Dear friends, New here, offering my gratitude and service

  • Hi Marcus!!

    I'm being stalked at the moment,do u see this person getting caught or stopped soon.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Marcus,

    I am sorry for taking to long to respond. I have sent you an e mail though.

    Thank you,


  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • would you be so kind as to do a general reading for me. my birth date is april 22, 1958 at about 1 p.m. i currently live in colorado springs, colorado. thanks for all that you do!


  • Hi , could anyone tell me if my ? has been answered yet, i think i am on page 14 or 15 i do not know what page he is working on or if i missed my answer help please thank you in advance

  • Dear Angelique 7

    Marcus is currently answering queries posted till page 2 of this thread.He is doing so in another thread called readings for page 2.he mentioned somewhere above that he is currently only reading for posts till pg 11 but you can check a while later.Hope this helps!

  • what can you do marcus?

  • i'm a 5th generation whitewitch i'm here to assist anyone in need!!!

  • Hello whitewhitch1970,

    Could you tell me about my relationship? My birthdate is 6-5-81 and my initials are R.L.R.D. and his Initials are M.A.C. born 6-16-78 Will anything come of this relationship? Thank you so much in advance!!! Light and love!!

  • Dear Whitechitch1970,

    Can u please enlighten me on my career path? I have gotten mixed signals, I am enrolled in nursing school for may, but I am not sure this is the right fit for me. I also have thought of pursuing vet tech, or lab tech and working in a lab. Do u pick up anything? I keep asking for a sign, and I am not receiving one. Also, do u pick up anything in love with regards to this upcoming year? DOB is 12/2/79. I feel in knots about the career issue. May is looming ahead, I don't know if now is the time for me to go to school. I dont want to end up in debt and stuck at home still with my son and another degree I can't use or career I don't like. He plays a major part in my decision, I want to give him a mom that can stand on her two feet but is still there. Honestly, I think just a littlle, my career choice is in part is motivated to by the fact that I can't not be great for certain people to love and respect me. But if I dont do something, I am staying complacent and dying a little more inside. I have been told to be spiritual and work on myself, and I am seperated kind of from the one I love, though that person has their own issues that need to be worked on. Things are not the way between us I would like them, and that is its own complicated mess. People tell me to trust and wing it, that doesnt work out for me either bc I cant just trust when my son is involved in the equation. I just want clear concise facts. When I have been captain of the boat in the past, I have sunk that damn ship many times under and I don't want it that way again. I have worked on things with my innerself for the past year, and I feel that I have so many isms I am doomed for failure. For once, I just want to do what is right without bucking the world and now all I feel is silence and confusion when I finally want the answers.

  • Marcus, you offered a free reading to someone who needed it. I am currently in a dilema regarding my professional future and career pathway. Could you let me know how decisive/definitve i need to be in order to ask for your assistance regarding this matter?

    Right now I feel like a little lost Gretel who's lost Hanzel and has no breadcrumbs. I don't like being here and feel I am to old and job market is to vulnerable for me to choose the wrong pathway. I need help now.....that is, if you are still offering.

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