday is 7-7-1960 and his is 9-9-75. I would very much like to know what your reading says about our relationship in general. As far as waiting for your reading, if I have found the patience to see this relationship through this long, I am quite sure that I can wait patiently for your insight as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, my Roark ancestors hail from Ireland. Do you have roots there as well? Perhaps we are distant relatives? Although the story goes that we were once actually O'Roarke's and the name change came when the original family immigrated to the U.S. back in the late 1800's. The oldest records available say Roark though, so I suppose that if that were the case, the name change was instant and quite permanent, with no further reference to O'Roarke in following years.

  • wow marcus

    so you read all these for people here? very thorough! awesomeness!

    I already welcomed you, now I am just having fun and send you a compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway keep up the good work and take care !

  • Dear Marcus...Welcome! I personally have gained alot from these forums in the short time I have been coming and I think you will too.

    I read how tarot has helped you and I think It is very kind of you to offer the same to others. Thank you.

    I feel like a have dug myself a huge hole right now with someone that I have been seeing. It has been a long road between us and right now I feel like I am about to explode after holding so much in! I am starting to lose sleep over this and lose my focus on other I think its time I get some guidance.

    I will try to give a summary since alot has went on. I dont know if astrology signs or birth dates help any but I was born 12/19/83 and him 11/13/81. So we dated for a about 2 months in March-May, but we stopped talking i think because he started getting too caught up with me and when he started to pull back to get space I took that as "its over" kind of thing and I kinda went back to my ex boyfriend, which he found out through mutual friends and he completely stopped contacting me. So in the beginning of Oct. we ran into eachother and we have been seeing eachother ever since. Its different now, he is going through alot of personal trials right now and trying to get his life in order after a bad business deal and other things. Although our connection is beautiful...we fit like 2 puzzle pieces. We have a REAL communication problem...we talk endlessly about everything...except "us" we dont talk about how we feel about eachother, or if anything upsets us, or what we want out of the relationship... when it comes to that, we show our feelings through body language and eye contact...which is very intense, and makes it that much more difficult to put into words. The major problem besides that is how he is treating me now....only calling me late at night to come over and ignoring my calls and texts sometimes....and sometimes is wayyy too much. I had decided that I dont want to talk that its still early and that I "know" how he feels for me without him needing to say it directly....but now I am bursting and want to get it off my chest with him. I really need some guidance.......

    I really care about him...and he seems to care for me too....he has only had one relationship which was 5 years ago, so he is a tough one, but he is the one I want...and I hope I am not wrong about his feelings for me. I dont know when the next time I will see him to break this silence, but I feel at times when we are alone that he wants me to say something....but I cant because I just enjoy being with him so much I dont want to ruin it by talking serious.

    I dont want to waste my time anymore with him either....can you see what is going on here? I sure cant...I have a million different thoughts on this and Im going crazy. I feel our connection is real.....our friends see us together and are amazed by how well we suit eachother....i feel like he is someone special....I remember my dreams every night and everytime I fall asleep...even if its only for 10 min. and alot of times my dreams come true...he is often in my dreams and usually good or neutral...I even dreamt that I saw him out and he got my # again 2 days before it happened (i had not seem him 5 months prior to that)

    I really appreciate it and I was amazed by the in depth readings you have done for others on this thread.


  • Dear Marcus,

    I don't know how I would deserve a reading from you, but I thought I'd ask for one any way. Would you give me insight into what will be the future of me and this very dear friend of mine. I guess I hurt him in a profound way and he doesn't seem to care for me any more. I wonder if this relationship will ever be healed. Thank you.

  • Marcus,

    Thank you for you gracious offer. It's wonderful that you are honest and forthcoming with your story. God bless you and keep you safe.

    My first questions is about tarot and the other readings. If someone gets a lot of readings does it backfire? Or, maybe the opposite happens? Like the spirits getting annoyed about being asked the same questions over again or being doubted?

    My second question is: how do we know if the choices we've made are keeping us on the path we are meant to be on? I feel lost and tired....depressed? It's been like that for a few years. I am angry and frustrated with everyone/thing. It gets exhausting.

    Another question (sorry). Do you think some people are meant to be alone? Or, to carry burdens? Do our spirit guides get angry or leave us?

    God bless you again. I know you asked for just one question but I just want to understand the other side a little more.


  • Hi Marcus! Thank you for volunteering your time. I would love to have a reading from you about the realtionship between me & my boyfriend, My DOB is 11/1/53 & his is 6/27/53. Thank you so much!

  • Hi Marcus, First I want to thank you for offering all these free readings,I know you have been overwhelmed and I hope you will have time for my question. When I close my eyes and try to get in touch with my guide, I see all black with like white clouds moving all around and in those clouds are different faces. They are all different people and of different ages. I try to talk to them but with no response. I am not sure what I need to do next or what this means Can you help.

  • Dear Marcus,

    It is awesome and incredibly giving of you to offer your "services" in the way you are. You must feel a profound connection to The All and Us All. Thank you.

    Some days I feel it. Some days I feel disconnected and lost.

    For the last several years, since the end of an emotionally abusive marriage, I've been in a rapid state of emotional, spiritual, intellectual growth. Going to college full time, raising 3 children, maintaining "damage control" from thier disordered father, working part time, it seems there just is not sufficient time to grow and manage life at the same time. Time seems so limited (day to day and life in general) that I can't seem to strike a balance between school work, spiritual growth, mothering, service to others, etc. and feel I am going in every direction at once and neglecting everything at the same time. I have thought my path to be, social work and psychology, and am working toward that, but I'm only 3 years into it and I am not sure if there is time for the amount of education I need to fulfill it. I am almost 47 and of course, fiances are always an issue as well in my situation. I am sometimes very intuitive (but it seems to comes and go just like the "connected days), and am told I have "an energy" but have no idea how to cultivate it and frankly that would be one more direction to add to my already scattered directions and activities. Perhaps you can offer some insight. I just feel as though, dispite all my reading, studying, etc, I am missing some crucial mesasge or directive, perhaps "missing my calling" as it were. I feel as if I am supposed to be doing something of great importance to reach others about spiritual awakening or toxic relationships, or something, and I get so frustrated just living day to day working toward goals I'm not sure are even real or reasonable. This is out of character for me because I am usually VERY patient and methodical. Some days I am so highly focused and others can't seem to accomplish anything and get further behind. Can you give me a clue to what is happening? Do I have time to accomplish all of it in the long run?

    I know many have asked for your insight and I am willing to be as patient as any. When you get around to my request, can you please help. I would be very greatful and would consider it a blessing and an honor.

    Thank you.

    Peace and Be Well,


  • Hello Marcus ,

    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !! for such a wonderful reading . I am so very grateful for the time you have taken to do so . I hope you enjoyed you weekend away ! I will get back to you tomorrow , to comment about all that you written when I have a spare moment okie dokie . Thanks again .

    Take Care and God Bless You


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