Dear friends, New here, offering my gratitude and service

  • Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for offering your gifts of insight and hope you feel better soon.

    I am brand new to this forum and just joined today.

    My question is: What future do you see for the relationship I am presently in?

    My DOB is March 7/1964, His DOB is Nov. 13/1971. We both live in Canada. Central Time.

    Thank You and Many Blessings,


  • mine is 03.03.89 and born 3am ish! Thanks x

  • Hello Marcus ,

    My DOB is 7/20/63 and I was born 3;44pm ,Atlantic Time . I was also born at a time when a Partial Eclipse of the sun was happening ......if that means anything . Which is something I have always wondered about :O) . Probably explains why I am so hyper at times lol..who knows huh .


  • Welcome.

    May you always be guided, shielded and lovingly protected.

    Thank you for being a gift of service.

    DOB: May 2,1947 Ontario, now living southeastern BC, Canada.

    My question: will I loose the excess fat I have on this body? Is it physical or old life, as I have had weight issues all of this life?

    Guidance greatly appeciated through the Universe.

    Blessing Jul

  • Dear Marcus ,

    You been very kind offering a reading may God Bless you always you will be in my prayers....

    Please if you can see anything for me in the near futute?? thanks and God Bless Always...

  • Marcus...I am absolutely stunned by your reading. It was amazing, and I have no words to describe how it left me feeling. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your advice and guidance, I will definitely focus on the things you have directed me to focus on. Thank you also for your email and your offer to assist me further. I deeply appreciate that. Much, much Love and Blessings to you, and give my deepest heartfelt thanks to your Angel for their guidance!

  • Hi Marcus- Thanks for the offer! My dob is 10/14/62 at 19:43 CST. I'm single and wondering about future relationships/love life. Its seems for some reason, the majority of r/s have been with men born between March 23 and April 21st. Not sure why that is, or it's a good thing or something to avoid??? Just a definite pattern there. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Dear Marcus, would like a reading

    DOB 10-31-59 1206pm

    life difficulties- shadow don't to break cycled.

    Hav difficulties with relationships in general and

    work relations- attract abusive work and life relations.

    Thank you very much for your insight.

  • Marcus, I forgot to mention something else. This actually made me laugh a little. Your quote 'Pick up a bee in kindness and watch it sting you’ reminded me of an incident that happened to my brother when we were kids. He was about 4 and I was about 6, and we were out playing in the park with a friend when we found a bumblebee crawling around on the grass. We all sort of hunkered down to look at it, and my brother said something about wanting to pet it because it looked fuzzy and soft. Our friend encouraged him, but I told him not to because he might get stung. My brother put his hand down, and the bee crawled up onto it. We all watched quietly, and then my brother reached out with a finger to pet the bee. No sooner did he do this than it stung him right in his thumb! Of course, he hollered and dropped the bee, but didn't hurt it. It's a memory that I haven't thought about in years, until I read your quote, and I just wanted to share the story.

    Thank you again for your reading. It was a blessing. 🙂

  • Hi marcus_roark, thank you for your time. I would like a reading if possible, what advice can the cards give me about my life now? DOB 30/12/56. Love and light x

  • Dear friends,

    There are so many questions here 🙂 And I am so grateful and deeply touched by the comments and the warm welcome here.

    I will endeavor to do my best with the queries here and I urge for some patience to answer your queries.

    Thank you

    Love and Light to all

    God Bless


    Hope all is well my question is "what is my approach wtih James at this moment?

    Pece and Blessing always

  • Blessings Marcus,

    Yes, there will be many, many queries, you will need to stop when it becomes too much for you. I pray that you will have the strength and insight to get through all of this. I feel whenever someone offers their special gifts like this you are truly helping so many, so Thank you, for offering your special gift. I will be very patient for I've learned that is necessary it seems all the time in my life.

    This is a great forum, so many supoortive and wonderful people in here. I wish you the very best. My prayers are with you, as they are with the others so generous.

    My question, I recently lost someone I loved more deeply than I thought possible. Will we ever get together, be man/wife or is it truly over, with me moving on? His date of birth is 1/15/48 mine is 3/9/59.

    Peace and Loving Blessings to you.

  • My dear friend Kezza,

    I hope this message reaches you in the best of health and wealth.

    It is important that you recognize that your worry is destroying your future. That which is created and manifested is from our thoughts. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    I have done a reading for your career and I will tell you the truth for I fear that not many have been very honest with you. So please bear with me and I will make this bitter pill to swallow a bit more sweeter, but swallow it you must.

    When I was a child my mother used to tell me a story about a princess who was taken away from her family and grew up in worry and strife and in an environment in which she was poor.

    But because her real mother, the queen had whispered to her lullabies of faith, the princess grew up with powerful and magnificent silent whispers within her that would reach out to her whenever she was down or depressed. It was not long later that the princess was restored to her community and her position. She knew her guidance and believed in her angel’s (in this case her mother) silent but powerful gentle nudgings.

    And so it is with our higher selves, and our guides. They provide the silent whisper so beautiful and magnificent but we must be willing to listen! We must seek it out actively and trust in our judgment.

    And so it is with you my friend. You are plagued with worries. ABSOLUTELY plagued with them. Your mind wanders back and forth and there is no peace within. You are alone in this struggle my friend. I feel your loneliness. It is almost as if misfortune would follow you. You resist change my friend and you cannot do this any more. When you cling to negative thoughts and play repetitive movies in your head, you destroy the small tiny voice trying to get through to you. I urge you to exercise thought discipline and to LET GO and Let God for when you change the way you look at things, you will find, that the things itself change for you.

