Dear friends, New here, offering my gratitude and service

  • Hi Marcus 🙂

    Welcome aboard ! And thank you for sharing your gifts so self-lessly around here. There are many amongst us who'd feel relieved once given some sorta spiritual direction (including myself but now is not the time to ask).

  • Dear friends,

    I will reply here to those who have requested.a reading.

    It would be helpful for all those asking for guidance on an issue related to relationships to provide their birthdays and those of their partner(s) or potential interests.

    Readings coming up shortly 🙂

    Love and Light to all

  • Hi Marcus,

    My question on the first dob is 4th May 1971, his dob is 2nd May 1979. Thank you very much.

    By the way, I would love to offer a healing in return as a way of thanks for your time and generosity.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hello Marcus, thank you for your offer, my dob 09/21/1959 , will there be a change in relationship with 05/09/1953?

  • Dear Darkness Angel,

    Intuitively I grasped a sense of your relationship(s) being crucially important to you and significant amount of ego involvement to have it succeed or to have it turn out all right. And that is what most of us want in life to have the people who we care for, care for us too. To love and to be loved. Do not/Never judge your feelings as being bad but instead choose to see your shadow feelings as a part of you that deserve to be loved and accepted completely.

    So I did a reading for you on your relationships with a significant other or a potential significant other that you may be considering.

    Please understand that I begin my readings with a statement invoking my angel and ‘for the highest good of me and of everyone else involved’. The accuracy rates are astounding but typically I do them in person, so I’m doing this for the first time on the Internet because of what my guides told me to do.

    For you, dear friend, beloved angel, I see a burden that needs to be lightened. There are too many, and way toooo many activities and commitments and responsibilities that you may be having with regards to your life. You need to prioritize what needs to be done and QUIT procrastinating on important tasks!

    Discipline your ego with your soul and love yourself even if you fail. Can you do that? if you can discipline and prioritization will come naturally.

    The silver lining here is one of mystical beauty. Your tasks will not increase since they are nearing your desired ends but be watchful over your desire to always be right or on top of a situation for that creates fear and responsibility if it is not handled properly.

    As for your potential partner, I see adjustment as an important issue. The need to balance the emotional core and bodily activities is crucial to him. The key here is balance and not indulgence. Speak to him and guide him through this gently, but reassure yourself and put your trust in the divine presence within you and let it go for when we hold on to things too tightly, we destroy their essence and push them away from us. The best solution here will require a generous compromise for both of you. But a healthy partnership is indeed possible. I just do not know if a romantic one is right at this time.

    And this brings me to your outcome for the relationship. There is a saying in Sufism, of which I am a keen and devout student. ‘Pick up a bee in kindness and watch it sting you’. The lesson here is that there are elements in nature that are beyond your control without you knowing them.

    There are fractured scenes in your past dear dark angel that have created issues in your life and this is common to everyone. Allow some time for the resolution of your situation and for any confusion that you are currently having to melt away. Please understand that you have all the resources to succeed within you. You do not need advice from another or readings or guidance or anything of that sort. All is well inside your heart and soul if you are connected to the universe. The key is to find that connection and to anchor it so deep within your heart that you always know what it feels like.

    The feeling of joy and gratitude is one of the most miraculous feelings in the world. The feeling of love is another potent source of all there is. I urge you then to cultivate within you a discipline of the following:

    1. Prioritize your tasks, take none lightly. How you do anything can determine how you do everything. Be conscientious and deliberately focused

    2. Your partner needs adjustment and balance. Harmony can be created through compromise and this will manifest itself soon enough if it hasn’t already.

    3. Learn to let go of your feelings and attachments to this world and then the world will be at your feet and you would have the power to not need it and to enjoy its subtle pleasures. Time will unfold the answer for this relationship, and It is my humble opinion that you not pursue it for now or that if you choose to with your current vibrational state, be aware of my sincere recommendations to cleanse your vibrations.

    I pray this was helpful to you. It certainly required deep and introspective thought and guidance from my higher self.

    Stay strong and positive.

    God bless

    Love and light 🙂


    If you require anything further please contact me at and I’ll do my best once I get the time 🙂

  • Also for dark angel,

    I received a sense of deception at some level. Seek honesty and the truth whenever possible and do your best to keep yourself on the right track. Deception may be from both sides or from one, but we are all creators of our reality and we are all one so please understand that.

    Thank you and god Bless

    Love and Light

  • Dear Wenchi,

    Your reading is as follows. Please note that i have to withhold some information from you because my intuition is guiding me too. This is important as your free will should not be affected by my readings since you may place a bit too much of trust or emphasis on this reading.