    Circumstances will continue to be difficult for you my friend unless you change these thought patterns.

    And so it is with the vibration that you bring to your interview, that it will not work at the present current state. You are misguided in your constant worrying! I cannot emphasize this enough!

    You must learn about your mind and the flawed ego. Learn to activate the divine presence inside, that may not make sense and your ego may dump this entire reading away, but believe me, you will come back to this, because your mind races and races with negative destructive thoughts. Change your thoughts and you will change your life. It cannot be another way.

    Pause. Observe your next thought. What will it be. What are you feeling now? Worry at this? Fear, dread? Anxiety? Observe that feeling and fully accept it so you can transmute it to a higher order.

    The interview that you speak of will be a disaster and the situation will collapse. You may lose the interview and may not succeed in it at all. Ask yourself why are you so dependant on this interview my friend? What seek you in this job that cannot be sought in yourself? Money, Fame? Wealth? What is riding so heavily and desperately on this.

    The interview will fail my friend, it will. Unless you change your thoughts. YOU MUST! USE your FEAR against it! This is the wisdom of the sages. USE your FEAR of failure against the actual failure. Recognize that you cannot fail in this interview and recognize that the only way to succeed is to THINK DIFFERENTLY.

    The interviewers or the company or whomsoever you wish to work for will not quite materialize as they currently say so and there will be a collapse of your reality. Let go and allow it to fall if you must and then rise again, this time wiser. For life never ends and we have all been through unmet expectations.

    All will be in disarray for a while once this false delusion ends but you must take comfort that the pain will not increase.

    But I urge for you and see for you another opening. And that is of cleansing your current state. Do the following my friend and adhere to these principles religiously.

    1. At the dawn of morning, awake to a 20 minute gratitude bliss where you feel gratitude for all that is good in your life. Observe your mind if it finds this difficult to do. Do not let its ridiculous impulses ever tell you that some thing is not good enough, for I do not see that you are starving or without critical organs or limbs.

    2. Engage the rest of your day in productive pursuits. See the best in others and you will see the best in yourself.

    3. End the day with a gratitude celebration where you celebrate the beautiful happenings in the day. If nothing beautiful happened, make it up! Tell your mind that you decide how you feel!

    This may sound like a negative reading, but I urge you my friend, To Let your WILL and POWER lead your mind and not the other way around. The mind is not your master. The thoughts are yours to control.

    You see, all that matters in this is really the way you THINK.

    You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Not your egoic fears or your mind movies or your worrisome thoughts. You probably have stomach pain as well from these worrisome thoughts. Let them go my friend and observe your health skyrocket, your finances blossom and your relationships blissfully bloom into love.

    I bid you Adonai.

    Yours in Love and Light

    Marcus Roark

    Dear Friends, if you are interested in learning more or wish to keep in touch after this reading, I can be reached at my e-mail . I have also been advised by my dear friends to set up a social networking platform so that people can easily keep in touch with me. I have just started these social websites so I’m sorry if they are a bit bare, I’ll be updating all these pages soon.

    The best way would be to join my Ning network since I’ll be updating almost everything here first:

    You can add me on facebook:

    Follow me on twitter:

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Love and Light.

  • Dear Doves, your reading is coming up soon. I will need to take a short breather for now 🙂

    God Bless

    The rest of you if you can, please hold on on the queries and let me take them one at a time. As you can see a lot of effort goes into it and I hope you find it insightful and beautiful.

    I am constantly in awe of the guides who guide me.

    God guides the guides

    The guides guide the man

    The man guides his wisdom

    The wisdom guides create

    A blissful serenity space

    A delightful peaceful eternity

    filled with Lullabies of faith

    • Marcus Roark

    God Bless

    Love and Light

  • Hi Marcus,

    Thank you very much for the reading you did for me. Your readings are amazing and obviously you put alot into them. Thank you, I did receive and understand the messages for me.....just another gentle little slap from the universe reminding me of a few things I have not been paying attention to or heeded. I very much appreciate your time and energy and your insight. a healing or helping you do your homework readings for philosophy......I'll take the healing thanks! 😉 But I tell you what, we'll compromise......I'll send loving energy your way and pray to Archangel Zadkiel to give you support with memory and mental functions during your studies and exams.

    Thank you Marcus and many blessings to you.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Welcome Marcus!

    Thank you for your offer and welcome to the community.


  • Hi Marcus. My question is: will my husband and I have children in the future. I know you are inundated with requests, so I don't mind waiting.

  • Hello Marcus Roark, First I want to tell you how impressed I am with your responses to all the posts on this site.I can sense your spirituality and the deepness of your thinking, that is why I can also feel you will be very helpful to me. I had a younger sister that once SAVED MY LIFE, at the time I was very lost. I later met a man I dated for 6yrs my sister was his favorite of all my siblings. My sister passed away many yrs ago and I was no longer with this man and had not seen him for 35yrs when he ran into my brother and discovered she had passed away and I was no longer married He never married. We met and there was a spark I have been seeing him for 6months now. What is significant about all this is that I have been feeling many times that my sister is around me like an ANGEL and i am wondering if you can see if this is true and that she has somehow influenced this re-connection with him and I and also wonder will it work this time It is so overwhelming to me after all these yrs. I was born feb.5th 1943 at 7:15 P.M. and he was born May 6th 1946 at 3:P.M. Thank you for any help you can give me .......... LEONIDA

  • I would like to know what do you see for me next year career wise and love too. June 18 1969

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