    While I do use the tarot, I refuse to name the cards because they tend to have hidden meanings within them to people that I do not intuitively feel are correct. Instead, I let my intuition bootstrap and leverage off of the tarot cards and provide guidance from a place of love and acceptance (i.e. my higher self)

    Dear Wenchi,

    Your current life is ideal for you (it may not seem so at times) and I would recommend you be grateful for this in abundance.

    What I mean by gratitude in abundance is when you do it to the point where your heart starts singing songs. Where you can look at anything and feel grateful for its presence.

    I once read of a hermit who would spend time in the mountains and whenever he would come back to modern civilization, he would be marveled and in a state of constant awe and gratitude for the most simplest of things. He found elevators to be a gift from god. Slippers he found to be very comfortable and his gratitude even extended to crowded train stations because so many people were being transported by what they had created in their minds through a divine presence.

    I would therefore recommend that you focus on your current situation and make it as ideal as possible. Let it not be disturbed by expectations (realistic or unrealistic) and strive to be in the now.

    Consider reading Eckhart tolle’s book on the power of now and live in that to cultivate a presence and love and acceptance for your current situation.

    And then all good things will happen. This child bears heavily on you and you are burdened by this desire or you soon will be. So it is best to allow that desire to be and focus on the present moment.

    All good things come at the right time and you have a wonderful family 🙂

    I hope you found that helpful.

    God bless and in Love and Light : )


    (Please contact me at my e-mail if you need anything else)

  • also wenchi you don't have to offer anything in return. A simple prayer would do, or you could help me do my homework readings for philosophy 😉

  • hi Doves, could you give me your birthdate and your place of birth and if possible the time. I believe an accurate astrological profile would be more helpful in your case.

    God bless

  • Summer butterfly, I need a bit of time and rest, because my head is bursting now haha. typically this happens when im too connected or in the zone. I will get to your query soon 🙂

    love and light

  • Hello Marcus ~

    Welcome to a loving place. I am relatively new to all this and have been on this site for about a month now. The love, support & sharing on this site is a blessing & I am learning so much from everyone. I read through the questions & answers and there is so much insight and so much to learn from everyone. I know you will be quite busy and most on here are very forthcoming with their love and support for each other.

    There have been some twists and turns for me during my life and many inner changes have taken place within me during this year. I've learned how loving someone so much means sometimes letting go so they can grow and be happy. I would like to know what you see for me in the area of of finding a true & loving relationship which allows both to grow individually and as partners? My dob 5-21-64.

    Thank you & many blessings!


    "Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible!" Wishing all a beautiful day 😃

    ps. Hello Wenchie! Hope you are doing well 😃

  • marcus,

    No worries, completely understand, after a long day at the hospital seeing patients, I feel drained too.

    Saw your note so just as backup info my DOB is 09/15/17971 and his is 08/22/1972.


  • thank you for the warm welcomes everyone 🙂

    i just joined the facebook page. Looks interesting 🙂

  • Hey welcome,

    Even i have joined recently,and quite excited about it.I got my tarot deck in 2008,working on it but do get much time to spend so now i will .i have done reading formyself regarding my travel to uk concerning the case i am having against me.getting The ian,5 of coins,9 of coins but not able to draw a conclusion.However good to know that i have a friend to share my thoughts.Please do share ur thoughts.

  • Dear Marcus

    With reference to my earlier post my dob is 28.11.1969,place Birmingham,UK,time 11.25am.My query was about moving on,personally and professionally.Thank you for doing this and hope you feel bettersoon...take your time!

  • Hi Marcus, sorry I didn't give you the DOB info in my posting (it's on page 2). My DOB is 8/30/88 and the guy I'm asking about's DOB is 7/14/82. Thanks so much again, looking forward to your response 🙂

  • Hello Marcus, can you tell me what you see for the future of my relationship? My DOB is 01/18/73. His DOB is 12/28/65. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  • Hi Marcus,

    Welcome on board!

    And many Thanks for sharing the gift you have with all of us here.

    Here's my question.

    I sense my guides/ guardian angels around me recently....what is the best approach to have a 2-ways communication with them? (eg. meditation? tarot cards? etc??)

    THANK YOU for the great help rendered.

    Love & Light


  • Hi,

    I wanted to know what Chess(the man I like) feels for me?

    Thanks so much

    Brightest Blessings


  • In case my DOB is needed...Oct 18, 1972 (I do not know his)...and welcome aboard and thanks for offering your service.



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